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Found 80 results

  1. So, say a villain from any franchise, book or television show just suddenly appeared out of nowhere in your house & immediately recruited you into telling them of this world and aiding in their plans for the domination of these pitiful "human" things. Who would you blindly, and happily follow? And none of this "Well, he seems like a nicer villain that wouldn't be that evil", no, this is full-on war-against-humanity levels of evil we're talkin' here! Me, I'm loyal to Onyxia, Queen of the Black Dragonflight A.K.A Lady Katrina Prestor, the Daughter of the Destroyer and great big ol' honking dragon from warcraft! Clearly she cares about the only important thing, her own flight of dragons and making more of said dragons. Really, how could anyone turn down more dragons? Because Dragons. Dragons, dragons, dragons, dragons.....
  2. When I was a kid, I absolutely adored my Super NES - there were very few games I passed up, simply by virtue of wanting to experience them ALL. I'd done so much with games, that I felt like I was growing a bit jaded and bored with video games in general... and after so many years of gaming, my interest was beginning to flag. After all, the story was always the same, right? Bad guy makes a move, good guys wipe them up. End of story, close curtain, applause. But in 1994, that changed. I had already been a fan of Watchmen (still just a comic book series back then), and was fascinated by the idea of the heroes FAILING. It was mind-blowing, and I ended up writing out a number of different things based solely on that premise. But, as much as I'd seen it in comics, I was still not seeing it in any of my beloved video games... Then, I picked up a game that changed that for me: Final Fantasy III. To this very day, Kefka will ALWAYS be my all-time favorite villain. Why? BECAUSE HE SUCCEEDED. He stole power, ousted the one who'd started the whole thing, LITERALLY became a god, then proceeded to reshape the world as he saw fit. The heroes in the game FAILED to stop him - and it cost the world almost everything. I'd say that makes him the baddest villain ever, hands down. In that vein, there are a number of villains who, IF they ever actually won, would most certainly bring about the equivalent of Hell upon their worlds... and heroes would be weak, starving and on-the-run almost constantly, in addition to their seemingly hopeless plight. THIS is where the "Villain Victorious" alternate universe comes in. What happens when, say, Discord is triumphant in his bid to take over Equestria? Let's say Twilight never HAD her epiphany, and ended up leaving Ponyville to return to Canterlot with her proverbial tail between her legs? Or perhaps, what if Queen Chrysalis HAD pulled a fast one on the collected ponies of Equestria, and Twilight continued to linger in the cave with Cadence as the Changeling Queen spread her influence over the entire Crystal Empire... and possibly beyond? Maybe Flim & Flam actually DID beat the Apples, and the once proud Sweet Apple Acres became nothing more than a factory cranking out cheap, scuzzy cider... to say nothing of the Apple family's displacement? Or, if you REALLY wanna change things, we can say that Nightmare Moon was NOT defeated by six random ponies, and instead she rules over Dark-questria with an iron hoof, leaving the ponies within cowering in shadows - can you picture it? The point is that ANY of these scenarios can occur - the possibilities are endless. Creating a world based on the idea of a villain succeeding will take more than just "here it is", because something like that will require you to rebuild (in some cases, LITERALLY) the entire known world; ad-libbing the scenario is NOT recommended. BUT, with a few of the right questions to ask, and a couple of character changes, you too can show folks what would happen if the heroes ever fell from the sky in defeat. First, you have to choose a villain. No, this is not always an easy thing. Villains have certain rules that they're supposed to follow - at least, without the GM becoming the Stanley Kubrick of roleplaying - and choosing which one to put forward into your narrative leads to questions you should ask, like how would they affect the world if they beat the heroes? Chrysalis, undoubtedly, would attempt to rule everything from her false throne... but Flim & Flam wouldn't WANT to rule; they only want more bits. At the same time, it's obvious that Nightmare Moon would plunge the whole world into darkness... however, who knows WHAT someone like Discord would do if he ever became victorious? (It must've been pretty bad to get locked in stone for his previous escapades.) Depending on the kind of story you'd want to tell, you can pick a villain that matches that idea. Dystopian Equestria? Might get that with Chryssi. Want a place where bits make the pony? Flim & Flam, at your service. ANYTHING GOES? *snap* Discord's your guy. Make sure to work the narrative magic in the proper direction, too. After all, if you choose to nominate Nightmare Moon as the star villain of this world, then you probably would rather focus on HOW the eternal night has affected crops and colors in the world... but you probably don't want to have an