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Found 23 results

  1. The music was MUCH harder to make than the video. I'm not much of an animator (at all), lol
  2. Hi, I'm Bash! I hope I'm posting this in the correct place, I'm new to this whole forum thing... Anyway! I'm an amateur video editor and I'm looking for someone to edit for so I can get more experience, and start getting my name out there. Here are a couple of my channels so you can see my past work You can send me an Email: Or add me on Skype: bashfoal555 Thanks!~
  3. So by the end of this year I want to get a new desktop PC to replace my laptop. I'm looking for one with some good enough specs not for games but for video editing because I might make some high end edited videos, mostly YouTube Poops. My laptop works fine with video editing but I want higher specs in case I want to make complex video edits using Sony Vegas. So I was wondering what specs are recommended. Like what processor, graphics, and ram specs should I use. And please don't recommend me any PC over $1500 because I don't want to spend too much on a PC.
  4. Me and a couple friends have decided to build a small gaming group, much like Yogscast or TfTools/Toolbox. I would absolutely love to record some of our online shenanigans, but I need to find a good video software beforehand. I also have no real experience with video software, but learn fairly quickly. Is there any software that you can suggest for videogame recordings? Preferably free, of course, but I'm personally will to throw some change at a good program.
  5. Hello everyone! Post your youtube channel here so people from the forum can sub if they wish. I don't know if there already is a topic like this, but I'm too lazy to look. Now, shameless self-promotion time: Here is a link to my personal channel: The name is misleading. I make PMV's on this channel. This is my gaming group channel, GamerCorps: It is a group that consists of me (Unr3alGamer) and 4 others where we come together and commentate/make videos of our impressions, reactions, or thoughts on anything video game related. We do post commentaries, let's plays, impressions/rant videos, a series called "Unplanned Mayhem" and Let's Plays. We don't have too many videos out right now, but we do have a planned out schedule. We are also amateurs so respective constructive criticism is welcomed. Games we have commentated/Let's Played: Sonic Lost World (Wii U) Portal 1 Titanfall Games we are currently commentating/Let's Playing: Sonic the Hedgehog 4 (Episodes 1 and 2) ZombiU Games we plan to do in the future: Batman: Arkham (Series) Destiny Sonic Generations Bioshock 1 If you want, watch a few of our vids and sub. We are trying to grow and expand what we're capable of doing.
  6. Heeeeello Everybody! I'm Tech Reel and I need help FAST! My YouTube Channelversary is coming up soon. Well actually, very soon. 3 days... I finally came up with a good idea for a celebratory video: A montage of my videos, including my past series and companions over this first year. I've spent most of my day trying to edit this together, but it's not working out. So, I need YOUR HELP. I'm not gonna beg you guys...but um.....PLEASE HELP ME *obvious begging* So, like I said, I'm gonna need this fast. So if you'd like to help me out, PM me with an example of your editing. You will get full credit for your work, and just know, you will have to work fast if you take this (unpaid)job. I need to be able to upload this video by November 13th. Hope to hear from you soon
  7. Hi, I just wanted to know if anyone else likes to make their own YouTube Poop videos. I'm sort of a noob when it comes to making them, but I'm practicing! Also, the software I use is Sony Movie Studio, because Vegas is is like, $500.
  8. Hey all, Just posting some of my favorite vids that I've made since love them so much!
  9. I'm Sepiormon and I am part of a group that started on September 1st. We are still trying to get off the ground, and one of the things we are lacking is reliable video editors. We need active editors that can handle videos consisting of multiple PoVs (Point of Views), or small Solo videos. If you are free often and are experianced in video editing, we will see to it that you can join the group . (Although right now since we are getting "off our feet" you may not have to edit often, or at least not currently.) Our youtube: Please contact me Via posting here or adding me on skype. (Sepiormon)
  10. So here it is, my final render and upload of my KOLT Kinetic Typography. It took about 15 hours to make, but in the end it was all FREAKIN' worth it. SO, without further ado, here's the typography:
  11. Here's a few Mashups that I've made. I also love to make my own visuals. I haven't been on here in a while, so I figured I post some of my creations back on here! Helping Twilightspeed Win the Wicked Bonfire Goodgnam Time
  12. So here's a visual that I made recently for Alex S.'s new "Cool Daddy Cool" Remix. ENJOY! P.S. Wait for the beat to kick in, that's where it REALLY happens!
