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Found 35 results



    YouTube URL: Cover Image: "Friendship" is the song that its concept is based on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Note that some of the parts are re-arranged from the My Little Pony one. Hope you guys love this :)
  2. Hey everybody! long time no post. I wanted to show off this collab with PegasYs (with vocals by Heather Feathersong)! Get rid of the January Blues below:
  3. Hi guys. My old thread of this is kinda out dated and burried and just full of my poor grade videos and song covers that have been hidden or what etc. I dont like them LOL! So here is a more updated and "modern" version of that old thread. Trying to keep it exciting. So some of you know I sing. I do mostly song covers, including MLP songs. Usually I do these with my partner Denz (super talented guitarist and music wiz), but I do also do collabs with some of my music friends around too. I just want to share with you some of my best and newest stuff! Only one here is an original song - collab with Four Strings. Now I am open to singing for original songs and I am also working on my very first song, with help from Denz, as I have the voice, but not really much in the way of knowing how to write a song! So hopefully I can share that with you guys soon! In fact this weekend, I am on stage as backing singer for Tennyson's Twin (UK acoustic, folk) for 2 gigs and I hope we will have some videos to show you afterwards. I am the official backing singer. So because of this I am a little swamped (as well as UK ponycon) so if anyone wants to collab with me or has a request, please let me know. I am likely to be able to do these from November (after ukponycon). In the works: - Midnight In Me (with Denz) - Try Everything ( with Regdeh) - What can I do for You (with Steely Hooves) - Own original song (with Denz)
  4. This is a song that was sitting in my back pocket for a while. I only posted recently because I got together with a buddy of mine and we collaborated to make this song awesome, if I do say so myself . It starts slow, but eventually transitions to a driving bluegrass feel. There is a free download in the description on youtube if you are interested!
  5. Hi. If you want a male vocalist in your next piece of music PM me. I have been singing since the age of 3 and have perfect pitch. I enjoy all types of genre's. I can rap (some) and have been recognized for several vocal awards in the past. If you would like a sample of a recording to listen please PM me, or, leave a reply down below letting me know you are interested. I'm not looking for any payment or royalty, I just want to get my voice heard in the community. Thanks, - S P.S - I have a Blu Yeti microphone w/ pop filter and amazing sound quality so don't worry about that. Edit - Also, if you are another aspiring artist and are struggling with anything musical, let me know in a PM or something. I have a fairly empty schedule when I'm not live streaming on Twitch [insert shameful plug here] and can take time out of my lazy life to help anyone. Don't be shy, hit me up, I don't bite!
  6. Presenting the most heartfelt electro-accordian song ever. If for some strange reason you want a download, head over to ponyfm to get it(
  7. Here is a Christian vocal song I wrote and recorded. Free download on Youtube page. I actually composed the song over a year ago, but I have just gotten around to recording it.
  8. Fun little cover of Auld Lang Syne. Happy New Year Everypony!
  9. I do covers on YouTube I really want to try acapella but I kinda fail every time and I was wondering if there were some ways that could help me do an acapella. If anyone knows a way they could help it'd be much appreciated.
  10. This cover was to test how low I could go in the chorus harmonizing - with more of a choral or acapella approach in the chorus with a simple instrumental in the background. All the bass you hear in the song is done by unedited vocals, apart from EQing and amplifying. If you listen closely at the end, I hit a B1 in the background, which is the lowest note I've ever hit (around 4:16). Yay! Again, none of the vocals are edited apart from being made louder. Thank You!
  11. Hey guys! I made a cover of 4everfreebrony's song Chant of Immortality. Comment below with what you think
  12. Just wanted to share a real quick thing I did right before I left for BronyCon. I honestly did it to experiment and fool around, but I ended up uploading it after the Con (I haven't done anything vocal wise since Febuary anyways) and it happened to get featured on EQU Daily and what not... Forgive me Celestia, for I have Derped.
  13. I already technically uploaded this on a thread, but I wanted to try it here on my blog and see which one people prefer. (Thread here ) So, I won't ramble on again (yay) so straight to the point, read the thread if you want to see some of my ramblings, otherwise here ya go! This is one of two recordings I uploaded, I'm unsure which is my favorite, so try one, or both, and tell me what you think!(Warning, to much exposure to Zygen's singing may lead to unidentified side effects, listener discretion is advised.) Enjoy! Atleast I hope you do And feel free to tell me what you think! I know I need a lot of practice, so don't feel bad to let me know!
