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Found 131 results

  1. *PLEASE CHECK POLL ABOVE BEFORE POSTING* A few months back I had a discussion with a buddy of mine as to why a human invasion of Equestria would fail. I keep coming back from time to time thinking about that discussion and considering jotting it down and possibly making a presentation of it. What are your opinions on it?
  2. Okay, we don't like war, we know that. Don't post if you don't like. So lets say that ponies wanted to go to earth and explore(being friendly, of course,) And then humans come and Decide to capture them, and experiment. The ponies retaliate, and a war may start, Who would you support? REMEMBER, IF YOU DON'T LIKE, DON'T POST.
  3. If the Earth military decided to invade Equestria for whatever reason, which side do you think would win the war ? Personally, I'd say the humans would, since they have nukes and stuff we could just bomb them and then launch an attack or something. BUT I would say the ponies do stand a chance since they have access to magic which we haven't.
  4. Not to beat a dead horse (pun intended), but every recent generation seems to have felt that it was the last (WWII, Vietnam, etc.). Seeing how we came dangerously close to nuclear holocaust during the Cold War, does anyone else feel that things could reheat? Are we really on the brink of World War III or a nuclear holocaust? Obviously I'm not saying that I want such things to happen but I do worry. I'm not yet 30 years old and I'd like to live to at least 90 but I can't help but feel that something is looming. Not to go on a rant, but as Christian, I was frequently taught about the book of Revelation and Judgement Day and I pretty much have a morose feeling all the time and wonder about how things will really turn out.
  5. Trains Damaged by German Bombing A GWR pannier tank engine awaits his inevitable scrapping after being nearly missied by a bomb dropped on the yard where he was shunting. You can view on DA here: for a more detailed description of the events in this picture
  6. It’s time for a pillow war! Which (unlucky?) souls will be the first casualties? @Tacodidra @TwilySparky @Rikifive @Twilight Luna @Phosphor @shyabetes3939 You all are my first targets. Eat cotton!
  7. after some extensive research and deep contemplation,on top of some some experiments of questionable nature one of which you're now part of I concluded that the only thing that could potentially compete with the teacup would be a muffin reaction, i'd still go for the teacup though Which would you chose?(i know its a hard choice, but do it for science)
  8. Is anyone else on here a military/uniform history buff? I really like learning about the differences between uniforms and weapons over time and how combat evolved. I actually went to Military History through the Ages last year in Jamestown, Virginia and they had presentations and re-enactors all the way from the Greek Hoplites to modern Special Forces. I've posted some links below:
  9. I almost didn't post this thread but I feel I've written enough of my epic fantasy series to post a promo about it. "Swords and Roses" is a medieval-napoleonic fantasy series about what would happen if napoleonic soldiers invaded a fantasy world. It's got love, torture, revenge, etc. I posted it on Tapas and Wattpad if you wanna check it out: Updates will be sporadic due to my job situation but there will eventually be 16 books in total. Happy reading! :-)
  10. Before I begin explaining this rp let me Specify something You do not have to have prior knowledge of Fire emblem to join. Everything should be explained below Introduction *Minor* spoilers for Fire emblem fates revelations ahead Alright so I had an idea for a roleplay based off of the popular Japanese strategy game Fire emblem, FE Fates to be more precise So In Fire Emblem units (AKA you guys) start off as a basic class such as archer or knight and can advance to like a sniper or paladin (If you dont know what class you'll be I'll help get you assigned one) (Also some ponies may need special classes to fit their bio like mine are going to be a special class I'll get to how that works later) However the RP will attempt to function off of the game play however that's very stat and luck based so I'll attempt to fix that up so we can use it, but I love the concept of classes and skills and stuff like that so that'll stay In fire emblem Fates there are 2 countries at war Nohr and Hoshido or in the case of this role play The Lunar republic or the Solar empire Characters such Luna and Celestia are leaders in thier respective country and the mane six are split between them (refered to as royals), each of these charters are going to have 2 "retainers" or servants who protect them during battle with their lives They start avanced classes, others are just troops in the battle and will need to use a master seal to rank up Here's the cast so far. And in the spoiler a reference if you haven't played fire emblem so you can learn about all the skills and such Solar Empire Specializes in Skill, Speed, and Magic "Royals" and retainers Celestia: Hoshido Noble (Special) (Played by :Myself (For story reasons)) Weapons: Tomes, Swords, and Staffs Magic: Fireball, Seraphim Staff: Recover, Physic Personality: Supportive Skills: Nobility, Hosidan unity, Alicorn(Dragon) ward, Sol(No Hp Cost) S-rank: Celestia's Retainers (retainer 1) (retainer 2) Twilight sparkle: Sorcerer Weapons: Magic Spells: Fireball, Lightning Personality: Devoted partner (Only affects Celestia) Skills: Heartseaker, Malefic aura, Ignis (Cost 5 Hp), Rally spectrum S-rank: Twilight's retainers Trixie: Sorcerer Weapon: Magic Spells: Fireball, Excalibur Personality: Fierce rival Skills: Magic+2, Seal Magic, Tome Breaker, Rally Magic Shady Deceit: Butler Weapon: Flame Shuriken Spells: Recover Personality: Heartful Soul: Shady cannot initiate attacks, and can only counterattack, however, when attacked, takes 80% less damage for any attacks after the first. (So if he were being doubled, the second attack would do a ton less) Skills: Miracle, Gentillehomme and Live to Serve Rarity: Songstress (Special) Weapon: Spears Personality: Singer (units can move again if she sings to them) Skills: Luck+4, Inspiring song, Voice of peace, Foreign pony. S-rank: None Rarity's retainers Spike: Dragon (Special)) Weapons: Breath attacks Personality: Prodigy Skills: Profiteer, Grizzly wounded, Beast bane, Spendthrift (retainer 2) Pinkie Pie: Maid Weapons: Knifes, Healing staffs Staffs: Recover, Fortify Personality: Sweet tooth Skills: Live to serve, Future sight, Rend heaven, Dancing Blade S-rank: Pinkie's retainers Cheese Sandwich: Spear master Personality: Pride Weapon: Spears Skills: Seal Defence, Spearfaire, Salvage Blow, Swap (retainer 2) Solar Empire army: (Open slots) Lunar Rebublic: Specializes in Strength, Defense, Resistance "Royals" and retainers Luna: Nohr Noble (Special) (Played By: Star48955) Weapons: Tomes, Swords, and Staffs Spells: Fireball, Nosferatu(Drains Hp) Personality: Supportive Skills: Nobility, Nohrian Trust, Alicorn(Dragon) Hex, Luna(Cost 4 HP) S-Rank: None Luna's Retainers Maple Bat: Vampire Archer (Special)(Played By: Myself) Weapons: Fangs(Drains Hp), Bow Personality: Optimistic Pessimist (see Below) Skills: Lifetaker, Relief, Miracle, Galeforce Healthlife: Sorcerer Spells: Fireball, Lightning, Aura (Given by Staff) Skills: Renewal, Amaterasu, Replicate(Halfs Hp and gives it to the replica.) and Countermagic Personality: Healing Descant Weapons: A light-purple crystal staff. Fluttershy: Priestess (Played by: MoTusNua) Weapons: Bows and Healing staffs Staffs: Recover, Rescue, Fortify. Personality: Peacebringer Skills: Miracle, Bowfaire, Renewal, Rally Luck S-Rank: Discord, Child: Maple Bat Fluttershy's Retainers Discord: Dark Falcon Weapons: Spears, Tomes Spells: Aura, Ragnarok Personality: Playthings Skills: Relief, Galeforce, Speed +2, Rally movement Silga Singawald: Merchant Weapons: Bows and spears Personality: Fiery Blood Skills: Aptitude, Underdog, Profiteer, and Spendthrift. Rainbow Dash: Falcon knight Weapons: Spears and Healing staffs Personality: Competitive Skills: Pass, Astra(Cost 10 Hp), Counter, Inspiration S-rank: None RD's retainers (retainer 1) (retainer 2) Applejack: Berzerker Weapon: Axe Personality: In extremis Skills: Skill+2,HP+2,Savage blow,Axefaire S-rank: None AJ's Retainers BigMac: General Weapon: Spears Personality: Chivalry Skills: Wary fighter, HP+5, Resist +2, Defense +2 (retainer 2) Lunar Rebulic Army: Silens Solis: Troubadour Weapons: Staffs Staffs:Recover, Physic. Personality: Peacebringer Skills: Resistance +2, Demoiselle Ajax: Outlaw Weapons: Bows Personality: Fearsome Blow Skills: Movement +1, Lunge While the mane focus of this roleplay may seem like a Celestia vs Luna thing, however, I'm going to follow the Revelations mane quest line where there's a 3rd group which both Nohr and Hoshido work together to beat. So while which team isn't the most important thing still there are advantages in both and the differences will cause infighting during the quest Story Beginning This third party seems almost not real to any pony who goes up against it. They can feel a presence and see the enemy in their mind but there is no physical appearance, however, seeing it in your mind basically means that it is visable but to only you. They have been attacking equestria for some time now, The Lunar Republic and the Solar Empire have stopped fighting to search for the sorce of these "Invaders" As they where called Joining in Are you joining with one (or more) of your Amazing Ocs? Things I'll need Name of character: Race: Slot you want if any are available: Character page link (or description on this OOC) Preferred classes: 2 possible per OC, One you are and one you can become with a Heart seal Help on classes If your character needs to be a special class tell me and, If your not sure a class at all I'll gladly help out And I'll need your 2 skills (4 for advanced characters)(Skill aren't class specific like in the game just make it fit you Oc) plus a personality skill (which you can make up or use one that exist) And weapons that your unit will use. PS: only pegasi can be Flying units and Unicorns can only be Mages, in addition, you're class doesn't determine which side you're on Is Your character another character's child? If the answer is yes then you can still join however you must wait until your characters mother S-ranks with somepony else (cannon or non-cannon) (Father needs to be flexible) then you can be added in via a quest Things about child units: 1. They can be Any class like normal but can heart seal change to what their parents are (So they can be 3 classes) 2. At least 2 of their skills need to be from the father and mother of the unit (one for each parent) 3. Siblings are allowed 4. Children units can't have children (to avoid confusion) (look at my example for details) OR Do you want to be one of the Cannon characters? Well If positions are open then just post who you want to play as however I'm limiting Cannon characters to one per person for the sake of fairness but you can play a cannon character and have an OC in it too If you want to be Fluttershy or Discord, you have to be able to roleplay the Fluttercord ship meaning that you must refer to each other being married and no NSFW please and thanks. That's currently the only S-rank(or marriage) but there can more as the story progresses, just introduce me to the character and I'll see what I can do Special Classes Theses classes are mostly meant to be classes that are not obtainable by the general army only 3 or 4 ponies normally, these can include classes that aren't officially in Fire emblem Offical special classes. These classes include both of the Nobles, Wolfskin and wolfssengner, Kitsune and Ninetails and any class categorized as other The Nobles: Luna, Celestia and their kids only Wolfskins and Wolfssengner: (Open slots) Kitsune and Ninetails: (Open slots) Songstress: Rarity and her kids only Non-official Special classes The non-official special classes I will provide a brief summery on each of them Vampire Archer (Flying) (Advanced): Maple Bat only. Weapons: Fangs and Bows Dragons (Advanced)(Open): Spike Weapons: Breath attacks More up for debate just mention it what it is it's weapons (3 max)and skills (2 max) and I'll see if I like it. Example of an Oc application My Oc Name: Maple Bat Race: Vampire fruit bat pony Slot: Luna's retainer 1 Character Page: Classes: Vampire Archer (Heart seal: Priestess, Dark falcon) Skills: Lifetaker, Relief, Miracle(Fluttershy) and Galeforce(Discord) Personality Skill: Optimistic Pessimist, Maple when helping others attack will deal 10 damage but may attack the assisted pony (Chance= 50% -resist) Weapons: Bat Fangs and Her bow the Heart's Eclipse (A Crescent bow) The part you where all waiting for Combat system. So I finally decided on how it'll work. It will work by you declare you attack and the enemy may strike you back. All damage calculation is done manually on my end. Spellcasters may do more with certain spells than capable with certain weapons however it costs them hp. There are 3 things that are important to know weapon range, Crit rate, and multiple hits Weapon range: is if you will or will not get attacked back when you attack an enemy which is determined by your weapon: Melee weapons (Swords, Axes, Spears): Can only counterattack other melee weapons. Thrown Weapons: (Special Spears and Axes) Can counter attack Melee and Magic attacks Bows: Can counterattack Magic and thrown Weapons. Magic: Can counterattack thrown and Melee weapons. Staffs: Cannot attack or counterattack. Critical hits: When a player attacks an enemy there will a chance of them landing a critical hit dealing 3x as much damage as normal or with Killer weapons 4x as much damage. Whether or not you crit is determined on 3 dice you must get 3 6's that I will roll for each hit in combat. 2 dice if you use a Killer weapon. Multiple hits: Players can gain the upper hand by hitting twice due to them having more speed (Max hits 4). This is determined on your class and works on a class by class basis. SO that's something you just need to look at logically. Like a Dragon wouldn't go faster than a pegasus knight. Rough speed chart < means will hit twice. Armored < Mages < Hero type classes < Archers < Flying classes RP Link: We started meaning for now all uncontrolled characters will be played by me (Only when necessary). HOWEVER, If you are reading this and want to join as a cannon I can just put here that you control them now and let you take over. Plus we will always be accepting new members And I think that's it Questions are welcome, recommendations for cannon characters to be added are requested, and feel free to join.
  11. Is anypony hyped for lord of the rings shadow of war I sure am... just me?
  12. It is getting harder and harder to fully understand where I fall categorically in regards to politics, and other aspects as well. After watching this video I'm really at a loss for words, and at a loss for thoughts. Even bearing in mind no human is infallible beforehand, I've almost come to believe every human is bound to succumb to hypocrisy because there is no foreseeable way to exit the system, and no way to get along with others who won't allow themselves to fall farther from the apple tree than they need to.
  13. I mean really, are they just plain stupid for threatening war with the ponies? All the ponies have to do is block out the sun where they live and make it not rain and then their population would starve to death. Not to mention just get a lot of Pegasi together to create massive storms to lay waste to their homeland. Oh and magic, and many other things.
  14. Hello everyone and welcome to equestrian villains Victorious based on Disney villains Victorious the fans in which all the djsney villains have conquered bits of the world and ate now warring for control over all of it except now we have a MLP /Isfet verse version of it where Equestria had been conquered by villains hailing from both their world and not feel free to join enjoy the anarchy!
  15. 3 years have passed since Sombra won the great war, but only a year after, a rebellion rose from the ashes. They were greatly outnumbered and were eventually forced into hiding. A message soon came to the rebellion leaders, one made by the elements of harmony. They had found sanctuary in the Everfree forest, and wanted to assemble a small group to destroy Sombra and his army. You are the selected few, unfortunately you are all stuck in the crystal empire and will have to escape into the forest as a team and save Equestria. That is where your journey begins. Rules: Guns and swords allowed This is a pony rp This is a teen rated rp so light cursing allowed. Have fun and try to make it to the forest. There are 6 spots left just leave a link to your character and I will see if your character makes the cut. Anyways here is the list of characters involved so far. 1)Silvermoon (played by myself) link in signature. 2)Steady hoof (played by lovebug) 3)War (played by ponyofwar) 4)Mysterious soul (played by Queen Chrysalis) 5) 6) 7) P.S. no killing off playable characters without my consent and the owner of said character. Anyways come join the fun
  16. (If you wanna cut to the chase skip to paragraph 2) Nopony expected the first war to end the way it did, but then again, nopony expected a second war to come soon after. The first war was between good and evil, the four princesses and their armies against the four greatest evils and their armies, Tirek, Sombra, Chrysalis, and Nightmare Moon (now her own form). The war lasted for seven years until finally, evil won. Tirek gained half of Equestria, Sombra had the other, Nightmare had her eternal night, and Chrysalis got her food source. The elements of harmony were destroyed, along with the princesses and the lives of everypony were shattered. Four years later the second war started, the forces if evil had a new enemy, The Wild Cards, Discord, Trixie, Starlight Glimmer, and the reformed changeling, Thorax started a rebellion that led to the war. Unfortunately the rebels are losing the war and after Discord called a retreat, most of Platoon 372 is killed for holding the evil forces off while everypony else left. Now stuck behind enemy lines, low on ammo, and no way to contact the base for help, the remaining Blood Wolves must find a way to get home, but how? And that is the plot for this epic story. Now to the rules, 1) this is anthro and has guns so that is allowed. 2) cursing is allowed 3)no op characters please (no alicorns) 4) have fun Application (please fill out) Name: Gender: Race: Appearance: Apparel: Personality: Rank: nothing past senior master sergeant Role: medic, heavy etc Weapons: Other: If possible try to fill one of the roles that we may need. Needed roles: Platoon leader- Silvermoon Medic- Sniper- Heavy- Assault- Scout- Those are the roles. Hope you enjoy peace out.
