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Found 280 results

  1. I love this game! I tried to search and see if a thread like this already exsists and I couldn't find it so here we go! Post your current Desktop Wallpaper! Or Phone wallpaper, whatever you feel like sharing! I don't particularly know if there's forum rules here for no nudity, but if you do have some form of nudity or NSFW content, please put it in spoilers with a disclaimer/warning please! Thank you and have fun! I'll go first!
  2. So far I haven’t seen this one so I want people to rate each other’s wallpaper.
  3. The simple wallpaper I did no effects in just a placement of brushes and trying to create a light feeling with one my favorite ponies: Starlight Glimmer. Went back to the minimalist style I've been using on and off and trying to think of doing with Fluttershy in the next few weeks to come once I got time. Just been some time since I did a Fim Wallpaper of any kind!
  4. Ok so its been A SUPER LONG TIME from my last mlp wallpaper I put some thoughts into and did one my favs: Discord! So no real effects minus a blur and slight change in perspective on the brushes! It might look a bit thrown "together" yet I did spend a good week testing out layout and colors and flipping things around and toss in brushes and stuff and size and well, yah I was happy. Mostly kept to some of Discord colors from his body if anything in hues! I have one more planned/working on! Vector:
  5. This is a pretty straight-forward question here. Anyone that has an Xbox One knows that there are several options whne it comes to your wallpaper/background. You can have it be a solid color, achievement art (which is really friggin cool by the way) or have it be a custom wallpaper from an external device or from the Theme My Xbox app, which is available on Xbox One for anyone that doesn't know. So with these options, let us know what your current wallpaper is for your system! PC's can't get all the wallpaper love. I know it might not be possible to share the image that you have set, so if you can't, you can simply tell us. My current wallpaper is immensely exciting. It is blue. That's it. X3 Just the color blue. However, I did upload some wallpapers to the Theme My Xbox website a bit ago and I am thinking of changing it to this: Anyone that has played Dark Souls 3 will recognize this. I love the look of this wallpaper. <3
  6. She... won't touch you like I do, She... won't perform like I would She... don't know magic, she don't know it right She... won't love you like I would, love you like I would, like I would SO MUCH BLUE LIGHTS AAAAAAAAAAGGGGGH if you don't catch the reference, check this link
  7. Hi everyone and welcome to the official thread for my art. I make visual effects, photomanipulation (e.g. PIRLs), and wallpapers in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe After Effects. Comments and constructive criticism are the driving horses behind my passion, so give me as much feedback as you wish - once it's positive, of course! New artwork from my DA [link] will be posted here. Hope you enjoy. Here's my most recent one:
  8. So I made a Twilight Wallpaper at least, took a bit of a simple abstract way to it and kept things in simple colors and just layout. No effects have been used and added in the texture background to fill out the outline of Twilight in all her princess glory! Just kept to shapes if anything as a frame in expanding out and stuff. Took me about a week in mostly just the layout killed me which always does in moving things and kinda brushes to use and just playing around with it.
  9. So for the 100% of you that don't know, I'm a big-time fan of Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed and Watch_Dogs. During my first play-through for Watch_Dogs, however, I couldn't help but do a bit of photo editing. This was my final result. (I've got a 1080 and 768 for the resos. My laptop is the equivalent of a cheese grater and needed a smaller size to fit the desktop.) The smaller version:
  10. I spent 2 and a half hours making this in Photoshop! Features characters from seasons 1-6 as well as ponies like Sunset Shimmer and Sunburst. Hope you guys enjoy! Feel free to set this as your wallpaper!
  11. Hey everyone ^^ I just registered today and saw that people show their artwork here, so I thought I'd join in on the fun. I started working with Photoshop about 3 years ago and have created quite a number of MLP-related wallpapers in that time. But I don't want to bore you with the introduction, here are some of my wallpaers: A pretty simple wallpaper with the mane 6 Cutiemarks: Randbow Dash: The fist wallpaper where I used Cinema 4d for effects: A simple Octavia Wallpaper: Celestia in Armor: Shining Armor again: Fausticorn: I hope you enjoyed what I have to show ^^ If you'd like to see more of my wallpapers, you can visit my deviantArt-page.
