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Found 14 results

  1. If you were a character from an anime of your choice, would you be a protagonist or antagonist? Why?
  2. If you were a character from an anime, would you be an antagonist or a protagonist? Why?
  3. Hey everyone here's an oc I've been working on a while. His name is Somnium. I've almost got a coherent story for him, but some critique would help a lot. Here's a basic summary of his story. Somnium was formed by the collective subconscious within the realm of dreams. Not knowing who he was or what is his purpose was, Somnium ventured through the realm of dreams until he stumbled into the dreams of a small boy. Out of curiosity, he interacted with the small boy and the two began to bond over a period of time. Somnium eventually learned that the young boy was sick and dying in a hospital. Somnium did not know what dying meant so he asked the boy. The boy then explain the concept of death to Somnium. The boy told Somnium that he did not to die. The boy told Somnium he wanted to live. It then became Somnium's purpose to put a stop to death, not just for the boy but for the whole world. The way he will do this, is that he will put the whole world into an endless dream. In this dream Somnium will have the ability to manipulate the passage of time between the dreamworld and reality. For example, if only a mere second passes within the real world, Somnium can manipulate that one single second to be the equivalent of an eternity within the dreamworld. This will allow anyone inside the dream to become virtually immortal. Before Somnium can do any of this however, he will first need to consume a large amount of magic. More specifically alicorn magic. But before he can do that he has to "borrow" Tirek's power to absorb magic. To do this, he will visit Tirek in a dream and trick him into handing over his power by offering an escape from his prison. Once he has successfully obtained tirek's power, Somnium will grow 2 odd purple things attached on golden poles on his back. He will use these as a means to absorb magic. as for personality goes, think of Chrona form soul eater but having a bigger backbone and minus being completely socially awkward. Basically, he's vary curious but submissive in his tone and mannerisms. Also, Somnium will lie... a lot to get to his goal. And his powers are the ability to: put people to sleep enter the dreams of others lock people people into their dreams alter the flow of time between the dreamworld and reality absorb magic So, again, any thoughts or critiques will hel me a lot.
  4. Who is your favourite non-pony character? These could be supporting characters, like stephen magnate, minor villians, like the manticore, questionable friends, like the griffins, enemies turned friends like Iron will, super villians like Tirek, or even zebras, like zecora! Personally.. my favourite is Iron will, but I just love me some beef Second fave would probably be Tirek.. cuz.. beef. drools..
  5. YAS. It's done. It's finally done. Didn't turn out quite how I wanted it but whatevz. I'm happy with it! Gonna look awesome in my room
  6. I want to work on my Villain voice so i was wondering if anyone wanted a unique Villain voice. I have posted some Vorbis OGG audio clips one of me talking and one as if i'm a villain in Fantasy RPG Evil2.oggvideo gaming being fought. this voice is not based on anyone in the show as i'm not good at impressions..... EVIL.ogg Evil2.ogg also for those who do not like my voice what do i need too improve
  7. I'm just including the big, main villains in the poll for now. Vote, and explain your reasoning in the comments below!
  8. So i was thinking and then realized that discords magic is much differnt then a unicorns. So how powerful is discords magic?
  9. Alright we all know the popular Mane Six Elimination and Background Pony Elimination so why not a Villain Elimination. For those who don't know here is how it goes: There are 5 villains I'm going to name and give them 10 points each. In each post you take one point from one and add one to another and you keep going til one remains then start over. Nightmare Moon 10 Discord 10 Queen Chrysalis 10 King Sombra 10 Tirek 10 Have fun!
  10. Hello again,! I have recently finished my second installment in a series that I plan to continue for a while. If you have not read Book One ( then I recommend reading that before jumping into Book Two ( Thanks for taking the time to read them, and let me know what you think!
  11. I saw this comment from that dragon poster in the thread about "things I never wanna see again." now i like a good idiot villain as well as the next guy, but can't we have a Moriarty type on the show? (the villain from Sherlock Holmes). Someone diabolic ingenues. Someone who wipes their ass with friend ship. Someone really good at magic. "But uncle no good " you whine. "this is alittle girls show and no such character has ever existed like that in equistria's history." as you bite your lip and give me the meanest pout you can muster. There is a smart, magic user, who literally wiped his ass with friend ship. And he wasn't even a bad guy. So yeah, it totally is that kinda show.
  12. I got the idea oddly enough when i was posting a video on u tube, and when i posted it here one of the jabs i got was "Christ it's like trying to listen to flutter shy." As i was speaking to quietly despite trying to sound diabolic. Now imagine a real villain on the show being to soft spoke and twilight kinda interupting "come again?" "oh sorry " *tries to speak up and the main six begin giggling* "sorry your still to low!" *Random bad guy sucks in a deep breath like he's about to scream and still mostly in audible) *rainbow dash.* "Can we keep him?" (or her, what ever would fit more). Maybe even have it be a black sheep from flutter shys family, with more evil tendentious but just as many cute ones. I Mean i hear all the time this isn't a show for normal villains, and it's a little girls show so why not roll with it.
  13. Should she have an archenemy? Like a constant roadblock in her quest for peace or otherwise life? Personally, I've always thought someone like King Sombra could be the perfect Anti. Big tough Evil King vs. The Small smart good princess. That kind of deal. Especially now that Trixie as her rival wouldn't make much sense. But as you know, he's dead. So in conclusion I just want to ask, should Twi have a villain? Is the series built for a reoccurring evil?
  14. Hello everypony; this is my first real topic post that delves into the mythos of this lovely fan community since I made my introductions some short number of days ago. Now, I've pondered what exactly I should start my first topic post about. Equine philosophy? The legitimacy of Princess Platinum's 'reign' with possible Alicorn influence? Why hasn't Princess Celestia tossed Blueblood out on his rump yet? And while I was contemplating these most logical and totally discussion worthy topics that you and I could debate on, it hit me... Not literally, though, but I assume you understand the epithet. King Sombra, whom I know for a fact most of you conceive of as the least developed villain in the whole of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic's run, and his reign of terror over the Crystal Kingdom. Or, more realistically, since we weren't given much to go on from him as a character other than his lovely character design, frighting affection for nightmarish mental illusions, and his apparent fondness for 'crystalss'. What I find most fascinating about him that most people seem to completely overlook. King Sombra, from what we can tell solely by his physical appearance, is a Unicorn. While the denizens of the Crystal Kingdom all seem to be exclusively Earth pony. From the Hearths Warming Day Eve play, we gather that before the three pony tribes united into one nation, that being Equestria, they were divided and scattered in their own nations/polis. Was the Crystal Kingdom considered part of the Earth pony collective? Or was it a city-state in its own right, since only one distinctive city seemed to have risen from the snow? More importantly, who exactly may have Sombra been before he possibly overthrew the Crystal Monarchy and seized the throne? And is his armor's similarity to the Alicorn Amulet, which dangerously increases a Unicorn's magical abilities while warping their mind, just a coincidence? That, my dear Bronies, is up to you to answer for yourselves. I hope this is an expectable enough first discussion post, I'm slightly nervous to see what you all think.