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Found 16 results

  1. I know many people don't like to hear their own voices unless they're used to their voice by regularly singing or voice acting. However, I now dedicate this thread for you to start discovering your voice and sharing it with others, listening to other voices of bronies all around the globe! I'm personally very interested in ranges, voices and languages. I don't doubt for a minute that I'm the only one who's curious on here. Go for it, record on or any other recording site, get talking, singing, whatever you please! While you're at it, do tell where you're from if you wish to, so that others can place your accent. At least I find that really fascinating to know. Happy recording, everyone!
  2. So.If your Own OC could be voiced by anyone.Who would it be and why? Or would you do the voice yourself? I personally have Steve Downs do my OC's voice.(He's the guy who voiced Master Cheif on Halo)
  3. WARNING! SPOILERS OF s9e26 "The Last Problem" AHEAD! Hey guys! I edited the 1st scene from "The Last Problem" to have
  4. Just in time for Halloween, here is a musical celebration of Nightmare Night with swingin' jazz and erie orchestra! Download this song:
  5. I like to think I have a solid voice and a pretty broad range for lending characters a deep and compelling voice. Is anyone doing any projects that may wish to have me audition?
  6. <cross posted from mylittleremix> I'm writing a song about a sort of Pegasi Air Force. I need mid-range Air Force Commando style american accents. You do not have to be able to sing for this, so this is more of a voice acting thing (which is why I understand this is kind of the wrong forum) Let me know if you're up for it and I will message what I need you to say, or if you want, PM me and I will add you on Skype, which will be a heck of a lot easier. Also if you know of a pony voice acting forum then let me know, I understand would be a good place but the majority of stuff on there is not pony.
  7. Hello, everyone... I made the voices for Spike, Big Macintosh and diamond dogs in fandubs here in Brazil... I would like your opinion about the voices to improve them... Thanks.
  8. Hello all! Okay, introduction out of the way, now down to the reason. I'm working on an animation, and need voice actors. If you want to voice any of the characters not taken in the list below, please, contact me. Preferably by email at: To see the script so far click this: List of characters so far: Twilight Sparkle - Rainbow Dash - Pinkie Pie - T Princes Fluttershy - T Princes Applejack - Rarity - T Princes Luna - Spike -
  9. This is not explicitly about MLPFiM itself, so I didn't put it in the Show thread. ...Is there some sort of popular book or comic that does not have an animated adaptation that you already have ideas for voice casting? My favorite character in this show absolutely is Rarity. Tabitha St. Germain really gets what it means to voice a talking animal as opposed to a cartoon animal with a human and its voice within it. There's a fandom that probably few of you are into, a series of five novels by-now-very-well-known author Suzanne Collins; her first series, Gregor: The Underland Chronicles. In the fourth book, there is a sly but strangely ladylike rat character named Twirltounge. Yesterday, I thought Tabitha St. Germain could really nail that character, were the series to become a cliffhanger suspense adventure animated series. It would probably only have about 40 episodes if the episodes where 22 minutes. There are only five books, and they are all quick reads in my opinion. Yeah... I got nothin with Tara Strong. Her various roles are too diverse to really get me to come up with something. I think it would just be funny if she voiced Ash Ketchum for like one episode, purely for my whim. Then I would try to figure out where to watch Pokémon, the show, for that one episode. Also, I think that in "Secret of My Excess", Rarity referred to her capes as "tabitha capes", making Tabitha the only VA to get referenced by name on the show itself? That is beast. EDIT: My mistake, she says tafetta capes. But it sounds so similar.
