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Found 11 results

  1. Lindsey Stirling is flipping awesome. What's that, you don't believe me? Well... Take a listen.
  2. This is another oc drawing that I created recently. I really love my violin but I need to get back into it. If I got good enough would you guys be interested in me playing a few songs? Hope you like it!
  3. What gave you nightmares in courage the cowardly dog? Sorry guys, but king Ramses didn't really scare me, but one thing scared me sooooooo bad, I stopped watching the show for years. I was absolutely terrified of that blue fetus thing from the episode perfect. Fun fact: the blue thing could possibly be a manifestation of eustaces broken trumpet from earlier in the episode, but totally distorted by courages mind.
  4. Hello everyone, TheBronyHeart here! Welcome to The Piano and violin music thread, where you can post and talk about all things Piano, and Violin.(Especially when they are combined. <3 ) I feel that many of us can agree that no other instruments can come close to the emotions that can be conveyed through pianos and violins. I'll start by posting some of my favorites.
  5. Hey all, I uploaded my first piece a while back, I would appreciate any criticism or advice. I am also looking for someone who is willing to edit my music but I am going to post a separate topic on that in the "Creative Resources" section. I played both the violin and the guitar but my main instrument is the violin. I hope you enjoy it.
  6. I'm so sorry for the name. It's been an eternity since I made any brony music and now that I do video game music, it takes up all of my time. I made this while testing out some new plugins and slapped some Princess Luna on it.
  7. Key Gear, you have been a long friend of mine on this forum. It came as no surprise to me when you became a moderator, and again when you became a tech admin. Regardless of the fact that I was completely convinced you were overwhelmed, (and I'm pretty damn sure you were) you still did everything happily, and poured your heart and soul into what you did. (common phrase lately, but a worthy one.) Your post moved me and had a deep impact on me as a human being. When reading your post, a song continued to play through my head. This song is called "Serenade" and was written by Franz Schubert. The very next day after you made that post Key Gear, my orchestra class spent a large amount of time playing it and practicing it. The entire time, I was thinking about you and the emotional post you made. It fit well. Too well. Key Gear, if you're reading this (which you better be!) I found that song matched the tone of your post well. Although it's sad to see you resign, it does not mean anything bad. In fact it may even be a positive change. Thus, it is for this reason that I chose to play Franz Shubert's Serenade on my violin, and record myself playing it as a tribute to Key Gear. Note: Uncut other than the echo. No tuning or improvement was made after this to preserve the emotional motivation behind this. You have my undying respect as both a fellow staff member and especially as a close friend. ~Silver Marcato, a.k.a. Silver Arrow ~
  8. Finally cleaned my violin after a year in storage. Truthfully I've become rusty but since it's finally the summer vacation here, (most of you have been waiting for) I might as well get her back into shape. This time maybe I'll be trying to use her again with some songs I've wanted to cover for a long time now. What I feel bad about is that I've left her in such a sorry state after moving homes last year. I found the case covered in dust and was bummed when one of the straps in the back became torn. The instrument itself looked worse. Spent my afternoon giving her new life and the end result is the entry image you see right now. I hope this time around I'll get to keep her well maintained so long as I won't be distracted by other things.
  9. I have put the links to my music from newest to oldest Let me know what you think and leave some comments xD Some of them I was never truly happy with as I find there is always something that needs improving but if I did that they would never get uploaded xD so here ya go guys love or hate, give me some honest feedback Evil Has Risen Fallout Equestria (It's All Over) Alicorns Dreams (Was featured on EQD) Determination The March of Celestia's Army Zecora's Chant (Was Featured on EQD) Crystal Land (Chilled Version) Crystal Land (Twinkle Version) Vinyl <3 Wubs Flutter Madness Changeling Battle
  10. I have always wanted to witness Octavia playing in a Fan Musical, preferably in a duet. I was thinking about the newest episode of My Little Pony, and remembered this gal right here. I'm going to call her Appletavia. How awesome would it be to have Octavia and Appletavia play in a certain Fan Musical? SOMEPONY, ANYPONY. DO. THIS. NAO!!
  11. hello everybody i just finished after hours off hard work and computer problems i am finally able to upload this and i would like to now what u guy/girls think about it P.S i realized this but i uploaded the wrong version off the song this is the incomplete version sorry