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Found 108 results

  1. Spacey

    Spacey's Vector Shop (OPEN)

    Spacey's Shop Welcome to my shop, feel free to roam around and check out my art. You can also check out my art on my DA account HERE. Rules: 1. Must adhere to when things are opened and closed 2. Art time ranges from a week to months to finish, please be patient 3. Any ponies from show and/or your own OC 4. You must have a pose in mind Requests (PM me) Art Trades (OPEN) Collabs (OPEN) Livestream (OFFLINE) (Link below) l V Form Layout: (provide this when you propose a trade or a pm request) OC's Name: References for color or color you want OC to be: Extras: (can add things like hats/glasses/bows/flowers etc...) Pose: Previous artwork examples: (If you want to trade) If you have any questions feel free to ask. Request List -Sapphiredragoon's Sapphire Radiance- (100%) -lightning flash's Lightning Flash- (100%) -Thunder-Wing's Thunderwing- (100%) -Sterling Crimson's Sterling Crimson and Blue Note- (100%) -Gemini Eclipsed's Celcius- (100%) -nioniosbbbb's Artemis Featherclaw- (100%) -Auriel's Skyshot-(100%) -TheAmazingPinkito's OC-(100%) -Alicornification's Lightning Spark-(100%) -Boo's Petal Spell-(100%) -C. Thunder Dash's Addie-(100%) -Silverhope's Ocean Lily-(100%) -Pripyat Pony's Melody-(100%) -Everleaf's Everleaf-(100%) -Frozen Timelord's Midnight Frost-(100%) -Flooter Do's Sound Off- (100%) -Vitani's Midnight Shade-(100%) -Tone Shift's Kaymen Blooblood-(100%) -SuperCat's darkleroy10-(100%) -Alicorn Fluttershy's OC & Friend-(100%) -Damonater's Dam -(100%) -Dovashy's Steller Nova-(100%) -Hibiscus Bloom's Hibiscus Bloom-(100%) -Midnight Starfall's Skyla & Destiny-(100%) -BinaryPony's OC-(100%) -Sapphiredragoon's Star Dancer-(100%) -JennaBun's Jennabun-(100%) -Penny Senpai's Sweet Pen-(100%) -Pinkie Fazbear v1.6's OC-(100%) -TrevorGoesBrony's Green Dart-(100%) -Tao's North-(100%) -Sonata Dusk's Dove & Spark-(100%) -Maxwell237's Carter (Deviantart)-(100%) -Midnight Starfall's Stoneheart-(100%) -DJ Shy-3's DJ Shy-3 & Zamkin-(100%) -InvaderZen1234's Silvia (Deviantart)-(100%) -SonicRainboom2.0's Pin Point & Ed Ponies-(100%) -Cadance's OC(Private Message)-(100%) -Discordsboomboom's oc's- (100%) -Shadowking58's Moonlit Ace-(Shaded)(100%) -Pat.Rio.T.'s Pat-(100%) -Monotoneinkwell's Monotone Inkwell (Deviantart)-(100%) -Kagome235's Cocanut Cake-(100%) -Stormlight's Stormlight-(100%) -SopranoAurora's Soprano-(100%) -Houndoom's Hurricane-(100%) -Hyperhooves Request (Private message)-(100%) -Photon Jet's Photon Jet-(100%) -Pixie Doodle's Pixie Doodle-(100%) -nx9100's Ennex-(Custom Sketch)(100%) -WheatleyCore's Puzzle Piece-(100%) -Midnight Muse's OC's-(100%) -TwilyFan13's OC- (100%) -KingF1@m31990's OC-(100%) -Paladin's OC-(100%) -Pucksterv's Trivy-(100%) -TwilyFan's13's OC-(100%) -TwilightAqua's Aqua-(100%) -Buzz's Buzz-(100%) -Twisted Cyclone's Twisted Cyclone-(100%) -DJ Neon's OC & Pokemon-(100%) -Twilyfan13's OC-(100%) -JonasDarkmane's OC-(100%) -C. Thunder Dashe's OC-(100%) -Miss Tesla Rae's OC- (100%) -DJ Neon's DJ Neon-(100%) -DwhitetheGamer's Copper Strikes-(100%) -Stormlight's Stormlight-(100%) -Shadow Strike's Night Shadow-(100%) -DJ Gumball's DJ Gumball & Bass Berry-(100%) -TwilyFan13's OC-(100%) -Prophet's Camellia-(100%) -Sweet Pen's Eireli-(100%) -Auriel's Windshear-(100%) -Spark Thunderbass's OC-(100%) -DaughterofAvalons's Moonshine Melody-(100%) -El Duderino's Treble-(100%) -Moon Surgar's OC- Christmas Gift(100%) -Devinisme's OC- Christmas Gift(100%) -Mentis Soliloquy's OC-(100%) -Stormy Ventures's Umbra (Discord)-(100%) -Nightmare Star's OC-(100%) -GlimGlam04's Starlight Glimmer-(100%) -Chystal Snow's OC-(100%) -C. Thunder Dash's OC-(100%) -Flying's OC's (Discord)-(100%) -Stormy Ventures OC (Discord)-(100%) -Kitsune's OC (Discord)-(100%) -BIO675's OC's (DA)-(100%) -Caramel Gust's OC (Discord)-(100%) Trixie the Evil's OC (100%) Tilgoreth's OC (100%) Techno Universal's OC (100%) Lucky Bolt's OC (100%) Pixel Dusk's OC (100%) RDFan89's OC (100%) Trade List -Mistpelt's Ponysona-(100%) -Nai's Ponysona-(100%) -Scourge707's OC-(100%) -SpectraDust's OC-(100%) -Pirpyat Pony OC-(100%) -Changling Neon's OC-(100%) -StarNote's OC-(100%) -C. Thunder Dash's OC-(100%) -icyfire888's OC-(100%) MaryxMelody's OC (100%) Ezerona's OC (100%) Collab List -ginkoandlulu's OC(DA)-(100%) Smash that brohoof if you like! l l l V
  2. PacificGreen

