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Found 24 results

  1. This thread is dedicated to bat ponies, as well as The Vampony Army of MLPforums. Group of vampire bats slowly taking over the forums. With bats and cute stuff, like bats. Here you can discuss everything bat pony related and of course plans for overtaking the forums. The Vampony Army marshes on, either you're with us or you're against us. Here you can post bat ponies and pretty much everything bat related. The Vampony Army strives for a better forum, a more bat orientated forum. So yeah, we're cool we do bite but what do you expect. So what are you waiting for, get bitten today. Become the night.
  2. I feel that this is the appropriate time & season to bring up a topic both near & dear to my savage, fuzzy heart! The age old question of earth-shattering consequences! Who's better?!!? The forces of nature untamed & unrestrained, the mighty Werewolves or those piddly, weak, anemic, parasitic, weaselly, pale, I-don't-know-why-I-even-bothered-allowing-them-as-an-option vampires. CLEARLY we all know who the superior creature is here, eh?
  3. As a shout out to the Team Vampire win in Splatfest, and to Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, here is Fluttershy as the Queen of Vampires. Sometimes, I really love doing these Splatfest-themed
  4. Hello everypony~ So, I just decided to mess around with my OC and her desire of becoming the new ruler of Equestria. Have Sweet Pen as a alicorn sitting on Tia's throne and wearing her stuff.
  5. first ever attempt at marceline, done for my best friend who loves marceline :3
  6. Whoever is a fan of anime, would certainly have heard of the anime "Hellsing" and "Hellsing: Ultimate". And who did, could agree that there is no better vampire in any other book, any other moovie, any other anime, and is a lot stronger than the vast majority of anime characters, rivaled only by characters like Saitama or Sangoku. So, I've decided to start this thread so Alucard's greatness could be discussed and fan works, shared.
  7. I find there is surprisingly few people who know of the World of Darkness, be it the original Classic/Old or the rebooted New. Which is a real pity because if you're into to dark and gothic modern fantasies, it really is a great choice. Well no more! This is the largest community I know and there are bound to be more of you ponies out there who enjoy this world. So let us congregate here to discuss it, and with luck perhaps even assemble a crew if there are such entrepreneuring ponies. And if you don't know of the franchise? Please ask! I'll gladly answer questions to the best of my abilities and I'm sure if others reply here, they might too. No but seriously, this thing needs more attention.
  8. I think Pinkie Pie would make for a really fun vampire queen Comments/critiques are ALWAYS appreciated!
  9. So somebody requested me to do their pony on my Instagram. Got this little doodle in.
  10. This is Midnight 'it' is a 'Fiery Undead Vampire Unicorn', created as the villain in a story I'm working on. Abandoned project. Tell me what you think. Can "you" make a fire cast a shadow? Graphical Uplift. Done! Here's a progress update on the digital version. [Progress - 99,9% done]
