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Found 74 results

  1. With election day in America almost upon us, I'm curious as to how many people are actually going to be casting votes this year. Are you a registered voter? Are you too young to vote? Are you disillusioned about American politics in general and couldn't care less about who wins? Let us know in the comments below.
  2. What kind of brony are you? If other please explain
  3. i was wondering this and thought i'd try to get your opinion
  4. The World Cup Returns Back in 2014 a member here launched a poll tournament (here) which was inspired by the FIFA 2014 World Cup. A tournament that would pit 64 characters against each other in poll based matches until just one champion remained. The MLPF inaugural World Cup started in December 2013 and didn't concluded until July 2014 with a Final Match between Fluttershy and Twilight Sparkle. Twilight was crowned the ultimate winner in grand fashion. Unlike character popularity polls that happened before and since, this one felt more like an event in its own right. The team behind the event created images of flags, jerseys, and anthems for the top 32 characters. There were 'interviews with characters by characters' in each match, provided by Batbrony. What started as a normal pony popularity poll grew to a 300+ page thread of character analysis and adoration. Some members created several amusing RP centric posts describing their characters in epic stories that rival Greek Mythology. Most of my first personal interactions on this forum started in that thread, and it was around this time that I became a die hard Rarity fan. This was all championed and run solely by the membership, showcasing that fantastic events do not always come from staffers. As 2014 drew to a close, I wondered at the end of this match if we would ever see it again. Welp, looks like the answer is yes. Starting this month, The World Cup returns again, but updated to reflect the changing nature of the show. Before you go into how this works I want to thank @Batbrony, @PathfinderCS, @Randimaxis, Frostilicious*, for their advice and help with this whole shibang. Thanks for being on Team World Cup! Wild Card Round FAQ and Results General FAQ Qualification Round FAQ and Final Results WORLD CUP POSTING RULES All Forum Rules apply here! I'm not staff, but that guy over there watching you ... he is! That said, remember to heed this general wisdom: Try not to walk in here motivated to antagonize fans of a specific character. This isn't generally the best platform for debates on how Starlight Glimmer ruined your childhood, or how anyone who is a fan of Diamond Tiara is bad and should feel bad. Basically, don't be a jerk and overdo it. It is one thing to poke fun at a character's tendency to react a certain way. That can be great fun and is in line with the gentle ribbing one should expect. It's another to be all, "Ermahgerd, Twilight is werst pon1 5ever!" Now, on the flip side, please don't get all hot and bothered if someone cracks a joke about a character. Don't be oversensitive. We all love our favorites, but sportsman like ribbing is not a personal attack. Great. Now I want ribs. Mmmm. Barbecue. Bacon. THIS IS OUR MASCOT. THERE ARE MANY LIKE IT BUT THIS ONE IS OURS! PYRALIS, PHOENIX MASCOT OF THE MLPF WORLD CUP.
  5. All right, if Daring Do loses, there's gonna be some words said.
  6. Set your alarms fillies and gentlecolts ... this begins tomorrow at 9:00 am EST Group 13 Wildcard - Ponyville (Twilight & Star Swirl) Neon Lights vs Nyx Shadowbolt vs Gilda Group 15 Wildcard - Seaquestria (Novo & Mistmane) Sugar Belle vs Cloudy Quartz Sweetie Bot vs Surprise
  7. OH MY GOD IS THAT AN UNDERTALE REFERENCE???? Yeah I've been waiting for this too.
  8. Okay then. We resume the World Cup this fine Easter with groups 9 and 10. Will you guys opt for the deer of White Tail Woods, or go with Twilight's Dad? Can anyone end up beating Stygian, or is he going to be stuck between Tom and a hard place.
