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Found 7 results

  1. Hello! Ive been wanting to make a visual novel for awhile now. I'm familiar with Visual novelty and Tyrano Builder, I can also make most if not all of the art assets myself. The main issue Ive had over the years is I cannot make a coherent story for the life of me, and while royalty free music is decent, something original will always be better. In order to actually finish this project if there isn't too many takers: If you're interested in writing, please try and focus on only one character that has appeared in the show. For the overall theme of the project, something like a dating sim or a light on the features visual novel (think hatoful boyfriend) As for music, its hard to say what will be needed and how much will be needed until things get started. We'll be starting this whole thing from scratch, so any creative input is appreciated if you're contributing. If you're interested you can contact me on here or through discord at Maximum#0976 Any questions can be directed below, thank you!
  2. DDLC is an American-made "anime" dating sim (where anon guy tries to romance cartoon girls), but it's also one of the better ones I've played. The writing is really funny and clever, somewhat MLP-like. In fact, even though there's only four girls, they remind me alot of the Mane Six. The game drags at first, but it gets pretty story heavy later on. Also, there are major spoilers floating around online so it's best to play it flying blind to get the full effect. Even if you're not into anime or dating sims, it's still pretty funny, downright hysterical at times. Also, if you're worried about inappropriate content, it's pretty PG-13. No sex/nudity, etc. You can actually download it for free but I'm not gonna post the link here cause reasons. Minor spoilers below:
  3. This is a new version of my old (2013) "escape the room" game. New version only includes minor improvements and a new engine (kek) You may need to install VC++ 2010 redist, which is included in the download. Get it here: Luna awakens in a strangely familiar throne room. Only doors are closed and there is nothing outside windows. Will she be able to escape? Use left mouse thingy to click on things and right mouse thingy to open inventory. Historical info here:
  4. Visual novels. I don't tend to see much mention of them around here (as far as I'm aware), but I know there's others out there who like them and all. So, I wanted to make a thread about 'em, and a quick search didn't bring up anything, sooo here we are. If there really is another thread just like this, then I humbly beg your pardon! Do you play/read visual novels? Which ones have you played/read? Your favourites? Any you're looking forward to? Etc. EDIT: If you don't know what a visual novel is, just check out the Wikipedia page. That should hopefully give you an idea of what they are. :3
  5. Honestly not sure if there was already a topic for this or not, but hey, just in case here we go. Basically, this: A new visual novel based off of MLP, with inspiration from Katawa Shoujo (I think) you can watch the video up there of course, and you can look here,, for their FaQ and other such updates and things on the production of Starswirl Academy. Personally, this is the first, and probably only, visual novel I've ever anticipated, much less had any sort of interest in playing to be honest. What are your thoughts? Are you looking forward to this coming out, and seeing what kinds of shenanigans and stories ensue? I for one, am. Oh, and in case you didn't watch the whole video, or read this first, guess who the Protagonist is... I'll tell you anyway, just because: the Protagonist whom you control, is none other than... Tom the Rock. Only, he's a human now, not a rock. But yeah, so... you control Tom. Again though, I am actually looking forward to this coming out. Should be pretty fun.
  6. Lightning Fluttershy

    Little Busters!

    For the last few months, I've been engrossed in reading the visual novel known as Little Busters! made my the company Key. There are different routes to take simply by making choices throughout the game. These routes all circle around the girls Rin, Komari, Haruka, Kurugaya, Kud, and Mio. Depending on what choices you make, you can get the route of one of those listed. There are an extra three routes in the Ecstasy version of the game, but only after you've completed the final route known as Refrain. Refrain,,, Refrain is what makes this work of art so amazing.This route, the final route, is perhaps the most powerful thing I've ever read as far as jerking the old heartstrings. Rin, who is the main heroine of the story, has her route divided into two parts, Rin1 and Rin2. Refrain is a direct continuation of Rin2. Rin2 can only be completed after completing all the other routes, which include Haruka, Komari, Kud, Kurugaya, Mio, and Rin1. Trust me, if you decide to play it, Refrain is well worth the 40+ hours of your time going through each route. Jun Maeda, Key's main man as far as story writing and music composing gos, truly shows off his talent in Refrain. I'm not going to give any spoilers in this blog, but I am going to deeply encourage anyone who reads this to play Little Busters! EX. It's around 100 bucks if you have the money or you can download a free torrent of the game. Little Busters! is without a doubt my favourite work out there of everything I've ever read or watched, it's pure art. The writing, music, and art all are beautiful. Refrain is perhaps the most emotional thing I've ever encountered in the short 16 years I've been alive. I couldn't help but cry when reading Refrain and even some parts of the other common routes. I DEEPLY recommend Little Busters! EX to anyone looking for amazing music, amazing art, or simply a tear-jerking story. I just finished Refrain a few days ago, and am still feeling the effects of it. Every time I see the face of one of the characters from the game it makes me want to cry. Not to mention, finishing Refrain unlocks all sorts of extras if you replay the common routes as well as the three new routes unlocked by completing Refrain. Download links below if you do want to play the game, I highly recommend giving it a shot. The common routes themselves are beautiful in their own right but don't compare to the final route, Refrain. The common routes are all important however as they foreshadow the events of Refrain. Order --> Free download (requires torrent downloading software) --> English patch -->
  7. So basically, I was doing a bit of thought about EqG lately and I was wondering... What if we made an Equestria Girls visual novel? The idea I have for a story is a bit generic at the moment: Male protagonist goes to same school as the Mane 6, meets each of them, ends up falling in love with one of them depending on the choices made in game. Now, I haven't seen Equestria Girls but I'm intending for the VN to be set after the movie. The final ideas for the VN may change depending on whether or not I decide to keep it at least a little bit canon-compliant. Since I haven't seen the movie, I'm assuming Twilight went back to the ponyverse at or after the end, but from what I've heard it's implied that she has a human-world counterpart. It may have to be this counterpart that we feature in the VN. As for Flash Sentry... I'm really not sure if he should be in it or not. I think if he was it'd make it a little more canon-friendly but in any case, it's up for debate. So, what do you guys think? Should we do this or is it a bad idea that should be destroyed before it breeds?