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Found 27 results

  1. I am a huge fan of fantasy movies, anime, games and all those kinds of things. Since the battle between good and evil is the usual idea in those, there must be some sort of weapons to battle with. I'm curious to know what fantasy weapons you think are cool (and if possible, why). You can include anything as long as it qualifies as something that is used in battle, unique or uncommon and wouldn't really exist in reality. Here are some of my favorites: Excalibur (simply because it's the sword of the true kind and usually shown with holy powers) Leona's Zenith blade (it just looks badass) Branch of Sin (because using blood as a weapon is an source as long as you're alive) Final Fantasy Gunblades (no special abilities except maybe increasing strike impact... sadly, they cannot shoot bullets) Lich King's Frostmourne (unholy sword that just looks cool glowing blue as it cuts through you) Flying dutchman's rotating front cannons (friggin waterproof!) from the Pirates of the Caribbean The G virus from Resident Evil (biological weapons are some of the deadliest and a virus that kills and turns the dead into weapons may be the deadliest) Bilbo's Sting (a fine-length sword for a hobbit that warns you when orcs or goblins are nearby... I'd say that's useful) the hammer of Thor (the legendary hammer of the god of thunder that possesses great magic power) How about you guys?
  2. Lets say that the area around you has been a bit more violent what are you going to do? how are you going to survive? there are people out there that want to harm you and your going to get hurt unless you can fight. No seriously what weapon do you need to sleep with to survive I keep a rifle and a blade.
  3. Can someone explain how a coil gun works i understand megnatism and I have a design in my head that I have been thinking about for 2 day strait but how would the gun know to shut of when the projectile is in the middle other than ir sensors or timers and would it be more efficient with or without capacitors Could I make one out of old speaker voice coils?
  4. Does anybody else love to use under powered weapons in FPS games? I always have fun using really weak weapons just to make things challenging. I love using revolvers as a main weapon or awful weapons. It forces me to work together with others and play to objective to get points. Using weak weapons helps me to feel like an average soldier and not some super man who runs around with an MG mowing down everybody. I also tend to use it as an excuse for losing a match. In strategy games as well I really enjoy playing as tiny nations who start off weak. I absolutely love playing as Canada or Australia in any WWII game and micro manage like crazy to see if I can turn the tide of the war. I have never made it through a game as Germany or Russia just because they feel too powerful and easy to play as.
  5. Well, I'm curious. Being the human that I am, I am fascinated by weapons. The look, the feel, the power... I was just wondering what kinds of weapons you guys have. No Guns No tiny razors or like little swiss army knives Exotic and/or Bladed weapons only Here is a small portion of my collection. May post more at some point in the future...
  6. So it was revealed awhile ago that Hasbro trademarked the phrase "Guardians of Harmony", and now their new toyline is running with that very name. From what little I've seen of it, it seems to have an emphasis on military themes, including Shining Armor riding a notably larger spike and both clad in armor. And it also shows Twilight Sparkle fighting a changeling with what looks like some kind of Saddle mounted weaponry Since the last line of toys talked about Cutie Mark Magic and that led to an entire season revolving around cutie marks in one way or another, I'm thinking this upcoming season is going to be about this "Guardians of Harmony" concept. More specifically, I think the wars we saw in the season 5 finale's alternate universes might be a precurser to some events that are going to happen in this season. Weaponry for the ponies would sell toys too, cause I mean look at them they are freaking awesome What do you think about this? Do you think this next season will be "Guardians of Harmony" focused considering this information? Does that mean we'll see our Princess Twilight Sparkle leading soldiers to battle equipped with saddle mounted weaponry like shown above? Will it be season long or just a season Premier/Finale event?
  7. I haven't seen anything about how ponies defend themselves. Magic is only good if you're really skilled, just flying in to tackle has it's risks, and running in head first is just as dangerous so... What do ponies have as far as weapons? My first guess would be lances.
