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Found 4 results

  1. Never thought this would ever happen in my life-time though it really happened. Your boy's been a guest on local TV for the first time. Enjoy. (Note: if you're having issues trying to watch this, please let me know. Thanks)
  2. Music in video games is something that usually is pretty awesome. Even games that are not good can have good music. Music can be profound and lovely and hearing great music in a video game is a treat. It is something I really appreciate in games. However, sometimes, there are games that just have bad music. Whether it be a single track or the entire soundtrack, there are games that have really bad music that hurts the ears and damages all existence! Well, the first part makes sense at least. So, what are some examples of bad video game music to you? Sometimes to appreciate the good, you must examine the bad. This thread can be good for that. : D Here is one example to me: What we have here is the music for the Sewers level in The Terminator on NES. As you can hear, this is barely even music, as it is a simplistic short loop that sounds awful. We all know that the NES was capable of way more than this in the music department. Bad music for a bad game I suppose.
  3. Ok, I normally hate metal. Just not my type of music. Sorry metal lovers. But I logged into my xbox today, and saw this advertised on it and checked it out, and holy cow this is awesome! It's 17 min, but definately worth it, and you'll want more. This guy (who is really good) plays the songs to video games dating from start to present day, in metal style. It's a tribute to 40 yrs of gamming I guess. But it covers many like pong, pack-man, dig-dug, legend of zelda, mario, Mass Effect, World of Warcraft, Skyrim, and many others. Check it out if you feel like watching something awesome.