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Found 103 results

  1. So we're all aware that MLP has some pretty nasty but lovable villains. However, in your opinion which villain is too far gone to redeem/like as a character? For me personally, it's the Flim and Flam brothers. They are the embodiment of what I despise the most about humanity irl. Their personalities fit so well into their villainous roles that I can't bring myself to like them (even ironically). I could roast them for hours. Lol
  2. I would pick Rarity, because she can use her emotions well as an actress. Other than her, Fluttershy would use her aggression, while Twilight may also be good at acting. Which one of the Mane Six do you think is the best actress for a villain character?
  3. So yeah recently I saw some people arguing about who is the strongest villain so I decided to make this. Who do you think is the strongest? I think the Pony of Shadows is the strongest and Tirek is the second strongest.
  4. There'd been many reformed antagonists: Luna, Starlight, Sunset, Discord...... There're also many antagonists that are still considered evil (totally or partly): Cozy Glow, Tirek, Queen Chrysalis..... Which of the following predictions do you prefer? 1.There'll be no antagonists left not reformed before G4 ends. Or, at least, EACH villain will be explained overtly to be good in one way. 2.There'll be, at least, one antagonist left not reformed before G4 ends. Or, in another word, there's REALLY unchangeable darkness in Equestria. I choose the latter. Sorry for my poor English. I'm not a native speaker.
  5. Not sure if someone started this elsewhere and such, and I understands General Discussion isn't really the right place for this topic but blegh it will be taken down or moved, I don't mind either. Anyhoof, back on Topic, since it's Villain Day on these hear Forums I assume many of you will be changing up your profiles and such for it, if so, what Villain are you using for Villain Day and why are you using them? I have Handsome Jack on my avatar and my name obviously, He is the main Villain in the Borderlands Franchise, I find Jack to be one of if not in my eyes the best Villain I know, he is snarky, hilarious, ridiculously evil, and he is a HUGE annoyance throughout any playthrough on Borderlands 2 since he will call you up just to mock you and tell you how much you suck and are the bad guy, ironically Jack assumes he is the Hero but he is Villain heheh.
  6. So now that we seen all the villain in the EQG universe it got me wondering who would you pick from this list to be your favorite? Credit: Creid
  7. Is Shadow the Hedgehog really a hero, or is he a villain? Or is he something else entirely? Personally, I feel he's his own hedgehog, doing what he believes to be right. He saved the planet after trying to destroy it, he saved it again from aliens by following his own heart.
  8. If Twilight had never made contact with the rest of the Mane 6 as Celestia had expected her to, and they weren't around for any of their biggest battles (Chrysalis, Mightmare Moon, etc) what would've happened to Equestria? Would the royal sisters have persisted on in defending the kingdom without them, or was their formation timely enough to prevent Equestria's ruin?
  9. So you can have any villain or antagonist at your service to protect you. But their heroic opposite is gonna try and kill you. So who do you choose, weighing how powerful they are vs. how powerful the hero is? So for this I'd pick S2 Discord. All he needs to do is hide the elements better and the mane 6 wouldn't kill me. And even if they did get them, we could just travel to other dimensions. He's basically Q if Q were actually a villain. Your turn.
  10. Grogar is back everypony! What’s this guy gonna do!? Other than info from G1, we don’t know much about him. From what I can get, he’s a power hungry sorcerer, which is info we already got from the show. I’m hoping there’s going to be some twist on his character to make him more interesting. Or he gets overthrown by Cozy, Tirek, and Cris.
  11. Trixie was bad when she first appeared but does she turn good or is she a bad guy? I'm asking this because some people think she's good and some people think she's bad.
  12. If some Generation 1 villain could be used--which would be pretty cool--who would like to see. You may choose up to 3. For those of you unfamiliar with Generation 1's baddies: and My picks: Tirek Grogar The Smooze Whom would you like to see reimagined to kick ass and take names in Equestria?
  13. Apparently there's a card for the season 8 finale villain in a UK MLP magazine. I'd post the link to the Equestria Daily article about it so you can get a better explaination, but Microsoft Edge won't let me.
  14. A Complete Monster, according to TV Tropes, is a villain with no redeeming qualities. All the negative qualifications of this villain, with none of the positives. A completely terrible being that evokes fear, revulsion and hatred from other characters, and are completely devoid of altruistic qualities. Examples of Complete Monsters include: Tirek from the G1 My Little Pony special: Rescue at Midnight Castle(His G4 variation is nowhere near as horrible as his G1 counterpart) EMperor Sheev Palpaine from the Star Wars franchise(Grand Moff Tarkin is also a proud example of being a Complete Monster as well) Judge Claude Frollo of The Hunchback of Notre Dame and Scar from the Lion King(to serve as my only Disney examples) There are only a few Megatrons who exhibit this trope. But the Megatron from Beast Wars revels in it. And of course, Frieza from Dragon Ball Z. But if anything, the current generation of My Little Pony does not show any signs of a true Complete Monster. Equestria Girls doesn't truly have a complete monster ether(Abacus Cinch was more like Lady Tremaine from Cinderella). Even the movie villains had no signs of being Complete Monster. The closest we got was And on that note, do you think that Complete Monsters should belong in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, or any future variations of My Little Pony? Or is it too much for the audience to handle: A Villain with no redeeming features in a franchise where redemption is apart of its message.
  15. So, what kind of new villain would you like to see next in the show? >pic related
  16. It came to me that MLP has too many petless characters. I wonder what animals would make the best pets for Trixie, Derpy, Shining Armor and even Tirek, Sombra, etc. Share your ideas here!
  17. Today’s topic: Open up your eyes, from the MLP movie soundtrack. Now, I know you might be thinking, the theme of the song isn’t the most constructive in what it’s conveying, but there’s one line or two I think you can take something from, or at least, I know I can. “If you depend on others, you’ll never find your path” in the context of the song, sure, it’s about “being alone is the best” but if you take it on its own, there’s at least one other way to interpret it. If you depend on others to make a path for you, to pull you along, you’ll never be able to find what you need for yourself. In other words, be selfish once in a while, follow your own path, not someone else’s. Or, at least, that’s what I took from it. anyway, that’s all for now, maybe a part two will come one day. Bye for now!
  18. As cool as Nightmare Moon and Discord are, it's unlikely we'll be seeing them again. If you could create (or already have created) another villain for the FiM universe, what kind would you make? It can be a simple bully like Trixie, a serious threat like Discord, or even a psychopath like the infamous Pinkamena. Don't worry too much about whether it is kid-friendly or not. Just make it interesting!
  19. Note: There are unmasked spoilers for the S7 finale in this thread, so if you're weary of them, be careful! With the S7 finale revealed comes a "brand-new" villain. Back in Castle Mane-ia, we were introduced to the Pony of Shadows, though it was done primarily as a joke. Early speculation indicated this Pony of Shadow was Tirek, because the cloak from both figures looked identical. However, that's not the case, and the Pony of Shadows is his own entity. This opens to a lot of theories of who the PoS is, what he does, and what purpose he has. What are your theories of the Pony of Shadows? Please lay as many as possible. Don't be afraid to post a crackpot theory and run with it if you feel you can. Given the show's history, it might be there. I have five of them in mind. If not taking any of the comics prior to this season's tie-ins into account, he may've been responsible for Luna transforming into Nightmare Moon in the first place. He was able to channel her biggest insecurities and transform them into eventual jealousy and bitterness of Celly. The Pony of Shadows's real form is a generic pony. Every pony in this series is stylized to give it some character, but the PoS is the opposite and takes form after feeding on negative energy. To go into specifics with the negative energy, the Pillars of Magic trapped in Limbo each have a moment that eats them up so much they can't let go and truly rest in peace. The PoS takes advantage of their guilt by eating it to create shape and generate grand powers, some of which copycat the souls he victimizes. The only way they can defeat him is for them to finally let it go and put it behind them. The Pony of Shadows is able to trigger each of their biggest regrets. Think about how Sombra lays a trap in the Crystal Castle, where opening the door triggers their biggest fear at that moment. Instead of a dark object, the PoS himself triggers it whenever he can. This tactic humanizes our heroes further and makes the PoS look like an even eviler scumball than he already is. The Pony of Shadows is a Legend of Magic himself, one that went bad. The Legends arc seems to be tapping forth the eight magical items that Twilight stated in TCM, Part 2. If the PoS is a Legend of Magic, that'd make seven, one for each of the Mane ponies. Once you consider what Starlight did and how much she's overcome since Re-Mark, she may be able to channel in the PoS's biggest flaws and fears and see him as her. If it goes this route, I think it makes sense for the PoS to be redeemed, so the Pillars of Ancient Equestria can unite as one.
  20. Say, the Mane Six stumble upon a movie, in which six of its worst antagonists resemble them. Furthermore, these six villains also have a very popular fanbase, ranging from fans who appreciate their backstories and motivations, to people who enjoy cosplaying with beautiful costumes. Would the Mane Six either get upset by their negative portrayal, or would they appreciate their newfound fanbase (even though these fans focus on the derived characters, and not them)?
  21. So, as the topic says, how would you go about making a credible Non-unicorn/non-alicorn pony villain? The other 2 races, lets be frank, just have significantly lower magical potential as the show's set things up, and its hard to imagine any singular pegasi/Earth pony as a credible threat in a two parter sense in the same way that an Alicorn or Unicorn could be due to their magic being basically undefined and limitless. So, how would you do a proper Premier/Finale 2 parter episode? Without resorting to "They found a magical artifact that is the true reason they're able to threaten everyone, not their own natural abilities"
  22. So since there are enough villains that are reformed now I figured we could make a list of favorite ways a villain/antagonist reformed, and a list of favorite reformed villains. Also beware there are spoilers for the comics here. Now here's mine. Top 10 Favorite Way a Villain/Antagonist was Reformed: 10. EQG Twilight Sparkle aka. Sci-Twi (To start off the list lets begin with Sci-Twi she was initially a side antagonist in the movie Friendship Games that became the main threat after going out of control with the magic she stole from Sunset and the others that turned her into Midnight Sparkle. She was reformed after being defeated in a magical beam struggle against Sunset Shimmer's new form Daydream Shimmer after she was distracted by Spike the Dog.) 9. Princess Luna (Lets be honest here there technically aren't anymore good reformed villains/antagonists at the bottom of this list most are just shot by Rainbow or defeated. However the one thing that makes Luna stand out compared to the other shot by rainbow villains is that even after getting reformed she still decides to punish herself by creating the Tantabus to prevent her from ever becoming evil again. Although in the end Twilight and her friends did convince her forgive and to stop punishing herself.) 8. Changelings (The only group of antagonist on this list. They were initially dark shape shifting bug ponies, but after Spike became friends with Thorax which led to an adventure of reformed villains/antagonists they changed from dark bugs to colorful rainbow bugs. After finding out they can just share the love inside of them to no longer feel hungry. Some believe it's stupid how they all decided to reform, but I guess it's because Thorax became a king and they act like a hive mind plus they didn't really want to stay hungry anymore.) 7. Gilda (One of the first antagonist that has appeared in a normal episode of my little pony. She was a griffon that was rude even when Pinkie Pie threw a party for her. She wasn't seen again until Season 5 where she saved Rainbow Dash after Pinkie Pie convinced her they were still friends.) 6. Diamond Tiara (The only character on the list that is still a foal. She started off as a bully for the Cutie Mark Crusaders before they got their cutie mark with a terrible mother that basically told her to act and be superior because of their status as rich ponies. However this all changed when the CMC's convinced her to do what she wants and be the pony she wants to be. Now a reformed antagonist who has became a friend of the CMCs.) 5. Trixie Lulamoon (The Great and Powerful Trixie was a antagonist who was basically jealous of Twilight's talent. She didn't really start to reformed until her second appearance in the show. It was finally in her third appearance in Season 6 after she became friends with Starlight that she was truly reformed. She felt sorry for hurting Starlight's feelings as a friend to the point where her bottled up emotions came pouring out, right before she almost committed suicide.) 4. King Sombra (This is pretty much a villain reformation that was really hated in the comics for no apparent reason. Seriously Sombra literally has one of the best backstory' that I've read and his motivations were also pretty good. But when it came to his reformation I don't know why everybody says it's just like Starlight Glimmer's terrible, however I personally think it was awesome. He was reformed after his foalhood friend Radiant Hope told him it is possible to deny the destiny to become evil that he saw in the Crystal Heart as she denied her destiny to become a princess. Which led to him betraying his race that used him since childhood and almost getting sealed along with them until Hope and the four princesses saved him and turned him into a real unicorn.) 3. Starlight Glimmer (To be honest I never knew what was the hate for Starlight's reformation. Almost everybody says she was instant reformed in a one minute montage when Sunset needed a movie to reform. But literally none of this is true. Let's see here when Sunset reformed everybody allowed her to have a second movie to show her reformation, but when it comes to Starlight the moment Season 5 ends everybody just starts to hate her without giving her a chance in Season 6. Not to mention she was the first villain to ever be convinced to stop.) 2. Sunset Shimmer (Some may think she was reformed right after getting blasted by a magical rainbow laser beam, but this isn't true. In the Rainbow Rocks she pretty much had the entire movie dedicated to her reformation. Since everybody also knows this I'll just keep it short and simple.) Honorable Mention: Gloriosa Daisy (Not really a villain or antagonist.) 1. Discord (Let's be honest here who didn't see this coming. I guess this is also pretty self-explanatory. He was pretty much one of the best reformed villains in the whole series. He was reformed after becoming afraid of losing Fluttershy as a friend. Although his true reformation didn't really come around until after Season 4.) Now for my Favorite Reformed Villains/Antagonists: 10. Gloriosa Daisy 9. King Sombra 8. Diamond Tiara 7. Thorax 6. Sci-Twi 5. Trixie Lulamoon 4. Discord 3. Sunset Shimmer 2. Starlight Glimmer 1. Princess Luna
  23. Anti was one of the most dangerous fobidden characters that i drew
  24. What would be good names for a cyberpunk villain?
  25. On youtube there is an artist does drawing challenge and one of them is that she draws cartoon villains as she would image them as heroes and this episode starting at about the 6 minute mark she does one of the my little pony villains . If this is in the wrong section then move it