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Found 13 results

  1. Phew... saddle in (*RIMSHOT!*), fillies and gentlecolts, this one's gonna be a doozy. So, a while back, me and a friend came up with this idea for a Final Fantasy-styled My Little Pony RPG that would involve characters and settings ASIDE from Equestria. But not in any way you've ever seen. Ideas were tossed and turned, batted and cartwheeled, smashed and incinerated left and right, but finally, it was decided. The story would involve a young pony living on a remote island traveling to Equestria with her partner in an attempt to stop a power crazed maniac from destroying their home. However, what's interesting to note is that not only is their island so far out of Equestria's boundaries nopony outside of the island is aware of it's existence, the island lacks many of the things that Equestria has, including deserts, dragons, and even alicorns. And yes, the islands current ruler is a unicorn, not an alicorn. On the island, alicorns are believed to be only "Myth"; Make-believe beings created for the sole purpose of foals bedtime stories. So imagine this young travelers shock and surprise when she arrives in Canterlot, and meets Princess Celestia for the first time. That's not going to give her a sense of deja vu, now is it? Anyway, your ultimate goal in this game is to find the villain and put a stop to his evil plot, and sure, while you can just go straight to his lair and do that, you'd be missing out on about 80% of the game by doing so. The real center stage attraction in this game is the sidequests, kind of like Zelda: Majora's Mask, where you don't HAVE to do all the optional side stuff, but doing so will not only net you a better ending, but multiple means to boost your characters strength and powers that'll give you the edge in battle. Now, all of this is awesome to talk about, but there's just one problem: I'm a one-man force with little to NO budget to develop this game with! The best engine that I have to develop this game with is RPG Maker VX Ace, which is all fine and dandy ( it beats 2003 by a long shot ), but I can't create sprites for all the games characters ( whether they're from the show or not ), sprites for the background environments ( or ANY of the environments, for that matter ), or compose a soundtrack that fits with the style of the show. If I had those two things, I'd be working on this game from dawn till' dusk right now. So, here's what I need help with: I need someone to volunteer their time to get me the character sprites, environment sprites, and soundtrack that I need to make this thing a reality. I'm sorry to make a request of this scale with next to no money to kick around, but it's all I got to work with right now. I'm just glad I was able to catch a Steam holiday sale and get a better engine to develop the game with then RPG Maker 2003. If anyone thinks they're good enough to do that, PLEASE let me know and I'll get back to you as soon as I can with what I need. Thanks a lot, and see you again soon!
  2. I'm considering making the trip to my nearest animal shelter to lend a hand. Before I make the trip though, any of you ever volunteered or even worked for one? Any advice for a newbie? Any myths or misconceptions you'd like to bust? What does the work at the shelter actually entail?
  3. $20 for a 3-day badge, free meals during the Con, staff swag, and discounts at the Con Store? How can you lose?! Join the BABSCon Staff today, and become part of the amazing community of the BABSCon Staff who make it the amazing con it is today! Just want to get your hooves wet? Join the EUP Brigade and snag a free badge! Find out more at! The Bay Area Brony Spectacular (BABSCon) is the first convention devoted to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic in the San Francisco Bay Area. In our first year, we became the second-largest MLP con anywhere, and we’re back for our second year April 3–5, 2015 at the SFO Hyatt Regency in Burlingame, CA. Contact for more information! • • •
  4. Hello! I'm trying to adopt some adorable baby rats from a Rat rescue in Winner, SD. The problem is that I live in Hillsboro, OR and need help to get my rats (and others) over here. The rescue has started a "Rat train", a sign up to drive the rats over to Oregon, May 2nd and 3rd, but so far only the first and last legs of it is covered. The planed rout is for it to go from Winner to Salt Lake, let the rats stay the night there (we need help with that as well) and then continue the next day to Oregon. I'm asking you for help, or if you know someone who can. Here is the Facebook page that Star's rescue has for the train, feel free to share it wherever you think it might be seen; Star's Rat Rescue home page: Thank you for reading, fuzzdemon
  5. Aurelio Voltaire made a new album named Raised By Bats. I was wondering if someone else is also fan of Voltaire's new album. link to the album:
  6. Hello Everypony, I'm gonna divide this post into sections due to it being very complex. [Hiring Staff] : Q : You may say Hiring Staff Shouldn't this be under comissions? A : No, Most of the stuff under this section is just volunteers willing to help, that's exactly what i'm looking for, BUT because I Intend this "trilogy" to be a big deal, It may generate profit, If it does generate profit I'll evenly divide the total sum of profit between all volunteers and helper's Via Gift Voucher on here, or Paypal. (This is to be discusses at a later point, do not comment regarding it.) However if it does not generate profit, then we did it for good fun, and you'll all be well known by the viewers (#InItForTheFame) I will be making a Setup directly linked to my paypal, to track all profits so that you know whats going on. [Advertising] : Q : How will this make any profit at all? A : I actually have a couple youtuber friends well known enough that have agreed to announce this trilogy to all their followers / subscribers... So a LOT of people will be watching this, and I'll be uploading the trilogy to MULTIPLE video platforms and money earning platforms (Youtube, Dailymotion, Vimeo...Etc) As well as creating a kickstarter campaign after the trilogy for a short film of this, now Minus the costs of making the film for kickstarter I will divide those profits between all volunteers as well. (IF we even succeed in this.) [success Rate] : Q : How much of a chance does this even have to be a big deal? A : Well considering I have 3 relatively Influential friend willing to promote this, along with the fact that I'll be advertising it everywhere, and you volunteers can tell your friends / family... I'd say this has huge potential. [Difference] : Q : What Makes this any different from other my little pony fan creations? A : Each episode of the trilogy is going to be 30 minutes long and have huge production value making it almost as good as 3 episodes of the real show... With a twist... [DETAILS & RECRUITMENT] : I currently Have 2 Voice Actors, Myself [Producer / Editor] , 1 minor animator , and a Writer for the script. What we need - Animators : We Have [1/4] - Voice Actors : We Have [2/6] - Sound Design (SFX / Scene Music) : We Have [0/2] - Advertising Campaign (People to promote the video across the big wide Interwebs) We have [3/5] [subsection] : Recruitment : How to Apply : Leave This Application form in the comments : (I'm online Everyday so you won't have to wait more then a day for your response / tasks) : Skillset : (Animator,Voice,SFX,Ads...) (Applicable only to Voice Actors) Gender : Experience In Your Skillset : (How many Years of practice / Education) What Makes You the right candidate for this ? (In your own words and opinion) I look forward to your replies, and have a wonderful day everypony! *BroHoof* /)
  7. Does anyone know when staffing/volunteer opened up last year? Just curious. I was way too late last year but this year I'm planning to be far too early.
  8. I have a MEP that's been going on for quite sometime. However, I still need volunteers. If you make anime AMVs, then you are wanted! If you're interested, the rules, available parts, and all other details are in the description of the video below. Thank you!
  9. Hi guys today i thought i should start a new youtube channel. Im going to call it BronyBlogDays and i need to have some people who are creative or just wanna have fun For the CREATIVE- We would need a cool Youtube profile picture, some art work, some music which can be made by YOU. Ill probably Accept any type of music. We would need intros and More creative ideas you can put in the comments For the HAVING FUN GUYS- We would need as many as posible people joining skype and doing a PodCast of somesort and a some brony vlog/blog videos or a add on to the vlog/blog and podcast. We might do some Brony type gaming videos and more. If you want to be included add me on MLP Forums and Skype: Demon.x4 and we will start doing some podcasts, vlog, blogs, gaming and what ever you guys really want. Ill be happy to welcome any brony and any age. Come along and have fun
  10. As a few friends of mine and I were Role Playing on Skype, I came up with an idea that, since this RP was long, we should create a YT series of it. This means that we'll need as much help as we can get. Just like Double Rainboom, we'll have separate teams in order to make this work. We'll need an animation team, a sound effects team, a music team (creating both background music and songs to be sung), an artist team (creating posters and art displaying the series), a few voice actors/actresses, a background art team (creating backgrounds for each scene), a puppet making team (creating puppets of each character in the series),...and that's all I can think of at the top of my head. Anyway, what we're currently looking for is a high quality artist to create one (if not more) movie poster. If any of you guys say yes, then contact me or Drew on Skype (use either Shadow Lux100, or DTF) Don't have Skype? Then contact us on our homepages. We're looking for as many helpers as we can, so please help us out! Assistant Director, ~Shadowlux100
