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Found 24 results

  1. So I've been wanting to make wallpapers in this style for a bit and took a hoof at trying it! Spent two weeks mostly in lay outs and seeing how each looked and effects but I kept things simple as I could and feel happy about things! Used gimp 2.8 but made the Luna graphic myself a bit in showing the outline and such! Some how the stars in white also felt right in a playful feeling of the layout!
  2. After some force vacations in the hospital i feel in the "Artistic" mood so here you go. FYI I will leave a link to my deviant art page for my previous works in case you whana see the rest. This Wallpaper is for everyone that liked my previous ones so hope you like it. Some of my previous works: So Yeah, As for new wallpaper ill try to make at least 2 a week so i dont overwork myself since i also fix/repair instruments so yeah enjoy everypony. DA: Today's New Wallpaper Enjoy everypony. MLP Crystal: DA:
  3. Hello everypony, I have a friend who is Brony but he doesn't want really anyone to know but he really wants a pony wallpaper. so I need a few My little Pony wallpapers that are not really My little pony, if that makes sense. I mean to say that you couldn't tell that they are from My Little pony unless you have watched the show. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. My first wallpaper. It's from one of my favorite Pinkie scenes. I'm addicted to changing my wallpaper, so I'll be making more.
  5. Well after i did my first wallpaper yesterday and whit some encouragement from fellow bronies and pegasisters i decided to make some new ones, ill tho less clutter than my first one i played whit some filters and hopefully you guys like them as well as i did Enjoy Wood Wall Fluttershy Street Discord Wall AJ Vinyl & Octavia Soundwaves Daring Do does it again CMC Pavement Hope you guys enjoy this, and of course you can use them
  6. So, I got Photoshop CS6 about a week ago, and after mucking around with it for a few days, I made my first ever, second ever and third ever signatures! I spent awhile on the first and second so I could get them done up all nice while exploring around the program a bit and trying new things, but the third one took me absolutely no time at all. Even if I've only done three, so far I've found it to be really fun c: Here they are! #1: #2: #3: Yeah! :3 They're not really that good or anything, I don't know much at all about how to use Photoshop, but I'm fairly happy with how these three turned out! Though the second one turned out a little weird Feedback and/or any advice or tips is very much appreciated - I'd love to hear what you guys think of my creations! Enjoy and have a nice day/night! All Signatures in order: All Wallpapers in order: (Won't let me have them as pictures Sorry guys)
  7. Even though I am fairly mediocre at most of what I do, I thought I would share with you some of the stuff I have made. I have a banner thread and a sig thread so, I am unsure if I will replace those with this or just keep those for banners and sigs specifically. Not sure yet. I do not have many other things besides banners made yet, but I will post them here when I do. Even though I am horrible at handling criticism (yay no self esteem), if you want to give me advice, go ahead...I am fairly new to vectoring and technically wallpapers as well. I use Photoshop CS5. Wallpapers ^(My first wallpaper, made in about 5 minutes)^ ^(I may add more to this over time)^ ^(Done this one fairly quick, will do more edits over time)^ Vectors Project 'Wing it' IThis is a random idea that I did. I am taking random vectors of Twilight Sparkle that I have gathered over the past year and I am picking ones that are pre-MMC and I am adding wings to them. I take no credit for the original vectors themselves, I only added the wings for these. It was just a fun and random idea I had, fueled by my Twilicorn obsession. I know that some of them will look odd, I will try to fix those eventually I also know that they may not look completely accurate but they don't always have to be I guess.) (More to be added eventually) Other Stuff (^One of my first edits, done a long while ago^) More will be added over time.
  8. Just some minimal wallpapers I've created only recently. All have the resolution of 1920x1080px, and anyone can use them. For personal use.
  9. Here's an assortment of Apple wallpapers I created a little while ago. All are the same but with a different colour scheme. Hope you enjoy. c:
  10. Jesus, I'm kind of spamming wallpapers in this thread now. ;p But I just REALLY liked how this wallpaper turned out. It's beautiful. Again... it's bright. I guess that's just a signature feature I have in my wallpapers now. Resolution: 1920x1080px Vector of Flitter by: Brushes were not made by me, credit for them should go to their creators. For everyone to use.
