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Found 123 results

  1. Ok, I looked this up and didn't see anyone else make this thread, so I decided to make it. Here is is my question. Which of the voice actors of the Mane 6 are your favorite. Vote above and if you want to, say something below. Here is a picture of them. Tara Strong-Twilight Sparkle Ashleigh Ball- Applejack, Rainbow Dash Andrea Libman- Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie Tabitha St. Germain- Rarity My favorite would be Andrea Libman
  2. So Friendship is Magic is ending after next season, but that doesn't mean we have to let the story end! DHX is no longer going to be producing pony after Season 9, but who's to say we can't? I know there are plenty of Flash Animators, Storyboard Artists, Music Editors, ponies who can do nearly identical impressions to characters from the show, ect., and if we all came together to collaborate, we as a fandom could keep making our own episodes of pony, well beyond the end of it's TV life. We can save the story from ending, we can keep the Equestria we know and love to continue progressing! How can you help? If you can do an awesome imitation of a pony from the show, if you know how to animate in Flash, if you can storyboard, if you can create backgrounds, if you can edit and/or create background music, ect., we can use all the help we can get! This is no easy task, and every helping hoof well help! So make sure to spread the news of this! What if I don't have any of these skills? Don't fret! You can still help! Just spread the word about the project to anypony who might be able to help! I would like to note, that this will be all voluntary work, I want to keep this project as far away from financial gain as I can. For most of the crew, just send me in a sample of what you can do. These episodes will be made in the style of FiM itself, so keep that in mind when creating your samples. It's a little bit more specific for voice actors/actresses. You MUST have a clear mic with no white noise, and you MUST provide a voice sample of the character you are auditioning for. No foul and/or inappropriate language in the voice samples! Voice samples are accepted in MP3, WAV, OGG, and FLAC file formats. ALSO, don't be discouraged if somepony else has said they could do a voice. This is not a first come-first serve basis. I will review any voice samples I get, and choose which ones I feel are the best, and even if you don't get a mane role, you still might be cast as a background/extra voice. If you're looking for a microphone, the Blue Microphones - Yeti, or the Yeti Nano, should be two good microphone options. The voices I will need for the pilot episode are: For canon characters: Applejack Applebloom Big Mac Granny Smith Fluttershy Berry Punch (non-alcoholic interpretation) Scootaloo Twilight Sparkle For the original characters: File Clip: A nice, upper class stallion Earth Pony who lives in an apartment in Manehatten. Not much of an accent, a pretty average adult male voice, not too deep, not too light. Marble Hoof: File Clip's nice Earth Pony wife. Not much of an accent either, a smooth average female voice of a mare in her mid-late 20s to 30s. Pearl Necklace: File Clip and Marble Hoof's, (very) bratty daughter, who doesn't like the idea of being in the student exchange program. A squeaky teenage voice, who talks in a bratty tone most of the time. Re-occurring characters I will need voices for if the pilot is approved (initial occurrence most likely within the first five episodes). Twilight Sparkle Rainbow Dash Fluttershy Pinkie Pie Applejack Rarity Spike Starlight Glimmer Trixie Luamoon Maud Pie Applebloom Sweetie Belle Scootaloo Diamond Tiara Silver Spoon Berry Punch Zecora Derpy "Ditzy" Hooves Princess Celestia Princess Luna (pretty sure Celly and Luna will be re-occurring) There will certainly be other ponies' voices I'll need eventually, and I can always use background/extra voices, so even if you don't match anypony on the list, feel free to audition as a background/extra voice if you wish! All proper position volunteering and voice sample auditions should be e-mailed to this address: (you can also ask in the thread, but you must have an e-mail regardless if you asked in the thread or not.) There is also a Casting Call Club page if you prefer to audition via that. If you have any questions, feel free to post them in this thread. Thank You for taking the time to read this! -SP64
  3. Hi there, I'm looking for some people that could help me with a couple of projects. One of them is for some short audio stories and the other is for a short pony sfm style animation, two of the short animations will be the same but with different text. The animation will be very short and will have basic details. You will be given 100% credit for the animation. I'd like it if I can please have two oc characters for it too. Here are the characters I'll need for the audio stories: . Narrator (male or female) . Spike . Rumble . Flash Sentry . Timber Spruce . The Princesses (Celestia, Luna and Cadance.) . Sunset Shimmer . Twilight Sparkle . Starlight Glimmer . Sunburst . Scootaloo You will be given 100% credit for the voices too when the final product gets released. Please sound close to the characters as much as possible and avoid having a accent that'd be hard to understand (no offense to anyone that'd have that.) I would like the roles (besides the narrator) to have some singing entries too. If you'd like to audition for these characters please send me a pm and I'll lend you my email so that you can contact me. You must have a microphone and use it to record without having some disturbance in the background and please avoid fidgeting with the mic. I'd like to have some age changes for the characters so have some ability to sound either like a young child, old teen or slightly older then a young adult (without pitching the voices too much.) You should be able to accept what goes into the final product. I would like different accents for a couple of specific male characters too. Goodluck!