  10. ----------------------------- The Voices By Vanilla Twilight ----------------------------- Fluttershy trotted slowly along the path that led to Ponyville. The sun was beggining to fall, and she hoped to make it back home soon. She was in the Everfree Forest, looking for a lost bunny that wandered off. She concluded that it must have gotten out when she was napping. Sadly, she could not find it, even after she used the best tracking methods she knew. The sun was now down, and it was dark. Worst of all, she wasn't even close to the edge of the forest. She began to panic. "Its okay Fluttershy, just calm yourself, and stay alert." She quietly thought to herself. That thought brought her nerves down. She slowed down a little, hoping to find some animals that would stay with her. That thought quickly lost its effect when she heard leaves rustling behind her, followed with the sound of voices. She slowly turned around. "W-wh-who's there?" She meeped. No awnser. She turned back down the path and began to run, for fear that she was being followed. The rustling was replaced with the faint sound of hooves hitting dirt. She was running fast now, fearful for her life. The edge of the forest was in sight, she could almost make out the distant shapes of the ponies houses. The sound was louder now, about 10 feet from behind her. She began to scream for help. The screams were cut short when she tripped over a fallen branch. Fluttershy tripped, and hit her head, which was followed with nothing but darkness. She woke up. She had fallen out of bed and had been laying on the cold, unforgiving floor. She touched her forehead with a hoof, and winced in pain. She got up, and looked out the window. "Huh, still dark. I guess i'll go back to bed then." She though to herself. She closed the window, and looked at the Everfree Forest. Suddenly, fragmented memories from the dream she just had, flowed back into her mind. "That was an odd dream", she thought. She then got back into bed, and fell into a deep sleep. A couple hours passed, and she woke up again, this time, to a shining sun. She got up, And rubbed her eyes. Forgeting about the knot on her head from falling off the bed, she winced. "Well, I guess I should go count all of the animals to make sure they're still there." She preformed a census, making sure every animal was accounted for. She got to the bunnies last. "11..12...13...What? There are supposed to be 14 bunnies!" She then noticed a pair of tracks belonging to a rabbit. She also noticed a set of hooves that followed them. "Hmmmm... Who do these hooves belong to?" She began to follow them, hoping to find the pony that was responsible for letting one of the bunnies out. The tracks eventully led to A path into the Everfree forest. She was hesitant to go on, but she cared for all the animals and this one is not an exception. She followed the tracks into a deserted part of the forest. The forest scared her, and worst of all, she had lost the tracks. She decided to wait and see of the bunny would come back. She slowly turned around to head down a faster, alternative route back to Ponyville. Unlike the path she followed, this one led to the marketplace, where she needed to buy some things. She followed the path, and about halfway down it, she began to notice hoof tracks again. These were much bigger then hers, and seemed to be heavier too. It was still in the afternoon, and bright, so she did not worry. She then noticed that the hooves stopped, and that a bush, on one side of the path was crushed. "Hmmmm....Huh?" She gasped. Sudden memories flowed back to her. She remembered running. Running away from something. But what? This unnerved her, to the point where she started to jog. She then came to a point where the tracks came back, but was followed by many more tracks. She began to Worry, that something may have happened, but then she thought that she was just being paranoid. She continued jogging. She jogged until she came upon a fallen branch. The area right in-front of the branch was clear. It was surrounded by a circle of hoof prints. "Oh my....." She said outloud. She then remembered the entire dream. The chasing, the sounds, the voices. She started running. She was terrified that something was chasing her. She did not stop until she hit Ponyville. She raced into Ponyville and went to see Twilight. She asked her if she could sleep there for awhile. She didn't want to be alone after what happened. Fluttershy, content with what had happened being part of some sort of dream, walked back to her house. She walked to her front door, and found a note. "Dear Fluttershy, its me, Zecora. I was out in the Forest when I noticed you laying in the middle of the path. I feared for the worst, and ran over to you. You were unconscious it seems, but you were alive. I didn't want to bother you, so i managed to carry you back to your house and laid you in bed. I watched over you, looking for any