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Found 85 results

  1. Which voice out of the mane 6 do you like best? I think the voice acting in that show definitely makes it what it is. They are all done well but I think Rarity has the best one. Even though I really like Rainbow Dash's voice, I just think that Rarity's is just funnier when she's being dramatic.
  2. Who is your favorite member of MLP: FiM's voice cast? Even though Twilight is my favorite character and I very much admire Tara Strong with all of her voice roles, I think my favorite is Tabitha St. Germain. She's just so versatile and her performances as Rarity are some of the most entertaining for me in any cartoon I have ever watched. Also, she voices Princess Luna, Granny Smith, Derpy, Mrs. Cake, Photo Finish, and a bunch of random speaking background ponies. I admire that ability to adapt to all sorts of characters. And of course, those are only the ponies she voices. She's got a lifetime of experience with a very diverse set of characters.
  3. WARNING! SPOILERS OF s9e26 "The Last Problem" AHEAD! Hey guys! I edited the 1st scene from "The Last Problem" to have
  4. Because we all know we like specific songs but let's talk about the voices themselves! Here's mine: Rarity>Twilight=Pinkie>Rainbow=Applejack>Fluttershy I think Celestia sings somewhere but I don't recall where so I'm just leaving her out. Now, just because Fluttershy is last doesn't mean I don't like it. Keep that in mind.
  5. (As far as I know (And I searched) there is no current Ask Sweetie Belle thread. And we can't have that! So I started one Feel free to lock it if there is already one!) Hello everypony! My name's Sweetie Belle, and if you ever want to ask me any type of question, ask, because it'll be really really fun! Maybe I'll get my cutie mark in question answering?
  6. When you read text off the internet do you hear a voice in your head reading it to you? If so who's?
  7. So yeah what accents do you find cute and/or sexy? I think Southern American is the Sexiest accent and Asian is the cutest ^^ Examples Southern US Accent ^Yes AJ as the example (I'm too lazy to find anything else)
  8. Do you have a voice you can use?! Do you have a microphone of any kind whatsoever?! Do you love, or at least tolerate fanfiction?! Can you imagine combining all three?! Then do I have an offer for you!! ...okay, toning it down some. In short, I'm looking for volunteers to help with the Golden Oaks fanfiction reading project. At this point I'm mostly looking for folks to lend additional voices to the fics I'm reading, but I imagine the whole project should also be able to grow on its own given interested contributors. So, if you are interested, drop a line here. I don't care about the quality of hardware you have to work with, and if you're worried you're not good enough, I care even less. The only question I care about is whether you think you'd enjoy it. Everything else is insignificant. I hope to hear from you, in more ways than one. Quinch
  9. So, I don't know if this will sound weird or what, and I don't know if anypony else picks up on little details like this, but I love the way Rainbow's voice sometimes sort of breaks when she sings a word starting with the letter "H." Let me clarify. Listen to her short solo in "A True, True Friend." Listen to her line, "Applejack needs your help; she's trying hard doin what she can." Specifically, listen to the way she says "help," and "hard." Her voice sort of breaks/cracks a little, sort of like the sound she makes when she laughs. I absolutely love that. It's so endearing. It's not typically a feature you would think of as good when it comes to singing, but it gives her such a unique flair. She really has such a surprisingly beautiful singing voice. She needs more singing time in the show.
  10. So just as the title says! I have a low pitched voice, and I am a girl, sorta like gilda/AJ/Sunset shimmer
  11. Hi there! Ben here and im asking here because I need a female VA for my OC because im making mutable projects like a animation, a game, and other things.for her and I need one. This is her. Her name is Lilly Bell and she is the first ever Trainpony invented by me of course. xP Me and my friend are making meany projects with her and she needs a VA. She has a voice of a young adult with a ascent mix of babs seed and AJ. Think Boston ascent with some country. Here are some lines that you can say. *happy tone* "Oh my Celestia! This coal is DELICIOUS!" "It must be because I'm part loco now is why it tastes so good!" *in sarcastic tone* "Well you know I weigh about a ton now. You should of removed those carpets." *in sad tone* "All *sniff* I wanted....was to be helpful. But I see all you see me as now is a FREAK!" There you go. send links to your guy's recordings if you did one here or to my email Thanks and i hope to see at least a few people wanting to try this. ^^
  12. I am hoping to gather together a team of programmers, graphic artists/designers, animators, voice actors and writers to bring together a long awaited project. For years now, this fandom has gone without something important, something that would bring motivation to us creatives, companionship to those of us who are lonely. I'm talking about a virtual pony assistant of course. Just think of all the content in the fandom and the amount of us actually using computers in our day to day lives, as well as the lonely ones out there who just want to connect with the ponies they love or anypony in general be it OC, fanmade or otherwise. Since day one I myself have been looking for something like this, surprisingly there are not many pony apps out there that are that well made or appealing, not blaming the creators at all, they made what they wanted to make not what other people have been wanting or asking for. This needs to be done. In saying it needs to be done, i'm not demanding anyone do it, I'm simply saying it has to be done as in it needs to eventually happen as it would be incredible and something of value, well sought after by many in the fandom. Imagine you had a bad day at work, or are simply stuck on an idea, or just need help with research. Imagine you could just simply say "hello princess, do you think you can brighten my day?" and have Twilight herself reply with a soothing "of course I can, well I can at least try, should I play your favorite song, or we could play a game?" Imagine being able to compliment anypony of your choosing, pet their mane with a click of your mouse, boop them on the snout, or have them lay there in all of their animated beauty, maybe even on a pillow or cushion looking all cute and adorable. If anyone is willing to contribute their time to such a project, if you have the skills, please message me and we'll get to building this team. I am no leader, so I will need all the help I can get planning this venture. I look forward to working with all who wish to contribute. Best wishes, Final Verse.
  13. Singing is by far a huge phenomenon in MLP. However, what is most important is maintaining the character's original voice while singing. The biggest issue is keeping a great shape in your vocal cords to keep airflow not only strong but the voice you are performing must remain in top shape at all times. The #1 rule when it comes to singing in character is to NEVER lose your character voice. That's the worse possible thing that can happen. Now, every character's voice is different. The fact is the Mane 6 are the characters the most song time, along with the CMC, Princesses and other side characters. This means that whenever you sing like a character, you will have to shape your vocal cords in order to not only get the proper airflow, but also make your voice sound like that character. Before we go any further, there are some important guidelines you must follow in order to keep your voice healthy and avoid hurting it due to singing improperly or allowing too much or too little airflow. KNOW YOUR LIMITS: This is perhaps the most important rule when it comes to singing in general. Always know what you can and cannot sing. It is great when you have a partner who can test your range. You can also test your range yourself. Everypony has a range, which is basically the gap of pitches they are able to sing. Don't Push Yourself Too Hard: This is a singer's greatest mistake. A lot of singers, including myself, want to be able to hit those higher notes, especially if you're at a concert with your favorite band, and you wanna be heard belting out the chorus of your favorite song. However, if the song is out of your range, don't push yourself to try to hit those notes, unless you use your head voice. We will talk about the head voice later. Maintain a Healthy Voice: Always drink before and after you sing. As a vocalist, you must keep your voice healthy at all times. Drink water preferably, but nothing with caffeine. Caffeine will dry you out quickly. Drinks high in electrolytes are known to help the voice as well. Now