  17. Another part of the adventures of Captain Vinyl Scratch ^^ YT:
  18. I wrote this one up in a few sections at a time. It was the first story I have completed in the past 7 years so my writing skills are rough as you will see. The basic plot is that one perspective is based off of an American NG member who finds himself on the front line of a new war. The second perspective is from a German paratrooper who drops into America behind enemy lines. I had more planned for this story but I am struggling with setting up the characters properly, something which I really hope to improve upon if I continue or start any other stories. I like the premise of this one but I'm not sure how I can make the characters any better because right now they are very generic and unknown. I know there are issues with this one but any feedback is appreciated since it would be nice to get a rough idea of were I'm at before I continue with this or start on something new. Anyways, without further adue, here it is: “Everybody up! Now! This is not a drill!” What was going on? 4:30 in the morning? Something really big must be happening if the sergeant wanted us up at this hour. “Listen up! The 554th infantry regiment has reported some hostile warships off the coast by section 42 of the Atlantic wall. You all know what this means.” “You sure sergeant?” Somebody in the back of the barracks spoke up. “They said the same thing last July and nothing happened. Probably just some U-boats trying to give the citizens a fright.” “I don’t care what you think!” The Sargent barked back. “I have my orders and you have yours! We can get down to the wall in 20 minutes and we can find out what the issue is. I want everybody in this room on the trucks and ready to go in 5 minutes!” “Yes sir!” I quickly slipped on my tattered “uniform” which was no more than a worn out coat with my division insignia patched to it. It was always best to get to the rifle rack first. I quickly scanned over the dates stamped into the top of the barrels of the M1903 Springfield rifles. 1943, 1944, 1938, 1935 … there we go, 1917! I quickly looked it over for damage but it looked good. It was always a relief when I found an old rifle in good shape since I had heard stories of soldiers who lost half their jaw from firing one of the hastily made Springfields from 1944 or 45. Within 4 minutes everybody was loaded up on the half wooden M44 troop transporter. It was a primitive vehicle which was little more than a long pickup truck with a wooden back covered with a cloth sheet. Our column was escorted by a half track equipped with a few .50 calibre machine gun for shooting down aircraft just in case some German planes tried to attack. The ride up to the Atlantic wall was never fun. The road was just some gravel laid down a one way road which went through a forest. The truck shook so violently that it was impossible to hear anything, the only way to communicate was with hand gestures. At about the fifteen minute mark of the trip to the wall something caught my eye. Flashes coming from the wall. Big flashes. Some of them were so bright that they lit up most of the sky for almost a whole second. “Oh well.” I thought to myself. “Probably just an oil tanker that got hit off the coast again. Nothing to worry about.” However, the flashed continued without any sign of stopping or slowing down. This really started to worry me now. Was a whole convoy of oil tankers hit by a U-boat pack? It seemed unlikely that the US Navy would let the German’s do that kind of damage. Suddenly, there was a massive explosion just ahead of the convoy. “PANZER!” Somebody yelled. Our truck slammed on its breaks but slid into the back of the now flaming halftrack. “Everybody out now!” WHAM! Before I could move the transport behind us slammed into the back of our transport and reduced the last 2 seats to splinters. Without thinking, I pulled the bayonet of my rifle and slashed open the side of the cloth covering. I rolled out of the hole as fast as I could. A split second later machine gun fire coming from the other side of the road tore through the flimsy wooden side of the transport. In a moment of panic I dropped my bayonet and left my rifle on the road as I sprinted into the dark forest. It had all happened so fast. No time to think over the situation or what to do about it. I just ran. That’s all I could do. Run. I could still see the trees and the sky light up every once and a while from the flashes coming from the wall. The ground sometimes grumbled when some of the bigger flashes when off and lit up the sky. I never even considered looking back or trying to head for the wall. I just needed to get as far away as possible, that’s all the mattered. I felt exhausted but I just kept on going even though I felt like I might collapse at any moment. “Not today!” I told myself. “I may die someday but not today!” After what seemed like hours, I found an end to the dark forest which lead into an empty wheat field. The sun was starting to come up now and I noticed a farm house off to the side of the field. There was no automobile in the driveway or a power line leading to the house for that matter. The place must have been abandoned after the crash of ‘29. I ran up to the front door which was knocked down and entered the house. The furniture was torn up and rotten, windows were smashed and glass littered the floor. Definitely abandoned. I headed down to the dark basement and sat in one of the corners away from the light. I would be safe down here for now. I tried to think of what to do next. I had just abandoned my unit and everybody I had trained with over the past three weeks might be dead. Panzers out here? How could that even be possible? How did could Germans get past our fleet? Somebody in high command must of really messed up if they let a whole invasion fleet through! It could have just been a test too though. Maybe some U-boats dropped off some troops as a scouting mission. After thinking about the situation for another few hours, I heard the sound of heavy trucks off in the distance. It slowly got louder and louder. I ran upstairs and looked out of one of the smashed windows. I could see a column of troop transports heading up the road. M44s! One of them was had its side badly damaged and shot up with bullet holes. I recognized the licence number on the side of one of the trucks. They were from my unit! The trucks passed by the house and turned off to another side road. However, one of the trucks kept on going for a while further. I had not realized that just a few hundred yards ahead there was an airfield. On the field were a bunch of wrecked aircraft and a burnt out radar station. The place looked completely abandoned and I could not see any operational aircraft or vehicles on the field. The truck stopped by one of the buildings and a bunch of troops jumped out the back if it. They were all carrying rifles and quickly spread out to search the buildings. I understood what happened to the men who deserted from the National Guard. They were usually lined up in front of a firing squad and shot as traitors. However, I could not stand the thought of running away like I coward. Maybe if I handed myself in they would let it slide. I started to walk towards the field with my hands behind my head. “Patterson!” Somebody had noticed me walking over. “What on earth are you doing? I thought you were a dead man!” I walked closer and explained to him what had happened. “You deserted in middle of combat eh? Well, lucky for you the Sargent was with the rest of the column which went to the hospital. I’ll just tell him that you were with us the whole time. If somebody says they saw you run for it then just tell them that they were mistaken. For the love of god though, NEVER do that again!” “Thanks Wilson. I never thought I would see you guys again.” I replied back. “Don’t let your guard down kid. Things are about to get a whole lot worse.” Wilson walked me to one of the buildings. “What’s the situation?” He called out. “The power lines are gone. Communications are all dead.” Somebody called out from the building. “Damn. We will just have to pray that Sarge gets us some support.” “Support for what?” I snapped back. “The Sarge said that in the case of an invasion, our primary objective is to deny the enemy a beach head. Our secondary is to deny them access to any airfields, so that’s what we are going to do.” I suddenly felt light headed. “Take this kid, you’re going to need it.” Wilson handed me a Springfield rifle. “How the hell are 22 of us supposed to hold down an entire airfield? This is nuts! They have tanks for crying out loud!” “Shut up kid! Moral is already low, we don’t need defeatists in our ranks as well. All they have are some light tanks. We took out the one that ambushed us in one shot with a Bazooka, there is nothing to worry about.” Wilson snapped back. We all took up defensive positions across the airfield. Me, Wilson and Private Frank occupied the top level of the control tower. The sun was just coming up and heavy gunfire continued off in the distance. Suddenly we heard the whine of an aircraft in the distance which was coming over from the east. “Incoming! Everybody take cover!” The aircraft appeared to be smoking and flying lower and lower as it approached. Somebody yelled out “Hold your fire! It’s a friendly!” When the plane came closer, I recognised the aircraft. It was a Spitfire MK V, the standard fighter for the USAAF. The plane skidded to a halt on the far side of the airfield and we ran over to put the fire out. The pilot jumped out and blasted the engine with a fire extinguisher. “Wonderful! Lets see if he knows anything about the situation.” Wilson said to himself as he walked over to the aircraft. “Private Wilson, Nation Guard” Wilson introduced himself. “How many of you are here?” The pilot snapped back. “22.” “Well shoot! 