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Found 7 results

  1. Most of us are probably playing the waiting game right now, whether it's for feedback on your art or fanfiction, your food order to be filled, or bedtime. What are YOU waiting for? Me? I'm waiting for the iPad Mini I ordered from Best Buy to get here. I'm pretty sure it will come either today or tomorrow. I spent all day yesterday waiting before I remembered that UPS doesn't ship on Presidents' Day. XD
  2. Season 5 is finally over! With a season containing so many great and memorable moments, it isn't hard to imagine why some of us may feel a little down with the lack of new episodes. But fear not! Season 6 is just around the corner, and I'm sure it'll be just as, if not more, grand as the last one. Feel free to use this thread to express your thoughts on the wait for new episodes, and to share any news regarding the new season.
  3. Sup brahs? Who's ready for season 7? Let's talk about what we wanna see on there, and what news is out! And when the season finally gets released, we can talk about what we think is gonna happen next, and how we feel about the episodes! GO!
  4. Hey there everypony! I hope that most of you knows about the PonyTown game ( and that the server is down at the moment. Who's waiting eagerly for this game getting fixed to play it again? What do you guys think: is this game worth the wait or not and what must be added in future updates?
  5. Hi everyone, So as the title suggests, which hiatus was the hardest for you to go through? For me, it's a tossup between the season 4 & season 5 hiatus. For season 4, you have to remember what everyone's mindset was like back in 2013. Twilight just became an Alicorn and the 1st Equestria Girls was released in select theaters (I remember not being able to get seats during opening weekend because the tickets were all sold out ). Let's just say that we were all antsy to see if anything would change in the show now that our titular main character had ascended. Speculation was at an all time high at this point as many people were throwing in their $0.02. Some people outright left the fandom, while others (myself included) stuck around knowing that the show was in good hands . For season 5, aside from replacing Twilight's library with her castle (R.I.P. Golden Oakes) nothing too dramatic occurred that would cause an uproar like the season 3 finale. However, I think we all remember the sheer length of the hiatus though. 11 MONTHS WITHOUT A NEW EPISODE OF PONY!?!?!?! I think many of us were nearly losing our minds towards the end (kinda like Twilight in Lesson Zero actually ). For the amount of time that they made us wait, i'm probably gonna go with the wait for season 5 as the most painful of them all! On the other end of the spectrum, which hiatus went by the quickest? That award goes to the wait for season 6. After what we went through waiting for season 5, I think it only toughened all of us for any lengthy breaks that Hasbro could throw at us. I'm curious to see what your thoughts are. Discuss away
  6. ... Is basically how the fandom will be like when MLP goes off the air except more empty.
  7. So I had the great pleasure to order two things from We Love Fine this week. This. And this. (Which is my favorite jacket ever.) But my question is this: Their website says they make everything when you order, so how long does it take to actually get the things you order? I know it says it ships within 7 days after it's made but how long does it take to make? I'm just excited and want to know how long I'll have to wait.