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Found 27 results

  1. Comic Books: Superman, Batman, Captain Britain, Union Jack,The Punisher, Deadpool, The Flash, Spawn, Spider man, Hulk, Judge Dredd, Rorschach, X-23, DC Super Hero girls' Harley Quinn, Psylock Animes: Chi (Chi’s Sweet Home/New Address), Akame (Akame ga Kill), Chelsea (Akame Ga Kill), Suzuha Amane (Steins gate), Black Rock Shooter, Saitama (One Punch man), Karen Araragi, Ouka Yuuouji, Kyouko Krigiri (Danganronpa), Karuta Roromiya (Inu x Boku SS), Tatsumaki (One Punch Man), Genos (One Punch Man), Arthur Kirkland/England/Britain (Hetalia) Cartoons: Ty Lee, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Groundskeeper Willy My Little Pony/Equestria Girls (Include fandom OCs): Derpy, Sunset Shimmer, Lemon Zest, Snowdrop, Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, Maud Pie, Vinyl Scartch, Minuette, Lyra, Bon Bon, Octivia, Princess Luna, Princess Celestria, Stralight Glimour, Sonata Dusk, Aria Blaze, Starlight (Purple pig-tail hair girl), Littlepip, Blackjack, Britainna (BUCK, UK bronycon mascot), The Claron Call Video games: Spyro the dragon, Sparx the dragonfly, Obera Dia Vanille, Cammy White, Solid Snake, Cole McGrath, Marie Rose (Dead or Alive series), Honona (Dead or Alive series), Lara Croft Movie: BB8, Thunder (the House of Magic), Minons TV: Daleks, Cyberman, The Doctor Story: Sherlock Homles Other: Hatsune Miku, Rin Kagamine, Kaai Yuki, Kasane Teto
  2. Let me preface this by saying this is non-pony related (sorry!) I am looking for an artist for my UTAU project (Project Duo) You will get credited and if (however unlikely) a Song Producer wants to use the voicebanks / art for commercial reasons you will get a cut of the Royalities. (This logo is a placeholder until I design one) About Project Duo: Project Duo is a project to try and create a Studio Quality UTAU voicebank of one male and female character with only one Voice Provider (e.g Rin and Len). The goal of this project is to make 2 UTAUloids that are comparable to a V1-V2 era vocaloid in quality. Project Duo Characters: Aiko Melody (愛子メロディー) Type: Duopoid Age: 16 Model: D1 Gender: Female Birth Date: 04/05/2015 (Day of designing) Weight: 47.6 KG Release Date: -------- Voice Range: --------- Voice Provider: Care Taker Character Item: Mug of tea Likes: Singing and Studying Dislikes: Not having a mug of tea nearby Related Characters: Sora Melody Visual Description: Hair: Long, straight, dirt blonde hair with a blue highlighted fringe Eyes: Dark blue Colour Scheme: Blue and yellow Top: A light blue summer dress Socks: Yellow knee high socks Headphones: Black, metallic circular headphones with a yellow band Nationality: British Sora Melody (空メロディー) Type: Duopoid Age: 16 Model: D2 Gender: Male Birth Date: 04/05/2015 (Day of designing) Weight: 50.9 KG Release Date: -------- Voice Range: --------- Voice Provider: Care Taker Character Item: Playstation Controller Likes: Games and Sleeping Dislikes: Studying and practicing Related Characters: Aiko Melody Visual Description: Hair: Short, Messy, Dirt Blonde with blue highlighted fringe Eyes: Light blue Colour Scheme: Blue and Yellow Top: A dark blue polo shirt with light blue buttons Shorts: Yellow shorts Headphones: Black, metallic circular headphones with a blue band Nationality: British [Copied from WIP website]
  3. Well I'm a huge fan of the Project Diva series, and I own F and F2nd on my PSVita, I had recently purchased a PS4, and just tonight I splurged a bit and spent $100 on Project Diva Arcade Future Sound! A bit difficult to get use to the controls but man is 60fps *really* nice. So I suppose to anyone reading this who is also a fan of the series, I'd love to know your favorite Cryptonloid, favorite module, and favorite song from the series! Personally my favorite Cryptonloid is Rin and Miku, My favorite Module is Ultimate Miku And my favorite song to play is Sadistic Music Factory and Pinky Swear!
  4. ♪~Just curious to see if there are any other Vocaloid fans here! ~♪ Guess to hit off a couple questions: What is your favorite Vocaloid? What is your favorite song done by a Vocaloid? Mine would personally be a tie between Miku and V Flower And favorite song as of right now would be Sadistic.Music∞Factory
  5. Welcome everyone to the unveiling of The Vocaloid Channel! Your number 1 source for Vocaloid Tunes here on the Poniverse! We have a playlist that spans over 130 hours, which means a wide variety of tunes for you to chill, dance and sip a mug of tea to! We have a custom CSS theme for the channel which presents you with an experiance which you won't see on many other channels! *cough* Which means the player is on the Right hand side lel We are currently recuiting Admins! PM me if you have a passion for Vocaloid and want to help manage the channel. And we may do themed nights where we may stray away from Vocaloid content, this isn't set in stone but if you have suggestions let me know!
  6. I didn't see a thread like this so...yeah. Like the title says, what's your favorite vocaloid? Mine personally is Kagamine Len and Rin. EDIT: And here is my favorite Kagamine Rin song ): Also, let me know your favorite song by that vocaloid is! If your favorite vocaloid is not listed in the poll above, let me know and I'll be sure to add it!
  7. Hi every pony! I was wondering how many other bronies know what a vocaloid is. Every pony is welcome to discuss them here. Well even if you don't know what a vocaloid is, join us and learn. Lets start with what type of vocaliods you like. The producer, their singing style, what vocaloid you use to make songs. Feel free to talk about what ever on the topic. UTAUloids are welcome, too.
  8. title says it all. post a link if you can don't leave any hate onthis thread, music is subjective to everyone, you're not expected to like what others like
  9. A picture of Miku I created. Trying out a new art style and I quite like it! I'm open to any feedback you have Check out my DeviantArt and Tumblr from the links on my profile!
  10. Any somewhat decent female vocalists wanna do some english covers of vocaloid songs with me? I play the guitar, and for a while now I've wanted to some english covers of vocaloid songs, but I don't know any female singers, anyone interested in maybe partnering up? I wouldn't care whose youtube channel it ended up getting uploaded on, hell if it's allowed by youtube, you can even have the ad revenue. Just curious to see if anyone would actually be interested, age doesn't matter, gender kinda does, vocal range doesn't matter, I really just want someone to jam to some vocaloid music with.
  11. Here's finally another video after a two month hiatus (which was honestly just procrastination on my part) I actually finished this three months ago but never uploaded it. Anyway, I've been playing around with MMD and other effects for the past two months and I've started (but never finished) several MMD videos, like for EDEN, Soleil, Romeo and Cinderella, Senbonzakura, Last Night Good Night, Suki Yuki Maji Magic, Odds & Ends, Lamb, ECHO, Ai Kotoba, Freely Tomorrow, and two meme-ish videos. So expect those in the very near future, hopefully!
  12. Hello everypony ! Do guys like vocaloid ? Because I was inspired by them to write this . As many of us vocaloid fans know they once sang a series of songs titled the 7 deadly sins series having a title having to do with the sin it's main character embodies and the sin vessel they have . We also know that the vessels were moved around the world frequently . Well this happens hundreds of years after those stories took place. like most pony related problems and problems in general the source is Discord who decides to leave equestria and go on a vacation to earth specifically Japan . He here's a legend that there are artifacts that hold the sins in them . Discord knows they're scattered around the world so he finds them and spreads them farther ! Now they're littered throughout the multiverse . Now 7 individuals from different places will find the vessels and try to get them all why? Because if they do they'll be the most powerful life firms ever ! I haven't chosen characters yet so I'll need 7 of them one to represent each sin . They can either from MLP or elsewhere . I have a couple of things I'm working oo I may not get to this for a little while .
  13. temmie

    [MMD] 1, 2 Fanclub

    Since I'm currently obsessed with this song, I made an MMD of it! I'm also trying out a new video editor, VSDC, to be exact. I don't like how it lags while trying to preview a video (and after it's been exported :/) and I noticed that at some points the video very briefly went pixelated. I may reupload this using WMM if this bothers me enough. On a good note, this is in 60fps! If you use chrome, go to settings and change the quality to 720p. Credits in the description of the video. Enjoy! This time I used fourteen effects!
  14. Yay for lazy posing. At least the facial expression looks pretty cool. For those of you who have no idea who this is, this is Juon Kiku, a yandere fanloid based off of Hatsune Miku. The text in the pic says "Juon Kiku" in Katakana (?) I just wanted to post this here so y'all could see it better since my avatar is too small to really see everything. About the name of the image, I kept trying to re-size this image to make my profile picture bigger, but then I realized that in order to have bigger avatars, I need to donate. So I kept renaming this picture things like "GAAAAAA.jpg" Now, for credits and stuff. Normally I put this in my video descriptions but this isn't a video so... Tda Juon Kiku edit by VenusSempai on Deviantart I found this random texture and used it as a background. I don't know what the texture is from though, but it looks pretty damn cool. Effects used: Diffusion ver. 7 likelooks SelfOverlay Soft Bleach Bypass LikeHDR SSAO SvSSAO Autoluminous ver. 4 GreenerShader ver. 1.13 Excellent Shadow ver. 2 Pose by me. I can't pose bodies for shit so have a close up of her head.
  15. temmie

    I did a thing

    So I did a thing in MS Paint Credit to DiamondSword11 for the Aria picture, I just made her clothes look like IA's because puns
  16. I've been having a lot of trouble lately attempting to purchase VOCALOID4 from the official VOCALOID store. I tried to buy it from the Japanese VOCALOID store (as the English VOCALOID store does not have V4 and it may be months before it does) and it keeps giving me errors. First it said the card I was using is unusable, then it said the store was too busy. I was hoping to buy it from the official VOCALOID store as it not only has a downloadable version, but it also has a discounted version you can purchase if you have VOCALOID3 (which I do have). Also, when I bought V3 from the English VOCALOID store it didn't have nearly this much frustration! I'd rather not purchase it from Amazon or Ebay since it will cost more and I don't know when I will receive it. If anyone could help me with this I'd greatly appreciate it!
  17. I used UTAU for the first time and I would like to know what you guys think of it! no opinions on this? okay then
  18. but then again honey works is great and you guys sould listen to them HoneyWorks_feat_flower-Inokori_Sensei.mp3
  19. VOCALOID4, the newest engine to the VOCALOID franchise, was leaked in October and confirmed in November! CONFIRMED UPDATES: -VY1 "Mizki" (with "Natural", "Power", and "Soft" appends) (Released) -Yuzuki Yukari (with "Whisper", "Power", and "Natural" append) (Released) -Megurine Luka (with "Soft" and "Hard" JPN voice colors which include Power, Whisper, Cute, Soft, Husky, and Falsetto as well as "Straight" and "Soft" ENG VBs) (Released) -Kagamine Rin and Len (with an ENG VB and new "Power" JPN append) -Kaai Yuki -Hiyama Kiyoteru -SF-A2 Miki -Nekomura Iroha -Hatsune Miku ENG -Hatsune Miku JPN -Gakupo "Gackpoid" -Flower NEW VOCALS: -Ruby -CYBER DIVA (Released) FEATURES: -Growl: A handy tool for the rock genre in particular, Vocaloids can now growl -Cross Synthesis: Switch between appends with ease -Pitch Bending: See the pitch bends and edit them without the PIT parameter -Pitch Snap: Add a robotic sound with sharp pitch bends -Compatibility with both VOCALOID3 and VOCALOID2 vocals OTHER INFORMATION: -VOCALOID3 voicebanks cannot use growl, but can use