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Found 487 results

  1. This forum is for the last YouYube video you watched, in case you had not noticed from the title. If the last one you watched is worth sharing, or might apply to others, then go right ahead! Also keep in mind that they should be appropriate for lower age levels, if you know what I mean. Keep it SFW, ponies. Don't make it too heavy on swearing, nothing too inappropriate, you guys know the drill! And the only video that you are certainly not allowed to post: Please, let them not include knitting. OK! We're all set! The last video I watched was the Beatles studio outtakes. I find it to be pretty funny, if you have the same kind for sense of humor as I do. It's 7 minuets long sooo do what you will with it.
  2. For those of you who don't know, especially Steam gives away TONS of titles for free in order for making it more comfortable for people to stay home. I will update here regularly. -> Sale ends 4/2/2020 at 5:00 PM I also posted these before:
  3. Mine are chuggaaconroy, raocow, and mtgxerxes.
  4. Any question on that website (especially harmless innocent ones) can get taken down just because someone reported it, and I have seen that happen A LOT on that website. Seriously the moderators on that website will take any question down just simply because someone reported it. Some of the rules on that website make no sense what so ever. Like an example is that you aren't allowed to write strong curse words on that website. The age limit for Yahoo Answers is 13 years old or older, so I don't get why they have strong curse words banned from that website, since people at that age should be able to handle strong cursing. And also people are allowed to write questions on that website that involve sensitive and mature content. So I don't get the logic of banning strong curse words on that website.
  5. So, I'm surprised this isn't a thing. What is your favourite internet browser? Mine's Mozilla Firefox. :comeatus: My mother uses it, so I think I may have inherited her love for it. The UI is impeccable and the speed rivals that of even Google Chrome
  6. Markiplier Jacksepticeye DashieGames GameGrumps Tom Fawkes Super Gaming Bros. Chuggaconroy PBGGameplay Luigikid Gaming Mastermax888 Joshscorcher and Rabbidluigi (they do let's plays aside from their main stuff so I'll count them)
  7. Which of your YouTube comments got the highest amount of likes/ up votes and what was the story behind it? For example, mine would be the one left on the Furry Force mini-series, College Humor's animated satire of furries, when they got nominated for an Ursa major award.
  8. Joshscorcher TheMysteriousMrEnter FluffyMixer AnimatedJames Jerry Peet IMATOONLINK Silver Quill DRWolf001 Aficionados Chris GoldenFox The Living Tombstone Black Gryph0n Alex Side Mastermax888 Rachetness FiMFlamFilosophy Saberspark
  9. The last thing I googled was your first Christmas for some reason.
  10. I would say I am a big fan of the Sidemen and Mattdoesfitness
  11. i would say either Harry or Tobi for me.
  12. Back in 2002, Super Mario Sunshine was a GameCube game with the final tough level being called Corona Mountain due to the volcano like mountain being lik Isle Delfino's "crown". It had distressing music to fit the mood of a tough lava-themed level. Then in 2010, the Disney movie Tangled featured the Kingdom of Corona, which at the time seemed fitting because it means crown and a stolen crown played a plot point in the story. But ever since the Corona Virus, which was named for the virus' crown shape, some obnoxious people have been making the wild claims whenever someone talks about Super Mario Sunshine or Tangled or anything that uses the word Corona. People's comments in YouTube videos that's supposed to be about the Final SMS level claim that Isle Delfino is the source of a virus that will kill the rest of the Mario world. At worst, claiming Mario should be considered a criminal. Andwhen it comes to Tangled, some people are now acting like Mother Gothel is right to lock Rapunzel away for "her safety". Away from the Kingdom of Corona. When really Mother gothel was just using the Princess for her magic youth-restoring hair. There was even an TV series based on Tangled that aired in recent years before the COVID-19 pademic that helped viewers get to see more of the World of Tangled, its Characters, and the Kingdom of Crona. These obnoxious people have been constantly acting like SMS and Tangled predicted the future, even though it was just a coincidence that the authorities chose a word that means crown. Even if they were meant as a joke, some people just want to talk about Tangled or Super Mario Sunshine without talking about the real-life virus. Besides, it's been over 4 months; you'd think making Internet references to a virus would have run its course by now. Heck on a YouTube video playing the music of Corona Mountain in SMS, one comment points out how 80% of the comments mention the virus and the remaining 20% actually talks about the game itself. It feels more like 99.99999% of the comments in the last several months on that specific video are about COVID-19 Not just Corona, but remember how millennial used to simply mean "denoting people reaching young adulthood in the early 21st century" or depending on who you ask, people born in 1980-2000. But now because of the internet, some ignorant people use the word millennial as a derogatory word to insult people who grew up with the Rising Internet age among other fads of the 80s and 90's Has anyone else feel like our Internet culture has "ruined" the original intended meaning of words, phrases and expressions? What words have you heard that have been used radically different from its original intended meaning?
  13. YouTube recommends videos to use based on what we’ve previously watched. Sometimes, the videos endorsed are great and other times, they are completely unrelated or even bizarre. What is the most recent video this site has suggested to you?
  14. I don't watch Jake Paul's videos but......Yeah, this is a thing that happened today. Source:
  15. I just love Letters from an Irratated Princess. I am listening to it right now. What about ya'll? What are your favorites?
  16. Is anyone else annoyed that Yahoo turned off comments on all news stories?
  17. Is Duck Duck Go really private or safe? Do they keep true to their word? Is it better than Google?
  18. Every now and then I enjoy listening to scary stories on YouTube. My favorite narrator to listen to is Corpse Husband(I love his voice), but he does not upload very often anymore. I also enjoy listening to be.busta and Lazy Masquerade. Any one else like listening to scary stories? Who is your favorite person to listen to?
  19. For me it was either wrestling gurus or spinnernet1
  20. Isn't this just swell? How is your take on this? I am already only having the lowest quality of Netflix anyways. But for Youtube, that's a big change for me!
  21. Have any favorite youtuber? I'm curious to know who everyone watches. Mine's H2ODelirious, he is very mysterious youtuber that hasn't shown his face yet. He has over 9 million subs and people ususally depict him wearing a blue hoodie with a grey shirt under, black pants, black shoes and a Jason hockey mask. Edit: Completly forgot to include Chuggaaconroy, he's like the best Nintendo Let's player. He makes amazing puns, his LPs always detailed, he's so funny
  22. So I'm always hearing that there are search engines that are "better than google" and I know google is basically starting to control all media. But it's not like I can search for them on google. So who knows some good search engines?
  23. Well I got my internet connection way back in the year 1999. I remember having an US robotics 56 modem. My dialup connection was a whooping 20-30kb/s. Since the summer of 2004 I have a broadband connection. Going from dialup to broadband was incredible.
  24. So I've been following an incredibly small YouTube team called GalvanicTeam and I really think they need more recognition so I'm here to spread the good word They mostly do videos ranging from media news, video game, anime, manga and movie reviews, and occasionally they do dubs of manga style comics they make featuring the two hostesses of GalvanicTeam's videos Rila and Riley called Bulletwin Tales though they haven't done those in a while. 1 thing I would like to add that's kind of a personal observational opinion but the character Riley's voice actress sounds uncannily similar to Nowacking before they transitioned, may be it's just me I don't know but I'll link two of GalvanicTeam's videos featuring just Riley so you can not only see a bit of what they got on their channel but also so you can tell me if you think she sounds like Nowacking or not, and whether or not you like what GalvanicTeam's got going.