that we've covered the guidelines, we will now go on the part you all have been waiting for: How To Sing In Character! As you may know, there are many different MLP characters, but there are 9 mane characters that have singing roles. This includes the Mane 6 and the CMCs. The Princesses also have singing roles, but we will get to those later. Now, we will break down on how to hone the singing voice of each character. Princess Twilight Sparkle Princess Twilight Sparkle has two voice actors: Tara Strong being the mane one and Rebecca Shoichet. Rebecca Shoichet is her singing voice. Twilight's voice is quite smooth in character, and her comfortable singing range, or tessitura is between Bb3 and about a D5 (Using Midnight In Me as a reference since a D5 is the highest pitch sung in the song). Twilight Sparkle has hit higher notes, like in Find A Way, but notice how the singer retains the vowel sounds and open voice. To sing like Twilight, you have to make sure your voice is smooth. Don't focus too much on trying to get the voice to "sing loud". You will lose it automatically. Instead, take the time to warm it up to it's upper range, especially if you're going to be covering a song like Winter Wrap-Up, which has that one big section where Twilight is hanging in the soprano range. Fluttershy Fluttershy's voice is a very delicate and gentle voice. What you need here is to make your voice sound airy. However, do not overdo this effect, as it will be much more difficult to hit higher notes. Fluttershy can hit pretty high notes, as witnessed in "Music in the Treetops", where she hits an A5. Some say Fluttershy is an alto, but she is really a mezzo-soprano. To sing like Fluttershy, you need a delicacy in your voice. Give it that angelic airy sound, but again, don't overdo the airy effect. You can add vibrato for effect, but it is recommended you reserve vibrato for only the higher notes. Rarity Rarity's voice has a double whammy. Her voice not only has a bit of the airy voice like Fluttershy, but it also has somewhat of a British accent. This means that when Rarity sings, her vowels will be naturally taller. In singing, "taller vowels", does not refer to volume, but rather than the shape of the mouth and jaw. The sound will be much brighter and open sounding, which gives more room for expression. In comparison to singing songs in a normal contemporary fashion, Rarity uses the traditional chorale type of singing, which indeed enforces tall vowels. If you listen to any song or part that Rarity sings, you will hear the vowels sounding more open. To illustrate this, let's examine the first two lines of "Art of the Dress" Thread by thread Stitching it together Now, as you can see, reading these two lines normally would produce a contemporary and bland voice. However, adding the tall vowels adds brightness, which means the words will be pronounced differently, as shown below Threahd baui threahd Stihtching it togethuhr Notice the word "by" is pronounced with a stress on the sound "au". This is why Rarity has one of the most difficult singing voices to master, because you have to focus on formulating the tall vowels properly and deliver a smooth and pleasing tone. Remember, tall vowels does not equal louder singing, it means to enunciate and open your jaw. Think of Rarity's voice like an opera singer's voice, except it is not as projected and slightly held back, with some delicacy on top. Rainbow Dash Rainbow Dash may seem like an easy one to master, but don't forget about her raspy and somewhat scratchy voice. Her singing range is of an alto. The biggest mistake a singer can make when trying to imitate Rainbow Dash is that they make their voice so raspy and scratchy that either their throat starts to itch a lot, or they suffer multiple voice cracks. Rainbow Dash's voice does crack during regular speech, but is 100% clear. To sing like Rainbow, you've got to grasp the balance of raspiness and clarity of voice. Pronunciation should be that of everyday speech. Make sure you have enough airflow and breath control to sustain longer notes. Vibrato should only be reserved for long notes that last 3 or more beats. Applejack Applejack has that thick country accent that affects all vowel sounds. This means that all articulators will be used. The articulators include, the tip of the tongue, roof of the mouth, lips and teeth. The country accent adds twang to the sound of each word. Some vowel sounds are more affected my others. The most noticeable changed vowel sound is the short e sound "eh". It's sound changes to "eeye" or "ee-yeh". Therefore, the word "generation", would sound like "geeyeneration". If you listen to Applejack's speech closely, you can even hear this outside of singing. Therefore, to sing like Applejack, you must adopt to a thick country accent. However, don't try to force it out. It will end up becoming sloppy. Instead, let it come natural and use your articulators to help you with the pronunciation. Applejack's range is quite comfortable, from middle c to the b right below treble c. Pinkie Pie Pinkie Pie has that tricky voice that hangs in the mid-upper alto range. It is quite loud and squeaky. Still, this doesn't mean you completely forget about all you learned in this thread. Pinkie's voice requires control and balancing. Pinkie's voice also has what is called a glottal attack. This means that when Pinkie says a vowel sound, it is sharp and instant. The glottis opens up on a whim and air flows through. This is not necessarily a good thing because it can wear out the vocal cords faster because they open up quickly. Her range starts at the Bb right below middle C. Pinkie's singing is actually slightly lower than her speaking voice. To sing like Pinkie Pie, you'll need to adapt to a sort of squeaky voice. The one cautionary point you need to take in is that you must not emphasize the squeak or else you'll wear your voice out and may even cause damage. Applebloom Applebloom is a foal, but she's growing up, so her voice has gotten a little deeper, but not much. Her voice is in the alto range but more of the upper alto range. Some could say she's a mezzo-soprano but I'd say she's alto 1. Again, Applebloom like Applejack has that country accent. Everything from Applejack's voice should apply to Applebloom, but Applebloom must sound more childlike. Sweetie Belle Sweetie Belle has one of those "mixed" voices. This means that the character of her voice sort of "borrows" from other characters I have explained. Younger Sweetie Belle has a more squeaky voice. However, now that both Sweetie Belle and her voice actor are growing up, Sweetie's voice has lost some of it's squeakiness, which makes things a little easier. Sweetie Belle has two distinguished types of singing voices, her soft singing voice and her power singing voice. To sing Sweetie's soft voice, adapt a somewhat childlike tone, but not as childlike as Applebloom, unless you're doing younger Sweetie Belle's voice. For the power voice, the one thing you have to make sure is you have total control, Sweetie Belle doesn't sing that high unless you're doing one of those crazy songs like 99 Buckets of Oats on the Wall. Even then, when Sweetie Belle is singing this high (C5 to G5, the range for 99 Buckets of Oats on The Wall), you still have to have some degree of control, especially if you're singing that high and that loud. Sweetie Belle's voice range sits right in the mezzo-soprano range. Scootaloo Scootaloo's voice is quite tomboyish. Because of this, it is hard for Scootaloo herself to hit those higher notes, which is why her range ends at the B right below C5 or treble C. Some of the raspiness from Scootaloo's tomboyish voice carries over to her singing voice. To sing like Scootaloo, you gotta make your voice slightly scratchy, but not too much. Remember, a scratchy voice can contribute to an itchy throat, which can wear out your vocal cords. Princess Luna Princess Luna's voice is quite smooth, but it can become quite powerful. Princess Luna is an absolute alto. Some can argue that she can be a filly tenor, because of the characteristics of her voice. I say, that if she was placed in a choir, she would most like be an alto 2. Though we've only heard Luna sing twice in the show, we can now distinguish two different singing voices of Princess Luna. The first voice is found in "You'll Play Your Part" where her voice is warm and both. The second of the voices is found in "Luna's Future", where her voice takes on a darker and more airy character. Remember, an airy voice cannot be too airy. Plus, Luna's darker voice is not as airy as Fluttershy's voice. To sing like warm Luna, you'll need to focus on pronouncing your words clear and maintain a delicate and sweet tone. To sing like dark Luna, take on an airy character and somewhat operatic voice. However, the biggest thing is that Luna's vowel sounds are not as tall as other voices. Princess Celestia Princess Celestia has that beautiful and warm motherly voice, which is why she is one of the easiest characters to sing as. She is best placed in the contralto range, due to her voice being able to reach some of the mid baritone range. In Celestia's Ballad, Celestia's highest note is a B right below C5 (treble C). This is the highest note she has sang so far. In "You'll Play Your Part", due to polyphony (many voices singing different melodies), she takes the lower range of the song. To sing like Celestia, the most important thing you must do is to have that warm and motherly voice. Be delicate with it. Celestia's voice wasn't meant to be powerful, unless there's a situation going on. Also, Celestia's voice wasn't designed to lurk in the soprano and upper alto range, so try to stay between E3 and A4. You may go up to C5 but cap it at there, or else you'll lose the warm and motherly voice as you try to take it up in range. Princess Cadence Princess Cadence's voice is more of a sisterly voice. It is caring and is classified as a soprano, specifically 1st soprano if she were placed in a choir. The highest note we have heard Cadence sing was in This Day Aria, where Cadence hit an F#5. When Cadence sings, she mixes her contemporary sisterly voice, with an operatic voice that consists of tall vowels. Like Rarity's voice, the tall vowels should be open and clear. Every "ah" should sound like "auh", "e" like "eh" and so forth. Also, when Cadence goes beyond C5, she starts to use her head voice, also known as falsetto, especially when she hits the F#5 in This Day Aria. Singing like Cadence is quite the challenge, for you have to not only be able to be clear in your tessitura but also make sure you have a strong falsetto, especially if you're writing a song that exercises the higher soprano range. Now I know what you stallions are thinking: "Hay what about us males? Don't we get any characters?" You certainly do...three...for now. Spike may be a boy, but his voice actor is a female. Big Mac Eeyup, you stallions saw him coming. Big Macintosh would considered a bass, for the highest note we have heard him sing was in "Find The Music In You", an F3. Big Mac has a little bit of a country accent but not as much as his sister Applejack. To sing like Big Mac, you really just have to have that natural deep voice for him. Your voice must be classified either as a bass or baritone, but bass is highly recommended. Like Applejack, you gotta have that country accent, but remember, it is not as heavy as hers. Feather Bangs A very new character, introduced in Season 7, Feather bangs has that "cool guy" type of voice. He is fit in the upper tenor range. In comparison to many of the other singing voices, Feather Bang's voice is of the contemporary era. You can hear some of that heavy accented "Michael Jackson" flare. Also, Feather Bangs exhibits what's known as a "glottal attack". This means that the glottis, the slit-like opening between the vocal cords and the airway is opened forcefully, causing an instant sound. This can become unhealthy and cause the vocal cords stress due to how quickly they open. The biggest mistake one can do with singing like Feather Bangs is that they glottal attack to the point where the upper notes of the voice become thin and soon, they will be lost. Rumble Rumble, who spoke for the very first time in Season 7, has a somewhat teenage jazzy voice, which he may strain at certain times, like in the song "Blank Flanks Forever", which is the only song we've heard him perform thus far in the series. Rumble's highest note sung is a G#4, which is just about his limit. To sing like Rumbler, make sure you have plenty of water on you, as you gotta combine a strong tenor voice with a childlike edge, which means you may have to strain, but try not to. And lastly...but certainly not least... Spike Spike is voiced by a female, which is understandable. Spike's voice has that childlike edge, which makes it somewhat difficult to sing. Spike's voice is considered mezzo-soprano in a full choir setting, but mid-upper voice in child's singing settings. Spike can hit an A4 very comfortably, but somewhat struggles to hit a C5 even though his voice is capable of doing it. Spike's tessitura is most likely from middle C to A4. To sing like Spike, you'll need a childlike voice along with a little bit of edge. Just try not to strain and go above Spike's normal tessitura. Well folks, we've reached the end of our journey on exploring the singing voices of our favorite pony characters. There may have been characters I've left off, but I will certainly update this guide in the future to include movie characters and other ponies that gain singing roles. As always, if you have any questions, feel free to PM me at anytime and I'll get back to you when I can.
  14. Ever since Rainbow Rocks, I've been hoping for the Dazzlings to make another appearance. I mean, we saw some of the Crystal Prep students again in "Dance Magic" so its not like Hasbro's above recurring EQ character cameos. I thought they were pretty awesome villains and I'd love to see them again (maybe even reformed, that's kind of always been a thing with FiM). Plus I have a huge crush on Adagio (yes, I'm one of those weird people with a crush on fictional characters, but I don't think that's unusual for these parts). Heh.
  15. I recently made a collection of 'creature' sounds, and I would like you magnificent pone pones to guess what I used as a source sound effect to make the sound file. It's a dumb idea, but honestly, I'm just curious to see if people can guess where I get the bases for some of my crazy files from. Anyways, audio file is right HERE! Soundcloud link.
  16. I really like Cadence's and Bonbon's to be honest. What're yours? I'm very curious of everyone's opinions just because.
  17. Seeing around the internet, I know alot of the brony fandom can do alot of voices for the characters of MLP, from the Mane Six, to Big Mac, to the CMCs, but I cannot find someone who can do Spike's voice to the point where it's hard to compare between that voice, and Cathy's! XD I swear, Cathy is the only one who can do his voice! Unless you know of someone that might knows how!
  18. I love all of the voices in My Little Pony, but my favorites in particular is Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash! I like Pinkie Pie's because I have a very high pitched voice, and it's very squeal-y. As in, people have told me I sound like Pinkie Pie. I also like Rainbow Dash's because it's adorable! I love the squeak in her voice sometimes! So who's your favorite voice in My Little Pony, and why?