22 men assigned to defend an airfield? Where has everybody else gone? If we give up another airfield then we might lose air superiority!” “I understand the situation but I was hoping you could shed some light on the situation.” “Bad. Now get me a rifle because we are not giving up this position until every one of us is dead! Understand?” Everybody got back into position and we just waited. Wilson, who just came back after a discussion with the pilot came upstairs and sat down. “Did you get anything out of him?” Frank asked. “Yea, he sure wasn’t kidding when he said the situation was bad. There were 57 aircraft stationed here this morning. Now look at this place, it’s like a ghost town. He says that he’s the only one who made it back in one piece. He told me that the Germans have jets over the east. They tried to engage the jets but it was a slaughter.” Suddenly we heard a branch snapping coming from the woods. Wilson put his finger over his mouth and gestured towards the woods. I set my rifle up on a table with a clear view out the window and set the sights to 200m. A shadow emerged from the woods but I could make out the curved sides of the helmet as well as the camouflage design. German! He was carrying a short rifle with a scope and a long magazine at the bottom. I held my breath and waited for Wilson to give the order to fire. The soldier off in the distance waved his arm over and soon a group of about 8 more shadows emerged from the woods. One of them stayed behind and the others started to quickly walk in the direction of the airfield. “Wait for them to get closer.” Wilson whispered “I don’t think they notice us yet and they think the place is deserted.” CRACK! I heard a rifle shot come from far behind me. “Open fire!” I fired at one of the soldiers off in the distance and one of them threw his arms up in the air before collapsing onto the floor. I was not sure if it was my shot that hit him or somebody else’s but it was the first time I had shot at a live human being. All of the soldiers split up and hit the ground. I pulled the bolt back on my rifle as fast as I could and lined up for another shot. Crack! I gave little thought to aiming as my hands were shaking far too much. I just tried to fire my rifle as fast as I could. One of the soldiers in the field must have noticed the flash from my rifle and fired wildly at the window. Bullets zoomed past me and hit the window frame as well as the ceiling. I ducked down as dust from the ceiling fell down around me. The rifle fire continued outside but the automatic fire from the field died down quickly. I kept my head down until the fire stopped, I did not want to risk being shot at again. When the fire stopped I heard Wilson yell out “Keep your eyes peeled! Frank, go out to the field and get those weapons. We are going to need all the guns we can get our hands on and I can guarantee that those rifles are better than anything we have.” The airfield was dead quiet after the shootout, nobody talked or moved. The only thing that could be heard was the occasional bird song and Frank trudging through the grass. We had been told that any injuries or casualties must be reported to the highest officer at once so having nobody talk back was probably a good thing. Viewpoint 2: “2 minutes to the drop point! Commence preparation procedures at once!” I got up out of my thin metal seat and the rest of the squad fallowed suit. An airmen waited at all 4 doors on the 4 engine aircraft with their fingers clenched on the release for the doors. It was early in the morning and the sun had not even risen yet. I gave my parachute a quick check and made sure all my equipment was secured properly. I learnt from my other 2 drops that it was always a good idea to hold on to something so that the flak bursts would not knock me over. However, this time there was no flak and I had not noticed any enemy aircraft. “30 seconds!” Everybody moved closer to the doors on the aircraft, I was the third person behind the door on the back left of the aircraft. “10 seconds! Prepare doors!” The men on the doors pulled the lever up and yanked the metal doors open. A red light appeared over the door. “5 seconds! 4. 3. 2. 1. Commence drop!” The light turned to green and a buzzer sounded. All at once, soldiers started to jump out from the doors. Within seconds I was out of the aircraft and plummeting down from the dark sky. It was hard to see what was going on down below but the country side was dark. I did not notice any sign ground fire or civilian lights. The tension during the initial fall was almost unbearable. At any second I could be hit by ground fire or I could land on enemy troops. There would be nothing I could do to save myself if any of these situations occurred and that is what bothered me the most. At a few thousand meters I pulled my chute which caught the wind and caused a rapid decline in speed. Once my speed stabilized I undid the strap which was holding my rifle around my waist and got it ready. I took the safety off and scanned the ground for any signs of movement. However, I dropped into a dense forest and it appeared as if nobody noticed me. I landed in a small oak tree which snagged the parachute. I pulled out my knife and slashed the straps off. Luckily I was only a few meters off the forest floor so I was unharmed when I hit the ground which was always a major relief. I quickly looked around the surrounding area for movement or signs of light but noticed nothing. I readied my rifle and checked my compass then began to head north. My objective was to secure a small civilian airfield which was being used for the military. I continued on through the forest for what felt like half an hour. Eventually I heard a sound coming from behind one of the trees. I readied my rifle and carefully moved closer. Suddenly I heard somebody yell out towards me in German and then in English “Identify yourself at once!” I called back “Private Wilhelm Hansen, 7th Fallscrimjager.” “Approach at once!” I lowered my rifle and walked over to the voice. I stepped into a small clearing and noticed 5 other paratroopers standing next to a tree. “Excellent!” One of them shouted out. “Now that we have Wilhelm with us we shall be unstoppable!” “What is the situation?” I asked. “Did you see the drop conditions? We caught them off guard! No flack, no fighters and no reports of enemies on the ground so far. I have not seen such an easy invasion since Denmark!” “I understand the landing conditions were good but we must capture that airfield.” I replied back. “Do you have any idea were other troops may have landed? The 10 of us don’t have a hope of doing much right now.” “I say we head on over to that airfield and see if anybody’s home. If we manage to get that field then we will all be given Iron Crosses!” The other paratroopers seemed enthusiastic about the idea so I said nothing in protest. Besides, if we noticed any enemy troops we could just turn back and look for other troops if things looked bad. The 10 of us set off through the dark forest. We just used the compass for navigation but after about 20 minutes we noticed a propeller driven fighter flying at low altitude heading in the direction of the airfield. “Well at least we know we are going in the right direction now.” One of the soldiers commented. After our group continued on for another few minutes, we discovered the edge of the forest. “Hans! Go and check out that field up ahead, it could be the clearing for the airfield after all.” One of the soldier instructed. Hans moved to the edge of the forest and scanned the area with a pair of binoculars. Hans soon moved back towards us and said the airfield was just up ahead and that nobody was home! It seems too good to be true, just like most of the events of today. “Then what are we waiting for.” The same soldier asked enthusiastically. “Let’s go a get our crosses men!” “Hold on a minute.” I spoke out. “It could be a trap for all we know.” “All right then Wilhelm. Why don’t you hang back and provide covering fire if things go bad all right?” I let the nine paratroopers head out into the field. Hans went out first and called the others out after him. I lay still on the ground and scanned the building for any signs of movement. I looked over at the radar station and watched as an American soldier scampered behind the mangled equipment on the roof. I focused all my attention on the radar station in case he popped out again, I did not bother to look anywhere else on base in fear that the soldier might try to fire at my fellow paratroopers. Suddenly, I heard a rifle shot coming from the hanger and right after somebody screamed a command in English and the perimeter lit up with rifle fire from almost every direction. I looked over at the radar station and took aim but the riflemen stopped firing after a few seconds. I held my self back from firing since I did not want to give away my location. I looked over at the field and just glanced at the bodies of my fellow paratroopers strewn across the empty field. It was too late to do anything now.
  19. Another Animation YT : Video :
  20. Would you betray your own species in a Conversion Bureau war? In which evil version (in my opinion) want to destroy and enslave all Humanity by turning Humans into smiling Pony drones known as Newfoals? How many Humans would betray their own species? As in work against their own race by becoming spies, saboteurs or even Newfoals? Given in to the Hitlerlestia's propaganda and they are misanthropes. I imagine very few would turn their backs on Humanity in the event of Borg TCB Ponies attacking and turning Humans into Zombie Newfoals. Also, in a time like this anyone who openly sided or was found out to be working with the Ponies, I think would be executed almost immediately. But then again, there's lots of poor and desperate people in this world. But I'd think many would still not want to become a Pony despite this. I myself would never betray my own species, I would go down fighting and spit in the faces of the Ponies as I die in flaming glory and defiance. And shoot myself, just before I can be turned into a Pony. For in my eyes these TCB Ponies are Reapers from Mass Effect. Edit Note: Basically the Ponies in TCB are the Reapers from Mass Effect.
  21. So, I downloaded Paint Tool Sai this evening and decided to draw Rainbow Dash from the S5 Finale. I'm really sorry for all of the uneven lines, it's really hard to draw with a mouse and i'm not sure if PTS has the same feature as Adobe Flash where the lines are auto-smoothed. Anyways, if anyone of you that sees this likes this drawing, that'll make me happy.
  22. What do you think of Human vs Pony stories? I personally despise most of them. I would rather read a story where humans and ponies are friends, regardless if it's an unrealistic portrayal of humanity or not. At least in said story I am not force fed 'humanity f**K yeah' nor 'pony superior master race'. And killing all ponies or killing all humans etcetera. Often said stories have Princess Celestia turn into a complete monster or the whole of humanity become Nazis. There is no real 'shades of grey' morality in said stories, they are very one sided. Literally, the only story I like with human vs pony is: 'The Conversion Bureau: The Other Side of the Spectrum' and nothing else really. No other story tries to balance out the insanity that is this trope.
  23. I was wondering, let's say a human went to Equestria, the ponies met him, made contact with human race for the first time and the ponies particularly Twilight wanted to learn about the history of humanity. In order not to scare the ponies, should the human just tell them the bright side of humanity or the dark side of humanity as well, including all the atrocities humans have committed such as WW1 and WW2? Scaring the ponies is not something I would ever do because It will be cruel if I do.
