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Found 40 results

  1. Okay I am very very very bored... What do you all prefer? Breakfast vs lunch vs dinner? I like breakfast the best but when I can actually nom on some good stuff like bacon and waffles with all that yummy syrup.
  2. This is a character vs character battle. It's pretty simple, someone above you will give you 2 characters from the show (they can be pony, griffon, zebra, etc.) that are near the same strength and you have to decide who would win. Also give some sort of a description on why (I'm interested on why you chose ______). The closer of strength the characters are to each other, the harder it is for the next pony. So let's say I got Twilight vs Starlight, in this scenario I think Starlight could win, but it'd be close. In S5 finale the only reason Twi won was because of her friendship skills but if it was just a 1 v 1, no hold bars, GlimGlam would, just like she initially was S5 finale. Fluttershy Vs Marble Pie
  3. Solo Türk is a one-man air aerobatics performed by the Turkish Air Force demonstration team using the F-16 C Blok-40 jet fighter. The main aerobatic demonstration team offers the level of maneuverability and training of Turkish pilots like Turkish Stars. The team appeared for the first time as part of the 100th anniversary of the Turkish Air Force and exhibited its show. They showed up at the Akıncı Air Base in Ankara at this event on April 15, 2011. Performing demonstration flights at local and international events such as Teknofest Istanbul. Soloturk My OC
  4. I know this isn't mlp, but I was too lazy to find another forum website What show in your opinion is best? Speed Racer from the 1960's, or Doctor Who (older version or the 2005 remake)? this is going to be the first of my questions of this, if it is allowed on these forums. (I also am posting on here since the Roblox forums closed, and MLP is one of my favorite shows, so...) please tell me if there is a problem with me posting these kinds of things on this forum website, since I saw other postings about things other than My Little Pony, so I probably will be confused if this is not allowed to be on here.
  5. So, season 8 is upon us and it has been pretty good so far! I thought I would make this thread as a continuous stream of "episode vs episode thoughts" throughout season 8 and see how it compares to the previous season, I would like you all to join me in that. School Daze vs Celestial Advice/All Bottled Up: I think School Daze takes the cake here, it was a joint episode which I think is better to open a season with and it actually set something up for the rest of the season, with good new characters and great new animation. Point S8 The Maud Couple VS A Flurry of Emotions: I think this one is a genuine tie, both do what they wanted quite well, both have good humor and good pacing. So yeah, no points there. Current Points: Season 8: 1 Season 7: 0 Will update the thread as time goes on and new episodes are released, I ask that no leaks are brought in here until the fully finished episodes are out.
  6. So, the season 3 finale was kind of when the show began a new, Twilight is an alicorn, season 4 premiere takes place 1 year after the season 1 premiere, and I use to see a lot of hate *primarily during season 6) and people saying that the show was way better in the old days, I am curious what people really think, do you prefer seasons 1,2, and 3. Or do you prefer seasons 4,5,6, and 7(so far) For me personally, I consider 4,5, and 7 to be the top 3 seasons of the show, followed by 2, 3, 6,1 so for me it's 4-7, I think besides season 6 which I still enjoyed, the show has been on mostly a constant uprise.
  7. Ok, right now there is a mini war going on in Sir.Flutter Hooves status update about who is better; Tom the Diamond (apparently he is a rock to some) or Bloomberg the Tree. So I decided to create a thread for the two best characters of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic to decide who is better. Vote above and tell reasons below. I'll go with Bloomberg on this. While Tom was pretty cool, nothing can compare to Bloomberg's amazing ballad in his episode. He also appeared before Tom in an episode. Plus, he has his own private train cabin which is something Tom never got. Bloomberg is just so awesome. VOTE FOR BLOOMBERG.
  8. Hello, this time in my Blog i just wanted to show you guys, my most well known Videos for my old youtubechannel, before i lost the password...there not amazing, but...dont know, maybe the one or another finds them interesting of some sort. I start the first part with my two most clicked videos..the reason why i dont put more on it, is simply because, only two Videos shows direct in the post while the other links just stay normal links Kid vs Kat Tribute - JQ Wake Up ( this was requested by a youtube user, and at this time, my english wasnt that good, so i didnt understood, what this song was about...i guess its not a so harmless song...but either way, the Video became my most popular Video Ever ) And second my Kid vs Kat Cartoon, which i made because i was a huge fan of the show Kid vs Kat, so i made a short cartoon, with my original KVK Characters and Litli, an oval smiley which was my first self created character ever ! ( beware, terrible german voice acting ahead ) For the english people on this forum...well...dont know, maybe you find the voices funny But since i cant go back to my old channel, im unable to upload an english version, sry ) This time ive used one of my own drawings as an entry image, since this post is somehow promoting my stuff...even though the old channel is dead
  9. Wich one do you guys like more? Personally, I love rock way more because I grew up with it and I think it sounds better. I've been arguing with a friend on this subject for a while, maybe you could help end the debate.
  10. Super Bowl 50 is in the record books, and after the dust settled, Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos came out on top. What are your thoughts on the 50th edition of the Super Bowl? Personally, I think it wasn't as exciting as I thought it would be, though Von Miller put on quite a show, forcing 2 fumbles from Cam Newton. The second half was quite boring, IMHO.
