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Found 18 results

  1. I've kinda come to a halt in what to do next for new song covers, so I thought I'd put myself up here and see where this goes. I LOVE singing, but lack the skills to write songs or play instruments anymore (le sad), but so far I've done a lot of cover songs and collab covers with others, not many original songs really. Technically I am now the official backing vocalist for Tennyson's Twin, who just launched their EP, so theres a little to my music resume XP I also just got a new mic to play with and am learning a bit more about vocal editing. Most of the stuff on my Youtube and Soundcloud is edited by me, but theres a few where others have done so. I have a voice that can suit most genres or ponies if you like. Rainbow Dash and Rarity being the preferred ones. I have yet to do Applejack. Most people have said I'm suited to rock and punk, but like I said, I can do anything. One thing I would LOVE to hear is myself put into a more dance mix or remix. Here's a few popular/best ones I've got done so far Please feel free to message me if interested. I'm usually always up for doing new songs. My channels:
  2. This is my first PMV! I grabbed a bunch of Rainbow Dash vocals and mixed it together with Casin from glue70. I think it turned out pretty good. But let me know what you guys think.
  3. I like to sing. Simple as that Xp My soundcloud is where I put songs until I get cover art for YouTube use or where I post previews and WIPs (works in progress) so theres a lot more on there. Here's a few of my faves that I've done. Non pony one: Ive just put up a post elsewhere, but Im looking for someone to do me a music track of the new Battle of The Bands song form Rainbow Rocks. lemme know if youre interested.
  4. Heyo! I recently got back into rapping after a year of hiatus, and I'm excited to get back into rapping. I'm also really excited to collab with the many fantastic artists/musicians in this fandom. Here's some of the songs that I've done: If you wanna collab, or ask me questions, feel free to PM me
  5. Okay, I'll try not to judge. It's just that there are so many horrible.... augh... no..... tolerate! Love! Okay! Here's my take on good female singers. 5. Basia Bulat 4. Tori Amos 3. Buffy Ste. Marie 2. Joni Mitchell 1. Ann Wilson Here is Ann Wilson singing Stairway for Led Zeppelin with her sister Nancy and making them cry from sheer awesomeness. WARNING: You may cry as well. I did. Nobody does Led Zeppelin like Heart, except maybe Led Zeppelin... on a good night Have some more! I love those girls so much, I just can't even...
  6. Lyrics: He looks at me like I'm not worth a damn, thinks to himself I should be another man. Well sorry son, that's not the way it goes; they've fastened these fetters from my head down to my toes. And time molds the clay irreversibly, an effigy was unveiled of the face of me. I love you no matter what they say. If you're buried in darkness you'll find the light of day. So come closer my dear, for I see no other way. For everything that's been done, I guess you might say: It's irreversible.
  7. There are alot of vocalists in rock, who have phenomenal and unique voices. But who in your opinion is the best? I go for 2 here. One for a classic artist and one for a more recent one, who is still active. One is Freddy Mercury, from the Band Queen: The other one, is Serj Tankian, from the Band System of a Down: Who are your favorite voices?
  8. I want to remix some of the songs from the show but I don't know where to get vocal stems or show audio with vocal only content.
  9. I really want to remix the equestria girls cafeteria song, but I don't have any vocals! Does anypony know how to get vocals for pony-related songs I want to remix?
  10. Hey guys, I'm posting on MLPForums again (woo)! This time, I'm in need of a vocalist. Extensive lyrical experience is not necessary, as I had written some base for lyrics. Male or female vocalists are both what I'm looking for. If interested, please : Post a link to a work you've finished, as well as what you did on that music project! Comment below with a short summary of who you are as an artist and person! The track can be heard below : (Note : please click "listen on soundcloud" because it's a private link and will never ever embed.) Thanks guys! Otty~
  11. I was wondering if any of yall have a good way to extract the dialogue or vocals from the show without picking up the background music or sound effects. I currently have a method that kind-of works using audacity, but it lowers the quality slightly and still picks up part of the background music. Ideally, I would like to use short sound clips in my brony music like some other brony artists do.
  12. So i did a little project with a friend and well we want to add art to this thing i won't be stingy about it just looking for someone to do the art it won't be paid we don't got the money to pay if someone wanted payment just a pat on the back and a thanks form us sadly here is the link please consider my asking this is not a demand just asking if no one wants to that is alright with me as well.
  13. Another Vocal Cover from Me, The Professor. I'm still on my folk music kick. This time it's a cover of "Hallelujah"-By Leonard Cohen it's terrible, but fun to do.
  14. Hey guys. I'm wondering if anyone here knows how to extract vocals from a song where the vocals are double tracked and in a similar register to the lead like this. I've tried everything I can think of, but I can't seem to get the vocals isolated. Any help would be much appreciated.
  15. (Jezz I really need to learn to make decent titles ;p.) Ahem, so, I did this a couple weeks ago now I believe(i forget exactly how long, but it was the same day I did the "Bats" cover if I remember.) and I finally decided to upload it here, since I had it lying around. Since this was done on the same day as the "Bats" cover I didn't spend as much time with it as I probably could have, and thus I honestly think it isn't that impressive, and I could have done better, but it wasn't necessarily terrible, so I figured I'd upload it, because afterall, this is a blog just for my cover attempts, both good and bad really. If you've known me long enough here, you'll actually know that I've done a cover of "Celestia's Ballad" before, and it's on my other Blog somewheres, and on my Soundcloud I believe, but I decided to do another cover, because it's been over a year since that cover, and I'd like to think I'm a much better vocalist then I was then. Plus my mic quality issues are less abundant, and overall things are much cleaner for multiple reasons. Like I said, not the best I probably could've done, I got a bit lazy on some of the ennuciations, and I still think the last note is kinda dirty, and there are other things scattered around, but it was atleast in my opinion an improvement over the last time I covered this, which is good enough atleast. Who knows, maybe i'll re-re-cover this sometime, and do it better, I could realistically re-do any of the covers i've done multiple times considering that this is a blog for cover attempts realistically ;p. Anyways, I'll let you guys listen and analyze and critique, and finish with my rambling. The recording was done the same as always, in Audacity, using my Blue Snowball mic(which I still think is a bit disappointing as a mic.) and I only edited it by removing the noise. (Well as much as I could without messing things up to much.) So hopefully you all enjoy! Oh, and after you listen to that, or before if you dare, you can listen to the first time I did this over a year ago, the instrumental isn't in this, and there's a bunch of noise because I didn't know how to audacity back then, but if you'd like to listen for comparative or referential purposes, or just to make fun of me or something, feel free! Have a great day you guys!
  16. Hey guys, here's a new Luna song that I've made featuring Haylizbeth. Enjoy "In The Night" by Carbon Maestro And here's the version/download:
  17. Guys look, I made another awful cover of me singing. You should listen, it might not cause internal ear damage. Let's go cheap advertising woot!
  18. Hey guys, haven't updated this blog in a while! But I assure you I've got something interesting! I've begun work on a new album called "One Thousand Years Ago" based on the many events that happened 1000 years before the Mane Six. This album will be a symphonic metal genre and will include vocals by yours truly. The best part, I have a preview you all! This is the first song in the album, and so far I've put a lot of work into it. Unfortunately I'm lacking my HQ microphone, and an actual electric guitarist. Don't worry though, things will improve before the release. ;D Lyrics: Gods of day, Gods of night! These are the words trav'ling through the Mouths of all, far and wide, "Could they be the spoken ones?" Rumors tell of them, Glorious majesty un- Told among the heav'ns and earth, "Have they arrived to free?"