    PGNatsu's Art

    Was gonna just point out that the PG in my name doesn't stand for Parental Just thought I'd dump some of my more recent work here (since, y'know, that's what everyone else does) The Pest Pony, because pest control is an awesome job in Equestria. Apple Bloom and And a different cutie mark. My new favorite one-shot character eating a little something sweet. I welcome any critiques you might have. I am still a learning artist and would like to know how to get better! EDIT: And, d'oh, I just forgot to add the "Tim Hortons" on the side of the box.
  3. IronM17

    IronM17's vector art

    Hi everypony. I make vectors since 2 Years. I am not the best and I make vectors only for fun and when I have the time, idea and pleasure. So thats the reason why I never would do commissions or requests. But I like it to make vectors. All my vectors are created with Inkscape. Sometimes, I also draw pictures, but not so oft as vectors. Here a short range of my vectors. Minuette blushing Rainbow Dash as a warcraft Naga Tree Hugger EQG style Velvet Remedy dancing For other vectors or my old drawings visit my DA account.
  4. AuroraMLP

    First Attempt at Vector Art

    This is an OC of mine, and the main character in my story here, but it is not "me as a pony." I can never really get a satisfactory design. This seriously took a long time, though. Over 100 layers, and all of them entirely necessary.
  5. Foxy Socks

    Foxy Socks my OC

    I just tried to make a simple vector of my OC. It's not amazing, but it is the first completed vector I made, so I am satisfied . I wasn't intending to go for the show style by the way. Feel free to give any constructive criticism, as I know it's not great. Edit: I updated her to fix her eye position and add eyelashes Old image: (There is a transparency issue with her legs xD) I actually based her off my drawing, but fixed a few things like her leg length.
  6. ConcorDisparate

    ConcorDisparate's Art gallery

    Hey ! Welcome to my art gallery ! Here, you will find every drawing I've made since the beginning ! I've sorted them from newest to oldest. Please note I won't be taking requests for a year, studies remain the top priority. However, I am always available if you need help on 'vectoring' . Anyway, enjoy ! Ponyscape drawings : ( .svg and .svgz links are found on my dA gallery) GIMP drawings : (old drawings) I've also 'vectored' some pictures from the show, they are found on my dA account. I won't show them here since they are not my work alone. Links : - dA account : Software used : - Ponyscape - GIMP (old drawings) Latest drawing : I've made some changes, the colors should be easier to distinct on my OC now
  7. Hey all! So I've had this vector image lying about on my laptop for at least half a year, and I keep going back to it and editing here and there because I was never quite happy with it. To compress the deal, I think maybe I've reached a point where I'm decently happy with what I've got. This is the first time I've ever vectored over a screenshot, and also the first time I've really vectored something large in a while, so it was quite the harsh learning curve ^^' Could any experienced vectorers (?) or just general artsy people give me some critiques or pointers for next time? Thanks!
  8. clockwork24

    Tron Twilight!