  14. Hey y'all! So i figured i needed to post something to my blog, and i felt like the best idea was to post some recording of me singing Terribly "Smile smile smile" i did while i was home alone for a little. I sung like a dozen times, but eventually settled on two different recordings, i couldn't pick between the two, because both have problems in different places, so i just decided i'd post both. So, without further ado, i shall give you some of my terrible recordings! This one was actually my first recording i did, so i wasn't as warmed up, however it also meant my voice wasn't as tired, so it got better as it goes on mostly. Still has a few mistakes, and quiet in the beginning, but yeah. This one was like one of my later recordings, so i was more warmed up, however i also had my voice tired a little more, and i get tongue tied a few times, but overall its a little more confident and smoother, for the most part. I couldn't pick which, so i decided to post both, because like i said, both have flaws in different places, and fixed flaws in other places, so i just picked both. So if you want, tell me which you liked better, or which you listened to before you had to run away to save your eardrums hope you enjoy! I have another idea i'm thinking of starting on this blog, so i'll see what happens with it. Stay tuned for more! (This has been a look into the mind of a Zygen! (Or as mel would say, "The voice of zygen") Zygen is not responsible for any damage caused in the reading of this blog, if you experience any issues please consult a doctor immediately.) Batteries not included. Edit: by the request of swick I put the cover up onto Fileize for him, and for others who can't view Sound cloud correctly. Fileize Smile cover 1 Fileize smile cover 2 Again enjoy!
  15. Hey y'all! I just started this blog! And I decided to kick it off with a little something, and since I did some cover stuff for a little bit while I was home alone earlier, I got a few tries at "Pinkie's Lament" and while I didn't get a cover I felt was satisfactory enough for my main blog, I got some ok ones. This one is one of the covers(It says cover 4, but that's the file name, I had some issues with that, so I'm not actually sure I remember how many times I tried this, 4 might be around there. I only have like 2 decent recordings, maybe a third if I decide to upload it.) Anyways, this is "Pinkie's Lament" I think this is overall the best of the two, although I may upload the other one for comparison sometime. This one I feel does better overall though. Of course, there is still plenty of mistakes, maybe some I'm not even aware of as someone who is still very much learning to sing, but regardless I imagine you knew that considering the title of this blog ;p. Here it is! One thing I should note, is that I make a bunch of mistakes towards the end, with forgetting the lyrics, and I get off key in the last little section for a bit, for some reason I couldn't remember the notes on that part or something. I was doing this along to the instrumental, so I didn't have Pinkie to go off of anyways. But I felt this was the better way to go about it, even if I actually haven't done a lot of attempts at covers without having the actual singer, and just listening to the instrumental, so I apologize if I miss a few notes.(or more ;p.) I also messed up on another lyric earlier, for some reason I messed that lyric up every time, I don't know why. Probably should've memorized the lyrics better, but I didn't have the time really. I think that about does it for what I can remember as far as obvious mistakes. Other than that, hope you enjoy somewhat, I know I am not the best singer, and still need lots of practice, but I hope you enjoy regardless! Oh and again, as i've said before, critique is more than welcome! Just as long as it's constructive of course! Don't degrade my confidence to much or anything, I don't have a lot of it, infact I have a bit of stage fright when it comes to singing, which is why I only really sing when I'm home alone. Oh and this was recorded using audacity, with a blue snowball microphone, and other than that, I didn't do any editing of the vocal recording, besides gain adjustment and noise removal in audacity, I didn't do any pitch correction or anything(Not to my knowledge anyways, unless audacity does that automatically or something.) So this is basically the raw thing more or less. So again enjoy! And I hope this blog ends up being a good idea! If so I will have to try and get some more stuff on here. A good day to all of you!
  16. Okay, I have a problem. I can add vocals to songs but everyone keeps telling me to "auto tune" them. I have no idea how to do that and when I try, it sounds even shittier. Can anypony help me out?! Bump. Anypony care to help? Vocals/Vocal Chopping is something that is hardly ever explained in detail...