  4. ALL ROLES FOR EPISODE 1 HAVE BEEN FILLED. THIS CASTING CALL IS NOW CLOSED. What This Project Is. Doctor Whooves: Living Legacy is a planned 12-episode crossover radio drama / audio play between Doctor Who and My Little Pony: Friendship is magic. What sets this version of Doctor Whooves apart from others is the fact that the Doctor in this story is not, in fact, the same doctor as from Doctor Who. He is instead someone who met The Doctor as a foal, and through an unfortunate string of events, winds up absorbing several of the Doctor's traits and memories. These include a longer life span and regeneration. He then becomes the Doctor's living legacy in this other universe. The story will follow the second incarnation of The Legacy Doctor, as he is called, as he works to figure out who he is, and whether or not he truly wants to be the Doctor of the MLP universe. Alongside him are, of course, his companions. In this case, they are Lyra Heartstrings, Bon Bon, and on occasion, Derpy Hooves. As of the writing of this casting call, the scripts for Episodes 1, 2, and 3 are all written, and an outline for the whole series has already been written up. What I Am Needing. As things are, I am capable of handling the assembly of the episodes, the writing of the scripts, and maybe even to a lesser extent episode artwork (Although I would rather someone more skilled than I take on that job.) I also have the capacity to voice several of the characters in the series, including the main villain and some of the side characters in individual episodes. However, I cannot do every conceivable voice under the sun. As such, this post is written so I can see about getting voice actors on board for this project. There are three documents I will link to, and each one contains a list of characters, their personalities, voice types, and audition lines. The first document contains a list of the main cast members, the second document the supporting and secondary cast members, and document three has a list of voices for episode 1 only. MAIN CAST ROLES SUPPORTING AND SECONDARY CAST ROLES EPISODE 1 ROLES Audition Guidelines. Feel free to audition for as many characters as you want. Please supply each character audition in a separate .wav file containing however many takes of each of the audition lines as you feel is appropriate. Supply a different file for each character you are auditioning for. This will make it easier on my end for organizing the auditions. Send your Auditions to Alternatively, you can submit your auditions at the Casting Call Club website here: Link to CCC Audition Page. Additionally... Here is a link to the Public Discord Server for discussing this project and keeping up-to-date with announcements and other specific progress. If you are chosen for a part, then you Must be willing and able to use the Discord messaging app, as that is how I am keeping in communication with all members of the team. THE CURRENT DEADLINE IS THE 9TH OF SEPTEMBER!
  5. Being a Canadian co-production, most of the voice actors for Friendship is Magic are based in Vancouver. However, The unique thing about Voicebox Productions, the recording house for the show, is that they have the ability to hire a select few US voice actors for their work, which is how they're able to get Tara Strong to play Twilight (though having Dual Citizenship certainly helps too), and how they manage to get John DeLancie to play Discord. They've done this with other Canadian co-productions before as well such as Kathie Scouce and Tom Kenny for The Cramp Twins, Rob Paulsen for Coconut Fred, James Arnold Tailor for Johnny Test (uggh...), and at least 3 of the main characters for Mucha Lucha are all US actors. If Voicebox was able to get at least one more US voice either for a guest star, or a regular character, who would you like to see? I always thought Tom Kenny should get at least one role for the show, maybe for a quick Powerpuff Girls reference "The City..... of Ponyville!"
  6. I am looking for voice actors to help me with dramatic readings. in case your are wondering what that is here is one my channel did a while ago reading
  7. Hello! My name is Papyton, you can call me Paps for short. I'm kind of new to the site, so if you are interested, I would suggest that you contact me via Skype or message me in my ask box on my Tumblr. I am currently in need of a few VAs, for an audio drama. The main cast is as listed: Twilight Sparkle: We will need at least a slightly decent impression of Twilight, but are open to slightly younger sounding voices. Time Turner- ALREADY CAST Celestia: Again we need at least a slight resemblance in voice to the original Celestia's voice Blueblood: Snobby male voice is really all we need, someone who sounds close to as old he is would work Spike: We already have a few people who we are reviewing but feel free to contact me about it​​​​​​​​​ ​​Now for the secondary characters we have quite a few who will reappear for multiple episodes: Pinkie Pie: its the same with any of the other charcters who exist in the mane six group, we need it to have the same vocal cadence, or something relatively close Fluttershy: *see Pinkie Pie* Rainbow Dash: A rough but feminite voice would work just fine Mayor Mare: Mildly similar voice Timber: a slightly tenor voice who can act arrogant and cocky Bulk Biceps: If we could get someone with a really deep voice that would be awesome Jellius: the stallion that is obsessed with jelly, we are open to any voice type Guards 1&2: One male and one female would fit nicely, any kind of voice would be fine Bartender: Relaxed male voice Hostess: Preppy feminite voice Ditzy: We already have someone who is also being reviewed, but if you would like to try out, make sure to contact me and I will see what I can do. Okay so that's about it for characters who are needed, if you've done voice acting before you'll recognize these rules for auditions and recording- Always have a quiet space to record, if you can try to record in a small space without echoes or background noises such as a closet or a bathroom. A good microphone can bring you far in the voice acting industry, if you are looking for a good microphone I would suggest the Blue Yeti, its around 40-60 dollars and has a great sound to it. Audacity is a blessing to all editors, its free to download and use, I would suggest having it when you audition!
  8. Hello everypony I have decided to read a fanfic that I wrote called The Chaotic Puppeteer its about my ponysona Chaos and so I am looking to have some voice actors in it due to I don't sound like some of the characters in my fanfic especially the stallions here is a link to the auditions if your interested and this will be posted on my youtube channel and you will be credited at the end, but if at any time you post this video anywhere credit me as the one who wrote the story alright so here it is And I would prefer if you auditioned on the casting call club, but if your unable to you can just pm me on here with the lines. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask good luck everypony and I look forward to hearing the auditions. And if the link to the project that I posted on here does not work please do let me know and I will fix it.
  9. Hey, it's been a while since this cam to my mind a while ago because most of the recurring voices in FiM are pony veterans; in fact, I think it's easier to list who are NOT pony vets, and that list is getting thinner by the day with Kelly Sheridan (Starlight Glimmer) being a late addition, and Janyse Jaud (G3 Pinkie Pie) being confirmed to be working in a future FiM work, possibly S7. But there are some who voiced in previous MLP works that has yet to lend their voices in FiM. These are mine: -Scott Menville: He voiced Danny, Megan's younger brother, in the first G1 show. While it's not very likely he'll be voicing in FiM due to being set in America, it's not entirely impossible, as we got one or two of them who did their voiced in FiM, apart of the more recurring Discord and Twi. It also helps that, unlike many of his peers, he's still pretty active. And the fact of making a Teen Titans Robin and Raven allusion might help -Brad Swaile might be a good addition in FiM as he's the notable voice of Light Yagami -Tony Sampson: He's the only Edd (Eddy to be precise) who has yet to voice in FiM. Sadly, I think that day will never come because he's retire from VA -Venus Terzo: I think she's one of the few, if not only main G3 voices who has neither worked, nor confirmed she will work in FiM. She's G3's Rainbow Dash Who are your pony vets you wanna hear in any G4 work?
  10. I really like Cadence's and Bonbon's to be honest. What're yours? I'm very curious of everyone's opinions just because.