entire arc about Changelings; that would be better done under Queen Chrysalis. Second, we bring the world the villain has created into focus. The world tends to reflect what's put into it; with Celestia & Luna in charge, things are peaceful and harmonious... well, MOST of the time, anyway. But that's because their influence reaches all the way across Equestria - and they embody the idea of a fair and just rule. Villians, do they do that? *snicker* So, a world ruled by a villain should reflect that particular evil, as well. After all, we're talking about a world that has effectively bowed to the villain's whims, in lieu of heroes available, and therefore has a visible stain on what would normally be a happy life. The size and shape of this proverbial stain truly depends on HOW successful you wish the baddies to be. Maybe Flim & Flam DID win with their Super-Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000... but all they did was take over the farm, kicking out the Apples and taking over? Then things might be a good bit bleaker around Ponyville - doubtless - but Canterlot might not be affected very much, and Yakyakistan not at all. Of course, if taking Sweet Apple Acres from the Apples was just the start of their soon-to-be-massive contraption empire? They would have based themselves from the farmland they acquired, then slowly began making profits & buying up land - perhaps even displacing ponies to take their homes! Eventually, even with Canterlot and the Princesses trying to present a nice front, bits would become the new law - anyone that doesn't have 'em, doesn't get 'em. Perhaps they DO as they were seen to have done in an alternate dimension, and have the farm razed to the ground, build factories, and turn Equestria into an oppressive, steampunk-type world full of greed. Ooooooh... *points to arm* goosebumps! The bottom line: a world conquered by a villain will tend to shape itself around that villain - and players will appreciate the differences as long as they make sense... except for Discord, because what fun is there in making sense? Third, define the opposition, and how it fits into the world. NOBODY likes the rule of a villain; there will always be resistance to any form of tyranny. That being said, the condition of such can be quite varied. Many villains worth their salt hunt down and destroy opposition, so most of them will be at least somewhat secretive... but the levels necessary should be dictated by the evil at hand (hoof). Rebels against Chryssi would have to be SUPER-secretive and THOROUGH in their methods of recruiting, else they become infiltrated by Changeling spies... or perhaps they already are, which is why they never seem able to succeed. However, if it was a faction standing against ol' Discy, it truly wouldn't matter WHAT the resistance does - he's too powerful to really be effective against, so everything they do would seem pointless. Remember that your players are supposed to make a difference in this world - it's okay if the opposing forces aren't effective, because that's supposed to be what your PLAYERS accomplish. Make them the reason the rebels start succeeding... because if they're succeeding on their own, then there wouldn't be a villain-ruled world, right? The other thing to consider is how the resistance is DEALT WITH; are they exiled, executed... or possibly far, FAR worse? These things should be not only considered, but planned for - at least minimally. This way, if the players seem to be having trouble defending themselves from this world, then you can always have the resistance help them out. With this kind of basis, you can now move on to working with your players to fit into the world you've ruined created for them. Unless you are doing the whole "you get teleported/phase shifted/magically blasted into this dark world" scenario, then one would assume they came from THIS world. That being the case, your players should try to write their characters to fit into this new and sinister existence. If Nightmare Moon were in charge, then there might be an angry farmer (no sunlight) who might stand against her... or perhaps an ex-royal guard (no Celestia) would take up arms against the threat. Maybe even a displaced Party Professional (no mirth) would join the fight, or even a griffon or diamond dog would have a chance at helping out, because they miss the sun too? Helping your players craft characters that fit into the world can help you define it better, as their input could possibly bring up ideas or possibilities that would make the impression of your world much firmer than OCs who simply transferred over from (insert your OC's homeland HERE). With the above in practice (and more that I'm sure you can come up with on your own), you can build and populate an entire world where things are bleak, ponies are depressed or enslaved, and the entire story feels as though it's about to teeter off the edge into oblivion... which is where the players come in to save the day. Hopefully. Who knows? There may be some day in your future that you find yourself part of a ragtag group of refugees, fighting to free Equestria from the vile grip of the wicked King Sombra... *wistful sigh* Now... go out there and twist those worlds like fresh pretzel dough! Excelsior!
