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Found 14 results

  1. Now wouldn't that be nice if MLP-themed skins and especially lent voices were offered in the game? Won't ever happen, but one can always dream. At any rate, it was fun to make.
  2. A mysterious swan annoys Celestia to no end. A Fanfiction by: The Abyss Narrated by yours truly, complete with music and sound effects. I hope you enjoy!
  3. So....hi. This is kinda embarrassing. You see, a friend of mine who is a brony like all of you lovely folks overheard me doing some of my characters' voices for another series I am working on. He dared me to try out....King Sombra of all peo--ponies. Told me to post it on here and he'd give me twenty bucks and a beer. Being one who didn't normally look in the direction of MLP, I took on the challenge. Three hours later you have the video you see here. Wrote it up, voiced it out, edited for some video effects. Wish I had some better direction, and a better pop filter, but this was made on the quick. Love it or hate it or 'meh' it, have a good one. PS: The art is not mine...probably could have made it since I am also an artist but SUCK at MLP flash style...BUT the artist is credited in the video and description! Please don't kill me I needed something that suited my voice I went with.
  4. Hi everyone! I did a cover of Applejack's Lullaby to Applebloom about getting her cutie mark. Let me know what you think and also let me know what I can do to improve my singing voice since I haven't really sung in a long time.
  5. While I am not 100% sure this is the right subforum, today I share with y'all my collection of fanfics I've done narration for. I generally release a new recording on Sunday and Wednesday, unless it's a multi-chapter story then it's M/W/F. I have quite a few stories queued up in the near term, but I'm always open to suggestions. I even include downloads for each chapter, so you can take them on the go. :grin2:
  6. Here are my auditions for an English dub version of a popular anime game called J-Stars. The voices that I tried out for are Gon Freecs and Killua Zoldyck from Hunter x Hunter. Let me know what you think of the voices that I used. Like, Comment & Subscribe to support my voice acting channel.
  7. This is my first time doing a fandub of mlp so I chose Fluttershy since a friend of mine wanted me to try it out. Please like and subscribe and let me know what you think of the voice I used. Arigatou ^.^
  8. That's right, I want to be able to use my voice for your creations. 100% free. I am looking for any parts honestly, from small to big. If you are interested please do let me know as this is one of my favorite things to do other than drawing but haven't gotten the chance to do this anywhere. I love doing youtube videos with others as well so if you need an extra voice, please hit me up
  9. Welcome, My name is Ben (AKA RRBrony) and I am the project director and coordinator for FOE Audio. We are looking for voice actors/actresses and people who can help with other elements of the project. Such as getting the lines for minor characters, editing, basic logistics, and much more. Now for a little about this project. Our purpose and goal here at FOE Audio is to turn the book Fallout: Equestria into an audio book. To do this we need a full cast of voice actors/actresses who will give life to all of the characters in the story. Unlike other projects currently underway we will read the book word for word as if the listener was reading it. We want to stay true to the original written work so that the listener will be able to get the full experience as Kkat intended. We are currently opening auditions to find VAs for the main cast. Once we have all of the main characters casted we will begin to work our way through the list of minor characters. Here is a video link to our youtube video which gives a little more information. Below you will find a master list of characters that we will be casting. Main Characters Currently Being Cast: Video link Calamity (must be able to hold a tune) (male) Steel Hooves/Applesnack (male) Red Eye (Main Evil character) (male) Main Characters Needing to Be Cast: Littlepip (female) Velvet Remedy (needs to be able to sing) (female) Watcher (male) Spike (male) DJPon3 (male) (Homage’s radio persona) Homage (female) Xenith/Zecora (female) Secondary Main Characters Needing to Be Cast: Applebloom (might sing) (female) Sweetie Belle (does sing) (female) Scootaloo (might sing) (female) Applejack (female) Fluttershy (female) Twilight Sparkle (female) Rainbow Dash (female) Pinkie Pie (female) Rarity (female) Luna (female) Celestia (female) Trixie (female) Gawdyna (female) Secondary Characters(may show up once in the entire story) Needing to Be Cast Chapter 1 1 LittlePip's Mother(for when Pip reflects on what her mother used