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Found 9 results

  1. I have done it quite a few times... mostly from being distracted. It doesn't feel to good either. So how about everybody else here? Storys? Did it happen to you alot or does it still happen? Yeah xD ^-^
  2. I recently bought another framed piece to hang on my wall so I was wondering if other people do it. I personally find the walls of a house quite empty without something in there to bring life and breath fresh air into the environment. Before I used to only appreciate the art through a computer screen but now that I see those same pieces framed on my wall it really is something special. The experience is completely on a different level. Especially if you have communicated with the artist personally or through any kind of system. I think that only adds to the value of the piece. From the two pieces I currently have I think at the moment the one where I was in contact with the artist is speaking more to me than the one where I wasn't. If you have any thought feel free to say them.
  3. Title says it. What's on your wall? Are you a big fan of hanging things on it or nah? My room is completely covered in band and anime posters, along with art of my ocs. Couldn't find a thread like this yet and was curious so
  4. I don't know how to draw any more or how to do it. Nothing seems to be going good for me whenever I try to draw something, I can't as so much as draw a circle. I feel like I'm doing something wrong all the time and angers me. I've been in creative blocks before but I feel I've reached rock bottom this time. I don't want to give up drawing because I want to get better but the ideas aren't flowing on what to draw or how I should go about it. Picture relevant Any ideas?
  5. Its really simple, and I made it quickly Took 15-25 minutes Its my OC Shining Snow I really don't know why I made this, I just really needed to draw something Some critique? Thank you
  6. I am strangely not tired, since I was up till 4 am making this. Yeah I'm tired. Oh well. Inspiration to draw strangely hit me at 2:30 am or something like that, can't remember. I should draw at night more often, more creative juices. I also got bold and tried out a new style, it's supposed to look rough, and tried adding shadows. Well this is my OC Dark Moon, a young version of him always, having a mental crisis it appears. I listened to The Wall by Pink Floyd 1.5 times while drawing this, so yeah this is heavily influenced by that.
  7. Hello everyone, Raccoon briefly here before I have to return to my not being able to come on here. I just came to say that I have now fully EV trained a Pokemon for the first time. My Porygon 2, (who I named Cyber Wall), is now very defensive from both Special and Physical attacks. Here's what I put my EVs into: HP: 252 (Killed many Stunfisk) Def:176 (Killed many Roggenrolas) SpD:80 (Killed many Frillishes) Add an Eviolite as well, and my Porygon 2 is almost unstoppable. Here are the moves it knows: Toxic Ice beam thunderbolt Recover Ability: Trace Getting a porygon in the first place was tough in the first place because I deleted my original Platinum save file. Had to go through a lot of the game just to get to the place where I get a Porygon. After all I did, I say it was worth it. So happy I was finally able to EV train a Pokemon. <3 Don't know what I'll EV train next. It might be roserade, or maybe something else. I don't know yet. Anyway, see you guys later. :3 (Btw, while I normally don't care about IVs, they seem pretty good overall. It has a 31 in special attack and it's in the 20s for Def and SpD).
  8. Troll. Everybody throws this term around. It’s a common term. “[X] just trolled me!” “[X] is a troll!”. How many of you know what “troll” actually means. Since the dawn of Man, humans have interacted with each other socially. It’s human nature to socialize, converse. Communicate and cooperate. But enough with this pretty-sounding psychology crap I’m using to pad this out to make myself look smarter than I am. On any method of communication on the Internet, be it forums, chats, IRCs, anything, there are people who all share common interests, but I am using Internet forums as an example, for the purpose of consistency. These forums exist for those who share those interests to discuss them. There’s an element of harmony on a forum, the people getting along and discussing the things they hold an interest in. Now, with all this harmony, everything seems perfect, right? Everybody is happy discussing said interests. What could go wrong? Chaos. Some people, however, find joy in breaking these elements of harmony. There are many reasons a person may wish to bring forth chaos to an Internet forum. Here are a small number of them. The individual enjoys harassing people. The individual hates the topic of the forum. The individual wants to make those who hold interest in the topic of the forum look bad. The individual is just a misanthrope who dislikes seeing people happy. Now that you partially understand the scope, now you are possibly asking “But, what’s the term for one of these people who does these things”? Well, you already know the term, and you’ve probably said it, in fact. Troll. A troll will attempt to ingrain themselves into a community, so they can cause as much chaos as possible. A troll’s job is better when they are trusted. For one, a moderator is more likely to ban a new member when they act out than an established one. A troll will gain a position of trust in a community, and once they’ve formed pseudo-friendships with members of the community, their work begins. Some of the telltale signs of a troll are: Seemingly doing their best to start an argument. Frequently appearing to be attempting to perpetuate an argument, after an argument has settled down. (Example: “That guy called you a jerk. Go call him a jerk back!” and “But he’s not right, you are. Don’t back down!”) Jumping from side-to-side in an argument, to fuel it. (Examples: “Belcho the White Wizard is the strongest, Joe!” “Bob, Farty the Black Wizard is better!”) Bringing up subjects they know cause issues in the community. (Broad examples would be frequently bringing up sexuality, morality regarding abortion, religion) The essence of a troll, as I have indirectly stated, is a person who enjoys the misery of others. Who gets joy, or “lulz” from seeing others get upset and angry. A troll likes nothing better than seeing good friends become angry enemies, seeing healthy communities becoming Internet wastelands. A troll uses social engineering techniques to accomplish this. Now, you may have also asked “But what about those guys who do annoying post disgusting images, call names, and similar things?” Well, the answer is; those are not trolls. They are something else entirely. Griefers. Most of the time, when people say “Troll” they mean “Griefer”. A griefer will skip the social engineering, and directly post offensive content. Racist posts, shock images, mass-spamming, they go for maximum offense on the get-go. Examples are “ is a [racial slur here]” “[community/subculture here] is/are a bunch of pathetic losers!” In the end, many times, when a person is called a “troll” they are neither trolling nor griefing. They are just posting something that the person who happens to be reading it happens to dislike. Being merely tricked/annoyed is far from trolling, and if somebody gets on your nerves occasionally, that doesn’t mean they are trolling; it just means you disagree with them, and how they are. In the end, whether a person is a troll, griefer, or innocent user, it does not matter, for the solution is the same: Love and tolerance. It may sound corny, but it really is the solution. Reacting to a troll or griefer just gives them what it wants, and keeps their interest piqued. And if the person is an innocent member, not getting upset can keep an argument from flaring up, which in turn keeps trolls from getting what they want. If people are willing to strive to get along and keep from aggressively arguing, the influence of trolls and griefers can be minimized. And with that, I end this little lecture of mine. Whether you take it with a grain of salt or take it to heart as wisdom, it does not matter. All I ask is that you actually read it, and not just declare it “tl;dr”. As doing so would be annoying. Not trolling, not griefing, just annoying.