    Hey guys, how's it going? You should totally check out this piece of fanart I did! What do you think? Is there anything I can do better in my vectors? Link to DA Post: My deviantart:
  9. PROJECT: Simon

    Valentine Strike

    Rushed drawing. Sorry, I'll take my time next time :C C: <3 ^~^
  10. clockwork24

    Art Dump!

    Hey guys, how's it going? I haven't posted at all on the forums in well over a year, and I thought I would kick things back off with an art dump! My DeviantArt can be found here: (Some of my best works) If you want to see more, check out my gallery! If there's any critiques or comments you have, it would be really appreciated!
  11. 95% Chance

    95% Chance's Peanut Gallery

    I call it a peanut gallery because I've put them in the line of fire during all my XCOM playthroughs more times than I can count. Either way, this is just going to be a place where I can stroke my own ego by posting some vector art that I've done. Feel free to look over them, as they are both adorable/handsome. Anchors Aweigh Anchors's brother Steel Vaults, with a smug grin. Sunset Airlines Sunset without her flight attire More Sunset, this time looking at something interesting just out of frame, apparently. A banner I made for Anchors
  12. DashYoshi

    Happy 5th birthday, MLP:FiM!

    Happy fifth birthday, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic! I made a picture with all of the Mane 6 together, celebrating the fifth year since MLP:FiM first premiered on the 10th of October. Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy are holding a banner, inspired by one in Party of One while the rest of the ponies are posing in the back. I hope you all enjoy this picture. And I hope MLP:FiM and the community it spawned continues being awesome.
  13. This is my first vector artwork ever! So don't be super critical. Me being a Calvin and Hobbes fan, I decided to look through my old Calvin and Hobbes books and found inspiration. Here is what it looks like in the book: And here is what I've got so far: Hope you guys like it. Keep in mind it's a work in progress. I hope to finish it tomorrow. Edit: I've finished it! Hope everypony likes it.
  14. IvaCatheriaNoid

    Catheria OC vector (Ultra HD)

    Oh yeah, i finally did it . And yes, that's obvious my OC XD. That took me particularly 1.5 days (particularly everything exept photoshopping and fireball was on my Twith livestream), but its ok -- DeviantArt post - . -- Tumblr post - . --
  15. IvaCatheriaNoid

    Happy birthday, Lauren Faust (: .

    Happy birthday, Lauren Faust (: . -- Deviantart link - . -- Tumblr post - . --
  16. Dark Heart

    Dark Heart's Art Dump

    So here is my art dump for future personal work of mine, for those who are interest on my stuff. Enjoy. Dark Heart Compilation:
  17. IvaCatheriaNoid

    Starlight Glimmer vectors (HD)

    Starlight Glimmer is so cute ^^. -- DeviantArt link - . -- -- My newest vector art based on My Little Pony SDCC animatic (: . -- DeviantArt link - . --
  18. More of my vectors-work (: . -- DeviantArt link - -- -- DeviantArt link - . -- -- DeviantArt link - . -- -- DevianArt link - --
  19. My Little Pony: Equestria Girls: Friendship games trailer was amazing (: ! I like alternate Twilight Sparkle from it (: . -- DeviantArt link - --
  20. Vendi

    My sister's ponysona

    This is my sister's ponysona, Eternity Ending, she designed it, I just did the vector.
  21. IvaCatheriaNoid

    Crazy Pinkie Pie vector (HD)

    New My Little Pony episode teaser is released, so i made new vector art -- Do't forget to comment and favorite my work -- DeviantArt link - . --
  22. IvaCatheriaNoid

    ScuttleButt OC vector (HD)

    Just some another vector art made by me (:. -- DeviantArt like - . --
  23. IvaCatheriaNoid

    Princess Spike

    From newest My Little Pony episode, please welcome princess Spike (: ! Another new vector from new My Little Pony episode (: . -- Deviantart link - . --
  24. IvaCatheriaNoid

    Silent Song OC vector request (HD)

    Just another OC vector request made by me (: . -- DeviantArt link - --
  25. IvaCatheriaNoid

    Sad Lyra Hearthstrings vector (HD)

    Another my vector from My Little Pony 100th episode (: . -- Deaviantart link - . --