  3. Don't get me wrong, 'Keep Calm and Flutter On' was a great episode, and it's great that discord's a good guy and all... Or is it? Discord was, undoubtedly, the best villain ever. Not just of the show, but of all of entertainment. A bit psychotic, completely random, and with no regard for anything but his own personal enjoyment made him one of the most entertaining and interesting villains ever. Plus his voice is just fantastic. He goes right next to Vaas Montenegro in terms of total badassness as an evil guy. And they made him a good guy. So what now? If they bring discord back, then they have a few options, none of which are as good as the original. 1. He comes back and helps them out with his magic. It would follow the line of the show, yes, but it would be no where near as fun as when he was evil. 2. He turns evil again. This would be entertaining, but horrible, because it would show that 'friendship,' the key thingy in the show, is not as important or effective as previously portrayed. 3.He completely disappears. That would be just lame. So what do you think? Has Hasbro ruined the best villain of all time, or could something be done to continue making him a stellar character without conflicting with the running themes in the show?
  4. Since My Hero: One's Justice has been out for about a month. I thought it would be cool to make a discussion for others, who may have the game, or those, who may be interested in said game. I like the cast of characters you get to play from the anime. Even certain dlc characters that are available are interesting to play as. Some characters seem to be overpowered in how they play, but they aren't unbeatable. While there is only one button for combos, I like how the game allows you to extend your combos throughout the fight. Whether it's canceling a button press or adding support sidekicks into the combo. It makes the fighting unique and interesting to make a combo seem stylish. I'm not really a fan of the online system. When playing ranked, you get paired with someone at random instead of finding someone to fight. There's only ranked and player matches. I felt there could have been more options to play online, but I guess it's better than having no game at all. Hopefully, if there's ever a sequel, the creators can fix up the online mode. I'm also surprised they didn't add a lot of music to the game. At most, I believe there is about 3 to 5 songs. I felt there would be different songs, while on a certain stage. However, I guess there may have not been enough time to make different songs for other stages. At any rate, I do like how we get to fight at certain places from the anime. What are your thoughts of the game. Have you enjoyed playing the game, so far? Hopefully, we can have a fun discussion and learn to play and have fun on the video game. I've hard from others that this game is somewhat similar to Pokken Tournament and the Naruto Storm series. Speaking of the game, who are your mains and/or what would your main be in the game. So far, my only main is Kyoka Jiro. I like her style of play and her way of fighting is pretty cool.
  5. Trixie was bad when she first appeared but does she turn good or is she a bad guy? I'm asking this because some people think she's good and some people think she's bad.
  6. Who was your favorite villain so far from the MLP:FiM Franchise? What makes them your favorite? Mine is Discord, because he has amazing power, yet he only uses it to amuse himself. Reality doesn't apply to him at all, he just does what he wants.
  7. It seems to me like evil earth ponies are a rare sight. We see a lot of non-ponies, alicorns, unicorns, and pegasi act as jerks and villains but this is EXTREMELY rare with earth ponies. In fact, earth ponies are the only aforementioned demographic to not have any major villains. Are earth ponies some kind of morally "pure" race or is there some racism on the writers' part? Your thoughts on this?
  8. If some Generation 1 villain could be used--which would be pretty cool--who would like to see. You may choose up to 3. For those of you unfamiliar with Generation 1's baddies: and My picks: Tirek Grogar The Smooze Whom would you like to see reimagined to kick ass and take names in Equestria?
