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Found 341 results

  1. Hey, everyone! I don't make art as much or as often as others do, but I've been pretty busy lately and I plan to make more art. You can find my work at My DeviantArt Page. For now, here is the newest, first batch of vectors I just finished making. These are images of my OC, Samurai Equine! High-res versions of each vector, including the custom logo in the corner, are available upon demand. I also have something fun and interactive for everyone here! Do you have an OC? Do you have a drawing, image, or vector of your OC? Would you like our characters to hang out? Just send your fan character image to me, and I'll edit them as best I can into this image! It'll be a gift just for you. The personal friends I've made here on this forum get first dibs, so don't be surprised if you get put in a waiting list behind other people. Thanks for viewing my art, and have a great day! Woo-hoo~!
  2. A vectored image from S8E12
  3. Was gonna just point out that the PG in my name doesn't stand for Parental Just thought I'd dump some of my more recent work here (since, y'know, that's what everyone else does) The Pest Pony, because pest control is an awesome job in Equestria. Apple Bloom and And a different cutie mark. My new favorite one-shot character eating a little something sweet. I welcome any critiques you might have. I am still a learning artist and would like to know how to get better! EDIT: And, d'oh, I just forgot to add the "Tim Hortons" on the side of the box.
  4. A Vectored Image from S8E5
  5. A commission from devaintart, it took a few days but none the less i gotterdun XD Dont be afriad to contact me if you want more info <3 discord – tacobender#4156 insta – tacobend Steam – Tacobender devaintart – taco0bender Tumblr – Taco0bender Ifunny – Vaporwaver
  6. I never thought about a mechanic pony until I got to vector Small block. If you guys need more info feel free to contact me via: discord – tacobender#4156 insta – tacobend Steam – Tacobender devaintart – taco0bender Tumblr – Taco0bender Ifunny – Vaporwaver
  7. This is Somber Solace! Some more art that a lucky someone got from me for some discord - tacobender#4156 insta - tacobend facebook - Taco Bender Steam - Tacobender devaintart - taco0bender
  8. Hello MLP Forums! My name is Catie and I am an attempting Artist on DeviantART! I thought I'd make a thread here to get some of my work around ^^ I draw not only traditionally but digitally also. I wouldn't say I am a vectorist, but I'm definitely and amateur one. I can draw both NSFW and SFW. Of course I choose to draw the more innocent SFW as its appealing to everyone. I thrive on constructive criticism so if you have any comments, go ahead. I give you this invitation to help me improve, not for you to belittle me so please don't be rude. If you're interested, yes I do commissions. My deviantART is here: Without further ado, my work is below: (these are my more recent works) Digital: Traditional's will be posted at a later date. Do I take requests? Sometimes, yes. I do surf the forum to see any OC's I can draw or something to that extent, you may approach me via private message here, or my deviantART for further details. I hope you all enjoy my creativity. A lot more is to come! ^^
  9. I find that most stock vectors used on MLP products usually look off. They look drawn a bit differently, like their eyes and muzzles, and general proportions look off. Has anyone else noticed this?
  10. Hey, everyone! So, this here is one of my OCs, Mystic Rune. As you can see, she's got the same colors as Carrot Top/Golden Harvest, that was a proposital choice because i wanted her to look "autumn-ish", however i am not entirely sure of wether or not this color palette actually looks good, so...What do you say? Should i change it? If so, then to what color palette should i change it? Because frankly, i have no idea, And yes, she does kinda vaguely look like Spongebob, personally that's one of the reasons i thought it wouldn't look that great.
  11. So this is my second vector which this time I've done with the pen tool on Illustrator, so technically I consider this one as my first real vector. It took me two days to get done with it, but I am happy with the final results of the vector I hope you guys like it... Here is the vector: Here is the Deviantart link:
  12. I'm back, again. My vectors are free to use, so you can share, edit, print them.
  13. Well I have several "artworks" already. I'll collect them here. Wanna be critic? You are welcome! Wanna laugh and point with finger? Subscribe! 2015 2016 Aaaand late promise given to @. Don't be angry, I did my best, I wanna see you smiling. XP Birthday gift card for Dennybutt. And she liked it! W00t! My adorable pony. <3<3<3 Finally finished my OC appearance You can check his biography in my signature.
  14. I've never really been good with names and, well, any creative writing for that matter. I would really appreciate it if you guys could help me come up with a name and a cutie mark! Now if anyone could vector her, that would be AWESOME!
  15. So, as my normal routines nowadays is like, I was working on a big detailed picture using Illustrator. Because I use about 4 different computers in my day to work on this single picture, I am pretty much required to carry around a flashdrive. Something strange happened today though. I worked on this image on the 3 previous computers, than got home and begun to work on my Well, I guess I activated some glitch that caused me to lose all the work I've done earlier that day. I think I might have left the file opened on my computer when I plugged my flashdrive in, causing it to think that was the current one, but I don't understand how that could be when thinking that the flashdrive would have just opened another file. It may have also been caused by the use of older versions of the same program. These are just a few guesses though, as I really don't understand what happened. For now, I'm too unmotivated to work on this, so I'm going to take a break from it for the day. If someone can tell me if I did something wrong here, it would be much appreciated.
  16. Just an idea I had, since both characters are voiced by Peter New. I guess it's a voice actor joke? Anyways, I'm not exactly great at making show-accurate vectors, so I'm looking for your feedback. This one is half traced-half non traced (if that makes sense), but are there any tips you guys can offer to make it look more like in the show? Also, I know he doesn't have his cutie mark, and that that portion of his leg doesn't have the stroke. I'll fix those up in the final draft. EDIT: Ah, forgot to click "Attach This File". Lemme try again.
  17. Just got my hands on Photoshop CC yesterday and trying out the Pen Tool, miles away better than GIMP's. Also, I'm not using a Tablet Pen. Starlight being Glimmer...
  18. I made these a some time ago, and decided to post them here now. Please tell me what you think.
  19. I decided to learn vectoring so I could aid in a project, I think it turned out okay for a first try ^ ^
  20. I've decided to abort this project. Yeah I know I kinda broke a promise, but I'm no longer a Brony anymore, and I just want to pull away from the Brony community. I know I could have done this, but in the end, I just don't want to associate myself with the Brony community anymore. With that said, I've closed this project, probably for good. Who knows, I might come back and continue this, but that's very unlikely now. If I ever do bring this back to life, then I'll let you all know in here.
  21. Here's a vector I done for @Dark Horse. Awesomely, this only took a day to do ^^ I can't say I'm super happy with it; Probably made your torso a little too flat, although with the posture, I guess it should be fine Anyway, I hope you like it, Dark Horse ^^ PS. The original is 8076 x 9472, so just let me know if you want the full resolution; I don't think image attachments on here give the full size, but I could be wrong. Edit: Just checked and yes it does when you click the image
  22. I'm fairly new to this fandom, and while looking through people's fanart and ocs on deviantart, I saw some people mention a program called Ponyscape. I already have Inkscape for vectors, but I've read that Ponyscape is better for MLP stuff. My issue is that I can't find the program. Does it still exist?
  23. In my previous topic, I mentioned I was gonna give a different tool a go in making vectors, and damn, I sure am super happy with the results. Perfectly smooth outlines, all the edges are sharpened as they should be, and overall I just have to say this is the best vector I've ever done I don't normally post special vectors of friends, but this one really deserves to be shown. One of my Brother best friend forever, high hoof bumping Rainbow Dash.