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Found 8 results

  1. (I'm amazed I couldn't find a thread like this already!) The title basically explains itself, but how was your day today? Good, bad, okay? Tell us why! Feel free to discuss things, or just post and run. Have a rant or a rave, I really don't care. To start, I've actually had a really good day. I got up at a reasonable hour for once, but still got enough sleep to recover from the first week of marching band. Got some painting done for my room...and hopefully I'll go see Pacific Rim (for the fourth time) this evening. If not, I'll probably watch Lord of the Rings for the millionth time. Pretty ideal day for me. (Now it's your turn.)
  2. This seems to be something that's debated on much more than I thought it would be. On topics discussing Spike and his terrible characterization and episodes, the two main points that are brought up in support are Equestria Girls 1 (highly underrated, but that's for a different topic), and inspiration manifestation. People retaliate with these: EQG- Its not canon, so that doesn't count Inspiration Manifestation- That was a Rarity Episode. Saying that EQG isn't canon is stupid and dumb, and doesn't require arguing back, but the second point is much more debatable. Was Inspiration Manifestation a Spike or Rarity episode? Spike was the one who saw and confronted the problem, but Rarity was the one who realized she was doing something wrong. There is valid arguments for both side. What do you guys think? Edit: and don't say both. That's no fun.
  3. Welp, I told you guys I would dance for you ;3 This may not be my best work, but hey I did it for the entertainment of others, and thats good enough for me ^.^
  4. I've decided to do a series of blogs in which I discuss episodes of MLP that are generally criticized by the Brony community. The first is on Spike at Your Service. I would type everything out, but this image says it perfectly.
  5. It was 3 am, Pinkazoid had recently eaten 3 bags of candy, and a pint of ice cream, Urdnot was being Urdnot, and Twiliscael was no where to be seen. In order to join our cult of ours, you must change your avvie to Cloudia's Glorious image, along with a name change to match ours. JOIN NOW BOW DOWN TO YOUR CLOUD OVERLORD
  6. So guys, I know we all have favorite background ponies or fanmade ones. But the question is.. Which of them would you love to be more involved in the show? Or even be one of the main characters in the show in the future.. *Cough* VINYL SCRATCH *Cough* *Hack* *Gag* Edit: Added Lyra Hearstrings to the poll. Sorry about that guise *Smacks head* Edit: Added Colgate
  7. Well... today I probably laughed more then I've ever laughed before. A few of my friends and I were fooling around in Algebra 2 today. I don't think I learned anything in that class today... (I know pitiful) Anyways the iPod ban on the bus is getting harder and harder to tolerate. I'm the last one off and when you have a solid hour and a half with nothing to do, it really gets on your nerves. I tried reading, but I'm one of those people who needs music to pay attention to anything really. Talking is out of the question, because my friends are some of the first stops. So I am lost with what I should do with that. I got an 83% on my math quiz pretty darn happy about that. Then I got a 89% on my Spanish quiz. So yeah school is going pretty good.