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Found 3 results

  1. This is a post where you can post you waifus, gaifus, and husbandos for people to see. Please keep pictures clean and NO NSFW images. When you post you waifus, gaifus/husbandos tell why they are you waifu or gaifu/husbandos.
  2. Let's say there's tons of TV shows about Humans in an alternate MLP FIM universe and Internet, enough said. And there's reality TV rated show called Earth, where the Ponies watch what us Humans are open to with magic... and do nasty thing to us on their Internet, enough said. So would the Ponies Waifus be? Like celebrities or famous people in general. Fluttershy, possibly Steve Irwin. Rainbow Dash Harrison Ford from his younger years in Indiana Jones.
  3. So, we're all fans of one pony, or sometimes two. What's the level, however, of you loving your favorite pony? Rate yourself on this scale: Fan: Your favorite pony relates/completely unrelates to you. She/he feels like a friend. However, it's not like ALL your attention is focused on him/her. The other ponies are interesting to you as well, and you may change favorites occasionally. Fangirl/fanboy: All your attention is constantly focused on that one pony, and him/her alone. Your favorite episodes include him/her most of the time. Very rarely do you ever change favorites. SHE'S MY WAIFU: You dream of marrying her/him. You're unusually attached to this cartoon character in a way you probably shouldn't be. You always say that you're a LOT like this character. Usually, you don't look much at the other characters. Come up with your own scale if you want.