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Found 18 results

  1. You are with your favorite pony (whether you've just gotten to know them or you've been closer than lovers since forever, doesn't matter) when 1 day out of the blue, they challenge you to a fight. And their reason is, well it's pretty much Tyler Durden logic: "How do you know who you are until you've been in a fight?" and this horse is ready to throw down. So what do? Do you run away and disappoint your fave pony? Do you try to talk, negotiate, beg and plead your way out of a physical confrontation? Do you stand there as a bucking bag? Or do you take them on? And if it's the latter, do you think you could win or at least survive? And if that, how would engage this equine? Knock them out, beat them into submission, make them tap out or choke them out? And what strategy and fighting style would you try to employ in this contest of Homo Sapien versus Equis Magicae? So just to clear things up, no flying, no magic, no weapons, and no this isn't to the death either. It's a fair fight. A straight up test of fighting skill and endurance to find out who will be the last one standing. So now that the playing field has been leveled, do you still think you can best your favorite pony? Will your favorite pony just gallop right thorough you? Or will you still try to talk your way out, let them beat on you and frustrate them even more or just simply retreat and disappoint them?
  2. I've been thinking lately, who would win in a fight? Cupcake's Pinkie Pie or Pinkamena Diane Pie? You can use anything from the fandom about them BUT it has to be about that version of the great Butcher; for example: You can't use information about Pinkamena for Pinkie and vise versa. Now then, let the battle begin!
  3. Borderlands 1 v Borderlands 2 v Borderlands 3 Category [Max Possible] Borderlands 1 (RM) Borderlands 2 Borderlands 3 Aesthetic [20] [18] [16] X [19] NPCs [50] [42] X [48] [33] Playable Characters [30] [24] X [26] [24] Story [50] [38] X [49] [37] Gun “Feel” [30] [28] [27] X [30] Weapon Variety [70] [58] [62] X [66] Skill Tree Design [70] [57] [63] X [64] Weapon-Based [30] X [30] [20] [23] Farming [50] [41] [30] X [45] Skill Design [50] [42] [43] X [44] General Fun Factor [50] [44] [46] X [48] Total [500] 422 430 [X] 428 Aesthetic- Really the graphics don't matter all too much, but Borderlands 3 is the game that takes it here for sure. The guns particularly probably have the best design of all three games quite easily. Borderlands 2 ends up the worst of the three because it's visuals now are starting to seem dated in comparison to the new visuals with quite a few noticeable differences. But this is no biggie. NPCs- Anybody who's played these games should really be easily able to see how Borderlands 2 takes the cake here. Handsome Jack is quite easily one of the best, well-written, video game villains of all time who's hilarious in his own right even in a game series devoted to a violent sense of humor that leaves the audience maniacally laughing. This is unfortunately where Borderlands 3 falters most though. Ava is straight up terrible, and the lack of many favorites from Borderlands 2 leaves there more to be desired, even among more humorous NPCs and Bosses like Captain Traunt. Playable Characters- Anybody who knows a little about my preferences will know the answer to this one. Axton single-handedly allows Borderlands 2 a victory in this category, even if I also really liked Krieg (because I do like OG Mordecai and Zane). The other two just don't have anything like the handsome, gorgeous husbando that is Axton... Seriously, he's quite something. No wonder he appears semi-naked in adult magazines inside of Moze's mech... Story- Borderlands 2 hits this category out of the park. The story of the second game is not only a masterpiece, but a demonstration of the potential of a Borderlands story arc. Roland's death hits the player HARD and really impacts them in a way they won't soon forget. Also the motivations of Jack are VERY well put out there. As for the other two games, Borderlands 1 has a very barebones story... It works, but it's nothing spectacular. Just an adventure to the Vault. Borderlands 3 on the other hand is a bit disappointing here, but I actually won't spoil it, thus the lack of spoiler tags. Gun Feel- Borderlands 3 simply takes this category and RUNS with it. The guns feel powerful and impactful like you're really firing a gun. The other two simply don't have this, and 2's in fact just feels like you're just using a bullet hose instead of a real gun in comparison. Weapon Variety- Borderlands 3 also easily takes this category with it's ABSURDLY high number of legendaries. You've got stuff as simple in design as the Crossroads that's essentially an SMG version of the old Conference Call, and then you have really unique weapons like the Duc that's essentially what happens when a Jakobs revolver meets a Torgue gun. Borderlands 1 is a clear loser here because there's so many far too similar legendaries that don't differentiate themselves (Looking at you, Tediores). Skill Tree Design- This is a close one, but Borderlands 3 takes it for its level 2 Action Skills, even if I have some gripes when it comes particularly to Fl4k's skill trees, because he's just overtuned and there's also some bad design with his ability to make weapons that should never crit able to. Borderlands 2 is a VERY close second particularly with the design of Krieg's skill trees. I absolutely adore the care they took to design a character that just rampages into battle, damaging himself but absolutely destroying everyone in his wake. Borderlands 1 is a distant third, thanks to Roland's skill trees being $#!+. Weapon-Based- This category was made specifically to tell you the thing I miss most about Borderlands 1 that ISN'T in 2 or 3. GUN PROFICIENCIES. I totally loved this mechanic, and instead of refining it further what do they do other than introduce one of the worst design choices in Borderlands history, the Badass Ranks (not censoring because that's just what they're called). Small buffs you get for seemingly no reason that apply to EVERY character... Guardian Ranks in 3 are better designed, but just please give us back our gun proficiencies (and our broken BL1 Shotguns). Farming- Borderlands 3 easily takes this category as it allows you to choose how you want to farm your legendaries. Whether you like farming one boss or you like Borderlands 2's style (which is the inferior way by the way, just saying), you can farm them up how you like. Now for BL2's way of farming, I HATE IT. It's tedious, long, and just ridiculous for some legendaries, and that's not even MENTIONING pearls. That's easily my LEAST favorite part of BL2 and it's biggest problem. Skill Design- Nothing really to say here except they just got progressively better at what they already were doing since the start, and that is to create interesting and diverse playstyles for each character. Still missing the Truxican Wrestler class mod though, and also the greatness that was Pistol Mordecai. General Fun Factor- Really just a category for anything I left out, and Borderlands 3 does it all the best of the three. Overall Winner- Borderlands 2, but barely. The problems with 3's story and NPCs are just too difficult to ignore, even if the gameplay is an improvement in every possible way. Also, republishing so everyone can see this. Shame on me.
  4. Okay. So my left hand is engaged in a brutal and undeniably thrilling battle with my right hand. It's a fight to the... NOT death because I'd rather keep both of them. But it's okay if one or both of them get kind of roughed up and go into recovery for a while. Just a little background because you might not be familiar with the television series, film, and comic book series my left and right hands star in: 1. My right hand clearly has the strength advantage, as I am right-handed. 2. HOWEVER, I feel like my left hand wants this victory more. He's had to live in the shadow of my right hand for soooo long. 3. BUT my right hand, being my go-to hand for things like writing and drawing, is the more skilled and experienced of the two. 4. My left hand can be rather unpredictable at times; I never know what a left-handed drawing will look like, for example. So! In this epic clash of flailing digits and angry thumbs, prehensile predators with something to prove and a reputation to defend, *other stupid hand-related jokes* as well... Who shall be the victor?? LEFTY?!? Or RIGHTY!??!? You decide.
  5. I know this isn't mlp, but I was too lazy to find another forum website What show in your opinion is best? Speed Racer from the 1960's, or Doctor Who (older version or the 2005 remake)? this is going to be the first of my questions of this, if it is allowed on these forums. (I also am posting on here since the Roblox forums closed, and MLP is one of my favorite shows, so...) please tell me if there is a problem with me posting these kinds of things on this forum website, since I saw other postings about things other than My Little Pony, so I probably will be confused if this is not allowed to be on here.
  6. The puzzle genre of video games has seen such an immense variety of titles over the years. From the almighty Tetris, to games like Lumines and many others. While there are many games in this genre that focus on getting the best scores and such, there are also many puzzle games that focus on, or have the option for versus play, either against A.I. or a real player. There are so many of these games that it makes me curious what your favorites might be. So, let's get into it! My all-time favorite Versus Puzzler is Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo, specifically the HD Remix. I discovered the original game on a demo disc on PS1 year back and I have loved the game ever since. I love the overall system, the use of Capcom characters, the music, the background, it is all so fun! Currently I am seriously hoping that Capcom makes Puzzle Fighter 2 HD backwards compatible on Xbox One. Capcom, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaase! Don't make me poke you!
