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Found 31 results

  1. Oh yeah, i finally did it . And yes, that's obvious my OC XD. That took me particularly 1.5 days (particularly everything exept photoshopping and fireball was on my Twith livestream), but its ok -- DeviantArt post - . -- Tumblr post - . --
  2. Starlight Glimmer is so cute ^^. -- DeviantArt link - . -- -- My newest vector art based on My Little Pony SDCC animatic (: . -- DeviantArt link - . --
  3. Another my vector from My Little Pony 100th episode (: . -- Deaviantart link - . --
  4. Just made some new vector art... Deviantart link - . --
  5. Made some bases for pony artwork, have fun with using it . -- Deviantart link - -- -- --
  6. Hey ! Today was Clandestine's turn ! Let's get back to real drawing now . Hope you will enjoy it ! I'm waiting for the end of this week and the holidays following before reopening a brand new shop, more organised and focused on vector drawing. But before I'm going to finish most of the previous requests I already have, thus, the drawing here was requested by @Shadowking58 ( svg link ) To ShadowKing58 : I'm going to post it as a request from you on my dA, let me know if you don't want me to put the drawing there.
  7. Right, as some of you may already know, I've been making vectors of the Mane 6 in their Rainbow Power forms. I have posted them in their dedicated fan clubs but I feel they're good enough to deserve their own topic. Also since I first posted them in the fan clubs, I've tuned them up a bit for better quality and there were a few things that needed to be improved. The most notable improvement I've made would be the added eye reflection (I don't know if there's a proper name for it so I'll call it the eye reflection) Anyway, here they are, remastered and as awesome as ever.
  8. I have just got into vectoring in photoshop. And just learn how use pen tool. However do wonder if there any thing need to keep in mind while vectoring, Like thinks to do, and things to not do. If you have any adivce to give, it would be much appricated.
  9. So I did a vector today. And I wanted a critique. I also have some bases that I want critiques for. I have about 11, but I won't show all of them. Vector I Did: Some of My Bases: 1. 2. 3. 4.
  10. Hello everypony. I've just about got everything together for my first analysis video. I just need vectors of my OC for different reactions so it's a less boring video, in various poses. -All with wings folded Faces -Facehoof* -Angry* -Happy* -Absolutely ecstatic* -Annoyed -Sad -Pondering -Squee Poses -Standing* -Standing with hoof raised -Pointing at something.* If you could make some or all of these vectors, it would be appreciated. The vectors I need for my Rainbow Falls review are marked with Asterisks. Thanks!
  11. Hello every pony my Name is Biscuit639 and I am here to tell all of you Bronys and Pegisisters our big project me and my high school club are working on a MLP FIM crossover film so far we got the plot and the team but we need more people to get this project done of course you saw my fan fiction well that was not finished well when the fan fiction is done that's when we almost finished the film but we need help of course I need mlp flash puppets well yes I need flash puppet creators to make me mlp puppets for the film well I can use the double rainboom puppets but one problem its a crossover so I will say that we just need the double rainboom puppets nope we need ocs and a lot more so if you could help us that would be great here is the staff we need Animators needed voice actors/actress needed flash puppet creators
  12. Hello everyone! I apologize for my English. If you've read my presentation you will know that I'm Italian and I'm doing my best to improve my English language. However, I'll take this opportunity to post some works I did in one year or so. Most of them are just mods/recolor (the original authors are well informed about them, don't worry!). I hope you enjoy! Art I made for my fic Riding the Storm. Art for my fic "Mutamenti" (Changes) Art for my fic "Sidro Proibito" (Prohibited Cider) Random stuff on my ponysona XD Other stuff:
  13. Even though I am fairly mediocre at most of what I do, I thought I would share with you some of the stuff I have made. I have a banner thread and a sig thread so, I am unsure if I will replace those with this or just keep those for banners and sigs specifically. Not sure yet. I do not have many other things besides banners made yet, but I will post them here when I do. Even though I am horrible at handling criticism (yay no self esteem), if you want to give me advice, go ahead...I am fairly new to vectoring and technically wallpapers as well. I use Photoshop CS5. Wallpapers ^(My first wallpaper, made in about 5 minutes)^ ^(I may add more to this over time)^ ^(Done this one fairly quick, will do more edits over time)^ Vectors Project 'Wing it' IThis is a random idea that I did. I am taking random vectors of Twilight Sparkle that I have gathered over the past year and I am picking ones that are pre-MMC and I am adding wings to them. I take no credit for the original vectors themselves, I only added the wings for these. It was just a fun and random idea I had, fueled by my Twilicorn obsession. I know that some of them will look odd, I will try to fix those eventually I also know that they may not look completely accurate but they don't always have to be I guess.) (More to be added eventually) Other Stuff (^One of my first edits, done a long while ago^) More will be added over time.
  14. Here's some vectors I've done over the past month, of my OC, Play. Also, before anyone mentions "the lines aren't consistent in width", yes, I noticed. And I actually quite like it the way it is. lol And lastly, the third image's cutie mark is missing because I'm going to do that later in Photoshop. (All of these were created in Inkscape). Oops, almost forgot. If you notice that the eye colours has changed, it's because I'm constantly changing them looking for the perfect gradient.
  15. Hi guys! This was made actually a long time ago, but nonetheless, it was my first attempt at vectoring. I still don't have a name for him nor a design for a cutie mark. I used pencil and paper to sketch, and Inkspace to vectorize. What do you guys think?
  16. (EDIT: I have a drawing tablet now so this thread will now also hole my crappy drawings... enjoy ) ok this is is were i'll be posting all of my vectors starting with the ones I have already done these are my latest vector Iv'e done a gift for Sparky aka Motion Spark
  17. I wanted to learn how to do vectoring. So, I watched this guy's awesome tutorial videos. For practice, I traced this screenshot from the show in Photoshop, quite a relaxing activity: Here is the result: I guess it's ok. The shapes are not perfect, but it looks pretty good. But, I wanted to export an actual vector file, not a .png? Well, apparently, there are some limitations to working with vectors in Photoshop. It seems you can't actually export a vector file (other than the .psd) from Photoshop? :okiedokielokie: So I opened the .psd in Illustrator. (huh, it's amazing how I happen to legally own all these applications I don't know how to use. ) I now noticed that the shapes were in reality quite far from perfect, now that I saw them unpixelated. Also, I think Illustrator screwed some things up when importing. So, I redrew a few things (as far as I could be bothered). I also tried to remove the saddle bags. Hm, well that's that. Didn't really nail the backside of the hind leg. And that cutie mark is messy. Anyway, I guess working directly in Illustrator would be better in some ways. Are there any good tutorials for Illustrator? Just wanted to share this. I guess if someone has some pictures they want as vectors, I could try tracing them as practice?
  18. MLP Forums Group Picture Vector Thread Alright. I've been thinking about doing a big MLPF group picture for a while, and now that I know how to vector, I think now might be the time to try. I've gotten 50 requests, meaning that entries are closed! Thanks to everyone who posted their original characters. You'll be getting art soon. Participants (updated every 24 hours or sooner):
  19. So a while back I picked up vectoring as a hobby because ponies. So in all that time I started with my OC and another character for use in the cover art of a story but I've recently gotten back into the artwork and found myself having a lot of fun. So I've done quite a few new pieces and I figured I'd gather them all up and share with everyone. So here we go. The first two are my OC, in different poses. The second is a character I created solely for a story and the 4th is the two of them on the Las Pegasus sign where the story took place. 5th is Shadow looking bored and grumpy. (By far my favorite one.) 6th is one I did, at random, for Megalink55. Last is a random idea from SweetieBelle Excel, who just said to draw one doing a one handed hand stand, which ended up being his own character. That's all I have for now but I imagine I'll keep doing these for some time. Might even live stream some. (By no means do I consider myself a pro at this. I'm still very much an amateur but I'm having fun, and that's the important part, right?)
  20. Hey, i'd like for someone to vectorize one or more of my drawings, and i want to know if you're good at it, because i dont want unfinished looking sloppy work. and tell me you'd like to do this, and show me how good you are at vectorizing. here are the drawings i'd like to see vectorized:
  21. So, I had a go at making a Fluttershy wallpaper. Constructive criticism please, this is my first one. (of many I hope :3) I used two vectors, (Fluttershy and her cutie mark.) ______________________________________________________________ Here is my Rainbow Dash one. I don't feel proud of this one, I spent about 20 minutes on it, and it didn't turn out well. (to me). :c
  22. Here is where I will post all of my drawings, vectors, etc. I will also post up the link to my Vector request thread here. Vectors: Avatars: Drawings: I remember I did this one when I first got Inkscape. I was bored, and decided to just do a lazy little thingy-ma-bob XD Memories.... IRL Drawings: Please comment, brohoof, and critique! My vector request thread link
  23. So, I found out not too long ago that a buddy of mine spends his time drawing ponies on paper in black and white, well, one of the most requested things on his Deviant Art is for him to color his drawings. He's not too into coloring stuff so I offered to vector a few to put them in true color with the show. And this one, Big Mac and Cheerilee, is the first one I chose to do. It's in 16x9 proportions so it'll fit as a background.
  24. Okay, so you've already seen my animated image thread and my thread for randomly photoshoping ponies into other pictures but I should let you know that I'm starting to get into the big world of vectoring too. I'm using the pen tool in Photoshop CS6 to make these. They were originally 5000 x 5000 pixels each but I resized them to 500 x 500 to upload them. This is my first vector The following were made by filling the path Criticism welcome! If I brohoof your post, that means thank you.