  11. Here is the first ever drawing of my OC!
  12. From a period when horror films were synonymous with demented madmen running around in ski-masks hacking up young virgins, it's cool to see a movie so steeped in love for the classics, when vampires slept in coffins, avoided crucifixes, and freaking murdered your butt. So hot. - The directorial debut of Tom Holland, who felt his previous script wasn't done justice and that he had to handle this one himself. - First vampire film to spend more than a million dollars on its special effects, and it shows. - Peter Vincent was, of course, named after Peter Cushing and Vincent Price, the latter of which Holland had in mind for the role. But Price's health problems and aversion to starring in more horror roles ended that train of thought, and the part eventually went to Roddy McDowall. Price would later thank Holland and McDowall for the homage. - Actor William Ragsdale was cast as Charley on Halloween Night 1984. - Actor Chris Sarandon was the one who suggested that Vampire Jerry would eat a lot of apples because he had some fruit bat in his DNA and was constantly cleansing his pallet after drinking blood. - Roddy McDowall based his performance of the Cowardly Lion. - Actor Stephen Geoffreys was a bit upset people thought he was good fit for the decidedly jackass-y Evil Ed. - The relationship between Jerry and servant Billy was intentionally made homoerotic by Tom Holland. The actors did not pick up on this until late in production. - The special effects team had just completed work on Ghostbusters when production started. One of the puppets they had built for the Ghost Librarian was deemed too scary and was used for Fright Night instead. - Chris Sarandon had experience with make-up in the theater, so he'd work on his elongated vampire fingers will the crew worked on applying make-up to his face. - They wanted Jerry to whistle "Whistle While You Work," but they couldn't get the rights from Disney. - Actress Amanda Bearse wore a breast plate to make her vampire cleavage more...vampire-y. - William Ragsdale broke his ankle during production, resulting in many scenes in the movie being filmed while his leg was still in the cast. - It took 18 hours to apply Stephen Geoffreys's wolf transformation make-up. They meant to put methyl cellulose in his mouth to create a saliva-like substance, but they accidentally used a prosthetic adhesive that was gluing his mouth shut. - Actor Jonathan Stark had to be covered in an assortment of goop for the scene where Billy melts down. He was unable to wash it off on the set, so he drove home covered in slime, at once point scaring the daylights out of a gas station attendant. - The contact lenses worn by the actors were thick, hand painted plastic that could only be worn for 20 minutes at a time due to how painful they were to wear. Stephen Geoffreys had scratches on his eyeballs for months afterwards. - William Ragsdale reaction to seeing Amy's vampire face was genuine; he had not see the make-up until they shot that scene. - Upset that they had not been invited to do the DVD commentary, the actors produced their own DIY commentary. - The remake isn't all that bad, actually, even if it is a bit pointless. Unless watching David Tennant adjust his crotch was a thing you've always wanted to see, in which case this is an important motion picture event. So, um. Yeah, Fright Night rules.
  13. Hey guys! What's up! I finally decided to post this cover, I've been avoiding it partially due to being busy, and partially due to site troubles, but I finally got around to deciding to do it. I recorded this last Wednesday, because I had like almost 2 hours or so to sing home alone due to my family being out. And I knew essentially when they were returning, making me even more comfortable again. So I enjoyed my time and sang some stuff, there are some thing I tried to sing and they turned out bleh, mostly because I didn't spend a bunch of time on them, and some I just sung for fun during that time, but during that time I decided I wanted to try and do some kind of cover that I knew I could post, and I also decided to try one of the songs that might normally take a bit more time than others. So, after some exploring of stuff(Just so you know I tried "This Day Aria" and yeah, that song is difficult, i need a lot of practice to get that one ;p.) and I finally decided on "Bats". I also realized that Bat's has the exchange throughout between Fluttershy and Applejack, and the way that it transitions I wasn't going to be able to do it quite the same as I normally do songs, where I sing the whole thing through as one recording. So I actually had to record each part in the song separate, well I could've probably done Rainbow dash and Rarity's together or something, but it was easier not to. So I had separate recordings for Applejack, Fluttershy, Rarity, Rainbowdash, And the Chanting part. This is the first time I've ever done any multi track song, usually I just have the instrumental on one track, and my vocals on another, but I had like 5 different vocal tracks this time. I had a few issues with it at first, but in the end I think it worked out ok. The most major issue I had was with the