signs of damage. There were none, except for a knot on your head, from when you fell. I left in the middle of the night, hoping not to bother you--" Fluttershy dropped the letter. She had focused on the forest. In the darker areas of the forest, Eyes could be seen. The dream, had happened. She had been followed. Fluttershy approached the edge of the Everfree forest. She hadn't been in there for over 4 months, as the ordeal had affected her mentaly and physically. She was underweight, and almost always sick. She was scared to enter the forest, as she had been hearing voices to do so, but felt that all her problems would be solved if she did. She slowly entered the forest, disappering into the harsh, cold, darkness. She was not seen again for almost a week. Twilight, distraught from losing a close friend, walked into the forest one more time, to search. She wandered into the forest, pointlessly. She knew her friend was gone, but she just couldn't accept it. She walked for hours, hoping to find just a trace of her friend. As the sun fell, Twilight lost control. She couldn't accept that her friend had died in this damned forest. She fell to the ground, sobbing. Suddenly, she heard the sound of hooves hitting dirt. She looked up to see a crying and very famished Fluttershy. Twilight jumped up, hugging Fluttershy in the process. "Fluttershy!! We thought you had died out here! Where were you!" She Asked as Fluttershy returned the hug. "I was hoping to find awnsers, to what had happened." Fluttershy returned. "I have to make the voices stop." Twilight looked at Fluttershy quizingly. "What do you--" She never finished her sentence, as a foreign object clubbed her head. Twilight lost consciousness. Twilight woke up, and tried to figure out where she was. Her vision was temporailiy blinded from the haze surrounding her eyes. She tried to use her hooves to clear them, but they were restrained. She began to panic, but realized she still has her magic. She cast a blade spell, which cut through her hoof restraints. She rubbed her eyes, and what she saw horrified her. She was in the Everfree forest, but she was lying on a lost medical table. This wasn't the thing that horrified her. Surrounding her, were several pairs of eyes, watching her every move. She was instantly petrafied, as the eyes seemed to move as she moved. Twilight slowly got up, and looked for an area that had no eyes. She found one, that was seemingly clear. She hesitated, but then made a beeline for that area. As soon as she took her first step, she felt extreme pain in her chest. The pain overtook her, she fell to the ground. She saw Fluttershy walk up to her, and said "Fluttershy! Help! Go get help Now!!". "Im sorry, but i can't do that, the voices told me if i did this, they would leave me alone." Fluttershy whispered to her. Twilight looked at her, grunted in pain, as she passed out again. She woke up, in which appeared to be the library. She looked around, and saw Spike laying next to her bed, sleeping. "Aww... He must have fallen asleep when I--" She suddenly remembered the horrible events that had just happened. "I have to find Fluttershy!" She yelled in her mind. She ran down the steps, grabbed a shoulder bag that contained several survival items, and opened the door. She fell back in surprise and fright. The door opened, allowing Twilight to see what Ponyville had become, Or, What it hadn't become. The door led to absolute nothingness. Its as if she was floating in space, except there was nothing. She looked at the doorway in terror, not being able to explain what is happening. She closed the door, and instantly thought of the little dragon upstairs. "I better check on Spike, just to be safe." She thought to herself. She walked up the steps, and found the dragon, still asleep. She looked at Spike for awhile, just to make sure he was safe. A sudden ringing sound brought her back to reality. She grasped her ears as the sound grew louder. Then, with a sudden white flash, she fell on the ground, passed out. She woke up this time, in the forest. She looked around, and saw that it was bright, and warm. Twilight knew what she had to do. She ran towards Fluttershy's cottage at full speed, so fast that Rainbow Dash would have been proud. Twilight thought to herself, "If anypony knew what was going on, it must be Fluttershy!". Twilight ran up to Fluttershy's door, but to her surprise, it was open. She walked in slowly, calling for Fluttershy's name. It was dark in the house, so, using magic, she lit a candle. She was surprised at what she saw. Every inch of the walls contained the phrase "Make the voices stop" In red blood. She walked through the house, searching for Fluttershy. The last room that was left to check was the kitchen. Twilight walked into the kitchen, and what she saw, was devastating. There, slowly swinging back and forth, was her friend, Fluttershy. She had hung herself. Twilight broke down. She fell to the ground once again, and sobbed for hours. When she stopped, she looked out the window. It was dark again. She got up, used a spell to cut the rope, and carried Fluttershy into town. The funeral was held a couple days after. Twilight was the first to speak. "S-sh-She was the m-m-most gentle and c-caring person i had ever met." She said between sobs. She told herself that she wouldn't cry anymore. Her body didn't listen. She broke down again, causing Applejack to intervene and walk her grieving friend out of the cemetery. Rainbow Dash walked to the grave. She looked at Fluttershys calm face, and fell to the ground, punching the earth with a hoof. "Why? Why did you take her!?" She yelled to no one. At this, she flew out of the cemetery. Applejack returned after Twilight had calmed down. Applejack gathered her courage and stood at the stand. "She was a good mare...." She said as she shed a tear. "She was always there for everypony, and would face her fears for anypony." She stated. "Goodbye Fluttershy...." Applejack lost the courage and sobbed quietly. Pinkie Pie was next. Her hair was flattened and she was no longer glowing a vibrant pink. She got to the stand, and said, "Fluttershy, was one of my bestest friends. Why did she do it? W--we could have thrown a party for y-you if you weren't feeling w-well." She then walked off the stand, sobbing into her hooves. The funeral ended, and everypony went home. All except for one. Twilight laid down next to Fluttershy's grave and looked up. There were millions of star's out at this time. She looked over and stared at her friends gravestone. She silently thought to herself, "You know what? Fluttershy would have wanted me to live on with my life. I need to get over the fact that she is gone, and never coming back." She thought. This thought gave her courage, courage that she desperately needed. The library was a mess from not cleaning it, and she was tired from not being able to sleep at night. She got up, and trotted away towards the library where a certain little dragon, was going to help her clean. The eyes nor the voices were never heard or seen again. Nopony knew what drove Fluttershy to suicide, as the only evidence they found was the blood that had been found all over the walls of Fluttershy's cottage. The 5 friends continued to visit they're friends grave, until they moved on, one by one. Twilight went to live in Canterlot with her parents, Applejack gained a huge investment in apples, and bought a Huge orchard. Pinkie Pie moved into Baltimare, and sold her famous cupcakes. Rainbow Dash became a Wonderbolt, and traveled the world. Rarity became a Famous Dress maker. They still visit Fluttershy's grave one day of the year.The day Twilight and The others became friends. -END- Well, this is the end of the story, I know its kinda odd but any comments/feedback anypony? This is my first fanfic so I need all the feedback I can
  11. Do you think season 3 MLP will keep the same voices/characters etc? Or add a new main character? Hopefully not. Hopefully it stays the same! What do you think? Has it been confirmed?
  12. I have thought of doing this for a while, but have been hesitant of posting it. But, now I am. I wanted to do a recording for my story "Doctor Whooves". If you want to help out and do a voice, let me know please. Thanks. Requirements for voicing Derpy or Doctor Whooves. If you want to voice Derpy or Doctor Whooves you must be able to be available to do the voices quite often. Narrator Narrator - Rose Episode 1 (Only 2 voices) - The Ursa Major PART 1 Derpy - Shankveld - Position LOCKED. Doctor Whooves - TallBrony91- Postion LOCKED. Episode 2 - The Ursa Major PART 2 Derpy - Shankveld - Postion LOCKED. Doctor Whooves - TallBrony91 - Postion LOCKED. Snips - Rose Snails - Rose TGAP Trixie - Shankveld Rarity - Spike - Twilight Sparkle - Shankveld Applejack - Rose Rainbow Dash - Blank Flank Ursa Major (Will be doing 2 different languages. One of the languages, you do not have to know the language because it doesnt even exist.) - Rose Episode 3 - The Missing Princess Derpy - Shankveld - Postion LOCKED. Doctor Whooves - TallBrony91 - Postion LOCKED. The Mayor - Rose Nightmare Moon - Manticore (Will only have 1 scream) - Rose Rainbow Dash - Blank Flank Twilight Sparkle - Rose Princess Luna - Blank Flank Episode 4 - (coming up soon) Thanks everyone! Questions Q: How many can we try out for? A: As many as you like. As long as you can do that many voices good enough! Q: How am I supposed to audition with just the 3 story links? A: Pick a line you think is best fit that you want to say or if you want me to pick a line I will give a list of lines for each character. Q: Where is the link to Episode 1 of Doctor Whooves? A: Right here. ANNOUNCEMENT!! Tallbrony and Shankveld now PERMANENTLY have the part of Derpy (Shankveld) and Doctor Whooves (Tallbrony). AUDITIONS FOR DOCTOR WHOOVES OR DERPY HOOVES WILL BE DISREGARDED FROM NOW ON.