  19. Hello! I am GeekBrony, the owner of the Radio Station on Bronydom Network, which is known as Bronydom Radio. Currently, we have a limited amount of Station IDs that play on the radio, and we're looking for voice actors/actresses to get Station IDs from. We're looking for people who: Have a professional-grade microphone. (Doesn't have to be really professional, just has to sound good for radio) Have an enthusiastic voice. What's a Station ID? A Station ID is a few second (2-10 second) identification played on radios and television networks, which says the name of the Radio/TV Station. For an example of one from our radio station, click here. What are the guidelines of a Station ID? Well, the only thing you generally have to say is the radio's name, but we'd like to hear, "you are listening to [sTATION NAME]," which gets the job done quite well. That said, you can add more onto the Station ID, including (but not limited to): Saying your fandom name and what you do. Imitating an MLP character of your choice. There's a lot of possibilities, but I can't think of any right now. Be creative with it, don't just say it into a mic and then send it over! What format should I send this in? We would prefer if you could send it in lossless format (WAV or FLAC), but if you can't use those, we recommend exporting in 320kbps MP3. So.. what do I do after I record this file? I recommend that you upload it somewhere (like Dropbox or Google Drive) and send me the link via PM. If you have any questions, feel free to reply to this thread. I'll keep an eye on this thread so I can answer in the fastest way possible. Happy Recording!
  20. Hello . In this topic I will put my small covers (Non pony). it's a way for me to work my accent in English. Not easy at all, but it's a good way to increase my level 0/. The most recent :'ve put it on this website because youtube block this song) The second : More covers will come with the time . I'll do my best. 0/
  21. Anypony can help me find a popular/memorable pony that I can voice? I can talk as high as Coco Pomell and as low as Big Mac, I slur my words and talk really fast, but I can control that. If I want to do high voices I kinda have to create a airy voice, kinda like Flutters. I wanna sneak up behind my friend and be like hello!!! I want them to be like OMG AM I DREAMING!!! But the problem is that she wont recognize Big Mac's voice since he only voiced in 2 episodes, so I don't want to voice him.
  22. I just wanted to know everypony's opinion of who, out of the Mane 6, is your favorite singer during the songs and music scenes in the show. You can aslo discuss about specific songs by specific ponies you enjoy. For me, my favorite singers are both Applejack and Rarity. But if I had to pick only one, it would be Rarity, because her songs reminds me of the old Disney cartoons' songs~ 'Becoming Popular' is a perfect example I have. +EDIT+ Sorry for not adding the other wonderful singers we have along the show, like Flim & Flam, the Cutie Mark Crusaders and Cadance. Their roles aren't just small compared to the Mane 6, but I'm also sure I'll be always forgetting some character as my memory is rather bad... You can still absent your vote for the poll and mention another singer that you enjoy.
  23. so I had to correct one of the bronys in one of the videos about this , and just figured I'd mention it here too. The spike in EQG3 is NOT the spike from ponyville. I know it was confusing as he chased that creature through the wormholes and then suddenly came out and he could talk. What many didn't notice is as the magic was being drained from one of the mane 6 (I think it was fluttershy) spike got caught in the "drain' stream, and the elements of harmony magic granted him the ability to talk - probably aligning him with the magic of equestria that allows spike to talk. Also I believe the creature he was chasing was a jackalope. so yeah, it's still human world spike - not ponyville spike replacing him and leaving human world spike in equestria, although that could have been interesting hehe..
  24. hello as the title is saying i search for a few voice actors for my project i already have most of the voices only ones missing are Twilight and Rainbow Dash if you are interested in voice acting for one of these two please leave a comment below send me a message here or on youtube (the name is the same) the project contains blood,gore,dark humor and a bit mean lenguage ( just for the note :3) anyway im looking forward to read from you all^^
  25. I know the fan favourite poll has passed now, but I only just saw the promos. However, Applejack's really shocked me! I don't know whether I'm just imagining it but her voice sounds a little deeper, and less cute Decide for yourself: As opposed to her "old" voice: I mean, I wouldn't be surprised if it is. Ashleigh's voice has just changed and, I accept that - maybe a few years of raspy Dash has deepened her vocal chords, I don't know. What do you think?