  24. I finally got the audio book finished for this one It has Obabscribbler, TheLostNarrator, Goombasa, Ilya Leonov, Neightrator Pony, Thonquill, Wuten & QuillnLead. Which makes it by the craziest, hardest project I've ever done ! The story is the prequel to "Tigger's Tank". I wanted to know where Tigger's cursed and virtually indestructible tank came from, so I sat down and figured it out. I would add that both stories were written for YouTube as audio books, so it runs a bit quick in text form below. I also tried something new for the begining to get the charectors filled out and rolling. The Crews Bio; Donald's Hope (Unicorn Stallion Mechanic) (Voiced By Wuten) 1. To own a nice set of ratchet spanners. 2. To be home for winter. 3. Hoping warm socks will arrive soon. 4. And a warm hat! Margo's Law (Unicorn Mare Gunner) (Voiced by *******) 1. One eye on the target is better than none. 2. If it's too rough to drink, it might be gun cleaning fluid. 3. Never leave Teddy in the tank alone. 4. If at first you don't succeed, re-load. Teddy's Bucket List (Unicorn Young Stallion Radio op) (Thornquill Audio ) 1. Own the full set of playing-cards; "cards against equestrian". 2. See Mount Rushmare. 3. To become such a great pony that being left in the tank alone isn't an issue anymore! Tigger's Wish List (Earth Pony Celestial-Engineers) (Voiced by Losty) 1. Rise through the ranks to become a gunner. 2. To eat five hay burgers in a row! 3. To work in a tank park that isn't a sea of thick mud. Ginger's Goals (Unicorn Stallion Tank Captain) (Voiced by ******) 1. Don't let my friends down. 2. Don't disgrace my family. 3. Keep my crew alive. 4. Live long enough to claim a war pension. 5. Avoid drinking anything distilled by Margo. A Horn Handled Gun (prequel to Tigger Tank) Celestia studied the map in front of her with furrowed brow. There had been many enemies of Equestria over the hundreds of years of her rule. Foes included everything from magical beasts to simple land disputes, but they had always managed to squeak through somehow. Looking back she couldn't help feel pride at what her ponies had achieved. Now it seemed like a new age was upon her and the map showed they were losing. The enemy making headway into her territory was completely different to those of the past. This time it was a methodical mechanised army that appeared to be in no hurry. If it had any doubt in its ability it wasn't showing it in the devastation it created. What she needed now was a wonder weapon that would push them back across her border without turning half of Equestria to dust. Pulling another group of heroes out of the hat was going to be harder than ever! Far away on the edge of her territory ponies were waking up in a war zone. Tents replaced houses while broken stumps replaced trees. Green meadow lay ripped up by the wheels of war and the sword was now replaced by a huge gun on four tracks. This was the tool of choice against the mechanised horses of the opposing force and an ambitious stallion had just received his new heavy weight war machine.... Ginger entered the command centre to receive his new orders, taking extra care to keep out of everyponies way. As his eyes grew accustomed to the dark he noticed a shape slumped on the floor, backlit by the flickering info panels. "Who's that?" he whispered to a pony tech nearby. "Nopony knows, he is everywhere that there is a war and apparently it has always has been that way. It sounded like a fairy tail until I saw him. Then you feel that pressure in your head and you know it's for real." A startled expression fell onto Gingers face, "What the hell, that's actually death sat there?" The tech pony grinned back, "No, not death. It sits there and warns us to stop, but it never does any good. Not even Celestia can stop this hate. I swear that until everyone is sick of it or the die-hards are dead the battle will simply roll on. A sharp intake of breath could be heard around him as the ancient pony slowly turned around. It studied him carefully before looking him directly in the eye and adding, "Everything dies, but not like this." Ginger stepped back, horn glowing in anticipation for a fight. Flicking its ragged cape to either side the creature of dust and matted hair stood up. "Your destiny can be yours!" it challenged. "Take what rightfully belongs to you by magic and change a bleak future into a prosperous one for all. Do it for yourself and do it for your friends." Just as suddenly it flopped back onto the floor and resumed its stare at the many panels. Ginger backed up further with a desperate need to escape. leaping into the light through the open door he took a huge gulp of air and resisted the desire to throw up. He stood in the sunshine panting. His commanding officer followed him out. "They say it was present at every war that there ever was. Celestia knows how it became immortal and wound up here. You can ask it about the first battles ever fought and it will happily tell you. But it only ever speaks in the language of that time period and nopony speaks in the tongue of the early tribes. It won't teach anyone, so all that knowledge is trapped in its mind. It's messed up!" "As nopony at official level will admit it exists it goes anywhere it pleases simply because it can. I'm not intending upsetting it and everypony here is told to ignore it, which is a good idea. I don't think it would ever harm, but I'm certain it can. One thing is for sure. You're in a hell of a lot of trouble if it shows an interest in you. Good luck to you, because now you're clearly in need of it!" In a daze Ginger staggered back into the tank park, gaining a suspicious look from his engineer Donald. This old war pony had seen a fair bit of army life from his tool box. Recently he had seen plough shares turned to swords and the rise of these machines. What they achieved astounded the dark grey stallion, but there was still plenty or room for the old fashioned horror. He popped the wrench back in the tool box with a flick of magic and called to Margo. "Hey Margo, we've got a problem out here." Turquoise ears appeared through the top hatch followed by a look of concern. "What have you done to him now?" Donald scowled back. "It weren't me, he arrived like that. I think his cider count is below par." Close behind Ginger came a galloping Teddy. The short brown pony had more fur than was reasonable and he was ill equipped for speed. Panting hard he relayed, "He's the chosen one, death spoke to him!" Margo huffed at the report. "Ridiculous! Utter horse tale, he eats, he poops, he talks. Thats no more death than I am. It might be one seriously cursed pony young Teddy, but this isn't a daft fairy tail. Go inside and fiddle with your knobs." Teddy slunk into the rear hatch with ears down and tail dragging. Most of the time his enthusiasm got the better of him and he yearned for the respect of the older unicorns. The fact that he had 'aced' the communications course hadn't made up for saying the wrong thing at the precisely the wrong time nearly every the time. Sitting down at his radio station he leant his hooves on the little note desk and flicked the dials this way and that with the tip of a horn. As his bright green eyes scanned the info panel he knew as well as anypony that being a team would keep them alive. If only there was a way to keep them safe from the mayhem that chattered through the air waves and into his head phones. Donald and Margo sat Ginger down and fetched him a brew with sugar and something extra. Ginger drank it down, but continued to stare into the distance. Now he had a bigger destiny than just getting his new tank and new crew to the front. Donald was first to speak, drawing himself up to full height with some discomfort. "Come on lad captain, what did he say to you?" "That we're in a hell of a fix," Ginger replied, looking Donald directly in the eye. "That we can get through this if we make it our own fight, but I have no idea how we do that? I mean, you've seen them, they don't miss often and what they hit usually goes down." Margo Scoffed, "If the rumours are true I would suggest our future is very much dependant on the gunner on the other side of the field. But unless you know some brilliant way to make a quad-track tank indestructible I don't see what monumental difference we'll make?" Tigger appeared at that moment pulling the heavy pressure washer cart through the mud. It was her task to keep the hardware side of their tank going while they were at the base. She was dark brown and barely taller than Teddy. What set her apart was the hint of stripe in her coat from some long forgotten zebra ancestor. It distorted her cutie mark to the point it was nearly illegible. This was of no concern to Tigger, who was the 'can do' earth pony who could get out of any scrape. She had sneaked onboard for a few missions to the front. "He doesn't look so good," said Tigger eyeing up Ginger. "What did the archive pony say to him?" Ginger seemed to snap out of his shocked state. "We need to do something special or we're screwed, I think?" That evening the five ponies sat around a table full of empty glasses. Their sad eyes looked at the dregs of a somber evening. Teddy twitched as though some crazy idea was about to spring forth. Margo decided to get in first. "So we have to win the war?" she asked half joking. "We've been around a bit. Or at least, me and Donald have. We go somewhere, we shoot at stuff and we come back for more. There isn't a spell that makes that a safe proposition. That's why boxes of supplies come in and boxes of ponies go out." Donald glared at her, "Nice!" "We need to magic the hull," blurted out Teddy as Tigger made to ram a hoof in his mouth before he could say more. "Dude, messing with a tank like that will get you on a charge. Saying that out loud will get you a bad reputation. These rules aren't made up for fun. You don't want to be the one associated with sabotage even if you think you're helping. I'm going before somepony hears you!" She stood up and weaved her way through the crowd to the exit. Now that it was a party of four Donald chimed in with a thoughtful expression on his muzzle, "How? But first, lets continue this debate down at the park in the quiet." Once sat in the Quad-track they laid down a muffling spell and looked from one another to see who would start. "I have the most to lose," said Ginger. "You can't be a tank captain and claim all