  13. Hey guys! Yeah, so this kinda took me a while to make, but I had a lot of fun making it! I'd very much appreciate your guys' feedback, so without further ado, please enjoy:
  14. Hello there people of the interwebs, I just made a Skrillex Mashup (I know, skrillex ewwww) But these two songs seemed to flow REALLY nicely together. Anyways HOPE YOU ENJOY! And also, if you want a visual for your any of your tracks, feel free to reply or send me an email:
  15. Intel Core i5-2450M 2.50GHz 2 GPU's built-in -Intel HD Graphics 3000 (GT2+) -Nvidia GeForce GT 520MX 8GB RAM I can't get VideoPad to run smoothly anymore since an update happened. Corel VideoStudio is kinda jittery. If anyone can find something for me to work with, that would make me very happy. Else, I won't be able to make videos for a while...
  16. What up people of the internet? I have made yet another Mashup/visual and was wondering if you guys would care to take a listen: Hope you guys enjoyed it!
  17. Alright guys, I just made this here mashup, and though I'd share it with you guys: Please tell me what you think and/or give me more suggestions to mashup!
  18. Hey guys! Pippy here. I went and made a visual of Alex S.'s Party with Pinkie. Please leave your feedback, thanks! Also, if you want me to make a visual for one of your songs, please see my corresponding post:
  19. Hey guys, Whats up? My name is Luke Carmichael, and I am a Visual Effects Artist as well as a Motion Graphics Designer. There's nothing that I love more than making videos; more specifically, musical visuals. Ya see, I don't really have a camera (just yet!) so I fill in that video-editing void with visuals (here's some of my work if you're curious: I'm wanting to make visuals for people in this community, and I am going to start taking requests! If you are interested in requesting a visual for your YouTube or whatever, be forewarned, they can take anywhere from six hours, to six DAYS, depending on what you're looking for in a visual. If you wish to have a visual made for a song that you created (or even a song that you want to see a visual of) please email me, with the following format: Song title: "[song Title]" Artist Name: [Artist Name] Artist's YouTube Channel (optional): [link] Artwork, premade fan art, and any other pictures (i.e. Logos, OC's, etc.): [link(s), file download(s), deviantart page(s), etc.] "Kick Drum only" track(required for musicians' requests): [link] "Snare Drum only" track(required for musicians' requests): [link] Short Description of the desired outcome: i.e. I only want the waveform to be on the left, and my logo to be shaking to the beat. . . etc. NOTE: A possible Skype call may be in order as well (if you so desire) to get the exact outcome you're looking for. Now again, these things take time (sometimes a lot of it ) so I'll only be taking on only FIVE projects at a time. Otherwise it'll make things real hectic! However, I will email you once I have started working on your request, just to keep you out of the dark. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to leave a reply, email me, hit me up on twitter (, or send me a message on YouTube! Thanks! And I'm waiting for your guys' reply.
  20. Hey guys! I just recently heard that new LT remix of pinkie's brew, and just HAD to make a visual for it! Here ya go, and tell me what you think!
  21. With all of the recent political controversy in the United States presidential race between the two candidates and a bit of inspiration from , I've come up with an original idea for a video that I think could be hilarious! Basically, it's a satire of American politics which takes the form of a political ad which advertises Gummy for president. Here's a rough draft of the transcript for what I imagine would be playing along with patriotic music and images of Gummy and American visual themes. Narrator: "Are you tired of being forced to choose between two corrupt candidates? Do you want a leader who will not and cannot take money from lobbyists? This candidate has never voted in favor or against any war, or for or against new taxes on anyone. He has, in fact, never voted on anything In a time of crises he will take the unprecedented, humble position of doing absolutely nothing instead of taking power for himself, unlike other politicians [images of Bush, Obama, and others fade in and out in the background] and he will keep our nation safe merely by being so adorable that no government will even want to attack him or anything he represents. This November, cast your vote for the one candidate without a record of corruption or abuse. Vote for Gummy, and you won't be disappointed with high expectations or outrageous campaign promises. Gummy; right for Equestria, right for America." Any thoughts or opinions so far? I also would appreciate some advice on good software to use and would always be open to receiving some help in other forms. Thanks!
  22. I used sony vegas 11, resample off (of course) 1080p HD, HD PVR, three songs, I really tried to do a clean edit, not a overedit, since adobe does that better(masking is way easier), and im not as familar with that.
  23. Skindred - Death to All Spies (Slight flashing effects warning) http-~~-// Black Eyed Peas Ft Papa Roach - Anxiety (Slight flashing effects warning, my latest PMV) http-~~-// Tell me what you think about my work! Also if you want to you can give me feedback and say which is your favourite/least favourite out of all my PMV's in my Playlist (link below)! Also you can give some good ideas for songs in upcoming PMV's too! Thanks Guys! I apologize for the fact that I can only embed 2 PMV's! Heres the playlist link to all 8 (so far)