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Found 15 results

  1. I was using Google for the replacement of the site's search. Then I came across a message saying the site hosted malware. I never had this message the other few times when I used Google as the alternative. So I opened up the details to find this:
  2. Yes I do and it keep saying warning your computer is under attack please call whatever phone number they said. Also things keep popping up on my computer saying you are banned from doing anything on this computer, and it wouldn't let me exit the screen or do anything on the computer. One time my sister was playing on the computer and the whole screen just went blue. What do you have to say about this?
  3. So, I'm creating a game. It's about the aftermath of WWIII in the near future. The Geneva Convention was violated and POW cruelty, as well as chemical and biological weapons were used. But Russia (I mean no offence to any Russians) genetically altered (insert disease) America isn't innocent either, they used mustard gas to kill off all of China. (Sorry China) Anyway Id like to know any diseases that could be a zombie virus. I'm thinking rabies.
  4. By GOLLY! It's another entry about computers, huh? Wow, I never realized my life consisted of so many bad computer stories. Hmf. Anyway, this is probably the most serious issue I've ever had before, so stay tuned, will ya? About a month ago, just after my copy of Watch_Dogs had become corrupted and after I tried to grease to disk, I realized that it was a lost cause. Yes, the car wax did work, but not entirely. All in all, it let me play about 30 minutes before the entire system shut down, and about 49% of installation on Xbox Hard Drive. Nonetheless, I managed to torrent a copy of Disk 2 (I've got all rights, don't I? I mean, I bought the game) and it required me to put it on a USB drive, or rather, stick. Now, I'm not the kind of person who has twenty USB drives floating about my room; I like to keep everything on one 200GB External Hard Drive. So what do you do when you've run into a problem? You ask the next person above you, in my case, that'd be my father. Simple as that, I ran downstairs and asked for a USB about or greater than 8GBs of space. He said he'd look. About four days later, he comes back with an old USB drive that had approx. 30GBs on it; I was grateful and didn't dare hesitate. I wanted to play W_Ds as soon as possible. I don't remember if I've ever said this before, but I have four computers. Three of them are Laptops, which one of my laptops died (rest in peace), and one of them is a large Dell Dimension from the year 2002. My main laptop has now become what I call, "Le' Brick" or "The Craptop" because it's date goes back to around the same time as my Dell. My third laptop is a Chromebook, but as I said before, I hate that thing. So I plug my USB into the Craptop and find it's got about twenty gigs of movies, which wasn't a problem. Nothing was, until I tried to unplug it. Y'see, for all the new kids on the block (I know there are a few), Windows XP required you to "Safely Remove Hardware" before unplugging it. You can still do it today, (Especially with Macs), but it's not necessary and hardly ever called for. My issue was that my Craptop could no longer remove hardware. Of course, I grew angry and just ripped it out anyway. Shame though, I lost one of my Blog Covers. . . This is when things started to escalate. That night, I plugged in my External, the grande' 200GB "Declassified" Government Property Mofo (with Sticker!), and I noticed the icon for the device was a standard folder icon rather than it's "storage bus" logo. Strange, huh? Well, I then came up with another stupid idea. In the middle of the night, I took my external downstairs and plugged it into the FAMILY COMPUTER to see what was going on. If you hadn't caught on to what happened, Autorun.Inf is a trojan that acts as a contagious virus like the flu. It's origins always come from USBs and, in fact, this is the very reason people tell you not to plug in USBs found on the streets. If you happen to plug in the device, it'll run the Autorun file and that will execute a second program that launches a seed into your Registry. From there, every time autorun is activated on "clean" drives, it'll leech onto that and so forth until the entire world is infected. Their effects are always varied. They can go from disabling hardware to permanently removing all internet access for that one computer. I stayed up to about 3AM figuring out how to get rid of the bug, and eventually, I discovered something that really helped. First off, Anti-Spyware Remover, the most malicious looking antivirus, is actually useful. It managed to pull off and detect (mostly detect) the trojan a mile away. Secondly, that Chromebook I give so much crap? Actually helped in this case. Turns out, because Chromebooks don't run ".exe" files, they are immune to the "disease", not to mention their default (and only) view setting is showing invisible files. Allowing you to access otherwise restricted drive folders for alteration. In the end, I took a kitchen knife and had a bit of fun chopping the drive to pieces. The movies were destroyed and all the computers and externals were disinfected thanks to the Chromebook. Norton 360, an antivirus on my family computer, was able to block all the drives' efforts to sabotage. I was never able to play Watch_Dogs. Lesson of today is a real one. No jokes here. Don't look down at the underdog. Someday, he'll be the one pulling you out of a pickle. Tomorrow I'll post a picture of my MLP Collection after a year of Bronyism. It's a special blog post. -RealityPublishing
  5. So, we all know what viruses are. I mean, we are all using computers so we should at least have an idea. They aren't a good experience at all. I recently had a virus get into my desktop PC. I know have to wipe my memory completely just to fix it. I know that it seems that it's a very easy fix, but I lost so much on it. I had written out sketches and rough sketchings of characters for my YouTube project, stories that weren't posted online, and my OC, which I have to make a new one. But this post isn't to complain. I want to hear your stories with viruses, or if you have sent one out, or whatever. As long as it has something to do with a virus, please tell me about it.
