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Found 28 results

  1. I just wanted to know what video games people think are overrated. NOTE: Just because something is overrated, it does NOT necessarily mean it is BAD. I say this game is overrated: (hate shield activate) Super Smash Bros: Previous. By that I mean any SSB game that is not the newest. Dont h8 m8
  2. Title says all. I'm looking for racers in both games, so maybe you can kick my ass or I kick yours on the track? Now Regarding heat, please keep an open mind, it is a pretty good game so far, but do give your critics about it or who is into CTR NF (crash team racing nitro fuled)
  3. I was not able to find a topic about River City Girls, so I decided to go ahead and make one So yeah, you guys looking forward to one of Wayforward's next games, River City Girls? I know that I am. I'm going to be honest, I never really noticed the other River City games until River City Girls. It looks really good to me and having played Shantae Half Genie Hero, another game that Wayforward was behind, I can say I am excited.
  4. Well it took me like 3 days to become champion. Granted there were some people that beat the game in a couple days. I thought I want to share my final team as I became champion. Coalossal actually turn out be really the most use member on my team. I mean I'm not a big fan of Rock type Pokemon, but I do like Fire Pokemon and well it was pretty much very useful for the game. Maybe not so much in it's first two forms, but the final form is where it shined. Though I don't think Modest nature is the most ideal nature for it. Though it could serve as a Physical or Special sweeper if built right. While Alcremie isn't exactly that useful in terms of single Pokemon as it is suppose to serve more as a Support Pokemon. However it did have some use and was like my third most used member. Basically all it was use to fight Fighting, Dragon, and Dark type Pokemon on my team with Dazzling Gleam. Though Modest nature is actually a pretty good nature for it, though it may not be ideal if you want it to be support, but still can work as a special attack sweeper especially with Acid Armor with this nature. So Modest still is pretty good nature for it. Obstagoon was actually a Pokemon line that I was surprised that to keep on my team . I mean it actually good or useful, but it kept some sort of balance and basically used against Ghost Pokemon. It isn't all that useful against Psychic Pokemon as most of them seem to be Psychic type with something that can counter Dark Pokemon. Though not sure if Hardy is the best nature for it, then again it might not be worth really building competitively unlike my first two Pokemon. Toxicity is like my second most used member on the team. Now I kind of ended up taking away its Poison attack moves that made it a bit more useless to some Fairy Pokemon, but then again most Fairy Pokemon I battled had Psychic typing, so... However it was still useful against Corvikinight . Jolly is certainly a terrible nature for it, so I wouldn't bother raising it competitively with Jolly. Or take away its Poison attack moves . Not going to lie, but not really a big fan of this thing. I mean is by far least used member on my team. I added it to create some sort of balance, but it just sat their during major fights and was just used on random trainers if I needed to use a water move, but then again I had a Rock and Grass Pokemon that can do better job of taking care on what I need Water for. Heck I had a Fairy for Dragon. Maybe I should have gone with Galarian Meowth or Yamask over this. And I had Galarian Meowth for a bit...or even a Galarian Mr. Mime would have been better, but the time I got Galarian Mr. Mime, my team was pretty much set. Originally I was going to start off with with Scorbunny, but something changed that . So I ended up with my traditional first start being Grass Pokemon. Now it wasn't useless, but it wasn't useful towards mid-game, but did come around to some degree late game. I mean unlike Dracovish it at least had a bit more more chance to make it through what it had an advantage to. Though Lonely nature again might not really be ideal for it.... So that is my final and really all I can say I did have fun with the game! Now I'm going to rank my team. 1. Coalossal- Loved it 2. Alcremie- Loved it 3. Toxicity- Like it 4. Rillaboom- Like it 5. Obstagoon- Indifferent 6. Dracovish- Didn't care for it
  5. Thanks to the work of our wonderful volunteers, the demo of Maradice Isle has JUST GONE LIVE!! If you wish to download the game and enjoy it up to the end of the prologue, you may do so here ( Don't worry; We checked and triple-checked it for viruses. It's clean ):!CJRGWChD!U2MSQO-tD5JRSA6a3Qsza6_CSXAj8HTV-QyaaEcmhTM Truly, if it wasn't for the amazing volunteers we found here on this site, this would have never come to be. And while the game does have a long road ahead until it's completed, we'll stand strong and see it through to the end, if for no other reason then so the game can not only serve as an excellent story of one young mares journey to save her island home from an evil she has no hopes of comprehending, but also as a nostalgic love letter to long-time fans of MLP: FiM, and one final hurrah to Generation 4 of MLP. Sadly, I cannot guarantee you all of the features promised in my earlier forum posts about the game, mainly because they're simply impossible to implement into RPG Maker VX Ace. But rest assured, we will be thinking up unique and creatives ways to compensate for this lack of promised features! We still need more volunteers to help us with the tilesets ( now that the project is moving onto Equestria ) and the character sprites, so if you think you've got what it takes, and are familiar with RPG Maker VX Ace and how it operates, please feel free to join our development Discord server to stay up to date on everything that's going on with the project! Or even if your not, feel free to join in with us anyway as a supporter. We could always use more friends to talk to and to pitch around ideas as development continues! Once again, thanks a lot for making this happen, and I myself will see you back here real soon for the full release of the game! *** NOTICE FROM BULLDOZER STUDIOS: While not exactly featured in the current demo release, this game is heavily story-driven, and will feature a unique storyline unlike anything you've ever seen in an MLP game before! Therefor, we firmly request/demand that all spoilers to the games plot be kept to a minimum, so as not to ruin the experience for those who have not played the game yet.
  6. I don’t think there’s a thread discussing this game my Budge Studios, who also worked on the brand with Rainbow Runners and Harmony Quest. This seems like a mix between Bubble Bobble and Arkanoid, with collectible chibi figurines each with their unique special abilities i think it will be released by fall in the US
  7. No idea if this is the right place for it(It's either here or in the other fan works spot), but I might as well post it somewhere. I do a wrestling/MLP round robin league of all the random mares that have a massive fanbase(or at least a fanbase). It's once every 3 months, four times a year, with some random sporadic matches in between. Right now we have 24 characters across a main league and a lower level league. Here is a highlight video of the past Main League's tournament. It's just something for fun, and others like it, so I keep doing it. Next year is a big plan, we'll be going to 48 characters and a new game, as soon as the game leaves EA and my new PC gets built.
  8. I just bought Forza Horizon a couple of days ago when the huge Xbox Live sale was going on, and I discovered that there are a TON of vehicles with pony designs flooding the "most downloaded" section of the custom vehicle design editor. Take a look at these: These aren't all of the most popular cars (I'm missing the Cadence car, the Lyra car, and a few others), but I just thought it was amazing that the pony designs were rising to the top in a game like Forza. I didn't think that many bronies played it, so this came as quite a pleasant surprise to me!
  9. Hello My fellow bronies! Today while i was searching some stuff in my closet i found something i used to play when i was lil. I found my old Atari 2600 with my collection of games, it fully works and all games are good. So i thought that i may sell it to true gamers and collectors for a decent amount of money. is my collection, i thought they may worth something for game collectors or something, all of them work, the Atari works too logically but the controls and the power cable aren't original so.. maybe the cartidges may have some value along with the console. Now i would like to talk about a special cartidge i have: As far as i investigated this is a rare one, it has 6 switches that allows you to play a specific game depending on their positions. so is a multigame cartidge. It fully works and i would like to see how much would i get if i sell it. now i know this isn't ebay or something don't misunderstand me, i'm only asking for your opinion about how much would i get for one of these and also how much would i get if i sell it to a game collector. I hope i can get a nice price or someone who's willing to adquire this game for a good amount, later in the future i will show a video of the game to prove you it works along with all the other games in the next update. Thank you for stopping by. Peace
  10. Two cool looking games came out, one is Early Access, one is a final release. Which is better? Which is Equal?
  11. I'm pretty sure this goes here. I double checked to see if there's a thread like this already. this is supposed to be a trailor btw, one might need to scrub though the video. I don't know what to think of it as a whole. I won't be surprised if this is cancelled because... Hasbro. The only positive I can think of, is that the animations and movement are ideal for what I imagine a really good MLP game to be. Here's Jim Sterling's reaction video to it. It's cut a lot shorter. So what do you guys think of this?
  12. This is a complete walkthrough, of the remastered edition of Deus Ex Machina, which came out in 1984 for MSX, ZX Spectrum and the Commodore 64. It's not really much of a game, it's an experience and it was very revolutionary for it's time. It was kind of like the first interactive movie that you could play, because the game came with an audio cassette that you play in the background, while you played it and listened to a complete life story, about life, life itself and other quite philosophical things. It's quite a bizzare, weird and very surreal game to play and it's different from anything that i know about video games. I made this blog, so you can experience this game for yourself and maybe you want to even buy it. I heard it's actually in the steamstore. But please, look at the vid, enjoy and be amazed. First, the infant. Mulling in the Test Tubes neck. Then the whining school child. With Cassette and Shining warming face, creeping like a snail, unwillingly to databank. And then, the lover. Sighing like a furnace with woeful video made to their lovers hologram. Then, a soldier. Full of strange oaths, jealous in honor, sudden and quick in quarrel, seeking highscore even in the lasers mouth. And then, the justice. In fair round belly, with eyes severe and clothes of formal cut full of wise words and machine code. And so, they play their part. The Sixth Age, shifts into the lean and slippered pantaloon, with spectacles on nose, their youthful clothes well saved, a world to wide for their shrunken shank. And their speech synthesizer turning again towards a childish treble, piping and whistling Last scene of all, that ends this strange eventful history, the second childishness and mere oblivion. With out Keyboard, without Monitor, without powersupply
  13. I have been producing and making music since 2003 - I have over 300 songs made, and am slowly migrating them over to soundcloud - I have an album for sale, and all of my music is free to listen to, just not all free to d/l my facebook music page: enjoy! -shawn- (a small sample of my work)
  14. If anyone does not know, but Fallout 4 is getting some big hype for the (technically) working real life pip boy. It connects to PC, PS4 and XBONE and has the same internal OS as the pip boy in the game. You stick your smart phone inside it to make it work. "Perfect for cosplaying" as they say. I followed it up with getting a text message reminder from for when Amazon will get more of them in. Bethesda might be the next best place to buy a legit $120 Pip-boy edition when it comes out. Ebay has a bunch of disgusting vile resellers selling the pre-orders at an inflated price. So I do not know if I was a fool for not pre-ordering Fallout 4 Pip Boy Edition. It is true that I can just use my smart phone to access the Pip-boy interface, but the immersion man! The immersion! What do you guys think? Sorry if there was something like this, I google searched it.
  15. ClaDun X2 is a retro style dungeon crawler Role Playing Game. That has a focus on serious grinding, and endless character customization. This game was originally available on the psp.
  16. Alright so as a brony gamer, I love to imagine crossovers between Mlp and different videogames, there is a ton of games that would be bat-sh*t insane if you added some pony to the recipe! Haha! So I just wanted to know what would be the games you would love to see ponyfied, just give the name of the game, its "ponyfied name" and a few features of the game you would change to make it, uh... * blows dust off old joke* about 20% cooler... Haha Alright, personally I would love to see a ponyfied GTA game, its one of my favourite video games series and ponies would make it even more Badass! It could be called something really original such as Grand Theft Carriage : Equestria... And well, it would be like GTA with ponies, xD what more can I say?! Haha, anyway, I hope to see a lot of your ideas guys!
  17. Something that I have noticed about modern video games is that the cutscenes have such high production values that they are just shy of having the level of detail of a mainstream animated movie... enough where people are watching them online all by themselves in lengthy YouTube playlists, usually with the gameplay included, but also usually with the person playing the game doing it as swiftly and smoothly as possible. Okay... now video games are actually getting more and more at the level of Hollywood budgets, but just barely. That Tomb Raider game from 2013 apparently cost $100 million to make. Grand Theft Auto V was like $200 million, and stuff like Watch_Dogs, The Last of Us cost about $60 million to make. But when you take into account the fact that these video games essentially include animated segments that total up to, for the big-budget games usually at least two hours, but often-times something like six or eight hours... then simple math indicates that if the same people making animated segments for these games produced two-and-a-half-hour animated movies, standalone, without any of the actual video game... then you basically have a product that costs... something like one third of sixty to one hundred million dollars. In the fully-animated movie industry, that is actually very modest. How long is your typical DreamWorks or Pixar movie? usually around the 100-minute mark, or maybe 110 or so minutes. Kids usually don't have the endurance for a two-hour-plus movie. For a fair stylistic comparison, consider the 2011 film The Adventures of Tintin. Very realistic graphics, kind of had a AAA hardcore video-gamey vibe to it. 107 minutes long. Cost $135 million to make. There are a lot of us out there that want certain books and stuff to get turned into either movies or TV series... but the subject matter doesn't appeal to that broad Hollywood demographic, or has subject matter with kids in danger or some other taboo subject that would be way too controversial or impossible in live-action (The Hunger Games and Ender's Game had to tone down their stuff a lot) However, if we utilize the animation and motion-capture standards of stuff like Tomb Raider or The Last of Us, then that stuff would be more economically viable, a lot more. Slightly less detailed animation is distinctly cheaper, because two hours worth of Tomb Raider or The Last of Us cutscenes probably cost like $30 million at the most. Anybody else want a larger, more diverse and adult line of animated drama movies to get made with these economics?
  18. I was looking around the internet recently and happened upon this new fan-made game called Legends of Equestria. It's an MMO based on our favorite little ponies, with questing and pets and flying and whatnot. It looks like there have been a few demos, but so far I haven't had the chance to try it out. Anyone else heard of this game? Tried it? Have anything to share? Thoughts? Opinions? Anything? (and on a side note, they're looking to hire people for the project. The techie and creative types might want to check it out )
  19. As of late, me and 2 friends have been creating a game. However, both of those two friends have expressed their disinterest in continuing with the project. I, however am remaining resolute and intend to continue. The game is going to be an RPG entitled Factions: An Unlikely Alliance, chronicling the adventures of 4 generals, each from opposing factions, as they try to find a way off of a dangerous planet they've crash-landed on. I am initially intending to build the game in RPG Maker VX Ace, but I hope to move to a nicer engine soon (perhaps Unity). For this project, I will need: Artists Programmers (should we decide to move to another engine) Writers I will attempt to aid with the writing and the overall design of the game, but I also admit - this is my first ever game project, and I don't have any prior experience. If you're interested, contact me on Skype - my Skype name is "izumitouhou" (obviously, sans the quotation marks) - State that you want to help with the project in your contact request. So... any takers?
  20. Hello everypony ^^ I'm here to share a MLP video game that I made It's called My Flappy Pony As the title says, this is a MLP version of the famous game Flappy Bird created by Dong Nguyen. But, this version contains more features than the original game : - Musics - Rainbow Dash's voice - A secret mode I made this game just for fun. ^^ So, the objective is simple. Just guide Dashie through the obstacles to increase your score, and don't touch the obstacles, ot It'll be game over. And, I know that some people will not be happy because this is not a flash game, but an executable you have to download, but I don't know how to create flash games, so, this is the best I can do for the moment. The game is in attached file with this topic. Just unzip the folder and play it. I hope you'll enjoy this game Have fun and see you next time My Flappy Pony
  21. While I was playing my 3DS at the dinner table tonight, mom interrupts me: "Derek...don't you think you might be addicted to that thing?" "Mom, please. Just give me a sec. You asked me to come to dinner right when I was in the middle of a boss fight, and I can't pause it. You have to be prepared for these kinds of things." "I wouldn't have to be if you would turn off that f*cking toy every once in awhile." "Don't call it a toy. It's a game console." "Still a toy." "Mom...just..whatever. You're making this out to be a bigger deal than it is." "I think you're just in denial. You're addicted to videogames, and you can't admit it." "Mom, I'm not addicted. Seriously. If I was addicted, I wouldn't have a life. I go to college, and I have a lot of friends." "But all you do with your friends is play videogames." "At least we're doing it together." "It's still not healthy." "If you think about it, games are just like books or movies, mom. Except better, because you can interact with them and influence the overall experience." Mom just sighs, and takes her plate to the sink. I acted like I wasn't phased by what she said, but honestly, it got me thinking: What if I am addicted to videogames? How would I even know that? I mean, I like playing games more than I like school or studying, but don't we all? And occasionally, I'd rather play a game than hang out with my friends, but all of us are like that sometimes. I play games for good portions of the day, but not so much that I neglect other people or obligations. I know I could be doing other things too in my spare time, but why should I? Gaming is a lot of fun. I mean, I could be doing more productive things like learning a skill like drawing, cooking, archery, etc., but none of those quite satisfy me as much as a game, and I bore quickly when I'm doing anything else. Is that a sign of addiction? Or is gaming just that much more entertaining and rewarding than any other hobby? At this point, I can't quite tell. What do you think?
  22. I was thinking lately about video game characters who have really, really weird names, like Poo from Earthbound, Nah from Fire Emblem: Awakening or Black Belt Nob from Pokémon Emerald. So I was wondering what the weirdest character name you've ever seen in a video game is. It can be any character from any game, just as long as it's weird. So, fire away, let's hear 'em!
  23. Source: Favorite Video Game Quotes A list of my favorite video game quotes. I thought this was a reasonable entry for this blog.
  24. Hello Fillies and Gentlecolts! My name is Gatekeeper Babylon, also known as MagikYeti. I've been playing league of legends for two years now, and I've grown bored of solo Que in League. Therefor, I am starting a ranked team comprised of people I've met on this forum. So if you're bored and want to have some fun, or just try your luck at making the team get up to diamond rank, Post in this forum and add me on League (Username: MagikYeti) and we'll get going. Application form: League Name: League Rank: (please be at least Bronze III or above) Best Lane: (or best role, if you perfer to include jungle) Reason for joining: Team Name: Everybody do the Pony Slots: Top lane: Gatekeeper Babylon Mid lane: Jungle: Attack Damage Carry (bottom lane): Support: (bottom lane): Thank you, and I will see you on the Fields of Justice!
  25. Renowned film critic, Roger Ebert had been battling cancer for the past decade, and only yesterday announced his "leave of presence," saying that he would be reducing his workload due to his health. He passed away today, according to the Chicago Sun-Times, his home since 1966. The closing sentence on his final blog post, two days before his death, said, "So on this day of reflection I say again, thank you for going on this journey with me. I'll see you at the movies." Good show, Mr. Ebert. 3.5 out of 5 stars