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Found 4 results

  1. Doom wads are back in action with the follow up of a new DooM WAD project I am currently making. I am proud to announce LulaDooM. A DooM WAD where you play as Trixie fragging angry Mages and Wizards who for some reason want to frag her. More news will come in the future discussing my progression, and hopefully I don't give up and abandon it. In fact I won't give up, I'm gonna beat this project even if it kills me. Anyway, I could do with some more pixel artist for the sprites (I currently have two including myself). If you want to help then PM me and we'll get straight to work. P.S. Moderators, you know what to do if I've stuck this in the wrong place AGAIN. Cover art (made by me):
  2. Ignore please. This was a bad idea from the start.
  3. One of the original FPS games... is 20 years old! I remember my father playing it when I was a wee lad, and I've been playing to this day! my 20th isn't too far behind either!
  4. Over the course of time I have worked on maps for the old game called "Doom". In this blog I will update how I am doing, where I am at, etc. For my most recent megawad called: Doomed. For any of you who care. A Youtube video showing the first map can be seen here: The second map will be shown in the next blog update. These maps were made, expecting to be played with the wad "Brutaldoom" although it is not necessary. This wad is what gives all the new guns, graphics, etc. You are required to be able to jump and crouch on these maps. There is nothing fancy like scripts, new textures, etc. All the textures are from the Iwad "Doom 2" and all the guns and monsters are from the wad "Brutaldoom" The exact version of Brutaldoom used in this video is called: brutalgzdoom016b ATM I'm on map 05, with a goal with at least over twenty maps. Expect this to be up in a couple years. Comments and Feedback would be appreciated. (: