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Found 21 results

  1. So me, my little sister, and my mom are planning to go to Portland Oregon this week! I think on thursday. I'm really excited! We haven't decided whether we want to take a plane, train, or drive there. I personally want to take a train. X3 I started wondering, do any of you all have plans for vacation like I do? If so, where are you going and how are you going to get there? I would love to know!
  2. Woohoo

    Alaska Trip Pics

    For all of last week, I was on a cruise with my family to Alaska. Here are some pics from my trip. Enjoying the view with a cold drink View from the top deck looking north Imperial Bar in Juneau where I had some delicious fish n' chips Looking over Skagway Downtown Skagway White Pass & Yukon Railway Selfie with the Majorie Glacier in Glacier Bay My sister and mom posing in Ketchikan My ship, the Ruby Princess Poutine from the Pink Bicycle in Victoria, BC Victoria Parliament Building
  3. Here are some of the pics I took during my trip to Disneyland. I haven't been to the resort in over 15 years so a lot has changed... Disneyland Hotel Disney California Adventure entrance Cars Land Paradise Pixar Pier under construction Me and my sister in front of the station Looking down Main Street Big Thunder Mountain Disneyland Railroad Sleeping Beauty Castle and Matterhorn Me posing by the castle Small World with the train passing by Sleeping Beauty Castle at night
  4. So, what is the coolest or funnest place you have traveled to? What made it fun? My favorite trip was going to Chicago. I went there on a school trip and hung out with my best friends all day. I even faced my fear of heights in the Willis Tower. So, what was your favorite place to go?
  5. In the words of Sanic the Hegehog, "xxx_sm0k1ng_1s_4_dumb0t$_xxx" So I went to visit Japan last year, right? You know how it goes, family trip, you get dragged into going, already been there a thousand times . . . couldn't get any more complicated than that, right? Well, I wouldn't exactly say it was "complicated", but it was certainly something . . . different. Firstly, I'll start with the present. I'm doing the "National Pony Writing Month" with my entry being, "My Little Pony: Equestrian Redemption", a sequel to an unfinished series that I started back in 2015. I deleted everything because I thought it was terrible (it was), but it's coming back better than ever. So be on the look out for that. Also, because fifty-thousand words is a bit of a challenge, I might not be writing here for the rest of the month. Sorry 'bout that. I guess I'll be taking my hiatus early. No worries because for those of you who joined our Discord Server: You'll be able to hear from me all month. The purpose of the server (which I don't believe I explained too well in the previous entry) is to be a more public, more reliable way to show off the source material for many of these blogs, as well as giving more people a chance to offer suggestions and input for past and future entries. Our server offers users to "listen in" (All audio, no voice) on the conversations my friends and I have during the making of these entries. If you wish to join in on the conversation (and you are "deemed fit") you can ask us and we'd be more than glad to grant "special access" and give input during the calls. It's a good step forward and if more people join in, this blog could live on for a much longer time. There will be another link at the bottom of the post for those willing to join. (Discord is a pretty cool program. I'd recommend it even for non-gamers who use Skype. Discord is much, much more organized than what the name advertises.) And now for the past, which is the focus of this story. I believe I mentioned visiting Japan? So we'll start from there. Japan is a nice place to visit and has a lot of interesting exhibits to cast your eyes on. My favorite aesthetically? The Sankeien Garden. It's nice to walk around; and although I have a vague memory of it, I do remember we arrived at the last 30 minutes until close. (Fun Fact: I believe those gardens were featured in Sword Art Online [don't ask me what episode]. If you visit the site, you can actually see a lot of the same bridges and ponds. Again, I don't know the exact garden name, but I do know it was that one.) My favorite humorously? The Poop Museum. The name says it all. Look it up, I dare 'ya So what made this trip special? Why is this trip different from all other trips? Not to mention, why am I writing a blog about it? Well, I was going to tell you eventually. . . On the last night of my five-day vacation, I stayed at a "Capsule Hotel". If you don't know what those are, I'm not surprised. Capsule Hotels are, on the face, neat little one-person rooms all stacked up