chanting, because I kinda messed up the harmonies, and they turned out bad, I tried some artificial harmonies with audacity or something, but that was just bleh. So I gave up on the collective chanting(Partially because I couldn't figure out the different parts, although I suppose I didn't spend a bunch of time on that) so anyways, that's not in there unfortunately, Hopefully you enjoy regardless, maybe I can do this sometime again when I understand how to do that better. Anyways, I'm going to stop rambling and let you all have what you came here for. Actually one more thing! This recording was done with a different mic setting on my microphone, (Blue snowball) It has less sensitivity I find, so I wanted to see if it would make things sound any better. Tell me your opinion on that if you have the chance. I thought it was nice because the mic didn't get this loud noise when i got really loud as easy. Alright, everything else is basically the same, so hopefully you enjoy! Idk if i'd say it's the best I could've done, even with the almost 2 hours I spent recording attempts for this, (I only got like 5 saved recordings for AJ and Flutters, and only like 2-3 for the rest of the parts.) it could've been better, but I'll let others give their opinions. Enjoy!(Hopefully)
  14. After watching this weeks episode and going through a moderate Dracula marathon, I think this picture was a logical conclusion:
  15. So... Right now i should be doing university work that is due in soon but buck that, catching up on posting on here is way more important! Please be warned, this is going to be a very long post, if you don't want to read a long post then... idk? i guess you could just read what other people choose and steal one of their choices? I wanted to know what types of Vampires everyone would be, i also want to know what hunters everyone would be so i will make a thread for that too if this one gets a positive enough reception. Right, i made a post similar to this before but it was way too vague, so here we go. Rules: You can only pick one aspect from each section. You can't pick incompatible aspects You may only have ONE aspect per section (unless otherwise stated) Vampires Infection Type How did you get infected to become a vampire? 1. Born - You were born a Vampire 2. Bitten - You were bitten by another Vampire 3. Ritual - A ritual of some form was performed on you to turn you into a Vampire. Vampire Type What type of Vampire are you? 1. Day Walker - Unlike the stereotypical Vampire, you are able to walk in daylight, you are stronger than the strongest of humans and will live for thousands of years, you look a lot like a human but your fangs are an obvious give away and your eyes are not a human colour. 2. Half-Breed - You are both human and Vampire, you look like any other human, like the Day Walker you can walk out in daylight, unlike them you are only as strong as the strongest of humans, you will live an extended life but only hundreds of years. (Not compatible with "Ritual" infection type) 3. Vampire - You are they stereotypical Vampire, you cant enter sunlight, you will live for tens of thousands of years and you are considerably stronger than humans, you are also faster than the fastest humans, your skin is pale and cold to the touch, your eyes are not a human colour, you have obvious fangs but could possibly pass off for wearing a Halloween costume. 4. Vampire Lord - You are less human looking than other vampires, your eyes are not a human colour, you have large batlike ears, fangs stick out of your mouth, your skin looks grey and aged, there is no chance you could be passed off as a human, you will live forever and are considerably stronger and faster than normal vampires. Sustenance What do you survive off? 1. Human Blood - You must drink human blood to survive, you can either bite a human for it or collect it through other means (such as medical blood bags), drinking human blood causes you to have red irises but makes you stronger, faster and live longer than vampires that don't drink human blood. 2. Animal Blood - You must drink Animal blood to survive, to do so you must hunt and bite animals, drinking it causes you to have golden/yellow irises but makes you stronger, faster and live longer than vampires who take supplements or eat normal food. ​3. Blood Supplements/Artificial blood - You drink a blood supplement/Artificial blood, this has been manufactured for you, drinking this has no effect on your iris colour, by taking supplements you are considerably weaker and will live a shorter life than another vampire of your kind. (Not compatible with "Vampire Lord" Vampire type, Also requires either "Widespread Vampirism" or "Publicly Accepted" aspects) 4. Normal Food - You can survive off normal human food but doing so makes you considerably weaker than even the "Supplement" vampire type. (Not compatible with "Vampire" or "Vampire Lord" Vampire types) Other Vampires Are there other vampires? 1. The first - You are the first of your kind, there are no other Vampires at all and there never has been, as the first of your kind it is up to you to see your being a vampire as either a curse or a blessing, you can infect others with your blessing or face your curse alone. (Not compatible with "Bitten" infection type or "Supplements/Artificial blood" sustenance type) 2. Few vampires - There are very few vampires about, you number in the hundreds worldwide and are very spread out around the world, the chances of you bumping into another vampire in your lifetime is slim but the lack of order between you means that it is likely that your numbers will increase as more humans are infected by your kind. 3. Small clans - There are only tens of thousands of Vampires worldwide, you all belong to localized clans, each clan has its own leader who calls the shots, the clan is like your family, rules are governed by individual clan leaders, therefore while there is order in some clans, others may not follow their own clan rules, it is likely that other vampires are created. 4. Large clans - Your kind numbers in the hundreds of thousands worldwide, you are governed by a hierarchy answering first to your clan leader who answers to an overarching leadership, size leads to instability however, other vampires are most certainly created every day, but at a slower pace than the birthrate of humans. 5. Widespread Vampirism - There are millions of Vampires worldwide, you have a general set of rules you should abide by but nobody really can govern such a large amount of powerful beings, other vampires are created, just under the birthrate of humans for now, but it is possible that one day it will surpass it. Public Knowledge Do people know of vampires? 1. Unknown - Your existence is unknown of, like how it is today, the only people that would know of the existence of Vampires are those you tell or victimize. (Incompatible with "Small Clans", "Large Clans" and "Widespread Vampirism" Other Vampire aspects) 2. Localized knowledge - Very few people know of your existence it is limited to people within the area that you reside, the knowledge is unlikely to spread as it would be considered a hoax or crazy rambling. (Incompatible with "Large Clans" and "Widespread Vampirism" Other Vampire aspects) 3. Public Knowledge - Your existence is public knowledge, everyone knows that Vampires exist and very few are accepting of you, actively trying to eradicate your kind. 4. Publicly Accepted - Your existence is public knowledge, everyone knows that Vampires exist but are accepting of you, only hate groups and hunters try to kill you. Hunted By Who hunts you? 1. Nobody - You are SOOO lucky, nobody is hunting you at all! (You MUST have chosen the "Unknown" public knowledge aspect) 2. The "Van helsing" - You are hunted by an elite hunter of vampires, this sole person will hunt you until the end of their days or yours, sorry! (Incompatible with "Public Knowledge" or "Publicly Accepted" public knowledge aspects) 3. Hunters - A group of people dedicated to killing vampires roams around attempting to spread knowledge of your existence and tries to kill your kind wherever they can. (Incompatible with the "Unknown" public knowledge aspect) 4. Humans - Most humans that know of you are trying to kill you! You should have been nicer to them (Incompatible with "Publicly Accepted" Public Knowledge aspect) So, what kind of vampire are you? why? Also, if you didn't read everything at the top, please do :3 + If you spot any mistakes or conflicts please tell me, i spent a while writing this and got rather tired in that time so i'm sure there are some mistakes out there :/
  16. This is an updated version of my oc, sole. I just felt like changeing his look a little, plus he looks pretty badass with a cursemark. For any naruto fans who recognize the mark, sole got it fighting a ponified tobi in the rp bloodbath. Its a vampire rp, don't ask me why tobi is there. Just tell me what you guys think, all positive and negative critisizm is welcomed.
  17. Sorry if this thread already exists, a quick search didnt yield any results. So, here is the question, would you rather be a vampire or a werewolf and what veriation would you be? Would you change anyone else? Info- You would be the first vampire/werewolf, you will wake up as whatever you decided to be, you can change others if you wish but only in the normal way for your variation (commonly a bite, but there are variations e.g having to drain nearly all the human blood out) Vampires - A few examples of vampire variations would be: The standard living dead vampire, can't go outside, silver and garlic kill you, must consume human blood to live, provided you don't starve or get killed, you live forever. The twilight 'glitter-fairy' vampire, can't touch silver or galic, can survive on animal blood alone, can go outside but skin shines like a glitter fairy, lives forever provided you don't get killed. The trueblood vampire, exactly the same as the standard but with the addition of a form of mind control when looking into a humans eyes and super fast speed, can drink synthetic blood provided someone invents it for you. Werewolfs- A few examples of werewolfs would be: The standard werewolf - normal human untill full moon, during full moon takes on a wolf like form, standing on two legs, driven to hunt and kill, has no recollection of what happened the next morning, lives a normal human lifespan, can only be killed with silver