  11. Responding to @SCS's questions is a good start. WARNING: There may be unpleasantness in this post. I speak of the happy and the unhappy sides of rescue and pet ownership, so if you're sensitive, you might want to avoid certain parts that are set to a spoiler format. "How did you get started doing this?" Because of Clifford the Cherry-headed Conure with funny feet (splay-legs)... I had a Dusky Conure named Elly*. I got her from Petco. At the time, I wasn't too fluent in the ways of larger birds and the concept of animal adoption. Many people aren't, and actually, that's why I do what I do - I teach people in order to give better lives to both the pets and the pet owners. I've had misc. pets all my life, but never really a social, goofy, that wants to cling to you and give kisses. I had mostly doves, quails, fancy pigeons, budgies (which are actually very smart with cuddle-potential, I was just too young to embrace this fact), and because of this, I wasn't going to get an animal I wasn't going to take care of. Many people don't take to that concept unfortunately (again, why I do what I do). Many people get a pet on impulse, then they loose interest and So Elly got me hooked to the cuteness that was conures. So I wanted one as wallpaper for my work computer. I was linked to I saw they had conures for adoption. I thought "Who would want to get rid of their conure?" That's when I saw Clifford. He had a heart next to his name, indicating he was a Special Needs pet. My mom's home all the time, so if there was a special need that had to be monitored, she was there to tend to the buddy when I wasn't. I got more information about him from the wildlife center and went to pick him up... or so I thought. I had to fill out thorough, but necessary, paper work. I even needed to have a home inspection. This was very unlike Petco where all I had to do was sign a paper I didn't read. I had a pre-visit with him, and all was well. That's how I learned about proper adoption protocol. This is to make sure animals aren't given to breeders, hoarders, people who smoke excessively, who have anything that could effect their sensitive respiratory systems, kids that want to poke and prod the poor thing, and so on... I had to get him a shorter-yet wider cage, low set bowls and perches, bird toys, and I had a towel I would have to change and clean often to keep his booty and tummy clean. Funny thing: We didn't tell my dad about getting Clifford, but when I finally got cleared, Dad came home, and instead of the usual, "Why did you get that? We don't need it." He smiled, pet his head, and asked "Aw, how you doing little guy?" I had discovered my dad's weakness. He was a bird person. *More about Elly She ended up being adopted by my dad when I moved out because she's madly in love with him and now likes to pinch my finger and do her evil laugh. This sometimes happens when you get younger birds and after age X (depends on the bird) they go all hormonal and prefer one human gender or another - aka stuff pet stores don't make you aware of.
  12. Rather simple. Have you done any volunteering or other non-paid work for an organization, company or group? Give us the breakdown on the who, how and why you did so :3 I've so far accumulated over seventy hours working in the Peace and Justice Center, a small shop that sells products from around the world. These products are collected from vendors, or, very large, international companies that redistribute those products from farmers, merchants and other people in developing countries like Africa, and aid these artisans by widening their market and working with them to better establish a business. They do this in support of Fair Trade, as opposed to Free Trade. Fair Trade, unlike Free Trade, promotes rights, fair pay, fair working conditions, and environmentally friendly bi-products all along the supply chain. So that everyone from the guy in Africa making a small piece of your product, to the guy assembling the finished product in a factory in China, all get fair treatment. I originally started because my school made it mandatory to have forty hours of community service in order to graduate. But after I reached that amount, I fund to enjoy the small store, and my boss, that I've decided to continue volunteering there until I get myself a real job that I need to focus on.
  13. Not sure if this is the right place to put this, but here goes nothing: I'm a 14 year old hobbyist 3D modeler, and although I'm pretty good, there are a lot of things that I should be better at than I currently are after two years of on and off modeling. For example, texturing. So, having noticed this, I decided that I'd be on the lookout for any game dev projects that might be in need of an extra modeler for small/medium sized tasks that I'd be able to easily handle and yet still gain some practice that I've been longing for. I know Legends of Equestria was hiring volunteer modelers, but seeing as the required age was 16 and I'm two years younger than that, it was immediately out of the question. Does anybody know of such projects? If you do, I'd love to hear about it. Thanks in advance!