cross-synthesis -VOCALOID2 voicebanks can use neither growl or cross-synthesis -Megurine Luka, Kagamine Rin and Len, Hatsune Miku's English update, and Ruby, were all planned for VOCALOID3 until Yamaha's announcement for VOCALOID4 -Cross Synthesis is meant to be used only for one character for one language, but recent news has shown that it is possible to "mash-up" two vocals, but it is illegal -VOCALOID2 voicebanks cannot be imported into VOCALOID4 unless they have already been imported to VOCALOID3 -If you have VOCALOID3 editor before June 2015, you can get a huge discount on VOCALOID4 WHAT IS VOCALOID? (note: I always refer to the separate voicebanks as Vocaloid and the editor itself as VOCALOID) VOCALOID is a vocal synthesizer. You input notes and lyrics, and the Vocaloid of your choice sings. There are Vocaloids for several languages, including English, Japanese, Spanish, Korean and Chinese. IMAGES: -Yuzuki Yukari (Left is Power(Lin) append; right is Whisper(Onn) append) (Released, a trial is available now) -Megurine Luka (Released) -Possible concept art for Ruby by Natasha Allegri (CLARIFICATION: This is NOT Ruby's official design) -Cyber Diva (Released) (Trial available to VOCALOID Net users) -Nekomura Iroha -SF-A2 Miki -Kaai Yuki -Hiyama Kiyoteru -VY1 "Mizki" (Release Date: 12/17/14) (Released) (Trial available to VOCALOID Net users) -Gakupo (Gackpoid) (Release Date: 4/30/15) -Flower DEMOS, TESTS, AND SAMPLES: -Yuzuki Yukari (Released) -Megurine Luka (Released) -Ruby (CLARIFICATION: These are technically samples, not full demos. The YouTube link was created in V3.) -Cyber Diva (Released) -VY1V4 (Released) (EDIT: This song is actually plagiarized and I'm not sure if this account is still up or not because of the Planty incident) -Gakupo "Gackpoid" -Hatsune Miku TEASERS: This is what the V4 engine will look like: Here's a video from the official VOCALOID channel: Here's another commercial-esque teaser from the VOCALOID channel: OTHER NEWS: EDIT: Rana V4 may be confirmed, but we don't know yet. According to the official Twitter, we'll know more in December. EDIT: December happened and we still don't know if Rana V4 is happening. I kind of doubt it. EDIT: Vocaloid 4 editor and VY1V4 are currently up for preorder at 10,800 yen each (roughly 91 US dollars). You can order them here EDIT: These snippets are for EVEC, not V4, but they do show us what Luka's power append may sound like in V4 EDIT: V4 is officially out! Kyaami has already gotten her hands on it and made an amazing cover with VY1V4! I'm not putting this in the demos since this came out after VY1V4's release. EDIT: After some failed attempts to purchase V4 today, I e-mailed Yamaha about when V4 was coming to the English Vocaloid store, and they said they weren't sure of how they would ship it overseas. EDIT: AH Software is thinking about adding new languages to their Vocaloid's update, such as English and some others. It's not definite, but this would be exciting to see! However, they want to find seperate voice providers who are native speakers of each language who can imitate the Vocaloid for best quality. EDIT: There's a new Vocaloid by Yamaha named Cyber Diva who was announced today! IMO, I like her voice, design, and name...but her voice isn't very original and it doesn't match her design. She'll be released in the English Vocaloid Store with V4 in the first quarter of this year! EDIT: So Cyva's being released in Japan first. I thought this was an American vocal but okay. EDIT: Luka got a new demo today! She sounds so amazing, save for the over pronounced R's, but that could just be Circus-P's tuning since it's his VSQx (even though he didn't tune it directly) and he likes to put emphasis on consonants. Her tone is very nice, though I wished they'd have fixed some of the problems from her V2, but they didn't. Also, her release date is apparently in March now :/ EDIT: 1st Place has announced a CEVIO (not VOCALOID) voicebank called ONE (pronounced oh-neh, like how IA is pronounced ee-ah). ONE can't sing, she can only talk. It's a little off-topic, but since 1st Place is best known for IA, a VOCALOID, and CEVIO is another voice synth, I figured I'd put this here. EDIT: ONE can sing EDIT: VOCALOID4, VOCALOID4 for Cubase, Cyber Diva, and VY1V4 are all on Amazon now. EDIT: For anyone wondering why I erased GUMI and Gakupo from the list of updating vocals, it's because Internet Co. actually hasn't said anything about V4 yet and at the time I just assumed they were being updated, but now I don't know as there hasn't been any news from Internet Co. yet. Sorry for the inconvenience, that was my bad. EDIT: Luka V4x's trial is out now and is not being received well by the community. So far, she's been shown to be choppy, glitchy, hard to work with, and has audio distortions on high notes. Crypton decided to try something new and use EVEC instead of appends (I was wondering why Luka had like thirteen appends). EVEC voice colors have little or no change from the original voicebank and EVEC is a pain to use. AlexVox, the creator of POCALOID, refuses to make a pirated version of her. Kyaami, who is praised as a godly tuner of VOCALOIDS, noted her choppiness and that V Flower was smoother than her no matter what VSQ was used. On a more positive note, her tone is very nice and the subtle changes with EVEC make her more expressive. Still, the bad outweighs the good here, especially considering this is meant to be an update. If you would like to use her trial, go here: You will need at least 10 gigabytes of space and either the VOCALOID4 editor and/or Piapro Studio. Her trial comes with a trial of Piapro Studio. EDIT: Yuzuki Yukari V4's trial is out! Unlike Luka, fans seem to love Yukari's V4 so far (including myself but it could be my Yukari bias talking). Her Onn is a very nice whisper bank, though Yukari was kind of whispery before and her Lin is better at high notes than Jun and is a decent power append, but highlights Yukari's nasally voice. You can get her trial here: You need VOCALOID4 to use this trial. AH Soft tried to get Yamaha to make a trial of V4 like they did for the previous generations, but no dice. EDIT: VOCALOID4, VY1V4, and Cyber Diva are all available on the English VOCALOID store now. The discount for having V3 is still in place. Users seem to be having trouble getting Cyber Diva but have no problems with with VY1V4 or the editor itself. EDIT: Somebody just re-posted all of Ruby's samples. Keep in mind that these are very old and the Problem test is the most recent. Oh yeah, and the guy who uploaded this is a prick, just wanted to let you know. EDIT: Crypton's going to fix up EVEC. EDIT: New Luka V4x English demo (well, kind of new, since there was already a Luka update demo with this song before but that was when she was still planned for V3) My headphones died so I can't hear it now, but people seem to like it but Crypton added in too much growl and, like other Crypton JP->ENG banks, she sounds like she has cotton in her mouth, but less cotton than Miku or MEIKO. EDIT: Internet Co. is "planning an update" for GUMI and Gakupo. It's not a confirmation though, so until Internet Co. shows demos or boxart, I'll keep them off the list. (If GUMI V4 happens I'll just need IA V4 for my life to be complete) EDIT: So VOCALOID Net users get to use trials of VOCALOID4, VY1V4, and Cyber Diva. Hell. Yes. EDIT: Zero-G is planning to make two new Vocaloids, one female, one male for VOCALOID4. They aren't saying anything else, though. EDIT: Both Luka V4x and Yuzuki Yukari V4 are out now! EDIT: Looks like Gakupo V4 is happening! No word on GUMI or the other Internet-loids. Same appends as V3, but with growl. Same design also (Why are none of the male updates getting changes to their designs??) Some samples are here: EDIT: The release date for Gakupo V4 is April 30. Still nothing about GUMI or the others. EDIT: Big edit of the layout. I wanted it to look less cluttered. I