  9. Welcome to the MLPF World Cup Wild Card Round. The schedule for this entire round is simple. Starting today you will vote on two groups at once. Eliminating two characters from each group. The following day the winners of the first round of the preceding round face off with the winning character officially joining the team they are competing for. After two teams have been completed, there will be a 'bye day' with no poll. Ties will be decided based on the following rules: Highest total cumulative votes for a character breaks tie. Prior tie breaking rounds will count toward the cumulative. If cumulative voting record is tied, winner will be decided by coin toss. The first round vote is absolutely crucial and will determine the pool of available back-up players later on the tournament. Elimination in this stage is complete elimination and the character will not be available for future replacement. Vote wisely. Team Everfree Forest - Zecora and Octavia Melody Gummy vs. Royal Guard Sonata Dusk vs. Igneous Rock Pie Team Maretonia - Queen Chrysalis and Marble Pie Celaeno vs Flash Magnus Mare Do Well vs. Little Strongheart
  10. WILD CARD INFORMATION Later today the first leg of the team creation rounds will be over, and I have been preparing to segue into the next round, the Wild Card Round. In each group you picked two of the three individuals that you want to move on to the World Cup, leaving one spot open. In each group you eliminated four characters from contention and allowed four other characters to survive. The Wild Card Round is designed for you to pick the final spot on each team. Until now, voting was done as multiple choice, for this round, you will be choosing one character to move on. The estimated time for this leg of the team building rounds will be equal to the previous leg of this competition depending on feedback. Remember, the overall length of this competition was intended to take us through a good portion of 2018. The mechanics of how you will select each final spot were originally conceived as a playoff system, however I am going to set up a poll later today and leave the decision up to the community. Here are the proposed Wild Card voting mechanics. Option 1 - Playoff System (Seeded Selection) Each group's Wild Card contenders received a specific number of votes, allowing them to be ranked 1-4 in most cases. The proposal is that each group will have two rounds of matches - Wild Card Semifinal and Wild Card Final. These are head to head - character vs character - matches. The first round will pit the highest voted Wild Card character in that group against the lowest (so 1 vs 4), while the characters who received the second and third highest amount of votes (2 vs 3) will face each other. The winner of each Semifinal match will proceed to the Final match where you will select the character who will fill the last slot on the team. Since will will be visiting each group twice, every daily poll would likely need to have two groups going at the same time. Otherwise it would add an extra month or so to the tournament. See the below screenshot of how this would look in practice. Wild Card Semifinal match setup (Seeded Playoff) Gummy received the most votes between him, Royal Guard, Igneous, and Sonata. Royal Guard received the fewest votes so they go head to head. Sports fans would recognize this system, but I wanted to make sure it makes sense for non-sports fans as well. After the winners are decided we would go to the Wild Card Final for the same group. See below. Wild Card Final match setup (Seeded Playoff) The winners of the previous matches play each other for the third and final spot on the team. This means every two days we would complete two groups team rosters under this system as we move through the competition. If there were ties in the first qualifier rounds, matches will be randomly generated. If there are ties in The Wild Card, ties will be decided based on total votes from the previous matches with the highest total vote count deciding the winner. Ties in that condition will require a coin flip to decide. There is another option as well. Simpler, but perhaps less exciting. Option 2 - Winner Takes All This would be identical to how we held the first leg. All four characters in a group are placed in one poll. The highest voted character fills the final spot. One group per day until we go through each group and have the final selections. Ties will be decided based on head to head. Second ties will be decided based on the highest total votes up to that point in all phases thus far. If that ties, coin flip. See example setup below. Option 3 - Playoff System (Random Selection) This is identical to the first option, except the Wild Card opponents will be randomly generated instead of past voting determining who they will face. I will leave it up to you guys on what mechanic the majority prefers. Captains and Team Coach Preview As I mentioned previously, each team will have a Captain (voted by you) for simplicity and to influence visuals like team flags and team jerseys. There is another reason for the Captain. It should be mentioned that I will be introducing a Coaching Mechanic that will allow members to join a team as their Coach (or one of their Coaches) that will allow the opportunity to release characters, trade characters with another team, and pick up previously eliminated characters (with limitations) in order to build a more competitive team. Coaches will make this decision at specific periods in the competition and will be able to update the roster by trading with another team or through releasing and picking up another character - except for the Captain who is always set in stone. You may want to consider this as we move forward in this tournament, as this will be a game changer and unpredictable variable. Details will be forthcoming as we wrap up the Wild Card. At any rate, the poll regarding the exact mechanics on the Wild Card will go live later today and you can voted on the three above options. In the end, both will take the same amount of time, one is just slightly more simpler to follow and track, but may be less exciting overall.
  11. After this Round we will have gone through all 32 groups once. Almost two months of voting and posting and laughing. Traditionally, this is the lighter of the rounds in activity too ... I can't wait to see what happens the further we get into this. As some here may not know, almost instantly after Luna showed up in Luna Eclipsed, riding a chariot drawn by Bat Ponies, a few /mlp/ denizens got together and created Midnight Blossom, thought to be the first fandom Bat Pony OC. Midnight Blossom
  12. All righty, Discord and Cadence were obvious choices here, but I also have to give a vote to this sweet lass. Though I will admit guilt for not voting Whiplash for one obvious reason...sorry Whiplash the Mustache.
  13. Good morning, everyone! My name is Starlight Glimmer and joining me today- Is none other than the Great and Powerful Trixie! Yep, and we're here with- Spike, um, why are you wearing a fake mustache? Haven’t you heard they’re making a comeback, just look at the top competitors over the past few groups, yeah I’m not one to break up the trend. It wouldn’t surprise me if Cattail does well enough for that reason. Oh, if we’re getting dressed up let me get my cloak! Trixie, couldn’t you have at least waited before we finish the gree…and she’s gone. Well while we’re waiting on her let me, Thorax as the official king of the Changeling Kingdom welcome everyone to this group of the competition. If you don’t know since we’re all good friends in this group, we thought we’d do some live commentary during today’s events. Wow, this is really weird doing all this official stuff, yet it’s so exhilarating. Yep, so we’ll be talking about the stats as they happen, and we’ll check in on the other competitors as they see fit. Whatever happens we’re also available to reach out to and…okay now this thing is getting itchy. Trixie has returned! What did I miss? Nothing in fact it hasn’t even started yet, so while we wait for it to begin, let’s take this time to welcome everyone and say good luck out there to the competition it’s going to be a tough one alright. Good luck everyone, and thanks for joining us, we’ll be back as soon as it begins!
  14. Okay, Windy Whistles and YAK SMASH Prince Rutherford definitely get votes for me, but Tempest gets my biggest vote. Seriously; VOTE FOR HER!!!
  15. Alright, let’s go Scootaloo and Rumble! Best pegasus foals! Little story, back when I started watching the show and following the fandom, I was very much drawn to Scootaloo and the fanon theories that she was an orphan. I myself had just recently lost my parents (Mom in Jan.2010, and Dad in Oct.2011) so I was naturally drawn to her character. I even made an attempt at a fanfic about her. Sleepless in Ponyville is still one of my favorite episodes, and it’s been really fulfilling to see her growing up (though not taller). As for Rumble, well, I’ve always been a big fan of his design, and he had a really good episode last season.
  16. Go Flam!
  17. Go, rave and booze! Go, Pacfic Glow! Go, Berry Punch!
  18. I have a feeling this one is going to be difficult for some. Also, can't help but notice a connecting thread in this group.
  19. Fashion Plate ... what are you doing? Fashion Plate ... stahp!
  20. And this is going to be interesting! New poll is up. We have Luna and NIghtmare Moon in the same group, and Pinkie Pie ... the last of the Mane Six. This is one group to follow people. Also, I updated the dates for the last nine groups to increase the rate of the cadence so this part of the World Cup will now wrap up four days earlier before we start doing Wildcard matches.
  21. Men, Bon bon, Limestone, Button mom and Somnabumbula all have 3 votes!