  7. Should Midnight have crossed over into Equestria, she would've met resistance, most likely from her Equestrian double in Alicorn form. Who would win in a fight between an Alicorn princess with a wide arsenal of powerful spells, and a dark magic wielding human that can rend reality itself?
  8. On Equestria Daily, I have been seeing a couple of comics about Rarity fighting a crab. Where does this come from? I'm confused.
  9. I was inspired to make this topic when I pointed out how Gravity Falls is better than both Adventure Time and MLP, in the thread "MLP vs Adventure Time". I thought about it more, and decided to ask all of you! Which show do you think is better? Why? Bonus question!: Do you like it more than ponies? Discuss!!
  10. so i've been playing Dota2 a lot now because some friends of me play it and i was tired of LoL and HoN was just bad, according to me. But when i try to tell the differences between Dota2 and LoL my hardcore LoL friends doesnt seem to listen and still thinks Dota2 is a ripoff from LoL. so i ask ye, witch one do you prefer and why?
  11. Since there was a recent slew of who could/couldn't beat the ponies in a fight, I decided to make a shameless fanfic plug.
  12. Taking another, largely facetious, stab at this lol. People like to pit colorful, talking ponies against just the absolute worst, most unfathomably powerful, world-destroying evil entities that video games, literature, TV and movies hath ever provided. And it's always some boring fight to the death. Yawn. Therefore, I've sought to change things up somewhat: Each of the Mane 6 face a competitor (inexplicably dragged out of their respective universes to face a specific ponygirl). It is not a fight to the death. In fact, killing (anyone) is strictly forbidden, and any who so much as attempt to inflict lethal harm will be instantaneously disqualified and banished to the Lego-verse wherein they shall forever assume the form of an impotent yellow Lego block. Attempting to cause significant or disabling physical injury to anyone will result in a similar banishment, differing only in that the assumed Lego block form will be red. Competitors are allowed (nay, encouraged!) to "say mean things" to one another and to "talk smack." Twilight Sparkle will face Pyramid Head (Silent Hill) in a book reading contest. Whoever reads the most pages from Charles Dickens' "Great Expectations" (available in whatever languages the competitors are most comfortable with) within the given time period of thirty minutes - provided they can accurately answer a page number-appropriate question pertaining to the book afterwards - wins the competition. Who would be the victor?? Rarity will face Freddy Kreuger (A Nightmare on Elm Street) in a dress-making contest. Both competitors will have precisely one hour to make a dress and have access to the same amount of materials. Freddy is permitted to use his "special glove" to cut fabric, but - as this competition will take place in the real world - any abilities he may possess solely in the dream world are inhibited. The resulting dresses will be judged on a ten point scale by a panel consisting of Judge Dredd, Judge Judy, and Judge Man. Who would be the victor??? Apple Jack will face the Xenomorph (Alien) in an apple pie-baking competition. They will both have access to the same ingredients and cooking implements. The resulting apple pies will be taste tested by Kirby, a Yoshi, and a Snorlax. All of whom will judge the deliciousness of the pie by how "happy" they become immediately following consumption. Except for Snorlax, who will likely fall asleep. Who. Would. Be. The victor???? Fluttershy will face Great Cthulhu (The Call of Cthulhu) in a blushing competition. Cephalopods are known for their impressive color-changing abilities, so this could be anyone's game. The blush MUST, however, be produced after the competitors have been exposed to an exceedingly cute bunny. Criteria upon which the blush will be judged include: duration, significance of color change, and how "adorable" it makes the competitor look. Anyone's game, indeed. Who would... You get the idea. Pinkie Pie will face Satan (the bible) in a joke-off. The joke cannot be of a derogatory or beyond-PG nature, and it must be accompanied by a rimshot - competitors will be provided with the means to manually produce said rimshot. Satan is allowed to say "hell" in the wording of his joke, as he is from there. The funniness of the jokes will be judged (by their laughter) by a panel consisting of: a human baby, a laughing hyena, and some guy that just wandered into the competition. His name is Bob. Whowouldbethevictor?? Rainbow Dash will face Godzilla in a race. As Godzilla is a being (radioactive lizard thing?) of significant, err... Girth - the starting line will be drawn along whatever part of his body most protrudes. RD is permitted to fly, but she is discouraged from utilizing the Sonic Rainboom. Because fair is fair. The race will be conducted in a more-or-less straight line over a distance of ten miles. If Godzilla comes close to squashing or otherwise harming ANYONE (whether deliberately or simply because he's a big dude), it's a Lego life for him. Just to be clear: bugs do not qualify as "anyone," as they are bugs. Godzilla is permitted to squash all the bugs he likes; he just may not squash any, say, people as if they were bugs. Victory goes to... Well, whosoever crosses the finish line first. If Godzilla goes on some wacky detour because he felt like remodeling a city's skyline, that's his own fault. Who would win???$?