added clarifications next to Ruby's possible concept art and test since many people on YouTube get confused or misinformed and I didn't want that to happen to you guys so yeah! EDIT: It looks like Miku V4 is happening! TBH, I wasn't in the least bit surprised. You think Crypton would ignore their cash cow? The odd thing is that apparently it's just Hatsune Miku V4 instead of V4x like for Luka's update and the upcoming Rin and Len updates. I'm assuming the "x" somehow represents EVEC, so maybe Miku will just have her appends instead of EVEC? Or maybe it's just a typo. We'll have to wait to find out. EDIT: FLOWER IS GETTING A V4! She will be coming out this Summer. Her design makes her look very androgynous, just like her voice, which I like. Hopefully her update will keep her tone but improve her quality. EDIT: CYBER DIVA is VY3. NO WONDER SHE SOUNDS LIKE AN ENGLISH VY1. EDIT: Miku is getting EVEC. Apparently, they aren't re-recording anything (except maybe growl), but they are attempting to make her sound more like her V2, except in V4. They're fixing phonemes and adding more consonants so yay? EDIT: Another design for Iroha. Maybe this is an append? The tweet this is from just says "The new Iroha" EDIT: Peperon-P just uploaded a demo for Gakupo V4. He...actually sounds really good. Usually I don't like Gakupo all that much but I really liked this. EDIT: New Ruby sample! Oh my gosh she sounds so clear and emotional I want her now... I'll continue to edit this post as more news is announced. I'm going to attempt to keep rumors out and only add what's been confirmed by the companies themselves. I'll also add my two-cents but I'll avoid being overbearing or rude about it. If you have any questions, feel free to ask! TL;DR: VOCALOID 4 IS COMING OUT AND IT SHALL BE GLORIOUS
  20. Hey all you Bronies out there! The title here is quite self explanatory so feel free to reply! My best friend was always going on and on about this weird Japanese group called Vocaloid and i usually just ignored her till she went back to, well, normal. One day we were hanging out in my basement when she started on one of her rants about them again. I finally just decided to ask her what the heck Vocaloid even was. She started freaking out and showed me her personal fav. This was a live concert on YouTube of Hatsune Miku singing "The World Is Mine". Im telling you now, i absolutely HATED IT. She couldn't understand why i hated it so much so she showed me "I Refuse" and "Pantsunagerumon" and now i love Vocaloid! Both me and my best friend have started to learn the language and its so much fun! I've had a blast with this group and their music and I just wanted to see if anyone out there liked them too!
  21. Is there anyone on here that loves anime or Vocaloid? I especially love Lucky Star! Konata is my favourite character from the show.
  22. some repetitions in the lyrics (in the subs) are missing, sorry... Song by WoodenToaster Animation by BronyDanceParty Vsq by Sango312 Big Al cover (mix, edit, etc) by me
  23. I hope you like it MP3 http://www.mediafire...16nfj3rjc161del Music by Woodentoaster and H8_seed : Typography Animation by Malathrom Vsq by sango312 Edits/Mix by me Oh god I really love this song and MLP xD.
  24. Last weekend before I teturned I was at a local convention named "Hal-Con" and it was primarily a Sci-fi/Fantasy convention. However there were soooooooo many great cosplays, that I decided that I had to cosplay too. So this is me cosplaying as Hatsune Miku, there was only one other Miku at the convention, but my costume beat her's in the contest, and I had a total of 119 people take my photo in the course of 1 hour and 30 minutes. As it was my first cosplay, I was so nervous, but with my success at it; I felt that I'll post them here for you guys & gals to see! I sadly have only been able to find a few images, but enjoy and tell me what you think! The more I find from fb and from the friend I made, the more I'll post!