on top of each other. Each hallway is filled with at least forty of these things, but it's still an interesting concept. Of course, that's on the face, but what's behind the mask? In the words of Michael Rosen: "That's an interesting story, and I'll tell you." First thing that should give you a big red symbol is the fact that they divide the males from females between differing floors; but you should've probably expected such a thing, so I'll keep going. Secondly, if you look very closely behind the counter, you can see the shower room. Filled to the brim with nude men; how subtle. Now, I know that we in the west see something like that as taboo, but here in east? Nah, it's fine. Let the kid jump around in the back of the car! we're not driving nearly as fast as we should! Luckily, I didn't take a shower that night; though, by the end of the night, I probably should've. Capsule Hotels are a breeding place for claustrophobia. Despite being armed to the teeth with alarm clocks and televisions (funny story), those capsules are very, very small; (It's about three feet in height.) and again, you're stuck in a room with about fifty other people who don't know where they're going (there was a bar under the hotel). The Televisions! What can I say? No headphone jack? 24 hours a day scripted p-rnography? n o t b a d. :awuh: (Guilty as charged) So other than the suggestive stimulation playing on the television, everything else was pretty normal. Each individual compartment came with their own blanket and pillow, alarm clock (I said that), and radio (still no headphone jack ). Only other thing that happened was that at about four in the morning some random Japanese man, shirtless and possibly wasted, climbed into my capsule. I had to kick him out. -RealityPublishing Discord (check us out!):
  6. like the title says, what two ponies would you most want to go on a roadtrip with? This shouldn't be about your favorite ponies, but rather the ponies that you feel would make the best companions for the trip. Also, two worst? Again, based not on personal preference, but on how well they would cope with the journey. Best: Twilight and Applejack. Whilst not my favorite ponies, these two would do incredibly well on a roadtrip for a few reasons. The fact that they are the most level-headed two out of the mane six would mean that important information, like directions, would be able to be relayed for me in precise, no-nonsense ways. At the same time, because they are two of the most stressed ponies on the show, I can imagine that they would appreciate the opportunity to relax and enjoy the trip, regardless of what was planned along the way. Finally, I could imagine that both of them have a little experience tinkering with machinery, so if something went wrong with the car, I'm sure they wouldn't mind lending a hoof, and might even be able to get you back on the road. Worst: Rainbow Dash and Rarity. This depends a lot on where you are headed, however, because if you were headed to, say, an air show and a succession of high-end boutiques, and doing it in a fairly modern and quick car, I'm sure all would end well. But, me being a car guy, I'm trying to think of a more Hot Rod Powertour-type scenario of taking an old car halfway across the country. An old car that probably doesn't have Air Conditioning, and that would probably break if you pushed it too hard. I think you can probably see where this is going. Rainbow would most likely spend the trip commenting on how slow we're traveling and sleeping. Also, not sure how well she would do having to wait on the planned lunch and dinner stops after seeing her impatience to get lunch in The One Where Pinkie Knows. Rarity, while probably a decent navigator, would get very uncomfortable riding in a hot car witht the windows down staying in low-cost motels, and eating processed red meat and deep fried potato products the whole way. So, whilst they would still probably make it to their destination in good shape, they probably wouldn't enjoy the trip as much. Although, I'd jump at the chance to take any pony on a roadtrip, even these two. So, how about you guys? Who would you think would do the best, who would do the worst?
  7. Wolves

    My Blog!

    Hellooooo! This is my first blog... Ever! That's right; I've never blogged before XD I'm gonna be posting some nice pictures and GIFs I've made here, along with all my art. But for now, hello everyone and welcome to my blog.
  8. Since it's nearing the end of May soon I was wondering what you all would be doing over the Summer time? I'll be mainly working and saving money for college classes I'll be taking again in August. I will also be going to Bronycon in August as well which will be the first time I will get to go. So what plans do you all have over this Summer?
