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Found 5 results

  1. So, what is the final deciding factor in a fight? Agility or power? Why? No, this isn't asking who would win in a fight between the characters of MLP. This is just a general question.
  2. I decided to try and edit a video for the first time. I like the song from spongebob in the Band episode, So I made a PMV of it. Don't laugh if you think it is bad... I do admit, I think it turned out OK. What do you think of it?
  3. Have you ever challenged someone to anything before? Did you ever think something was going to happen and were so confident that you decided to put a few of your things at stake (or for that matter, your dignity)? Here's the thread where you can post such things here! What items did you win in these bets, or did you manage to make the other person look like a complete fool? For me, I managed to make a 29 year-old woman drink ketchup because I predicted that my NFL team (the Patriots) would beat her NFL team in their house, and lo! It turned out to be quite the personal victory as well as a team victory in regards to some of my football friends. This was at the end of November, I believe. If I lost, I had to record myself eating lots of spicy peppers... but I'm not the one to back down from a challenge, so I gladly accepted, and won! I had a great feeling about that particular game, and my confidence rewarded me with this classic (skip to 5:29 for the start of actual bet): Pretty cool, huh? XD Post some of your victories here!
  4. Ok, I don't know if this has already been posted, but I don't think it has, so I'm going to post it. This was something that crossed my mind while just generally thinking about the characteristics of the Mane 6 in Season 2. For example, Pinkie Pie is known for being a hyperactive pony. Look at her in Season 2. She is much more hyperactive than she was in Season 1. Why I hear you ask? Well, think back to Episode 2. Twilight reads her letters to Princess Celestia that help her remember the power of friendship and undiscords (?) her friends. However, these letters were written from Twilight's point of view. What does this mean? Her friends old personalities get replaced by the ones that Twilight saw. This means that if she saw Pinkie Pie as a hyperactive pony, she would become the hyperactive pony that Twilight saw. This means that her friends personalities are actually different to those seen in Season 1. This means that secretly, in a weird sort of way, Discord actually won, despite being defeated by The Elements of Harmony. Just a little something I thought I'd point out.