bullets. The wolf - Normal human form, chooses to shift into a wolf whenever they want, appear to be a normal wolf when shifted, great self healing capabity, above average strength, can be killed by normal means but self healing means that they enjoy a slightly higher than average lifespan. The big wolf - same as the wolf, but turns into a large wolf, near enough as big as a car, can telepathically talk to members of their pack while shifted. I personally would choose to be a twilight glitter fairy vampire, purely because they can live off animal blood so I wouldn't have to kill humans to survive. I would turn friends and family if they really wanted to be a vampire but would advise them against it as newborn twilight vampires are very aggressive. (yes I have read the books, they're not as bad as everyone makes them out to be, the movies on the other and are shockingly bad)
  18. Hey, I'm new to this website, this isn't an introductory thing, don't worry. There are a couple of fanfics I've been aching to work on, but this one I've been absolutely dying to do. Unfortunately, there are a number of roadblocks I keep running into, most common of which being everywhere else I turned to, no one responded back to be or even outright ignored the plea I sent out. So now I'm just going to go ahead and explain my idea, instead of wasting more of your time. I want to do a massive My Little Pony World of Darkness crossover, and I do mean massive. Incorporating the cosmology of the WoD so that it flows more seemlesssly with already stated facts from the show. So far I've got: Vampire: the Requiem - Rarity - Daeva Werewolf: the Forsaken - Applejack - Rahu Mage: the Awakening - Twilight - Obrimos Promethean: the Created - Fluttershy Changeling: the Lost - Pinkie - Fairest/Playmate Hunter: the Vigil - Spike - Night Watch, maybe Cainite Heresy later on Geist: the Sin-Eaters - Rainbow - Forgotten Now the roadblocks. For starters, Fluttershy. I can't decide whether to make her a Frankenstein, or an Unfleshed. I have good ideas for both, but my problems lie with the kind of stereotypes that both WoD and MLP can play into, but ultimately subvert. The books (from what little I've read) say that Frankensteins are usually quite vindictive, aggressive, another word I can't quite think of right now that, quite frankly, doesn't describe Fluttershy in the least. Does she have to be like that, or can I have her keep her generally quiet behavior and keep her as a Frankenstein? On the other hand, I also have a good idea for Unfleshed, since I know that I can keep her as her general attitude as Unfleshed can choose their Disquiet, Wasteland, etc. but my issue comes with her creator. If anyone is familiar with the fangame Genius: the Transgression, can Geniuses call upon the Divine Spark and create a Promethean, or will it have to be a regular Donut Joe? Now, by virtue of hunting those that bump in the night, and some even possessing powers of their own, can Hunters see Magic without aggravating Paradox or invoking Disbelief, or does that happen for them regardless of whatever they can or cannot do? Since I don't know much abou Disciplines or Gifts, same question applies. Also, do Hunters know what Ghouls are (specifically or general idea) and how to deal with them, or are they just completely in the dark? Thank you so much for taking the time to read this, I appreciate any help I can get. I have a general idea of how I want my story to go, but if anyone has any ideas on what the characters could possibly do or go up against, please bounce them off of me and if I like it a lot I'll try to incorporate it into the story.
  19. A group of archaeologist discover a skull in Italy and they believe it could be the first ever vampire to ever be discover. http://www.telegraph...ear-Venice.html
  20. I have been thinking, and I think I am a vampire. I like blood. I am awake on the night and I sleep durning the day. I have two sharp side teeth. I hate garlic. I have quite pale skin. I see very well in the dark. I bite my nails sometimes, maybe it is because I want to bite someone's neck? Vampires' skin burns if "holy water" touches it, I hate water. Hawthorn is dangerous for vampires, I am allergic to some types of pollen, maybe even hawthorn pollen? I MUST be a vampire. Haha, seriously though, everything above is actually true. So I thought this was a quite funny think to make. Thoughts? May I please have your blood?
  21. Hi! I'm Guitar_Pony and for the past couple of weeks I've been writing a Fanfic. The main charecter in this stoy (Anon) somehow ends up in Equestria, and if that wasn't bad enough for him, he gets possessed by a vampiric demon! (Kos) And not some silly sparkling vampire either! I savage, blood-thirsty beast. Who's only goal is to feed. Can Anon save his new friends? Or will he be doomed. Find out in: Vamp-Anon! Chapters 1-5 (Vest_Muvvins is my pastebin name)
  22. I was really wanting to do some fantasy-styled artwork. This is what I got. I... really don't know what I think of this. It's like some sort of dragon-human hybrid dude... maybe a vampire? I honestly am stumped as to what the heck I drew. Anywho, I kinda liked how it turned out so I thought I'd show y'all. :3