  9. Hey everyone! I'm back in town and I thought I'd share some of the photos I took while I was in Alaska. I have to say, without a doubt, the dogsledding was my favorite part. I managed to get my sister to hold a puppy below a sign I thought was funny. I had also managed to spot a moose. Admin Edit. Alaska is gorgeous. Anyone else have any interest in visiting? ~ Jeric
  10. Hi, I'm planning some sort of vacation/roadtrip thingy with my friends in the US and Canada. I'm hoping to visit all 50 states and most of the provinces/territories. Its obvious what I'm going to do in places like New York, Hawaii, Toronto etc. What about places like New Jersey, Alaska or The Yukon? Can you give me some good but obscure tourism spots? The only reason why I would go to cities like Baltimore would be for Bronycon because I don't know much about them. Also Delaware. What's in Delaware? PS: The trip will be split throughout the months/years because if I do it all in one go it would probably take ages
  11. Starting this coming Tuesday I am returning to school so I requested my vacation from work that week so I wouldn't have to worry about work for the first week I come back and my request was granted. My vacation technically starts tomorrow but since I am always off Sundays anyway I might as well call today the start. Today has pretty much been a typical lazy Sunday for me for the most part but it is tonight I am looking forward to the most. Tonight it is John Cena vs Brock Lesnar for the WWE world title, I was originally going to order pizza for the occasion but I was so wiped out from yet another hellish day at work that I just did that last night so I am grilling burgers instead. I will be taking 3 classes and all of them are going to be fairly easy. I tried to take English 100 but it turns out I have to take the English placement test once every couple of years or so which nobody bothered telling me so that is going to have to wait until next semester. I am taking Music Appreciation to get a requirement I didn't even know about done, I myself am a musician but even if I wasn't it is an easy A and history is my major and my best subject so I am also taking US Since/Through Reconstruction (I don't remember exactly which one) and this Career Search class that is not starting until October. I am strongly considering becoming a history teacher but if I do it I will probably be a college professor so I hopefully don't have to bullshit kids with all the propaganda they are trying to shove down their throats in K-12. Nevertheless the career search class may still give me a few additional options as well and perhaps point me in the right direction should I go the teacher route. Also Tales of Xillia 2 is coming out the first day of school so I am going to pick that sucker up after school. Of course aside from school and relaxation I also hope to get a few things done during this time. I hope to get at least one chapter of my fanfics Rarity Gets Cockroaches and Sweet Guano Acres done as well as get this car fixed up that will be mine once I get my drivers license. It has been agreed by everyone involved including yours truly that since it will be the car I am driving it is best that I take my test in that car. A few other assorted matters like fixes around the house as well of course are also in order I am going to enjoy the time I have off, it sure came at the right time.
  12. All right, just telling you guys right now from tomorrow until Monday I'm not gonna be on the forums. Now you might think, "Oh, he's going to Bronycon!" No, I wish I could be at Bronycon. I envy people that go to Bronycon. The real reason is I'm driving up the the upper peninsula of Michigan to see some family and for the memorial for my step grandmother. And where I'm staying is out in the woods with limited internet connection. So yeah, if you guys wonder, "Where's Chikorita!" This is why. On a better note, since I'll be in a place with virtually no internet connection, I won't have to hear people talking about how awesome Bronycon is. So yeah, I might pop on with 3g depending on how good it is, but for the most of it, I won't be on. That's all I have to say, hopefully the forums isn't burned down when I get back. Oh, and I'll still be on the rest of the day just after today I won't.
  13. At this current time of posting, I am in my grandparent's vacation house in Florida. And I have been wondering, where have all you guys traveled to? I am kind of spoiled, so I have been a lot of places most people have not. So yeah, where have you been?