matter of fact that you didn't know how it just happened to disintegrate on your watch. Also, what can we add to it that hasn't already been done by the best in Equestria?" The self propelled rail gun they sat in was a sizeable machine. Aside from the battery packs at the rear it was really just a large diameter tube around a big magnetic rail gun. Some fairly impressive and secret magic had been applied to it already by the factory unicorns, who were ponies who knew what they were doing. Even with enchantments it couldn't survive a well placed artillery shell. Margo was first to go. "We can't exactly fit it with a re-set button now can we?" All eyes fell upon her in the gloom. "Okay, I guess we can then?" She asked. "Well," added Donald, "We could time-lock it in an 'as-new' condition. Every time it got a hit it would automatically return to how it is now." Ginger rubbed a hoof on his chin. "As sure as Luna watches our dreams I don't think we'll get away with that. And it can't be a long term solution? Surely at some point it's going to receive so much damage that time itself will get annoyed and gobble it up. That's one hell of a paradox to maintain. I mean, great for keeping your silverware bright and shiny, but a whole tank?" Teddy looked a bit startled at the last statement. "When mums best chalice collapsed we all thought it was pretty funny. But I wasn't inside the chalice when it went off! There was red wine everywhere." He looked down at his hooves with drooped ears. Margo put a hoof on his shoulder and smiled gently, "We have a chance this way. That's not some bunch of ponies or griffins out there. That's a mech army and they don't seem to miss very often. My friend just came back from the front and her stories scared the hay out of me. It's time for us to fight sideways." The next day they continued to prep their PT4 Quad-track tank ready for combat. Part of the set up included some night trials and target practice. It was the ideal time to sneak off to a remote location and do some extra magical homework. After a few hours work Ginger left to collect the direct order to test with live fire. He set off deep in thought. At headquarters he was greeted by his commanding officer. The mare was tall and definitely commanding, but also fair. She eyed him suspiciously before passing over a sealed envelope. Then she pointed a hoof at the info screen that showed the current front line. "Things are bad," she said looking him in the eye. "If we don't get a break soon we'll be looking at using the bad stuff. We need to win and save our land, as opposed to; win and have no where to live. Just one piece of luck to throw them off would do. Just an act to hold them back. I hear a rumour chattering about the unit and it frightens me. Whatever you're planning, try to keep Teddy out of it. He's young and maybe he's that one pony out of all of us with a long life ahead of him?" Ginger nodded and returned to the tank park. He had been foolish to think keeping secrets would work around here and now he was between a rock and hard place. Ten minutes ago his only goal was to make a large mechanical machine bomb proof. It might work and it might not have. Now he carried the weight of everyponies' hope on his back. Now it really had to work and be a game changer! The mood in the crew was still subdued on his return. There really wasn't much to be said anyway. Everypony took their position and called out their status. Hooves started bringing the many systems to life as various guns and missile lights glimmered in the dim light of the interior. Ginger checked around them before sounding the siren and moving the machine toward the firing range. The tracks and gears whined in the background as they arrived at firing point one. Ginger checked the info panel to verify the rail gun was ready and that the main battery was full. Taking a sight he dialled in the target and sent it to Margo. She in turn touched a few buttons to start dumping energy into the rail guns capacitors. "Practice shell, fire on 75% charge," she called out. Ginger replied, "Fire on 75%, I have the trigger on auto, gun shows green, target is clear." The new tank was state of the art and was soon up to the required charge. The main battery unhooked itself with a re-assuring clunk just before the rail gun capacitors dumped their charge into the coils. A noise like a huge elastic band snapping sucked all the air out of the tank for a split second while throwing it backwards a pace or two. "Wow, " said Donald. "This thing likes to live on the edge. If you want to try 100% I'll be outside hiding behind a tree." Margo turned to look at him with a huge grin. They navigated successfully through the rest of the targets with ease. The tank worked great and everypony agreed that it was a shame to start tinkering with it. But practice targets didn't shoot back and now it was time to either improve it or be arrested. Half an hour later they were all stood around the PT4 sizing up the enormity of the task. "Shame Tigger isn't with us to see this," said Teddy, lighting his horn and feeling the structure. "Just the hull and nothing else?" There had been no hope of leaving him behind when it was his idea. "Yes Teddy," replied Donald. "If we time lock the batteries they won't work and if we lock the tracks they won't turn. Just the shell of the hull and don't forget to breath." The spell was hard enough to afflict on small objects and this object was house sized. They positioned themselves at each corner so that the track sets might offer some protection if it blew up. Teddy swallowed hard. "I've only read about this, I've never done it," he said cautiously. "That's why I'm giving you an order to do it," said Ginger. "I'm it's captain and I'll say you all did it unwillingly. They won't believe those two, but you have a clean sheet." Horns glowed as they felt the extremity of the hull down to its rivets. The metal felt cold with a slight twitch from its factory spells. After five minutes or so it began to hum steadily as they sought out every edge and corner. Once they had a grip on it all they began to reach further and began to sense it age ever so slightly. Margo was first to speak. "Right then, this is what we need to do. Reach into it and feel how it moves and grows imperceptibly older with every heart beat. We need to force it back on itself. It must be in a loop so that it feels to have aged a bit, but then becomes young again." Before they could finish She felt their magic weaken and a new force push into her mind. She startled and stepped back to stare at the others in the darkness. Ginger was was just visible standing next to an ominous black shape. She wondered if they had been busted and strained her ears to the whispers. "It'll take five of us at least," said Ginger. "The archive pony will help us perform the spell. We are to do as we just did, but give it everything we have." They let their minds creep back into the structure and again felt its limits. This time they felt much stronger and the hull responded quickly with a soft purple glow. Now they could feel each others magic and sense the natural pulse of the tank as it became a mere blink older before snapping back to a set point. Once it harmonised into a never ending loop they pulled back. Donald broke the silence. "We'll give it half an hour. If it doesn't disintegrate by then I say we drive it back and get some sleep." He looked around to thank the ancient pony, but it had already left. A few days later nopony was any the wiser. A new tank was supposed to be clean, so the fact that dirt couldn't physically stick to theirs interested no one. Ginger now felt optimistic about the modification as they buzzed along at speed. The new tank drove well and responded quickly to his hoof inputs. It would have been a nice day out if their orders weren't front line fire support. At least it wasn't a full on battle charge. Arriving last they found some suitable flat ground and waited as Margo dialled in the compensations for wind and gravity. Motors whined as the suspension lifted the front of the tank up on its tracks. The machine rode on four sets of tracks, held on by spindly looking arms that made it appear more like an insect than an armoured cart. The arrangement of struts and swivels let the tank tracks move independently to climb over rough ground and to steer. It looked delicate to say the least. Teddy received the order to fire over the radio and relayed it to Ginger. He relayed it to Margo who began charging the gun capacitors, just as they had in practice. This time she loaded a gemstone projectile and eyed a far off distant target. Ginger confirmed the distance. "Thirty thousand steps, 50 steps compensation. The target is a command tank approaching on our flank." Margo came up to the command station and put the periscope cross hairs on the target. The opposing armour was moving slowly so she added in a tiny bit of delay. Eying the charge indicator she set for 90% and waited. "Here we go," she said quietly. "Firing in three, two, one, brace!" Their lives moved back a few feet as the projectile was spat like lightening across the battle field. Off in the far distance the opposing forces heavy tracked vehicle stopped abruptly and began to smoke. "Yes!" Shouted Ginger and Margo in Unison. Donald added, "Chalk one up to the Unicorn horn handled gun!" Margo turned to him with a scowl, "We are not writing that down the side of our war chariot." As soon as they had fired their main gun the enemy took a greater interest in them. Realising that Gingers crew was a pretty good shot induced them to hand out some special treatment. Most incoming fire was now theirs and in short order it found them. Their PT4 lit up like a star as the large shell detonated on the hull. Inside everything seemed to warp and twist before springing back into shape. Ginger decided it was too hot for comfort and raced backward until they were out of reach of the opposing guns. "We should be dead," shouted Margo. Ginger responded, "After what we did we still might be? There's a price to pay for magic like this, just look at the archive pony. Who knows how he got like that but I bet it started with a bad idea over a round of cider. Load her back up!" Taking another sighting they threw another shell across the battle field. A shower of sparks suggested they had hit a power cell. The unicorn tank was now the only thing of