  8. So with the trailers for the next installment of one of the best fighting games of all time coming out, I've had Street Fighter on the brain. Anyone who does martial arts in real life knows that weapons feature heavily in many styles, some more than others. While there have been some characters in the franchise that either make use of or are sometimes depicted packing, Vega most notably with his claw but also Eagle (escrima sticks), Fei Long (nunchaku), Viper (taser gloves/jet shoes), Rolento (quarterstaff and grenades), and more; but for the most part the characters eschew weapons. For the most part I like this creative decision as the fighting styles are just as distinct and stylized, armed or empty handed. Or I can ignore someone going into combat against Vega is NOT going to look like a slasher movie victim because of the comic book-esque nature of the franchise. Just for fun though, what are some weapons you think your favorite Street Fighter characters would use if they decided to go into a fight with some teeth? Be it based in their actual martial art style or just something you think the character would choose to use. To start: T. Hawk: Tomohawks. (Hey "Tomohawk" T. Hawk? Wonder if that was intentional. Yes I know his first name is "Thunder." . . . Which only brings to mind another Native American fighting game character . . .) Dhalsim: Urumi and shield Makoto: Katana (not trying to stereotype just that A ) Street Fighter has always used national identity to inform character and B ) she's old school and the heir to an old school.) Zangief: Hammer and axe combo. (Again, not stereotyping, but Zangief IS a patriot after all.)
  9. well after watching a anime called Upotte!! it got me thinking all weapons are different, just like people. Some are more reliable than others, some more popular. Some look great but are mechanically worthless. Some are more powerful than others, but some are more stealthy. Some are more accurate, and some are just concerned with how much metal they can get into the air. Some will work if you have buried them in sand and mud, others will get dust on the reciever and jam up. Also, how much you take care of your gun can impact the operation of it. Some guns can also take more abuse than others. There is a Gun type for every personality in the world. SO base on your personality, body type, age and other things that are you what kind of gun would you be? I would be a savage arms bolt action Law Enforcement Rifle like a model 10. I am tall, nearsighted but very good long range sight, like to put one round at a time on target, powerful and stealthy, can take a lot a abuse and keep working, have been used by the cops, armed forces and hunters and i am not pointed at ferguson protesters cause anyone can own me.
  10. So as some of you may know I'm writing a narrative for school. Guns have an important role in the novel having one of the characters being a nut for anything to do with the military and weapons. I've never really had an interest in guns myself, but I know there are plenty of people, whether it's gamers or actual soldiers who are gun enthusiasts. I need to know common and powerful guns that they use in the military, although you have to be legally able to own them. I'd also like to know the name of a common pistol that's useful for teaching beginners to use a gun. Anyone know any?
  11. A simple question for all fellow gun geeks out there. What's your favorite firearm? Be it for appearance or performance is irrelevant. This does NOT concern video game weapons, so please, refrain from referring to them. Note: I'd greatly appreciate a reason for your liking towards a particular gun.
  12. Here's some questions I came up with today: Imagine yourself in a post-apocalyptic situation. This can be a zombie apocalypse, an extremely devastating world war, a pandemic wiping out most of humanity, maybe a widespread, devastating natural disaster, anything you want to imagine. Let's say this disaster ended for some reason or is not as pervasive as it used to be, and human civilization ended or nearly ended and the government fell. You survived through this apocalypse. If you had a group, they either all died or left you or something. Imagine what you want, but I want you to get this idea: You are a post-apocalyptic survivor, civilization has been destroyed or almost destroyed. The world is anarchic now with a much smaller population and you are alone. What will you do? You are alone and out in this wild, anarchic world to survive. Taking into consideration scarce resources, the fact that you can't trust everybody, your chances of survival, and more, answer these questions: How much will morals and ethics matter to you at this point? Will you try to manipulate, steal from, and even kill people to get what you want/need or more of what you want/need? Will you give things to anybody who asks (even if you need that stuff) and do as much as you can to help people? Something else? Where will you be? Will you be in a city, where there could be a bigger presence of people? Will you be in the countryside, where there would most likely be less people and you could grow food? Perhaps you'll be in the woods or jungle or something, where there would be more food but there could be animals that could kill you easy? How would you feel about groups? Will you try to go it alone and avoid people as much as people where you won't have to worry about trust or conflict or anything? Or would you try to find a group, where there'd be people to support you, solve problems together, even though there's the risk of being killed by someone, there being conflict, losing friends, and such? What about weapons? What would you carry? Let's be realistic and not pick any fictional weapons, rare weapons, and such. Think about easily accessible weapons. What would you carry and why? Think about weight, too. Feel free to discuss this and maybe give a critique of someone else's answers. Also, should I add a poll? Tell me if I should or shouldn't.
  13. So what do you ponies think of gun control, both in the United States and abroad. I myself see gun control as simply a restriction of individual freedom and a lack of means to defend oneself in a dangerous situation.
  14. Alright, which superhero weapon would you guys choose to have? Personally, I'd pick a green lantern ring. It's so versatile and looks like a lotta fun! But what about you guys? C'mon, let your inner nerds out. Ya know you wanna
  15. on my channel I make top videos and most of them are my opinions sometimes other ponies opinions since I have very little fans asking the community on there opinions isn't easy but then I found MLP forums so I decided why not have other ponies decide what the video will contain pick what you think is the most over powered weapon in a online death match something that gets you a lot of kills with very little effort and state your reason why it is over powered and if you can enclude a picture and mention what game its from I will wait 2 days (8/5/14) [i is now waiting a few more days cause of lack or replies] then I will chose 5 of the most over powered if you see the video is up already then you were too late but still put you opinions here The video based on your opinions
  16. I need help with color schemes, design and details for MLP based weaponry.
  17. What weapons do you consider your buddy in a game? For me it's the beautiful Ebony & Ivory of any Devil May Cry game. These lovely ladies have saved my butt more times than I can count.
  18. I don't expect this thread to get many replies, but I still wanted to make it.There's another thread for bladed weaponry, about which I'm also passionate, but it stated clearly in the OP not to post guns. Well, fine. Be that way. This is the now the gun thread. To get things started I'd like to introduce you to my model 1895 Nagant, which was manufactured in 1943. It has a capacity of seven rounds.There's something really nifty about this old guy. It's a gas-seal revolver. Look at the gap between the cylinder and the barrel.When the hammer is cocked, the cylinder moves forward, creating a seal between the two.So if you had a threaded barrel for this revolver it could be fitted with a silencer. Accuracy isn't fantastic due partially to the way it's made and also the amount of strength it takes to fire. This gun requires about 20 lbs of force to fully pull the trigger if you shoot it double-action, a little less if you use it single-action. Obviously the more effort it requires to pull the trigger, the more your hand will want to waver. You also have to be careful with how you position your index finger. I have a tendency to pinch it in the trigger guard when I pull the trigger, which once resulted in a blood blister.
  19. I would choose a Glock 17 pistol with high capacity. A katana and an AK47 with high capacity.
  20. ok so i posted before asking for help deciding on something for this and now that ive gotten enough votes i started, i just finished the helm eairler today, ill post pics as i finish each piece, the full set will consist of a helm, chest piece, back piece, shin guards, bracers, sheild, sword, cape, and possiably an armored skirt. if anyone has any questions i am more then happy to answer
  21. If your favourite ponies were guns, what type of gun would she/he be? Can be anything from simple handguns, to hard hitting heavy machine guns! List your top 5 ponies, and explain how their personalities would fit for that specific gun!
  22. Mine would have to be the BFG 9000 from doom. Its such a symbolic weapon and also a very powerful tool against people and demons alike.
  23. Which weapon do you think each pony would have? Applejack: revolvers Twilight Sparkle: bo staff/magic staff Pinkie Pie: mallet Rainbow Dash: katana Rarity: rapier Fluttershy: whip King Sombra: halbard
  24. Hey Hey every pony. Anyone else a fan of old school deathmatch and I'm talking proper old school: DOOM? I think it'd be cool to form a brony group on zdaemon (a program that allows people to deathmatch on the original DOOM games) if your interested you'll need a copy of doom and doom 2. (legit ie bought through steam or just downloaded/torrented the game doesn't matter to me Then you'll need zdaemon which you can get here If you're interested add me to you 'buddy list' on zdaemon and leave a reply with your player name on Zdaemon and I'll add you on my buddy list also. My username is: comiccon Don't know what the hell I'm talking about? Check out the below video I explain what zdeamon is and show what the typical game looks like. Hope to be bro-hoofing some of you with a super shotgun sometime soon
  25. I was having a discussion with a couple other people on the forums the other day about old-school guns with a ridiculous number of barrels (I found a pistol with ten). I decided I would make this thread to discuss what kind of weapons people are interested in and what weapons they think are cool. I always love old guns, flintlocks, clockworks, revolvers, and anything with multiple barrels. Then there's sword-canes, which I think most people agree are pretty cool, if perhaps kind of stupid. I also more recently discovered the naginata and how awesome it is. Here's a picture for those of you who aren't familiar. pic20.jpg Just to clarify, this doesn't have to be weapons you own. I don't actually own any weapons besides my carving tools and swiss army knives (and a shillelagh, but some people don't think that counts). Just post any weapons you think are cool, interesting, or ridiculous.