  13. I thought of a somewhat different MLP vs. concept: MLP (dem colorful ponies) Vs. every and any villain, monstrosity, video game boss, or what have you bad-guy-types UNDER THE SUN! But... It's "versus" in terms of lovable-ness. Love-ability?? Love... You get the idea. Which is more lovable?? Cthulhu or ponies? (I know, I know - Cthulhu is a big squeezable oaf. But TRY to consider the ponies.) Majin Buu... Or ponies? Freddy Kreuger or ponies?? I mean, Freddy's got that cute little glove thing... Wait. [insert bad guy] vs. ponies. So... Yeah I'm sure I'll get zero posts under this lol.
  14. If you know battle rules of Pokémon, you know the rules of this thread and its battles to come. Every player has 100 health and one chance to heal. Any player can use 4 and ONLY 4 attacks depending on what weapons they have. Damages are called by me. Players can receive bonuses for success in battle. First gets you feather mail. This makes you resistant to air flying attacks, but not immune. Damage taken from flying moves is reduced by half. Tenth gets you fire mail. Damage from fire and fairy moves is cut in half. Twentieth gets scalemail, water damage is cut in half. Thirtieth gets shadow plate armor, dark and ghost damage are cut in half. Fourtieth gets insulated armor, electric damage is cut. Fiftieth gets metal mail. Damage from plant and water moves is cut. Also, the typing of moves you will be able to use depends on what armor you have. However, you may only use two different moves of that type. No max power until you win 20 battles. Players are only allowed one fighter, themselves. And may hold items such as a muffin or berry. All battle rules updates will be made by me. Thank you for reading this and post here if you wish to fight me. Trains card: Mcminer2011 Battles won:1 Battles lost:0 Moves: Fly Arial ace Quick attack Leer Typing:Flying Post your trainer card with typing depending on what armor you have and a request for battle and I will accept ASAP.
  15. I'm back with a brand new track that's fresh from FL Studio. I actually used this new plugin I got to make this and I've also never done this kind of genre before. GENRE: DRUM 'N BASS BPM: 182 Time: 2:13 Leave feedback please. :3
  16. Hiya everypony! This is my second composition in a series of orchestrated compositions I'm creating for the Elements of Disharmony in a fanfic I'm working on, The Elements of Disharmony: Necessary Corruption. The first one you can find here. This is the theme for the Element of Power, the foil to Twilight's Element of Magic. The weilder keeps her identity a secret, but she is a canon character from the show, in disguise. http-~~-// The Element of Power.
  17. Heya everypony! I'm back with another cool orchestrated piece! This one is...well...hard to describe, i guess. It's a tribute to Night Mare Moon, and kind of a theme for fighting her, but also theme music for her as the Element of Betrayal in a fanfic I'm writing--"The Elements of Disharmony: Necessary Corruption". I'm going to be composing pieces for all of the villains of that fic, who will represent the different Elements of Disharmony: Betrayal, Deception, Cruelty, Greed, Fear, and Power. I can tell you that Discord, Chrysalis, and The Shadow from The Shadowed Nightmare are Elements of Disharmony, but the last two are a secret Or you could just listen and enjoy the piece for another Night Mare Moon tribute. Whatever you want, I guess. EDIT: Switched out the link because I reuploaded the Youtube vid so it would include some custom cover art I'm making for the fic and its related music.
  18. Rainbow Dash versus Pikachu...FIGHT! Now, we must take everything into consideration. The Basics: Rainbow Dash is a black belt in Karate. Rainbow Dash can fly fast enough to produce a Sonic Rainboom. Rainbow Dash is just that cool. Pikachu has fought many Pokemon (with various skill sets) throughout his entire lifespan. Pikachu is at level 120. (20% above 100) Pikachi is just that cool.