  11. i need voice actors so please help Silver Spoon: bullies and friends with Diamond Tiara and bully freedome blitz (Minor) Scootaloo: she got a cutie mark and helping Freedome Blitz and friends with sweetie bell and apple bloom (Minor) send me your skype name or google + name
  12. Which voice actors from the following talent pools: Los Angeles, Hollywood, New York, and Houston/Texas would you cast for the mane 6 & spike other than their current Vancouver based actors? Here's mine. Los Angeles: Twilight - Colleen O' Saugnessy Rainbow - Amanda Winn Lee Pinkie - Melissa Fahn Fluttershy - Michelle Ruff Raity - Stephine Sheh Applejack - Kari Whalgren Spike - Kate Higgins Hollywood: Twilight - Tara Strong will remain Rainbow - Pam Amelda (Spinelle from Recess) Pinkie - Grey DelIsle Fluttershy - Hynden Walch (Starfire) Rarity - Candi Milo Applejack - That chick who plays Sandy Cheeks Spike - E.G. Daily Houston/Texas (ADV, Funimation, etc.): Twilight - Luci Christian Rainbow - Tiffany Grant Pinkie - Kira-Vincent Davis Fluttershy - Brittany Karbowski Rarity - Monica Rial Applejack - Colleen Clinkenbeard Spike - Greg Ayres New York (Voice actors from 4kids & Central Park Media. I'm not too familiar with this pool so forgive me): Twilight - Tara Sands Rainbow - Rebecca Soler Pinkie - Lisa Ortiz Fluttershy - Veronica Taylor Rarity - Voice of Jessie from Pokémon Applejack - Amy Birnbaum Spike - Ash's current voice actress (whoever she is) So what do you think?
  13. Hello! Swivel here, I've been working on making a dr who/MLP crossover audio drama, because this fandom surely needs more of them. (not, this is pretty much for fun) Anyway, the time has come for me to be looking for talented voice actors to voice the characters as well as an editor to check over my script. Details can be found here: If you would prefer to email me your audition, please use the lines in the link, separate each character into a different file, and name the files with you name and the name of the character you're auditioning for. You can email auditions to I'm also looking for an editor, the more nitpicky the better. You can either do as requested in the casting call or simply tell me why you'd be a good editor for this project. Keep in mind, I'm not simply looking for someone to check spelling and grammar, but also story, pacing, how the dialog flows, and more. If you have any questions about this project, or think you might be able to help in some other way, feel free to post here or message me!
  14. I am searching for voice actors who want to be part of a audio adaption of a fanfiction I finished sometime last year. If you are interested at all please go to the link below to be taken to the casting call club site, where more info awaits you. I wish all of you the best of luck, and have a good day.
  15. Do you like voice acting and singing? Do you like Dr Horrible's Sing Along Blog AND Doctor Who? You've come to the right place! I have a friend who is trying to create a Doctor Who and Dr Horrible's Sing Along Blog crossover. It will be an original musical. I had volunteered to be a voice actor, but my schedule became to busy to be of much help, so I had to drop out. The least I could do is help recruit more people to help. Voice actors/singers are needed. Also, things like this are fun, but it is also being taken seriously, so we need serious participants. I have done things like this before that completely fell apart because even just a few people weren't being professional. That being said, she seems pretty determined to do this thing, so if you can be professional this would probably be a great thing to be a part of. She has a few requirements he wanted me to tell you about, so here you go: 1) A high quality mic. This goes without saying. No background noise or echo. 2) You MUST match the voice of the specific character you have chosen as close as possible. Practice before signing up and auditioning so you know if you can do it or not. 3) A non-tight schedule. This is EXTREMELY important for any project like this to work out. DO NOT SIGN UP IF YOU CAN'T FOLLOW THROUGH ON YOUR PROMISE. Skipping out for whatever reason hinders the progress for everyone else and is just not a very cool thing to do. If you do sign up and have to drop out, it is your job to find a replacement. 4) A voice acting and singing ability range. Sorry, but just being able to do voice impersonations is not enough. You need to be able to do some real voice acting and singing. It doesn't need to be the amazing, but like I said before this project is being taken seriously so we need some serious voice actors. 5) PLEASE make sure that when you send the audition, your file(s) must be in MP3 format! She cannot accept other file types. If you have other file types, then you can find programs online that can convert your files (Always research the program before downloading. I don't want any of you to download a virus). If you are sincerely interested, comment here and I will give you the songs and lines you need to record for an audition, and refer you to the person in charge. ps: Admins, sorry if I posted this in the wrong place. I'm never sure if I'm in the right part of the forums.