  6. Are you sure about that?
  7. If you are using Steam, and you get a message saying "WTF, Dude?" followed by a link, DO NOT CLICK THE LINK. It is a virus that will hack your steam and send the message to others. If you are already infected, here's a few tips. 1. Change your password and secret question. That seems to stop the virus pretty well, as, from what I can tell, it only affects Steam. 2. End the atieclxx.exe process through your task manager. 3. DO NOT RESTART YOUR COMPUTER UNTIL YOU HAVE RUN A VIRUS SCAN. 4. Make sure any affected people on your friends list know not to click the link. 6. Don't be a moron like me and open random links.
  8. When I opened this site, Avast Shields blocked incoming malware. After I enabled Adblock, I stopped getting the warnings. Here is the infection URL:
  9. I'm not too sure if this is where I should post this but I need somepony to know this. So I have multiple sites pinned on my Google Chrome browser, including Equestria Daily, Deviantart and SocialBlade and I don't think its a coincidence when all three of their logos (displayed on the pinned tabs) turned into blank pages and my security said something about blocking an attack. It only happened to these three sites, I proceeded to open them and my browser had, luckily, stopped loading the page as malware was found on them. What's even weirder was all three redirected me to the same blocked site. If anypony else has had this issue please say so because I really do not know what to do right now.
  10. Since about last night a virus has been spreading through hundreds of GMod servers and it appears to infect both the server and the player. It doesn't seems to be too serious (I think all it does is just spam a cough sound on the server), but I think the mere fact that this happened is worrisome enough. I mean, what if someone uses this same exploit to steal people's Steam wallets or passwords? Scary stuff
  11. So a certain toxin in bee venom can battle the HIV Virus, that can physically destroy it. It's interesting, it's going to be tested soon too.
  12. Imaging you are downloading some guy's MLP game when all of the sudden, a thousand Derpy's start getting in the way of your clicks! Or maybe Twilight pops out and keeps saying, "It looks like your watching ponies. Need any help with that?" Or perhaps every time you click your mouse, Rarity gives her approval or disapproval, completely at random. What would be a cool MLP virus to have? (non-malicious virus)
  13. Alright most people have probably heard of this but due to recent FBI reports a Maleware know as "DNS Changer" will be activating and destroying computers across america, Canada, Japan, Russia, EVERYWHERE! How to check if you are alright? Go to or to check to see if your IP is safe! (If you want to survive) Official MSNBC Article:http://www.technolog...eck-your-736963 Discuss...
  14. So, over this weekend I've had to deal with a virus called Smart HDD. Detailed info on the virus itself here: http://www.bleepingc...emove-smart-hdd What happened was, I was updating Firefox Nightly and this screen randomly pops up with a critical HDD failure warning. I thought "Hm. If my hard drive failed, then I wouldn't be able to access any of these files. This is probably a virus." Out of curiosity, I let it do its "scan" and it finally instructed me to buy their software. That's not suspicious or anything. The download link opened IE. Also not suspicious. MSE identified the virus, but when I restarted my computer after trying to isolate the virus, the program took over my computer almost completely. I couldn't boot into safe mode (it stopped after loading all of the system files) and Avast! couldn't find it when I ran it on my Ubuntu backup disk. I finally went down to Staples and bought a copy of Windows 7 and a 1 year McAfee subscription (would've gone with NOD32, but I'm too lazy to get it online). Even the guys at the tech center were surprised by what happened. I finally finished setting up a clean Win7 install and I'm good to go now. So tell me about your worst virus or computer issues.