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Found 3 results

  1. Ok, so this may seem a little nerdy-I mean eggheadish, but I personally love the vocab that is used on MLP. The first time I noticed was when I was watching "A Bird in the Hoof" and Princess Celestia commented on the pheonix cycle as being melodramatic. I was a little taken aback that a word like melodramatic would be used. Later I was listening to the Flim-Flam brother's song and I saw that someone in the comments mentioned how they use the word nonpareil. That was even more amazing to me because I actually had to look it up. It's a strange day when your outsmarted by a cartoon show. So now I'm on the hunt for the best words used in the show, and I wondered what other people have found.
  2. Are there any unusual or uncommon words that you've adopted into your everyday verbal vocabulary? I just realized that I use a few really weird words on the regular that nobody else really really says a lot. For example, one word I say all the time is "frivolous." I barely hear anyone else say that IRL; I have no idea where I picked it up... Yet I hear myself using it almost daily. I also say the word "arbitrary" way more than the average person. No idea where that came from either. Do you have any words like that?
  3. Spotted this on Tumblr the other day, and being an English geek, I had to know. The test estimates how many words you know, based on a sampling of words for which you know at least one definition. I scored 29,000 words, though a friend of mine scored nearly 40,000, so I didn't have a big head for long. If some of the words you see during the test pique your curiosity, copy and paste them elsewhere before you finish so you can look them up later. The test doesn't explain the ones you missed afterwards, or anything.