  11. Ok, I have another poll for two fillies that don't really get a lot of love. Diamond Tiara or Silver Spoon. Vote above and put reasons below. Like last time, here are some pictures. Do I really need to say who I like better? SPOILER: It's Silver Spoon.
  12. Which do you prefer? I have yet to learn how to drive stick myself although I have practiced some. I just haven't mastered it yet. I really want to learn how to drive stick-shift and I think I would prefer it over Auto. But for you all what transmission do you prefer overall?
  13. This is something i've been meaning to post, but could never find the time. Here it is! Do you prefer the older seasons (S1,2,3) to the newer ones (4,5), or vice versa? I kinda prefer the old ones. They make me laugh and smile a lot more. It seems an innocent time when the show was more about the growing friendship about a few characters, yet now it's just big ol' Princess Twilight dragging her way-too-serious friends around Equestria where they can do no wrong. Of course that statement was a little too strong, but it's the best way I could word it. The new stuff is still good, hence I'm still an avid fan, but I wish it coul be a little more like the good old days of 2010. So what do y'all think? Smack a reply in the south.
  14. I propose a challenge!! Similar to a previous thread I made back in December, I challenge anyone who reads this, to name a fictional character who can beat my own. Who can beat Battler Ushiromiya, the Golden Endless Scorcerer? Rules: no omnipotent/nigh omnipotent characters, other than that, you may use any character in fiction. Give reasons as to why your character would win. You may name up to 5 characters. Oh, and you cannot use Battler himself, or characters from his own verse. Just some friendly advice, by the way, I suggest that, if you wish to have any chance at all of beating him, you should name very, very heavy hitters in fiction. Bring it on. :3 Here's a theme for the battle: Anyone? Come on, you know you want to!!
  15. So I've been hearing about The Steven Universe fandom and the Brony fandom having a rivalry or something? Is it on some place I don't look. What exactly triggered this? Why are fandom wars even a thing?
  16. An all out battle between the two of them in the throne room, who wins? Twilight and Cadence are protecting civilians so the two can go all out. I go with Celestia. Not only is she the elder, but she's more mature and less tempermental than Luna. Also, Chrysalis uses her as the benchmark for power(Even stronger than Celestia!) and seems to not view Luna as a threat at all, so Celestia is probably stronger than Moon-Butt
  17. Who shall Win? Princess Luna? OR! Jigglypuff!?
  18. I've been playing horror games for a while now, and I've loved them. But I really like watching horror movies too, I grew up watching the classics. But since I've started to play games like slender, scp, and stairwell, I haven't had a movie even make me flinch. And it got me wondering if I'm too use to playing the games that movies no longer scare me. In my opinion, games are way more intense, they're so immersive and fun! What do you guys think?
  19. Not sure if this belongs here, but I'll give it a shot. Anyway, this fight from Spectacular Spider-Man is, IMO, one of the best cartoon fights I've ever seen. So yeah, I'm posting this thread to see if you can find any other similarly awesome fights from cartoon
  20. Ok im tired of my friends saying Kratos from God of War (PS3) could beat Master Chief from Halo (Xbox 360) I need some opinions up in here! A DeathMatch of 2 Spartans clashing it out! Who Would WIN!!!???
  21. If we match up Tirek vs Motaro (full centaur form) who would win? Tirek has access to his dark rainbow and Motaro has access to his full move repertoire from the game. VS
  22. Who wins in this battle? IDK why it's so popular, probably because both are flagships for their respective companies and are really popular. In any case, I say Spider-Man rips Batman in half with minimal effort. He's three times as strong as Bane of Killer Croc and at least 40x faster. Adding to that his webbing and Spider Sense, he's got this in the bag. I know some people disagree, so let's have a debate thread I really hope vs threads are allowed Rules Both fighters have no knowledge of the other and carry standard gear. Assume this is a random encounter. The location is NYC Both are going for the kill and have no morals We're using the canon comic versions of both characters Give evidence to support your argument
  23. ok here the deal. pick who would be on whose side and why. determine strategies for all sides. and who would win here my picks solar empire members: me, rainbow dash, applejack, twi, scootaloo, white coated royal guard members, cadance, shining armor, wonderbolts, big mac, granny smith new lunar republic members: rarity, sweetie belle, bat ponies, dark coated royal guard, trixie, gilda, shadowbolts, djpon3/vinyl scratch, octavia. peace core members: fluttershy, pinkie pie,applebloom, derpy, doctor whooves, berry punch , lyra, carrot top, winner: solar empire
  24. Luna decides to take the throne again, without transforming so she stays in control of herself. Celestia has had enough of Luna's bullshit and decides to fight all out, not holding back. Same with Luna. They are fighting in Canterlot and if needed, can call upon their guards to help them. Twilight and Cadence are watching the brawl and will protect civilians so that there won't be any collateral I think Celestia wins, she's more calm that Luna. Being angry and reckless in a battle never ends well. That along with the fact that I believe Celestia is slightly stronger