  14. Be Sunday, be sunday, be sunday
  15. Finished - Petsitter obtained - Approval from my dad and the partner's parents - Ticket bought - Ticket printed Pre-DayBefore Plans - Get a new updated state ID tomorrow - Get a new wallet, hopefully tomorrow Day Before Plans - Pack up clothes - Charge iPad - Charge iPod - Charge laptop
  16. Hello! I just returned from Washington, D.C. I saw many things, including (but not limited to) Jefferson Memorial, Abrahalm Linoln Memorial, Capitol Building, the House of the Temple, a dissapointing Library of Congress, and more! I don't mean to brag or create jealousy.
  17. if you were on an island vacation with internet and you could take six pony, six human friends and six items, what would you take. i would take luna, derpy, rainbowdash, twilight, pinkie pie and big mac for pony three of guy friends and three of my female friends as friends my ds, my laptop, my tv, swim trunks, bob summoner of rain and my mini fridge as items
  18. Okay, so I was unsure if I should post here or in Life Advice, but here it is. So basically, I am going on a trip from Maine to Florida, as I do once or twice a year. (We own a home there and like to visit family) Now, we've been doing these trips since I was very young and quite honestly, I'm getting bored. It sounds terrible because I know many many people would love to go to Florida all the time but after a while, enough is enough right? So I was looking for new things to do. We've been to all the big parks like Universal Studios, Island of Adventure, SeaWorld, Busch Gardens, all that. But we've never been to Discovery Cove and this year I'm planning on bringing my girlfriend and I'm sure she'd love to swim with dolphins. It's expensive though, so I'm looking for people who have been there. I've seen reviews on sites but I trust this community over many others. Anyone who has been there like to write a review for me? Plus, any other things to do around the Orlando area?
  19. Today is the day, today is the day that the day the day that... I START MY VACATION!!! Okay, so technically tomorrow is the day it starts but since I am off today anyway I might as well just count that as the start. And you know that means fillies and gentlecolts? That means that it's PARTY TIME I get one week, one week away from the God forsaken hellhole I call work that is slowly eating away at my sanity and I am going to love and tolerate the hell out of it I Pinkie promise.
  20. Just curious to know how everyone's summer is going? Travelled anywhere, gone to any concerts etc...? If so post here on what your summer has been like !!!
  21. Alright bronies, time for a pop quiz. We all know the stories of the human-to-Equestria genre, along with a collective desire to go to Equestria. But have you really considered what sorts of preparations you would need? What if you knew perfectly well what you were bound to get yourself into, having watched all 52 episodes of the show back to back and taking notes on the details of the environment? What if there was a foolproof way (think stargate) to get there safely? What if you could bypass all the hilarity that would ensue in most of the known human-to-Ponyville fanfics, simply because you were prepared? So this is my challenge to you: were you to pack one bag (duffle for instance) to take on a sojourn to Ponyville, enough to survive for at least one week comfortably, what would you pack? One thing to keep in mind: unless you have one of those new-fangled solar-powered chargers for your gadgets, and even then, electronics are probably not a good idea (that means laptops, cellphones, iPod, etc.). Also, you are completely cut off from the human world for the time, so any form of radio, Internet, and cellphone communication is out of the question. Also (unless worst comes to worst, see below), food and drink should be readily available, though relatively few alcoholic beverages (unless you know how to moonshine LOL), and ponies don't smoke or do drugs, so you'll either have to forgo those or figure something out. Medications would have to be provided on your end if they are an absolute necessity. Finally, weapons scare the Fluttershy, so refrain from those... I guess that's it. If I missed anything, let me know. Oh, and one more important note: there is no guarantee to the ponies' hospitality (at least on the first day) no matter how nice you are. So when you're making your lists, please bear in mind that for the first few days you might have to end up snaring squirrels and filling waterskins in the Everfree forest. Surprisingly, this piece of opinion is more grounded in reality than you might think :-P I'd like to see what you would come up with! I'm inventorying my EDC supplies right now; after that I myself will reply. Peace, Sean