interest on the battle field and every shot required a re-position to avoid a rain of death. They continued to fire until empty as more targets burnt with a trail of thick black smoke. A retreat could be seen underway off in the distance. "It's time to go," called out Ginger as he watched the mayhem. "Save some rockets for the trip home just in case." Spinning the command station rearward he kicked the drive stirrups to 'rapid travel'. There was no point loitering with low power and no main gun ammunition. They were soon speeding past reinforcements heading the other way to finish the job off. Soon they were back at the tank park thinking about re-loading when Tigger bought them an envelope with new orders. "Hand delivery only," she shrugged as ginger opened the distinctly 'official' looking document with some caution. "We've new orders to go to Canterlot," he mused rubbing his chin with a hoof. We're either hero's or in a hell of a lot of trouble. Maybe even both? Either way up we leave now, no debate." They barely had their belongings together as a royal crested transport arrived. They threw their kit bags aboard and launched Teddy in through the open door before leaving in a flurry of hooves all waving goodbye. The whoops and waves from other crews suggested they were the heroes of the tank park if nothing else. Everypony was somewhat surprised at their departure, but nothing took it worse than Gingers Tank. Tigger swept the interior clean ready for another crew, but was quickly ordered out as it was becoming really unstable. The static charge it now gave off left no chance of anyone driving it anywhere. For everyponies' safety another tank managed to push it into a small hanger on the edge of the park. Tigger watched sadly as the doors were shut behind it before dragging her water cart to clean some more heavies. A week later there were plenty of rumours flying around about the fate of Gingers unicorn crew. Fighting had slowed up and that meant time to stand around and idly guess their new posting. The most plausible answer was that they were stationed at the secret tank factory. As the sun shone down it wasn't long before maintenance compressors were inflating hoofballs for something to do. Ponies from all over the base were claiming all sorts of objects were goal posts. One ball was given such a good buck-kick it landed on top of the small hanger. Several large stallions promptly grabbed a protesting Tigger and threw her onto the roof of a side building so she could retrieve it. She was soon on top and raised a leg to 'hoof' it off when there was a bit of a creek. The noise was followed by a "flump" as Tigger disappeared from view. Shaking off the dust she found herself on top of Gingers tank which had calmed down a bit. She wondered if it would run? There was now some serious concern outside. Nopony thought that the drop would cause the young mare any permanent issues, but it's contents might? Ears back and nostrils flaring they made careful steps towards the building. They were starting to get really brave and were pretty close as a whirring noise came from inside. Making a run for it with flailing tails the noise was followed by an almighty crash as the tank exited through the end wall. Bricks and planks showered across the ground before the machine came to an abrupt halt in front of them. A head appeared through the hatch with a big smile. "Who wants a ride in Tigger's Tank?" All she needed now was a hat and a crew! The End Team Idris
  25. Ladies and Gentleman, after the last successful hunger games and after the obvious demand for more, i created a second contest and gave multiple guys, as well as a few new guys, another chance for 15 minutes of glory. So here we go. The Bloodbath As the tributes stand on their podiums, the horn sounds. AURAequine snatches a bottle of alcohol and a rag. Deae Rising Shine runs away from the Cornucopia. Unicorncob snatches a pair of sais. Eloquence runs away from the Cornucopia. FlutterstepHD runs away from the Cornucopia. -Nobody- runs away from the Cornucopia. Spirit Rush retrieves a trident from inside the cornucopia. Dark Qiviut runs away from the Cornucopia. C.B runs away from the Cornucopia. Crecious finds a bow, some arrows, and a quiver. Lightwing runs away from the Cornucopia. Puckersterv runs away from the Cornucopia. Evil Derpy runs away with a lighter and some rope. Jeric runs away from the Cornucopia. Feld0 grabs a backpack and retreats. Red Laser runs away from the Cornucopia. Wind Chaser runs away from the Cornucopia. Green Spirit runs away from the Cornucopia. Twintails and Mesme Rize fight for a bag. Mesme Rize gives up and retreats. Koukatsu snatches a pair of sais. Yozer247 runs away from the Cornucopia. Clever Clover runs away from the Cornucopia. Mr.Dash runs away from the Cornucopia. glitterbomb snatches a bottle of alcohol and a rag. DenimandVenom runs away from the Cornucopia. Kiba sets an explosive off, killing Attack of the Pwns, GrayTyphoon, and cmarston1. Cryantha runs away from the Cornucopia. Froggit runs away from the Cornucopia. Mentis Soliloquy runs away with a lighter and some rope. PathfinderCS takes a handful of throwing knives. Steel Accord runs away from the Cornucopia. SFyr gathers as much food as he can. Riganthor kills Meson Bolt with a hatchet. Unstoppable Link throws a knife into Dark Horse's head. Nuke87654 cannot handle the circumstances and commits suicide. Troblems runs away from the Cornucopia. Special Enemy Temmie stays at the cornucopia for resources. TwilightAqua runs away from the Cornucopia. Sby runs away from the Cornucopia. Wingnut stays at the cornucopia for resources. Randimaxis runs away from the Cornucopia. Ponylaces runs away from the Cornucopia. Day 1 glitterbomb receives a hatchet from an unknown sponsor. Steel Accord questions his sanity. Unicorncob sees smoke rising in the distance, but decides not to investigate. Wingnut kills -Nobody- for his supplies. Mentis Soliloquy, Special Enemy Temmie, and Twintails hunt for other tributes. Lightwing tries to sleep through the entire day. Clever Clover and Jeric split up to search for resources. Troblems, FlutterstepHD, Riganthor, and Sby raid Wind Chaser's camp while he is hunting. Randimaxis collects fruit from a tree. Deae Rising Shine tries to spear fish with a trident. Spirit Rush receives a hatchet from an unknown sponsor. PathfinderCS receives medical supplies from an unknown sponsor. Yozer247 and Froggit fight Unstoppable Link and Kiba . Unstoppable Link and Kiba survive. Red Laser chases Puckersterv. SFyr discovers a cave. Evil Derpy discovers a river. Mesme Rize defeats Mr.Dash in a fight, but spares his life. Koukatsu searches for a water source. Eloquence sprains her ankle while running away from AURAequine. Green Spirit questions his sanity. Ponylaces sees smoke rising in the distance, but decides not to investigate. Crecious tries to spear fish with a trident. Feld0 and Dark Qiviut split up to search for resources. TwilightAqua tries to sleep through the entire day. DenimandVenom explores the arena. Cryantha receives clean water from an unknown sponsor. C.B camouflauges himself in the bushes. Fallen Tributes 1 Attack of the Pwns District 10 GrayTyphoon District 4 cmarston1 District 11 Meson Bolt District 6 Dark Horse District 2 Nuke87654 District 7 -Nobody- District 9 Yozer247 District 3 Froggit District 3 Night 1 Koukatsu poisons Eloquence's drink, but mistakes it for his own and dies. glitterbomb and TwilightAqua run into each other and decide to truce for the night. DenimandVenom questions his sanity. AURAequine, Red Laser, and Unstoppable Link cheerfully sing songs together. Dark Qiviut stays awake all night. Crecious receives an explosive from an unknown sponsor. Feld0 cries himself to sleep. Deae Rising Shine cooks his food before putting his fire out. Special Enemy Temmie decapitates Jeric with a sword. Evil Derpy stays awake all night. Clever Clover receives a hatchet from an unknown sponsor. Wingnut quietly hums. C.B receives clean water from an unknown sponsor. Kiba cannot handle the circumstances and commits suicide. Lightwing cooks his food before putting his fire out. Twintails screams for help. Ponylaces, SFyr, and Mentis Soliloquy sleep in shifts. Wind Chaser loses sight of where he is. Green Spirit begs for Steel Accord to kill him. He refuses, keeping Green Spirit alive. FlutterstepHD tries to treat his infection. Spirit Rush cooks his food before putting his fire out. Sby and Riganthor hold hands. Cryantha and Unicorncob talk about the tributes still alive. Mr.Dash tries to sing himself to sleep. Mesme Rize receives clean water from an unknown sponsor. Puckersterv destroys Troblems's supplies while she is asleep. Randimaxis tends to PathfinderCS's wounds. Day 2 Feld0 searches for firewood. Clever Clover and Red Laser split up to search for resources. Crecious tries to sleep through the entire day. C.B constructs a shack. Mentis Soliloquy, PathfinderCS, Evil Derpy, and AURAequine hunt for other tributes. Troblems travels to higher ground. Spirit Rush and Randimaxis work together for the day. Mesme Rize makes a slingshot. Steel Accord, Riganthor, FlutterstepHD, and DenimandVenom hunt for other tributes. Mr.Dash searches for a water source. Unstoppable Link practices his archery. Puckersterv collects fruit from a tree. Ponylaces practices his archery. SFyr chases Deae Rising Shine. Wingnut diverts TwilightAqua's attention and runs away. Special Enemy Temmie camouflauges himself in the bushes. Twintails receives fresh food from an unknown sponsor. Sby picks flowers. Wind Chaser discovers a cave. Lightwing overhears Eloquence and Green Spirit talking in the distance. Dark Qiviut receives a hatchet from an unknown sponsor. Unicorncob begs for Cryantha to kill him. He refuses, keeping Unicorncob alive. glitterbomb makes a slingshot. Fallen Tributes 2 Koukatsu District 3 Jeric District 1 Kiba District 12 Night 2 Spirit Rush is awoken by nightmares. Unstoppable Link loses sight of where he is. Evil Derpy sets up camp for the night. Red Laser goes to sleep. Mr.Dash passes out from exhaustion. SFyr defeats Feld0 in a fight, but spares his life. Mesme Rize loses sight of where he is. Randimaxis receives clean water from an unknown sponsor. C.B cries himself to sleep. Deae Rising Shine, FlutterstepHD, TwilightAqua, and DenimandVenom tell each other ghost stories to lighten the mood. Steel Accord convinces Special Enemy Temmie to snuggle with him. Twintails, Riganthor, and Wingnut sleep in shifts. Clever Clover receives clean water from an unknown sponsor. PathfinderCS receives a hatchet from an unknown sponsor. Green Spirit and AURAequine run into each other and decide to truce for the night. Cryantha questions his sanity. Crecious receives an explosive from an unknown sponsor. Sby is awoken by nightmares. Puckersterv and Dark Qiviut sleep in shifts. Wind Chaser lets Lightwing into his shelter. glitterbomb destroys Unicorncob's supplies while he is asleep. Eloquence looks at the night sky. Troblems and Mentis Soliloquy hold hands. Ponylaces dies from hunger. Day 3 Cryantha hunts for other tributes. Red Laser makes a slingshot. Wingnut dies from hunger. Wind Chaser practices his archery. Spirit Rush receives medical supplies from an unknown sponsor. Green Spirit and Clever Clover hunt for other tributes. Unstoppable Link discovers a river. Troblems, Mesme Rize, AURAequine, and PathfinderCS raid glitterbomb's camp while she is hunting. C.B sprains his ankle while running away from Special Enemy Temmie. Unicorncob steals from Mentis Soliloquy while he isn't looking. Mr.Dash tries to sleep through the entire day. Riganthor, Evil Derpy, and DenimandVenom hunt for other tributes. Feld0 questions his sanity. TwilightAqua defeats Twintails in a fight, but spares his life. Sby receives a hatchet from an unknown sponsor. Crecious chases SFyr. FlutterstepHD camouflauges himself in the bushes. Deae Rising Shine tries to sleep through the entire day. Randimaxis, Lightwing, Eloquence, and Puckersterv hunt for other tributes. Steel Accord sees smoke rising in the distance, but decides not to investigate. Dark Qiviut sees smoke rising in the distance, but decides not to investigate. Fallen Tributes 3 Ponylaces District 6 Wingnut District 10 Night 3 Feld0 questions his sanity. Red Laser climbs a tree to rest. Cryantha and Mr.Dash tell stories about themselves to each other. PathfinderCS sees a fire, but stays hidden. Puckersterv loses sight of where he is. Special Enemy Temmie quietly hums. Clever Clover tends to Sby's wounds. Unstoppable Link cries himself to sleep. Wind Chaser, Mentis Soliloquy, and Green Spirit discuss the games and what might happen in the morning. DenimandVenom fends Randimaxis, FlutterstepHD, and Dark Qiviut away from his fire. Lightwing is unable to start a fire and sleeps without warmth. Mesme Rize receives fresh food from an unknown sponsor. Eloquence cries herself to sleep. Troblems loses sight of where she is. Twintails quietly hums. Evil Derpy goes to sleep. Crecious lets AURAequine into her shelter. Deae Rising Shine climbs a tree to rest. TwilightAqua tends to Spirit Rush's wounds. SFyr sets an explosive off, killing C.B, Unicorncob, Steel Accord and glitterbomb. Riganthor receives an explosive from an unknown sponsor. Day 4 SFyr discovers a river. Eloquence questions her sanity. Sby and Feld0 split up to search for resources. AURAequine, Riganthor, and Mentis Soliloquy track down and kill Lightwing. Puckersterv receives medical supplies from an unknown sponsor. Wind Chaser kills Spirit Rush as he tries to run. Special Enemy Temmie and Cryantha work together for the day. Randimaxis receives fresh food from an unknown sponsor. Unstoppable Link, Clever Clover, Red Laser, TwilightAqua, and Crecious hunt for other tributes. Evil Derpy makes a slingshot. PathfinderCS questions his sanity. Mr.Dash, Deae Rising Shine, and Green Spirit hunt for other tributes. Mesme Rize questions his sanity. FlutterstepHD, Troblems, DenimandVenom, and Dark Qiviut hunt for other tributes. Twintails explores the arena. Fallen Tributes 4 C.B District 10 Unicorncob District 9 Steel Accord District 8 glitterbomb District 11 Lightwing District 2 Spirit Rush District 2 Night 4 Mesme Rize is awoken by nightmares. Twintails sees a fire, but stays hidden. Sby lets Puckersterv into his shelter. Clever Clover is awoken by nightmares. SFyr screams for help. Dark Qiviut quietly hums. DenimandVenom sets up camp for the night. FlutterstepHD, Special Enemy Temmie, and Crecious cheerfully sing songs together. Wind Chaser is awoken by nightmares. Feld0, Cryantha, and PathfinderCS cheerfully sing songs together. Mr.Dash and Randimaxis track down and kill AURAequine. Mentis Soliloquy receives clean water from an unknown sponsor. Red Laser receives fresh food from an unknown sponsor. Unstoppable Link, Riganthor, and Deae Rising Shine discuss the games and what might happen in the morning. Green Spirit tries to treat his infection. TwilightAqua begs for Eloquence to kill her. She refuses, keeping TwilightAqua alive. Troblems starts a fire. Evil Derpy sees a fire, but stays hidden. Day 5 Crecious tends to Mentis Soliloquy's wounds. Puckersterv receives clean water from an unknown sponsor. FlutterstepHD thinks about home. Special Enemy Temmie and Mr.Dash split up to search for resources. Sby receives medical supplies from an unknown sponsor. Randimaxis defeats Red Laser in a fight, but spares her life. PathfinderCS goes hunting. Eloquence discovers a river. Evil Derpy steals from Twintails while he isn't looking. Cryantha chases SFyr. Deae Rising Shine hunts for other tributes. Feld0 discovers a river. Dark Qiviut fishes. Wind Chaser defeats Riganthor in a fight, but spares his life. DenimandVenom receives a hatchet from an unknown sponsor. Clever Clover, TwilightAqua, and Unstoppable Link hunt for other tributes. Troblems defeats Mesme Rize in a fight, but spares his life. Green Spirit discovers a cave. Fallen Tributes 5 AURAequineDistrict 11 Night 5 Red Laser severely injures Green Spirit and leaves him to die. Feld0 loses sight of where he is. SFyr sees a fire, but stays hidden. Eloquence tends to her wounds. PathfinderCS receives a hatchet from an unknown sponsor. Special Enemy Temmie receives a hatchet from an unknown sponsor. Crecious and Randimaxis huddle for warmth. Wind Chaser receives a hatchet from an unknown sponsor. Clever Clover and Twintails fight Troblems and Unstoppable Link. Troblems and Unstoppable Link survive. Puckersterv thinks about winning. DenimandVenom is awoken by nightmares. Mr.Dash tends to his wounds. Mentis Soliloquy shoots a poisonous blow dart into Dark Qiviut's neck, slowly killing him. Mesme Rize cannot handle the circumstances and commits suicide. Sby, Deae Rising Shine, and Riganthor cheerfully sing songs together. Cryantha screams for help. Evil Derpy tries to sing himself to sleep. FlutterstepHD sets up camp for the night. TwilightAqua passes out from exhaustion. Day 6 Sby receives medical supplies from an unknown sponsor. Eloquence begs for Mr.Dash to kill her. He refuses, keeping Eloquence alive. SFyr begs for Evil Derpy to kill him. He refuses, keeping SFyr alive. Cryantha searches for firewood. Randimaxis defeats DenimandVenom in a fight, but spares his life. Wind Chaser goes hunting. Riganthor, Unstoppable Link, TwilightAqua, and Puckersterv hunt for other tributes. Special Enemy Temmie discovers a cave. PathfinderCS diverts Troblems's attention and runs away. Crecious shoots a poisonous blow dart into Red Laser's neck, slowly killing her. FlutterstepHD begs for Mentis Soliloquy to kill him. He reluctantly obliges, killing FlutterstepHD. Feld0 picks flowers. Deae Rising Shine bleeds out due to untreated injuries. Fallen Tributes 6 Green Spirit District 5 Clever Clover District 1 Twintails District 2 Dark Qiviut District 12 Mesme Rize District 1 Red Laser District 7 FlutterstepHD District 4 Deae Rising Shine District 10 Night 6 Feld0 tries to sing himself to sleep. Cryantha dies from an infection. SFyr severely injures DenimandVenom, but puts him out of his misery. Evil Derpy thinks about winning. TwilightAqua spears Special Enemy Temmie in the abdomen. Mentis Soliloquy receives medical supplies from an unknown sponsor. Randimaxis sets up camp for the night. Wind Chaser starts a fire. Troblems shoots an arrow into Sby's head. Puckersterv starts a fire. Eloquence, PathfinderCS, and Mr.Dash cheerfully sing songs together. Crecious cries herself to sleep. Riganthor is awoken by nightmares. Unstoppable Link receives medical supplies from an unknown sponsor. The Feast PathfinderCS decides not to go to The Feast. Riganthor decides not to go to The Feast. Mr.Dash stabs TwilightAqua in the back with a trident. Mentis Soliloquy throws a knife into Puckersterv's chest. Eloquence throws a knife into Crecious's head. SFyr tracks down and kills Unstoppable Link. Wind Chaser decides not to go to The Feast. Evil Derpy and Troblems decide to work together to get more supplies. Feld0 severely slices Randimaxis with a sword. Day 7 Feld0 receives an explosive from an unknown sponsor. Evil Derpy thinks about home. PathfinderCS goes hunting. Mr.Dash receives clean water from an unknown sponsor. Troblems discovers a cave. Eloquence's trap kills Mentis Soliloquy. SFyr chases Riganthor. Wind Chaser makes a wooden spear. Fallen Tributes 7 Cryantha District 12 DenimandVenom District 9 Special Enemy Temmie District 7 Sby District 7 TwilightAqua District 8 Puckersterv District 6 Crecious District 12 Unstoppable Link District 4 Randimaxis District 8 Mentis Soliloquy District 5 Night 7 Eloquence, PathfinderCS, Troblems, and Evil Derpy sleep in shifts. Mr.Dash and Riganthor sleep in shifts. SFyr stabs Feld0 with a tree branch. Wind Chaser receives a hatchet from an unknown sponsor. Day 8 Riganthor tries to spear fish with a trident. Troblems scares Wind Chaser off. PathfinderCS discovers a cave. Evil Derpy chases Eloquence. SFyr hunts for other tributes. Mr.Dash searches for a water source. Arena Event A volcano erupts at the center of the arena. SFyr survives. Eloquence survives. PathfinderCS survives. Troblems is buried in ash. Riganthor is buried in ash. Mr.Dash survives. Evil Derpy survives. Wind Chaser survives. Fallen Tributes 8 Feld0 District 3 Troblems District 6 Riganthor District 8 Night 8 Evil Derpy screams for help. Mr.Dash quietly hums. Wind Chaser stabs PathfinderCS while his back is turned. Eloquence poisons SFyr's drink. He drinks it and dies. Day 9 Evil Derpy tries to spear fish with a trident. Mr.Dash kills Wind Chaser for his supplies. Eloquence falls into a frozen lake and drowns. Fallen Tributes 9 PathfinderCS District 5 SFyr District 4 Wind Chaser District 9 Eloquence District 1 Night 9 Mr.Dash kills Evil Derpy while he is sleeping. The Winner is... Mr.Dash Let's all give him a big hug, for surviving: