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Found 1 result

  1. I wasn't completely sure where to put this but I feel I have to ask.., I have been searching across the internet an I have never found this answer to my question, but now I am going to ask it here in hopes of a answer. You all have probably played a flash game or two online. Be it the Pony creator or neopets or even doll divine (though technically all they do is steal other peoples flash games to put them on their site and a lot of them are broken), you all have probably touched upon Flash. Now, the time is upon us when Flash is coming to a end. All I could find on the subject is that Adobe is going to stop updating and distributing Flash Player, the plugin used to play flash when you are doing it online. They also said supporting in there as well. but what does that mean. Does that mean that once it is gone it will stop working as well? Will browsers rip it off once 2020 ends? Will someone ever make a alternative to flash that will still allow us to run old things like some of our favorite games and other programs? Even though sites are being encouraged to change out old flash things with new, non-flash things, old sites will not do the same. Sites that have not been updated in years yet still contain some of the greatest things on the internet and if we lose Flash, then will those things instantly stop working? If this is true, can someone out in this great big internet find a way to still allow us to play our old Flash games in the modern day. i don't really care for C or C++ or JavaScript and even though that is the future, do we really need to update. Flash does have some security issues I guess, sure. But has anyone really said what those are (because I haven't heard of any). And what is the worst that it can do? Make our screen flash in its little tiny confining box or something? There are a bunch of things that I love about the internet that involve Flash (including YouTube, and as far as I know that still hasn't updated yet). I don't think that Adobe can be talked out of killing Flash Player. But we still haven't gotten enough answers as the doomed day nears and we need to learn more about what this could mean. If anyone has an answer to my question, please reply. That is all. Thanks!