  17. Hey y'all! Have some pony blues music for your listening pleasure:
  18. Hello again! I've composed and wrote a new song about Cadence, Sombra, and Shining Armor. I feel like this part of canon is underappreciated. After all, I personally think Cadence is the best singer of the princesses. Golden Age (feat. Haylizbeth): Instrumental: Source: Carbon Maestro - Golden Age (feat. Haylizbeth)
  19. Hey all! Here's my Wednesday song post! Wish That I Were More Thanks for listening!
  20. This is a song I wrote a little while ago but finally got around to making a decent recording. Thanks for checking it out!
  21. In honor of tomorrow's episode, "Somepony to Watch Over Me".... (Yes, there are a couple places at the end where I sang louder than the system could handle, ("clipping" to the audio-tech-savvy crowd,) but I figured, "What the hey, it's a live recording and it's just for fun." ) ~Dream ___________ "Someone to Watch Over Me" © 1926 George and Ira Gershwin Parody sung by Amadhia (#Dreamsong)
  22. Hi Everypony! Yesterday night I wrote some Luna themed Lyrics, and a bass tune for it, but as I'm not confident with my voice and singing I would like to make this into a collaboration with somepony brave enough to step forth! If more than one wild applicants appear out of (the so often mentioned) tall grass, then maybe there will be more different versions~ The Lyrics: So, that's it. I'm welcoming every and any kind of comments and critiques you have. As you can see the lyrics depict Luna, when she was trapped in/on the Moon. At some points it may seem like a crazy poem with no (or few) rhymes by some disturbed, sick pony, but let's just think how schizophrenik our beloved princess could have been when she was combined with her Nightmare Moon persona... I also attached a quickly made version of the tune I planned to use with this. But as it's just an idea yet, it's not a must use. luna.mp3
  23. Hey every pony! I'm Josh, and am brand new to the brony social world (you could say that I'm just coming out of the MLP closet!) I love to write and record music so I though of doing that in pony form. My first song is called Luna's Dreams. It's about how Luna felt during her thousand years in the moon. My second is about when Derpy and The Doctor finally go their separate ways. Here's Ditzy's Heartbreak. I'd love to have some pony produce my music if any pony is interested. I welcome feedback, critiques, compliments, and gifts .
  24. For some reason, for about the past month or so... I've been feeling... "Homesick"... ...for Equestria.... O.o I can't really explain it... but that doesn't make the feelings any less real. So, when I heard "Isle of Inisfree," a Celtic song about a displaced soul longing for their home... I knew just had to rewrite it to match how I was feeling. If you've ever felt this too... I hope this song makes the longing a little easier knowing that there are others who feel it as well.... My Equestria I've met some folks who say that I'm a dreamer, And I've no doubt there's truth in what they say, But sure a body's bound to be a dreamer, When all the things she loves are far away. And precious things are dreams unto an exile. They bring her home to a land so magical And in her heart she's once again pony, In her dear lovely home, Equestria. When this world's moon rises beyond the rooftops, Of this great city, with wonders near and far, I scarcely feel the bright lights or the turmoil... I'm home again in my Equestria. I wander o'er green hills through dreamy valleys, And find a peace no other land would know. I hear the birds make music fit for angels, And watch the rivers laughing as they flow. And back to Ponyville my hooves they take me, My dear old home and tenderly behold, Ponies I love around the village, gathered. And I relive their friendships young and old. But dreams don't last Though friends are not forgotten And soon I'm back to harsh reality. But even if they paved the roads with gold here, I still would choose my dear Equestria. ----- (from "Isle of Inisfree" – by Richard Farrelly, ©1950) Vocals & Equestria lyrics by Dreamsong Flute and instrumentation by Dreamsong
  25. So this morning I woke up thinking to myself. "I'm in the mood to do some singing..." Then I thought "What if I did some vocal covers of brony/pony songs for a change?" I quickly decided I wanted to do a vocal cover of my favorite brony song, Discord, by EuroBeat Brony. (No, not the living tombstone one, the original.) So, I spent all morning (and a portion of the afternoon) recording, practicing and mastering (sort of) this little thing I whipped up as my first vocal cover in history. Yes, it's bad in comparison to the original. Yes, I am an ambitious tenor singer, and this was difficult. Yes, there's some parts that don't sound that great... But I'm dead tired. And this is a live and learn experience really. If I do another vocal cover I'll probably take a little more time. Either way I had fun making it and I like the results. I hope you'll like it too, even though it's not very good. x)