to say about Velvet's barn door and the stable door) (female) 2 Four voices for when Velvet runs away(2 guys and two girls) 3 Overmare (will show up later in the story) (female) 4 Guard Pony (male) Chapter 2 1 Father's radio transmission: Father desperate but resigned (male) 2 Monterey Jack (will appear much later) (male) 3 Cracker - salver earth pony 1 (male) 4 Sawed off - slaver unicorn pony 2 (probably male) 5 Cagey - slaver earth pony with shovel 3 (male) 6 Raider unicorn (female) 7 Raider earth pony (female) Chapter 3 1 Raider, A pony that throws a grenade into carousel boutique (female) 2 Flashback, A pony from classroom throwing water balloon at Pip (male) 3 Caged pony in ponyville library (female) 4 Raider pony Kitchen scene (male) 5 Screaming Filly(young female) 6 Raider Pony jumping off of balcony (male) Chapter 4 1 Crazy pony bot in Ironshod firearms sounds like a filly (young female) 2 Voice of authority coming from a bot (strong female) 3 Colt's voice yelling at Calamity (young male) Chapter 5 1 Candi medical pony in New Appleloosa (female) 2 Grey earth pony possibly a doctor (male) 3 Railright, The Appleloosa sheriff (male) 4 Trolley, a young colt (male) 5 Colt's mother (female) 6 Crane (male) 7 Teacher's note/journal (female) 8 Maintenance pony journal (male) 9 Dr. Brieberry head of medicine Stable 24 (male) Chapter 6 1 Mare's voice in bar (female voice) 2 Stallion at card table (male) 3 Another stallion at card table (male) 4 Another mare closest to Pip (female voice) 5 Stallion further down the counter (male voice) 6 Apple Whiskey (bartender)(male voice) 7 Puller pony (Male) 8 Slaver pony near fence/slave pens (probably male) 10 Flamethrower pony (male) Once a character has been cast we will update this post to reflect the changes, as well as make an announcement here on the forum. If you see a role that you feel you would be perfect for but we are not currently casting, please feel free to message me or email us at and tell us which character you want to try out for. We will send you some lines and then you can submit your voice recording to us. Follow the links next to each characters name to get the audition lines, if you have any questions or concerns please let us know and we will answer them. You can submit your audition several ways, you can: ● Post a link in the comments with the name of the character(s) you are trying out for. ● Send me a PM ● E-mail ● Share with google docs
  10. I'm looking foward to voice acting in a fan made mlp project. Any project will do fanfiction reading, comic dubbing, animation, and parody. No singing i'm not ready for that. AND NO PORN! I'll be ready for most of the day characters i'm realy good at are villians, heroes, and idiots. So msg me if ya have a role for me.
  11. If you haven't seen any of my Youtube vids or my channel.. I do a lot despite the pain I am in while I do it.. I just have a passion for performing and making everyone smile and forget their own worries. I really want to bring life too cartoons so if anyone wants too send me an original character I will voice it and only show the picture(s) This way you get exposure for your artwork and I get too have fun making them come too life
  12. Okay, so this is my first youtube video to ever post. I have a few more up now. I plan on making better quality videos in the future. I hope ya'll find this funny. I just love when Pinkie Pie goes crazy!! Oh, and headphone user's TURN DOWN VOLUME!!! I love you guys and don't want anyone going deaf. I hope this link works.
  13. Sup guys! This here video is the second installment of my now on-going series known as "My Little Punny" This time it's Pinkie Apple Puns. Let me know what you guys think, and I hope you enjoy. . .
  14. Sisko is my cat. My annoying as f*** cat. I was watching TV and Cleverbot'ing on my iPad, and Sisko came up to me, jumped on the couch, and started nuzzling me half to death, obviously in one of his rare cuddly moods. I kinda laughed a little and started petting him, but that was a mistake. I tried to resume my conversation with the AI they call Cleverbot, and he was all up on my stomach, clawing it and nuzzling me and being a little shit. I tried pushing him off multiple times, but nobody else was in the house, with the exception of my sister, who was in the bathroom, so he had no one else to cuddle with, and he came back to me. I attempted putting my head under the blanket I was using, but my neck was bent at a weird angle and I didn't want it to stay like that. As soon as I brought my head back up, all I saw was Sisko's head. What I ended up doing was writing "Go away, Sisko, you're being mean but cute. Stop clawing my belly", and used the voice-over tool to have the robotic voice repeat it over and over and hopefully freak the living crap out of Sisko. It worked, thank god.