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Found 10 results

  1. Anypony else going to be alone on Valentine's day? This is the one reason I don't like singles awareness day because I feel like a total nob for not having a relationship, but that's just me.
  2. Hello, from cloudsdale in lovures lane of magic in the air she has love for everypony whatever their gender might be enjoy it well because with all this violence in the world we all need a Rainbooming love from everyone's heart and that is where my Valentine's character fits in enjoy the artwork !
  3. Did not get a chance to post this for Valentines day here. I hope you like it! More importantly, I hope you all had a wonderful time with your significant other, if nothing else, at least a large bowl of ice cream Thanks for your support! DA Link:
  4. Some valentines I've been working on a while. Hope to get through some of the major and minor season 5 characters before around Feb. 12. I don't mind if you want to send them to other people or not. I'd actually be thrilled, but I don't really expect anyone to, considering how silly they are. Starlight Link to original thread in my sig.
  5. Hola, y'all. For Valentine's Day of the coming year, I am thinking of creating valentines of some of the characters of season 5. I plan to cover basically only new major characters (such as Starlight, Tree Hugger, Coloratura, Svengallop), some BG ponies (the Slice of Life ponies), extras (such as the Princess Spike workers) and rarely occurring returning characters (like Gilda, Sheriff Silverstar, and Cherry Jubilee). I would like to do it in the pointy pony style (was considering show-accurate vectors but figured that would take forever). On each valentine I plan on writing some cheesy line that the character would probably say (i.e. "You are simply unequaled!" for Starlight Glimmer) that's related to Valentine's day in some way, or would sound like something you could find on a valentine. Here's my current list of valentine ideas (each bullet represents one valentine, so some ponies are gonna be sharing some space. Sorry!): Starlight Glimmer The Equal Four (Double Diamond, Night Glider, Sugar Belle, Party Favor) The Pest Control Pony Sunshower, Open Skies and Clear Skies Fluffy Clouds Troubleshoes Sheriff Silverstar & his posse Tree Hugger Smooze Gilda & Greta Grampa Gruff Gimme Moore (the griffon shopkeeper) Derpy & the Doctor Cranky & Matilda Lyra & Bon Bon Octavia & Vinyl Steven Magnet March Gustysnows (Whinnyapolis Delegate) Manehattan Delegate Evergreen/Douglas Spurce (Landscaper Pony) Constructicorn (Public Works Pony) Frazzle Rock ("Nerdy Delegate") Annoyed Delegate Cherry Jubilee Prince Rutherford Twilight's friends Moondancer Sassy Saddles Fashion Plate Cayenne/Pepper Step Moonlight Raven & Sunshine Smiles Stormy Flare Wind Rider Delivery Pony Cinnamon Chai Hat Merchant Method Mares (possibly one or two more ponies from Made in Manehattan) Rosebud (Registration Pony) Spoiled Rich Furniture Salespony Igneous Rock & Cloudy Quartz Limestone Pie Marble Pie Ma Hooffield Big Daddy McColt Coloratura Svengallop Wow, that is a LOT of ponies. Good thing I thought of this well in advance. Also, I have NOT yet seen "Scare Master" and "What About Discord?" so if I'm missing any major characters from those eps, please let me know. I realize that I didn't include every pony here, but this is where I'm looking for your feedback. There are a few that I kinda wanna include, but also don't wanna include, but might potentially fall under the category of "How Upset Fans Might Be If I Don't Include Him/Her/Them": Whoa Nelly (the fat "Incidental Pony") Big Mac as Cousin Orchard Blossom The CMC with their new cutie marks Bowling Ponies Braeburn Coco Pommel Maud Pie Others Would you like to see these ponies in valentines? Are there any other ponies you'd like to see in this list? Do you have any design or otherwise stylistic suggestions for these? Would you like to help me create them? Thanks for taking the time to read this long post of mine. EDIT: To help me keep track, I'll be underlining/crossing off names of ponies I've already done.
  6. On the fourth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me, Target superstore's Valentine's display..... Ugh....Happy New Year. What do you all think of sudden holiday cutoffs and early displays? I know I dont like them. This goes for August Halloween candy and Oct. 31 Christmas trees.
  7. Hello, everypony I know this a late banner. It took me two hours to make enjoy !
  8. Not even in spite… Why do we condense into one day what should be a constant stream of affection for those you care about. ... Okay, it's just a little bit in spite...
  9. Hey y'all! even though I told myself yesterday I wasn't gonna try to make a drawing for hearts and hooves day I was bored so I ended up drawing one anyways . So yeah here it is. Now before anypony says so I know for a fact that the mouth looks weird. I was trying to make it look right and like hes holding it but everything I tried just didn't look quite right.. I'm not really sure why . So sorry if that looks odd, I was just experimenting with stuff, and I didn't have any good references to go by. So its kinda sloopy looking. If anypony can provide some insight on how to fix that problem it would be much appreciated . I'll leave the rest of the picture up to y'all to judge, I just wanted to point out the obvious before anypony did . As always this was drawn with GIMP. Using my mouse. I used a reference picture of Fluttershy for the pose, and I used a reference of my OC for colors and stuff, but I'm slowing trying to get better at not needing reference as much. Theres probably a good majority of this I could draw without a reference honestly . I just wanna make sure everythings right. Anyways I'll stop rambling. Happy Hearts and Hooves day! Both to the singles (Like me) and the people who are spending it with a special somepony <3 Later y'all! And a wonderful hearts and hooves day! Ps. If you can't tell I'm almost as bad at drawing hearts then I am at drawing circles. Feel free to scold me for my terrible looking hearts . Oh and if you missed my latest project check it out!
  10. Hello Everypony! so as the Name would suggest This is a Valentine's Thread. If you have a special somepony, why not tell us! it could be someone from the school, work, The forums or The show! why not? I know some one you ponies wanna show off your Valentines, so show them off here! Current Valentines: TagTeamCast X Gabriella Gary X Alex Rose X Sandwhisper TagTeamCast X Pinkie Respondsibility Pie Viscra x Feathers. Zoop x Viscra x Rose Ponies looking for love: Shankveld Toothlessbrony ^ Show some love =)