  11. Here are a couple wallpapers I finished over the week.
  12. I got very bored so I decided to make some Rainbow dash cutie mark wallpapers They are mostly the same but with a color change I hope you guys or girls like them -List of Wallpapers- RD Cloud Normal Brick RD Cloud Normal RD Cloud No Color Brick RD Cloud No Color RD Colors In Cloud Brick RD colors In Cloud By the Way they are all in 1920x1080 p.s You all are allowed to use these for whatever you what (Color on them,Mod them or whatever your little heart can think of)
  13. So, I had a go at making a Fluttershy wallpaper. Constructive criticism please, this is my first one. (of many I hope :3) I used two vectors, (Fluttershy and her cutie mark.) ______________________________________________________________ Here is my Rainbow Dash one. I don't feel proud of this one, I spent about 20 minutes on it, and it didn't turn out well. (to me). :c
  14. Hey guys. I'm back with three new wallpapers. I also made a comic for the first time that I'll put at the end of this. Enjoy! ~ Galaxy Lights ~ ~ You Serious? ~ ~ Fading Fast ~ The comic contains spoilers, so I'll just link it.
  15. Hey guys, it's me again, and I'm back with some new wallpapapers! ~ Flutter Rock ~ ~ Innocence ~ ~ Great Responsibility ~ ~ 'Sup ~ ~ Lyra Heartstrings ~ Alright so, my last wallpaper is going to be my 100'th deviation on deviant art. I want to do something special for it, but I don't know what I want to do. Also, I made a new wallpaper tutorial. The quality of the video itself fudged up, but I think you can get the basis of it.
  16. It's been quite a bit since I lasted posted here with my recent wallpapers. Edit: Since this site allows so many embedded images, I',m only showing some of my favorite new ones. There's a total of 21 odd some papers, so look on my Deviant art for the rest! Spin that Record Miss Sparkle Aj in the Wind Twi in the Wind Discentia Karma Pure Awesome Velvet Remedy Minimal Vinyl Simply Rarity Thanks for giving them a look guys! You can find every one of these, and many more here! How about giving me a watch also? It gives me motivation to make more content!
  17. Hello guys, It's me again I've got a few new wallpapers I've recently done that I want to share with you nice folks. ~ Pinkie that Pie ~ ~ Flutterdaww ~ ~ Nightmare from the Moon ~ ~ The Stable Dweller ~ ~ Queen Chrysalis ~
  18. Hey guys, I've been a bit busy since the last time I posted some wallpapers. So, here's what I've made in the mean time!! ~ Cadence ~ ~ Lord of Chaos ~ ~ Element of Generosity ~ ~ Cloud Chaser ~ ~ Mage Twi ~ ~ Dash in the wind ~ [VIP] Now for anyone that missed it, I was interviewed
  19. This pack features the faces that trixie made in her episode. They're pretty good IMO. Here's the link. Also, here's a preview image of the pack. Right clicking this and saving it wont simply give you all of them. You have to go to deviant art to download them.
  20. So here's a Rainbow Dash wallpaper(Again, in the same style as my Applejack and Twilight Sparkle wallpaper). Give me your thoughts on it, especially the text, there's just something about it I don't quite like... As I've said before: What the hell am I doing awake at 2AM
  21. Hey guys. These are just a few wallpapers I made. Nothing special. Feel free to use them. Also, here's a link to my deviantart where you can find more pony goodness. ^^ Updated 28/8/12 Updated 9/9/12
  22. Heres one of my favorites... But Dump all the pictures of RD that you can, most of my folder got deleted for some reason and want to replace as soon as possible, let the posts begin!
  23. I've been using Source Filmmaker recently. Since my computer would explode if I tried to render a movie, I tried making some posters. They aren't anything special, most of it is just playing with the motion blur and lighting. Here's a couple of ones I've made. Constructive Criticism is welcomed. Wallpaper 1: Engineer. He's supposed to be kneeling on one leg, but the camera doesn't show it Wallpaper 2: Nothing special, just a Scout flying around in the air. Wallpaper 3: ADMIN toggled noclip on Demoknight (Nah, he's just doing an epic jump)
  24. Posting Octavia Wallpaper in Octavia's Hall >and my other walls What are you going to do to stop me? Hey look, Another one~ I'll throw in some of my Earlier work too