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Found 1 result

  1. Ah, verbose memes. Certainly one of the greatest memes out there. It can be applied to pretty much anything, and it's always entertaining to just sit there and read/listen to all the things that the meme has to say for such a simple statement. The verbose memes take a statement much more complicated, using fancy words and breaking the words down into a description of what they mean while also making sense within the now verbose statements. I'm not quite sure why there hasn't been a verbose meme forum game yet, so I'll make one here. Example: User 1: Fluttershy is best pony User 2: An equine of a very insignificant size that is in my possession of the XX chromosome, a personality of which her comfort zone does not involve a very large amount of communicating verbally using sufficient volume or meeting new equines of the same or different races of the fictional group of individuals, known as the equines that do not express magic with wings or horns, but rather their hooves, the equines that host a pair of wings and (in most cases) have the ability to fly and have the magic to set hoof on water vapor that has evaporated into the atmosphere as if they were objects in which its molecules were of a high density, and equines that host a horn located in the forehead area and express their magic via the given organ, is the highest ranked equine out of the given amount of individuals in the 2010 TV-Y children's show aired on the Hub and then eventually aired on Discovery Family, nicknamed "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic," in my opinion as a homosapien of the XX/XY chromosome currently tapping at buttons that contain letters of the English alphabet while looking at a large, rectangular object that produces different colors, causing there to be shapes of several things, such as letters of the English alphabet. Go! Mine diamonds yes