  12. Quite simple post your phones lock screen and wall paper and keep it clean if questionable dont post it Lock sceen Wallpaper Iphone 5
  13. My first piece of art relates to my first post here Here it is: This is a wallpaper showcasing 6 other ponies representing the Elements of Harmony. I used Gimp to make this.I got the characters and elements from Google images so I don't own anything. I used a gradient for the background and lowered the opacity for the Mane 6.Behind the elements I used a gradient flare for each of them. And as you can see these are my choices for the ponies who would carry the banners for the elements if by some chance the Mane 6 couldn't defend Equestria. I just thought it would be a neat concept. What do you think of it?
  14. This was made as a mk. II of my previous Rainbow Dash Cutie Mark wallpaper. I wanted to use a more simplistic look. __________________ Resolution: 1920x1080px Vector by: For everyone to use~
  15. So went a bit more off my normal grid if anything when doing this one but it was kinda fun. Used a music texture and roughed it up a bit and added in some grid brushes and blurred them in in a few places and some grunge in blending in some places also in the texture. Few larger notes in the back and just lighten the layer in also adding some purple highlights in neon and fading them out in some places a bit more. Might have done a bit to much but it was fun! Kept Octavia in the minimalist and added in the cloth effect to blend her in more! Octavia:… Music… Well now I'm done on wallpapers...for a while...
  16. Just a simple wallpaper with Vinyl and making it Abstract if anything in having a block of mostly anything it seems it being sick. Kept to mostly blue and green hues and smoke and smudging to get some texture in some places to spread it out. Had to keep it also with a bass signal in the back to keep in the throws of music we all know this pony is known for in the shows we love. Put some soft glow in on the Vinyl and in parts of the wallpaper in a low highlight in a few of the places also to add some depth in small ways. Music notes in white and a soft neon effect to wrap up the whole thing! Adding in the sort of minimalist style on the render of my own... Render: Wallpaper:
  17. Geez, It's about time I got this here done! I've wanted to make some fan art for Sunset Shimmer and I really wanted to use Photoshop instead of the usual SFM stuff I make But yeah, here is the final product! I actually spent so much time looking for a good background I could set her in but OH MY GOD it took me 3 hours just to look for one! So instead, I've made my own lol. And yes, I've painted her through the use of virtual brushes and used SFM for the base of her lighting. Took me around 4 days to finish it! Hope ya'll like it!
  18. So a wallpaper I did with more in the minimalist like I have just I spread it out more and hit up Rarity for this wallpaper. Taking in more of a simple layout if anything in the frame and keeping in uses tones of purple around Rare in just something in playful in the feeling of making. I took to the mane and tail and had to brighten it up a bit and give Rare also more white in her body and also did her cutie mark in just using the outlines . This was mostly done in and gimp for the programs:
  19. So I got bored and made a wallpaper with a vector done from the first images opening MLP, I choose Luna for this subject. Thinking of what or how she would paint the night sky while the ponies would sleep and end up missing out on the wonders of the night! Keeping in the colors mostly of purples and a lavenders and throw in the simple moon with a light glow more and along with Luna herself. Done in star brushes and some glitter and just tuned some of em down with a few mist and a plant in the stream of stars in thinking of the Milky way a bit for some adding! Put in the clouds and just reduced em a bit to let the colors of night shine in them or be a frame!
  20. Here's two bubble wallpapers of Sombra and Chrysalis.
  21. Here's some more SFM Artwork of my character! This picture of my character is actually very symbolic. The shades I'm wearing represents my shy personality, the koala representing my friendliness, and the money bag as optimism for my future! Enjoy
  22. So I did a Ao no Exorcist that I was working on the side with my other from Breaking the Line and sort of took an abstract walk as I did in the others which seems to work well with me in terms. No effects of are used, just brushes, redoing layers and erasing in some parts and just moving things. Kept to colors of blues and just all around black in simple things. Time: 5 Days Layers: 12 Used: Gimp 2.6 Anime/manga: Ao no Exorcist Theme: Lost
  23. Here's a simple Fluttershy wallpaper I whipped up for Christmas. (blah blah blah character minimum) ~ Santa Shy ~ Features: Fluttershy Direct link:
  24. Thought I might post the two oc wallpapers I made for DJ Space and DJ Neon.