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Found 3 results

  1. As a student and an american there are a lot of things that I wish I could have but, sadly do not have the budget to realistically justify getting. I also think that things that people want can often tell an interesting bit about themselves. So, I thought it would be interesting to see what you guys wish you could have but, for whatever reason cannot have. I'll start. I wish I could have one of these limited addition chairs @.@ but, for almost 3k it's out of my budget.
  2. I had been browsing around for something interesting to read to gain inspiration for writing as I do from time to time. I was searching up information on the Paris mines when I came across this gem of an article from BBC news. According to this article supplies of the precious metal silver could run out as soon as the year 2029. Seeing as you can only mine it out of the ground and you can't make it in a laboratory, this would be a ideal asset to get into. I mention this because I would like other people to profit from this situation as well. I've posted the link to the article as well as a few videos I thought would help inform the readers of this article.
  3. I did a similar topic on this matter before but it was sent away from 'Show Discussion' where I wanted to discuss it. Basically, this idea could do well for a future CMC episode and a good way to use Diamond Tiara again. In a familiar scenario Rich family goes bankrupt and all the wealth, status and fake friends (ie Silver Spoon) that has inflated Diamond Tiara's ego is stripped from her. She even loses her precious tiara. And of course, she's as miserable. The CMC, I imagine, would at first feel a sense of justified schadenfreude, a view that would most likely be shared with a large number of fans, considering this is Diamond Tiara we are talking about. She has been nothing short of horrible to them, so in their view, her situation could not have happened to a filly more deserving. But of course, since the CMC are good kids, they will eventually take pity on her and try to cheer her up and teach her the life of an average pony is great, and maybe even try and teach her friendship. There are several ways this could end; Diamond Tiara could actually learn friendship, becoming a permanently changed filly and truly becomes friends with the CMC, ending it on a high note. In a convenient twist, the Rich family somehow become rich again and her precious tiara is returned to her, and she instantly dismisses everything she's learned and the CMC and turns back into a spoiled brat. Her family regain their wealth and status, but she does NOT dismiss everything she's learned and is still a changed filly for the better. On a side note, we could also get the chance to meet DT's mother, assuming she is still around, though we have no solid reason to assume she isn't. This is my take on what would happen if Diamond Tiara lost her money. Is this how you imagine it or do you have a different take?