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Found 91 results

  1. I dare you! You can post your reactions too! It'll be fun, and I'll do it too! Okay, you go first, cause i cant think of a sad video. hehehehe
  2. Hello everyone! Post your youtube channel here so people from the forum can sub if they wish. I don't know if there already is a topic like this, but I'm too lazy to look. Now, shameless self-promotion time: Here is a link to my personal channel: The name is misleading. I make PMV's on this channel. This is my gaming group channel, GamerCorps: It is a group that consists of me (Unr3alGamer) and 4 others where we come together and commentate/make videos of our impressions, reactions, or thoughts on anything video game related. We do post commentaries, let's plays, impressions/rant videos, a series called "Unplanned Mayhem" and Let's Plays. We don't have too many videos out right now, but we do have a planned out schedule. We are also amateurs so respective constructive criticism is welcomed. Games we have commentated/Let's Played: Sonic Lost World (Wii U) Portal 1 Titanfall Games we are currently commentating/Let's Playing: Sonic the Hedgehog 4 (Episodes 1 and 2) ZombiU Games we plan to do in the future: Batman: Arkham (Series) Destiny Sonic Generations Bioshock 1 If you want, watch a few of our vids and sub. We are trying to grow and expand what we're capable of doing.
  3. This question is a pretty straightforward one, what's your favorite movie scene? And for what reasons? My all time favorite movie scene comes from the movie V for Vendetta, when the citizens rise up and overthrow the oppressive government. The scene is best summed up in this comment from the video, "The way I see it, it's a symbol for the power of the people. V doesn't even exist, he is the revolutionary ability inside all of us. What blew up Parliament was the masses at the gates, the bomb was just for show." Post your favorite movie scenes below, I'd love to see them!
  4. I have a small video I want to post on the forums and only the forums. It's going to be put on the blog entry. However, whenever I try to upload it from my computer, it always shows a message saying that I'm not allowed to upload the video. Does this happen for everyone, or is it just me? How do I post the video if it's not straight from YouTube?
  5. The title says all, so what do you think would be the funniest you've ever seen?
  6. Hi all, What are your favorite subcultures on YouTube? Examples include paramotoring (Tucker Gott), skateboarding (AndrewShrock), modified cars (ThatDudeinBlue), political/societal commentaries/critiques (Sargon of Akkad), etc.
  7. Since my pony video I made showing my top 5 favorite songs made over 3 million views, and my other pony videos doing much better than most of my other stuff. I am not a Pony and Gamer channel. Expect to see lets plays, Ponies, and whatever else I feel like doing!
  8. I have started doing mlp reviews and the main reasons I did this (besides discussing the show) is to improve my editing and voice acting skills. However I could really use some feedback on what exactly I should improve on to focus those things. So please check out my first couple reviews and tell me what I should improve on.
  9. > SEASON 2 ONWARD SPOILERS DETECTED I know it's nothing new, but I don't know if that was discussed before, so... I decided to bring that up. This also may be the silliest thread I've created so far. Important: Before proceeding, please watch this video, if you haven't seen this yet. SPOILERS AHEAD! It is advised to watch the video before scrolling down. Convenient white space to not see them when watching the video. I've noticed different theories appearing in Youtube comment section. People are arguing, if Twilight actually died in the end or not etc. etc.. The author himself mentioned: So since it's up to our imagination, I'd like to start a discussion regarding this animation and share my thoughts. I'm just curious about your thoughts. What do I think? Some Theory As we know, princesses live for ages. Princess Celestia and Princess Luna live longer than thousand of years. (Thanks Princess Obvious for that information!) It's not confirmed, but it may be possible, that Twilight acquired that kind of immortality when she became an alicorn. That's why Twilight might still live, when all of her friends will pass away. Again - as far as I know it's not confirmed, but we could assume, that it is like this, at least in this animation. Animation Interpretation At the beginning we're asked: One of the things is 'forever', so it clearly suggests, that being an alicorn has something to do with immortality, that Princesses have. We're asked what would we choose - living forever or having friends? That's a choice, that Twilight is going to make. Then we see her and Princess Celestia (also guards) in Canterlot Castle, where she's obviously thinking about her friends, that aren't with her anymore. The ones she loved, have passed away and she was struggling with her thoughts for years and years, suffering from being alone. Everything she got, was thanks to her beloved friends after all. Not being able to handle the loneliness anymore, she decides to sacrifice her alicorn form in order to see her friends again. That way, she'll lose immortality, thus join them, because her life will fast-forward to catch up with her age. Princess Celestia trusts Twilight and supports her to the very end, even though it's extremely difficult for her. She always trusted in her faithful student... Celestia closes in herself and expresses her 'Goodbye'. Twilight enters the chamber (of some sort) all by herself and starts to 'sing' to her friends. She expresses her sadness, pain, says goodbye to ones she love and everything she has and then - comforts her friends, that she'll join them soon... At the end, she successfully sacrifices her princess status and loses her wings, then collapses to the ground. She experiences the final relief followed by death. After a while she wakes up in 'the better place', where her friends greet her. They're all together once again and the Magic of Friendship can grow further. How Her Friends Died in the First Place? The main themes are 'friends' and 'forever', so I believe they just passed away naturally. But they are statues - What if magic had something to do with this? That's a good point, let's take a look at few things we know. Possibility #1 We know, that combining the Elements of Harmony can give such an effect. That's how Discord was defeated. ..But why anybody would use them against Twilight's friends? Somebody stole them? Possibly. However, Discord managed to escape from that form of 'prison' by himself. Also it is possible to use the elements to set back free 'manually' as we saw that in S03E10. I believe it wouldn't be difficult for Princesses to bring Twi's friends back. Possibility #2 We also know, that Cockatrices have the ability to turn others into stone. It would be very likely if that's what would happen there, though bringing back would be even easier than in the first possibility mentioned before. Quote from wikia: That's true Fluttershy wouldn't be able to help this time, but I believe Princesses or Zecora would find a way. Why Does Twilight Die Then? That's true it's not clearly shown, that she dies, nor anything like this, but if that would be just about sacrificing the alicorn form, then that wouldn't be a big deal. Princess Celestia gave her that power - couldn't she do that again? Or couldn't she spare some of her magic power to bring Twilight's friends back? Our purple alicorn wouldn't lose much to be honest. What is more valuable? Friends or some magic power? That's not the question here, so it has to be something different. Princess Celestia should be happy and proud of Twilight for the decision she made, yet she was sad and you could see the 'goodbye' in her eyes. There obviously has to be something more than that. Twilight takes her time to express her sadness and say goodbye - if that would be just about some powers, then why would she perform that show in the first place? It obviously was more drastic, than it may seem to be. There might be the possibility, that she actually doesn't die, but this view: ~Tells me otherwise. Is Twilight's alicorn form and/or princess status that important for Princess Celestia? I don't think so. It is about losing her beloved faithful student. . . Did I just create a wall of nonsense? Are there other possibilities? Did you manage to read all of this? What do you think? What is your interpretation of this animation? Thank you for reading!
  10. Heeeey! wassup ponies and fillies! welcome to a new chapter of the saga The 5 most WTF videos i ever watched, today i got some quality works and like always i suggest discretion since some if not most of them are kinda creepy now before we move to the videos i want to mention that none of the videos i share has screamers, i hate them as much as you do so you can relax, have nice trip! Shaye Saint John, maybe some of you already know her but if you don't have a nice dose of weirdness a old video, very surrealistic highly recomendable to watch is basically a children's show Why is it here then? see for yourself and comment what you see wrong with the show something very strange indeed along with the music, i just say... WTF last but not least, short video about.. ahm... no words just watch it when we reach the #5 entry of WTF videos i'll make a special
  11. Hello Bronies! once again, here i am showing some of the dark parts going in Youtube, some of the videos i'll share are creepy, others strange, i suggest discretion m mommi aabit was a Finland TV show for kids notice the faces of the characters, they are absolute horryfing indeed.. Kraina Grzybow, one of the most disturbing TV show ever made. From Poland it seems that this show is particulary creepy because it doesn't have any clear purpose and nobody knows who did the show, if it was any. At this times who doesn't know The Simpsons? one of the things i like the most of the show are it's openings but this time i show you one of the most WTF entrances ever What's better than ballons and a nice suit? well.... here. this is just.... weird... you like bananas? don't watch it.
  12. after talking to the admins we made a compromise that i can post it here. since it is a script/websites who uses/shares the videos of others, it is better to post it in this section of the forum. it is a website where one can watch Pony Videos around the clock. it is still work in progress. at the moment there are ca. 300 videos in the video list (will be expanded bit by bit). the videos run in sync or nearly in sync on every computer. the list of videos is mixed automaticly on the basis of the actual day. then the time between the start of day and the actual time is calculated, and at which position and video one should be. according to this the player is synced then. at the moment the site is very minimal, but it works good. and now it also has disqus to discuss videos and talk to each other ^^ im happy for every feedback. if you find bugs, have ideas, whishes or video requests, just post it here.
  13. I tend to be much more reserved in disliking Youtube videos than liking them. For creative works (music, animation, etc.) I avoid disliking very small videos (100 views or less) because I know how disheartening receiving dislikes can be for someone just starting out. I don't mind disliking videos of creative works with more views; the more the views, the less hesitant I am to give a video a dislike if I don't like it. I don't have a problem with disliking opinion videos that I disagree with, though.
  14. Hey guys! You may remember me, i was active on the forum games a few years ago and then disappeared off the face of the earth - but here I am again, to plug my latest creative endeavor! I recently started uploading videos to YouTube more often, specifically video game reviews and voice acting. I review good games, bad games, weird games and I'm also considering doing some Top 10 lists and the like! If anybody is interested, then I've some samples of my work here: So I hope you all enjoy what i have to offer - any constructive criticism is welcome, and all suggestions are also listened to!
  15. Hey there! I would really appreciate it if you guys could check out my soundcloud! I make remixes of popular vines, videos, and songs! Here are just a couple of my songs: White Vans.MP3 Small Loan.MP3 Yakety Rap.MP3 Mario.MP3 Thank you!
  16. Here is the playlist of my music videos that are currently up on YouTube right now that shows what this concept is (as it's easier for me to show you all than for me to explain it myself). I hope you like it.
  17. I present my return to YouTube​
  18. I've been putting random crap on my PeeDeeDee channel for quite a while now and I don't know what I should be going towards. I don't really have any ideas on brony content that I could create. Can you give me some pointers on where to take this channel? Thanks. Also if you want to colab, I'll be glad to. We can do it on lonkfania, my gaming channel, too if you want to. Here's some examples of what I do on both channels: lonkfania (it's loud at the beginning for a reason) others: PeeDeeDee
  19. So I'm probably not the only brony planning on starting a youtube channel around the awsomness of the fandom, now for a while some can do it fast and easy while others it takes time. Now some do it for fun, other they make a living off of. This we all have seen and known here's the odd part/scary part. I'm mostly setting this up if anypony on the website here dose know what is going on with the new changes its doing. To say it better give a hoof for Nostalgia critic what are your thoughts? and if all else fails maybe we can just look at one another and say "don't give up bro"
  20. Remember... Blockbuster stores here and there...where you could buy/rent movies and video games, I do and I really do miss them. Share your memories of trips to that nostalgic store here. For the younger members who don't know what Blockbuster is: Blockbuster was a video rental store franchise which was founded in the 1980s and was usually the common source of movie rentals until they were snuffed out by the internet giants like Netflix and Lovefilm. Blockbuster went defunct in 2013. I miss renting movies from Blockbuster like "Spirited Away" and the occasional PS2 game, I also used to love the snack section where they sold popcorn and sweets. The Blockbuster store I used to visit has closed now and has been turned into a tacky restaurant.....damn Netflix.
  21. Hey guys! So I have decided to use my youtube account more and upload videos about myself! People seem to like my hair and deep voice, and I got lots of art, music, and spiritual and hair care type videos I plan on making, and already have so if you wanna subscribe to me, click here! and click here to view my channel!
  22. Shameless self-promotion aside, what are some ways I can get my videos out so that more people see them. I'm new to the fandom, so I haven't been to any cons or met any bronies yet. I already use the forums, but does anyone else know any websites or ways I can promote my channel. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
  23. Hey there! YOU! GET OVER HERE! Why over here? Cause over here is where my channel is! I'm Tech Reel, and I have a channel named "MethODDical". A random little channel comprised of some analysis, some commentary, and some things that just make you say, "Wh-what's this guy's deal?". New video each Monday! Come on over and check it out:
  24. Hey, so I have a youtube channel that I currently know how to do basic editing for but I'm looking to learn either how to edit better than I have done so far and/or someone to edit for me. If anyone can help, please leave a comment or pm me, thanks!!