  9. There are many villains in Equestria, from Nightmare Moon to what we have now. I want you to help them win and achieve their goal (whatever it might be). You will state a step or multiple steps these villains would or could take to win against their enemy. It could be as simple as (e.g. Twilight is never born) or as complex as (e.g. 52 steps for Twilight being defeated). Just have fun, be creative, and help those villains win! (Villians are those included, but not limited to the ones in the picture)
  10. How do you think the mane 6 would deal with later villains in the Earlier seasons. have it laid out like, *Villain: *season: *Motive changes (If there are no changes to their motives... make something up have fun): *The Mane six's personality then compared to when they first faced them: *Abilities of the mane six then compared to when they faced them (this really only applies in a select area(wink wink nudge nudge)): *Your opinion on how the show would have progressed from there: and remember have fun (as if that isn't the most over used line in history).
  11. Why would anyone want to be the villain? I ask this because I asked a question on Yahoo Answers about agreeing and disagreeing on no one wanting to be the villain, and most disagreed.
  12. So which villain do you think was closest to destroying Equestria? The villain that I think got closest to destroying Equestria is the Alternate Princess Celestia from the Reflections comic arc. In fact she almost destroyed 2 Equestria in the comics just by attacking Alternate Luna and accidently breaking the magic mirror prototype that Starswirl created in the process.
  13. Ever since Rainbow Rocks, I've been hoping for the Dazzlings to make another appearance. I mean, we saw some of the Crystal Prep students again in "Dance Magic" so its not like Hasbro's above recurring EQ character cameos. I thought they were pretty awesome villains and I'd love to see them again (maybe even reformed, that's kind of always been a thing with FiM). Plus I have a huge crush on Adagio (yes, I'm one of those weird people with a crush on fictional characters, but I don't think that's unusual for these parts). Heh.
  14. This is just a "Just for the heck of it" post. I'm pitting 5 MLP villains and 5 non-MLP villains against each other. Queen Chrysalis: Leader of the changelings. Antagonist of A Canterlot Wedding AND To Where and Back Again. Shapeshifter. Possess powerful magic Lord Tirek: Villain of Twilight's Kingdom based on his Rescue at Midnight Castle form. Also possess powerful magic, but can also drain anyone of their magic The Dazzlings: Adaigo Dazzle, Sonata Dusk and Aria Blaze. Their song can turn anyone against each other, and they drain their hate to power themselves up. Villains of Rainbow Rocks Starlight Glimmer: A Powerful Unicorn. Can take Cutie Marks away. Can also alter the fabric of time. Villain of The Cutie Map and the Cutie Remark Midnight Sparkle: An altered form of Earth's Twilight Sparkle. Can create portals. Came close to destroying her own planet. Final villain of Friendship Games Megatron: Basically, ether his G1, Devastation, Prime, War for Cybertron or Titans Return form. Leader of the Decepticons from the Transformers. A powerful Warrior and a brilliant tactician. His transformations include a Gun, a Tank and even a Jet. The Shredder: Sworn enemy of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Leader of the Foot Clan. One variation of him can transform into a powerful Tengu, capable of tearing his enemies apart. He can also become a Super Shredder when exposed to mutagen. Ommadon: The Red Wizard from Flight of Dragons. Utilizes a variety of dark magics, and has a dragon to call his own: Bryagh. Cruel, violent and sadistic, Ommadon will go through any means to achieve his goals Smaug the Dragon: A massive, powerful dragon from the Hobbit, who stole the gold of the dwarves and slayed anyone who dare opposed him. His armor is like Shields. His teeth like sword. Claws like spears. The shock of his tail a thunderbolt. His wings are like hurricanes. And his breath.......DEATH! Kylo Ren: Son of Han Solo and Leia Organa from Star Wars. Corrupted by the Dark Side. His use of the Force is beyond even Darth Vader. He's even capable of freezing a blaster bolt in its place. But he often has temper tantrums. So who would win in a 10 way fight? Choose away.
  15. What are your thoughts on the number of redemptions in the show? not just of villains, but of antagonists too ("minor" opposition type characters like garble, trixie or diamond dogs who don't threaten all of equestria but still act as a minor villain) Do you think there's too much redemption, not enough, ect? Do you think the amount of redemptions has increased from s1 as the shows gone on, stayed the same, ect.?