  16. No, this is not click bait. Yes, it's kinda related to my previous thread. Yes, it's legal. (Nope, nothin fishy heheh) Yes, I want you. So, yadda yadda, I want Voice Actors for these characters in this short anime: TWILIGHT: Available BUTTERSCOTCH (Fluttershy male): Available RAINBOW BLITZ (R.D. male): Available This whole anime thing is just a way to kill time and have an experience for me, as the animator and you, as the voice actor. Meaning, no. No payments. (I'm not even working yet haha). STORY: Just a lighthearted RomCom And if you don't believe me cuz I'm young, Here ya go! (No sharing without permission) **I decided to not make a full on animated(mentioned in prev. thread), because I am one person and it takes too long (with drama in highschool and all), so I might make it into a webcomic instead. This is just a short.
  17. Hi there, In case no one knows, I'm still relatively new to all of this, and even though it worked for me last time, I am not sure if this is still the best place for me to post a request like this, but once again, I am in desperate need of help. Near the end of 2015, I've posted a topic on the Requests Guild here on MLP Forums, regarding the need for voice actors in an upcoming audio drama I've been working on for almost two years. The audio drama is a reading of the story on FIMFiction, The Youth in the Garden. Since then, I have managed to fine an almost complete cast for the audio project I'm working on, but I am still missing three more voice actors needed for three other characters in the audio drama, and these characters are Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, and Princess Celestia. Because I wish to set this project in motion before I head off to college, I need to get this project underway. I was this close to getting the first chapter of the story on Youtube, when unfortunately, one of my most important VA's deserted on the project. I did managed to get it resolved by finding a replacement voice actor and now that I am so close to releasing the first chapter of the story, I'm still missing the voices of Twilight, Rarity, and Princess Celestia, whom the they will appear in the third and fourth chapter of the story. I really like to finish this audio drama as soon as possible before heading off to college, and I desperately need help to do so. I don't expect help from a novice like myself, but if you're willing to help me out, I am more happy to do so. Just recently, I posted a new video on Youtube regarding The Youth in the Garden. The first part of the video you can ignore, what I really need is the voice actors for the three characters I am still missing for this audio project. The casting call information is in a Google Doc link posted in the video description. The deadline for the auditions is on August 12, 2016 at 11:59 PM EST. Again, I don't expect any help from anyone, but if you're more than happy to help, I will be forever grateful for your contribution. If you happen to know someone who does voice acting and/or likes MLP, more importantly, if they're any good at voicing one of the three characters, or even all of them, I ask you, please share this topic with them. If you have any questions, feel free to let me know in the comments or send me a private message. Thank you for taking your time to read this topic. ~Mr. Storyteller
  18. AUDITIONS ARE NOW CLOSED I AM NO LONGER ACCEPTING ANYMORE AUDITIONS I KNOW NOBODY AUDITIONED AND THAT PROBABLY SOUNDS SILLY, BUT THAT'S OK, BUT ONCE AGAIN AUDITIONS ARE NOW CLOSED. Hello everypony I am going to be doing a reading of Fluttershy's Lullaby and I need female voice actors only for Applebloom, Rarity and Sweetie belle I want the voices to be as close to the show as possible here is the lines Applebloom and Rarity's lines in the creepypasta says they are muttering the lines. Applebloom: "No please oh god no" (line should be said with sadness and desperation) Rarity: "Yes I'm finally rid of her forever" (line should be said with happiness and relief) Sweetie Belle: scream like your being tortured just try and sound like her* RULES 1:FEMALE AUDITIONS ONLY 2:ALL AUDITIONS MUST HAVE A GOOD MICROPHONE AND CLEAR AUDIO NO BACKGROUND NOISES 3:ALL AUDITIONS MUST BE SAVED AS A MP3 FILE 4: HAVE FUN AUDITIONING!!!
  19. Hello. I am making a Movie/ episodic series about the Solar vs lunar thing bronies made and I really need an animator and some voice actors to make this a really good fan animation . I also need a story-writer to make the story [ mostly on how the war began] so if you are good at animating or story writing then. If you want to be an animator you must send me an animation of a mlp If I like it then you might be chosen. And if you want to be an story-writer then do the same thing except write me a short mlp story. And if you want to be a voice actor than go here:// this will not be cancelled And yes there is singing!
  20. Hey guys! I am new here, but I have a you tube channel to the upcoming internet show I am making, called Animorphia! It has characters inspired by Mlp but that is pretty much it! The channel is called Animorphia here is a link! Hey and I was also wondering is there are any characters that you think that you want to voice? You have to have a good quality sounding mic. and since this all non profit, I will only be taking Volunteers! Here are some Characters that I know that I need voice actors for Charity Goodsense: and she sounds like this: Vanessa VanVail What she sounds like : Please message me on the Animorphia page if you are interested, and If you dont think you can voice these, message me anyway!, there may be a roll that you can fit!
  21. There's a lot of celebrity voices that have been hired or are in talks to be in the 2017 My Little Pony movie (why my phone hasn't been ringing I'm not sure.). I'll give you a name that is striking fear in my soul, and that is the name of a celebrity that many of you youngsters may not have heard of....his Don Johnson. ? In 1987, there came forth the G.I. Joe movie, starring Don Johnson. The year before, in 1986, there came The Transformers movie, starring Leonard Nemoy. The reason these celebrities scare me is: in both of the movies you had the real cast of the successful cartoon series pushed aside for larger characters voiced by the celebrities. The villain of Megatron was changed to have the voice of Leonard Nemoy rather than the amazing Frank Welker. A rag tag group of new Transformers, including Rodimus Prime took over the reigns from Optimus Prime, who was merced early on. In GI Joe, we had to deal with whiney Don Johnson and his scrub friends trained by WWF's Sgt. Slaughter. Meanwhile Cobra Commander (who was once a man!) was pushed aside by Mickey from Rocky/The Penguin as the main villain. The regular Joes were doing...something. Duke died was in a coma. So, light of the celebrity casting..... Will Hasbro pull out their tricks from the 80's and push aside our beloved Mane 6 for a unwanted group of celebrity voices as the real stars of the movie, with the best voice casting on television, in my opinion, being relegated to supporting role status? Or am I being paranoid....because why change what made them such a success? Discuss!
  22. So, MLP is known to have fairly famous voice actors/actresses working on it (Tara Strong, John de Lancie, etc), so it wouldn't be far-fetched to say that more people would be more than willing to jump on board. So, is there anyone, who hasn't been on the show already, that you want to see make a guest appearance as a character, like Weird Al did, or maybe even be a recurring character like John de Lancie did for Discord? For me, it'd have to be J.K. Simmons and John DiMaggio.
  23. Filly Female (My OC Gallop Crush) - Need My oc mum (Mrs. Clover Cumulon (Cue-mu-lon) - Need All the cmcs - stormdashien: Apple Bloom , Scootaloo. Bill my OC brother (Minor) - Christopher Raymond Princess Luna - Need (Minor for now) Fade Shadow Cab operator - (Irish sort of voice) (Minor) - Nova Cab driver (Minor)- Ben Bear Pinkie Pie - Fade Shadow Mrs Cake (Minor for now) - Need Spike (Minor for now) - Memphis Piccirillo Salinas Pence Derpy (Minor for now - Thomas Mettham DR Whooves - Ricardo Gayle Jr. I think that is it, More will be added soon to the story. I need voice samples. Jeffery Baker Thanks Read more:
  24. need audition for my story the quest of the Pegasus Silver Spoon: bullies and friends with Diamond Tiara and bully freedome blitz (Minor) Scootaloo: she got a cutie mark and helping Freedome Blitz and friends with sweetie bell and apple bloom (Minor) send me your skype name or google + name
  25. Hello you. Yes you. I have decided to make an anime about MLP, but it's going to be VERY different from other animations, I never really do this but, since I have decided to target only female audiences (requested by pegasisters), there is some kind of action to it, but you know, romance too (No, its not hentai/pg18). So, I need professional/good voice actors (no payment btw): EDIT: Spots are no longer available