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Found 19 results

  1. Hey everyone! I'm really new to forums so I'm not sure if covers can go here. Any help would be appreciated! I decided to go a vocal cover of Metal Core Pony's We Are Bronies. He was one of the few artists who truly inspired me to contribute music to fandom as well as become a fan of metalcore music. This vocal cover is pretty much a tribute. Enjoy!
  2. This cover was to test how low I could go in the chorus harmonizing - with more of a choral or acapella approach in the chorus with a simple instrumental in the background. All the bass you hear in the song is done by unedited vocals, apart from EQing and amplifying. If you listen closely at the end, I hit a B1 in the background, which is the lowest note I've ever hit (around 4:16). Yay! Again, none of the vocals are edited apart from being made louder. Thank You!
  3. Vocal Cover of Sound of Silence by Simon & Garfunkel.............Enjoy......I hope
  4. In the kissing forum post some pirates started posting the lyrics to this song.........So I thought I'd do a cover of it..............Enjoy
  5. Another Vocal Cover rendition of Hallelujah with Combined lyrics from Leonard Cohen & Jeff Buckley.......Enjoy or don't, actual feedback welcome, Negative/Positive Comments Welcome.
  6. These were made by me over the course of several years and I will continue to update this post as more work continues to be released. I made many of these for a Kingdom Hearts campaign I was running in the Dark Heresy system from Fantasy Flight Games. And Kingdom Hearts 2 campaign running in Black Crusade system. Now I am going to be running the third installment called Kingdom Hearts 3 using the Mutants and Masterminds 3rd edition system. Figure I would post my music here, many of them were made when I started writing music in February 2011 right around the death of my Great Grandmother, as she was teaching me to play the piano even as her mental state deteriorated. I have come a long way in 2 years as far as I can hear. Critique is always welcome! The files here are arranged according to the date of which I last modified them. Note: Check back often, this post is being modified constantly. 2011 2012 2013
  7. I came across a track from Blue Lightning, and he was looking for a vocal cover to his piece. So I did a vocal cover. And yes, I got his permission to do this, so how did I do?
  8. I first heard Feather's cover on Celestia Radio a few weeks ago and was like, "OMG, this is amazing!!!" I've been wanting to do my own cover of it ever since, and now... well... here it is! (I'm very much interested in hearing thoughts and suggestions on how and what to do better!
  9. Hey guys! I made an account just to put this out here because I have no brony friends and I really want to get some feedback from brony's (bronies?) on this song I've been working on for the past few days. It's a cover of The Gypsy Bard from Friendship is Witchcraft done in a pretty different way than SherclopPones does it. The lyrics are more or less the same, but the music and vocals are all me. Ever since I heard this song its been bouncing around in my head and I always thought it needed a mellower version out there, I couldn't find one on YouTube so I decided screw it, I need a new project anyway. This is my first pony song and my first serious attempt at recording and arranging tracks (normally I don't bother, I just write em down and play em live for whoever wants to listen) So here goes, I hope you like it Thanks!
  10. I don't know if there's a place here for vocal covers? (If not, could somepony point me to where vocal covers should go?) I'm mostly just a singer, so I rather need to team-up with other artists to do songs. The instrumental for this was done by Mysterious Brony (from YouTube)... and who encourages others to use his backing tracks! (And I think he did a simply wonderful job with it!
  11. So basically I'm wondering if it's possible to take a sample of fluttershy's singing voice and digitally create her entire vocal range that I can just play around with samples on my midi keyboard. The song I'm trying to cover is Hear Me Out by Imogen Heap/Frou Frou. Any ideas on how it's possible, third party software perhaps? I suppose the first thing I need to do is get a mono recording of the song that I can take the original vocals out of. Also here's the song:
  12. Alright, I just wrapped up tracking for my next metal cover: "Babs Seed". Unfortunately, Pitcher doesn't like the odd background sounds still present in the a capella track, making harmonies using Pitcher impossible. So I need a female vocalist to do those backing harmonies. Here's a link to an instrumental someone ripped. Any vocal part that's actually audible in that is backing vocal work. However, I only need a few parts from it: 1. The "Babs Seed, Babs Seed" part in the chorus 2. The entire bridge 3. The last chorus All sung exactly like the track I linked, of course. Each section I need is marked with a timed comment on Soundcloud to make it easy. Send me a WAV or high-quality MP3 with these parts sung correctly and you'll have a chance to end up on the cover. Credit will be given where credit is due; I'll contact your for details on how you want to be credited if you get the part. All of my tracks have ended up on EqD to date, two out of three of them spotlighted, and with the way this new cover turned out, I don't expect it to be any different. That, of course, could mean some pretty good exposure for you. Let's hear what you got, pegasisters!
  13. http-~~-// MP3 http://www.mediafire...ifplw5cc0fh9cuy I love this game. Mixing my own voice in this song is.. kinda hard, but well, I hope you like it OTL Credits 『BLACK WOLVES SAGA』(ブラック ウルヴス サーガ) by Rejet OPテーマ「Dear Despair」 歌:ラス・ヴォガード(CV:梶裕貴)/作詞:岩崎大介/作曲・編曲:光田康典
  14. When GLaDOS couldn't talk in english correctly (?). I need to re-record this, but later... I need to memorize the phonetics in some places OTL My english is a LIE ...well, nope, my ENGRISH is a lie...xDDDDDD Anyway, I hope you like it.
  15. MP3 if someone want it: Instrumental - by me (is a bit faster than the original song) xD Anime: Elfen lied Yep, bg picture of queen chrysalis xD. I love the song and the I hope you like it, I did my best in this cover
  16. I made this only for fun. And sorry for my weird pronunciation, but well I hope you like it (and also sorry for the quality, with more -like 720p- yt are a troll with me sometimes). I need to memorize the lyric of "this day aria", I want to sing it too...
  17. http-~~-// his is my attempting the song so far, I need to fix some things, and finish it...For once I need more content on my page, I have over 400 subs, but I feel like I don't even deserve them, because I'm hardly good enough for those kind of numbers! Q_Q Let me know what you think, or what you would like added? The Instrumental is not mine, I couldn't make that! I did EQ it differently a tad though, to bring out it's bass, because it's high Hz were fuzzing in too much, and not enough Thump in the lower Hz Fixed! Finished, and uploaded version!
  18. Hey guys! I enjoy singing and tend to do vocal covers of my favorite songs from MLP. There's a lot more I have to do, but here are two of them! The Flim Flam Brothers' Song: http-~~-// Art of the Dress: http-~~-// (Daniel Ingram actually tweeted to me about how I sang this one well.. I kind of died a little. ;A;) If there's any songs you want to hear me sing or anything, feel free to let me know!! I love doing MLP vocal covers. Other songs I've done are Giggle at the Ghosty, So Many Wonders, and You've Gotta Share
  19. So I heard this really cool male version of This Day Aria and had to sing it. Check it out below