  16. Throughout the series, Many MLP villains have been reformed, even ones that we never imagined would reach that. However I'm under the impression that not everypony in Equestria is worth redeeming. Chances are that there are ponies out there so mean, nasty, despicable, etc. that all the friendship lessons would be just wasted on them. I imagine that ponies of that caliber would do such cruel acts on other ponies such as verbally and even physically abusing them. Is there a chance of there being any villains beyond the point of hope for reformation in MLP: FIM
  17. It's a shame they killed king Sombra. This dream is impossible now, but i kinda like the idea of all the season's villains united. Well, it's more a tribute for the season 7 villain. I wonder what or who will it be. I hope the new characters are interesting as well. Twitter! deviantArt!
  18. I just had the wildest idea. What if next season features a villain who was one of the mane six. I won't dare ask who but which do you see might be aomepony who could turn to the dark side of friendship... FIENDSHIP. What if she became corrupted and betrayed the others and began the queues to the start of season 7 or even 9 onto the season finale where they pull a Darth Vader and she turns good again. Because the show loves to do that. I say future season because there is still that business with Queen Chrysalis. I know the show would never try something in a kids'S show so think on it as a fanfic idea maybe an animated YouTube drama or comic dub.
  19. I've had this funny little idea for quite sometime. Suppose two of the most famous rogues galleries in the history of fiction were to cross paths. I'm talking about the Disney Villains and the Batman Villains. I thought "What would happen if by some coincidence, the various Disney Villains were to be committed to Arkham Asylum. Imagine the sort of interactions that those such as Hades, Jafar, Scar, Meleficant, Ursula, etc. would have with the likes of the Joker, Penguin, Two-Face, Riddler, etc. Which Disney Villians are crazy enough to be committed to Arkham? How would the interactions play out? Which Rogues gallery is better? How well do the Disney Villains compare to the Batman Villains?
  20. It came to me that MLP does not have a proper Pegasus villain. Main bad guys are usually non-pony creatures or unicorns. We also had a great alicorn villain and a bunch of really flawed earth ponies - Svengallop, Suri Polomare, Dr. Caballeron and his henchponies (all of them are earth ponies) and even Mane-iac. All "bad" pegasi we have are Lightning Dust and Wind Rider (I cannot call them proper villains), the three bullies from the flight camp (also not villains) and the Shadowbolts (not sure if they were ever real). So, do you think the pegasi cannot make badass villains? Or do we still have a chance to see one of those?
  21. Tell me your favorite Villain(s) from the show, mine is Queen Chrysalis! :3 (The comic books also count, so does evil versions of characters)
  22. Which is better? Anime villains or Disney villains?
  23. It occurred to me that each of the season premiere/finale villains (not counting "Princess Twilight Sparkle or "The Crystalling", which don't have active villains in the same way) can be defined more or less as an opponent to one of the Elements of Harmony: Nightmare Moon: Selfishness, opposing Generosity Discord: Divisiveness, opposing Loyalty Chrysalis: Deception, opposing Honesty Sombra: Cruelty, opposing Kindness Tirek: Powerlessness, opposing Magic Starlight Glimmer: Insincerity, opposing Laughter. Obviously, some of these are stretches (e.g. what are the opposites of magic and laughter?), but is there any validity to this view of the world? Could having to deal with each of the antagonists be connected to a different aspect of their friendship?
  24. So, here's a question: the 4 EQG movies have all had new villains or antagonists instead of using Human world versions of Equestrian villains (like chrysalis, sombra, discord, ect.) Do you like that they're making all new villains for the Equestria girls universe, or would you prefer them to use a human world version of one of FIM's villains for a movie?
  25. With the possible exception of Chrysalis (whose backstory we know nothing about from the show, comics notwithstanding), all the major villains were defeated originally by Celestia and Luna. No villains have been introduced that were defeated by Celestia alone during the thousand years that Luna was gone (except NMM herself, for obvious reasons). Is it possible that the major villains were somehow connected to Luna, or that Luna attracts dangerous magical threats?