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Found 42 results

  1. I personally don't care for it. It seems like a lot of the community is not good on that website.
  2. It seems like DeviantArt is losing members every year and it keeps getting less members by every year. I have a couple of accounts on that website, and it does seem that there's less people on there compared to how it was many years ago.
  3. Any question on that website (especially harmless innocent ones) can get taken down just because someone reported it, and I have seen that happen A LOT on that website. Seriously the moderators on that website will take any question down just simply because someone reported it. Some of the rules on that website make no sense what so ever. Like an example is that you aren't allowed to write strong curse words on that website. The age limit for Yahoo Answers is 13 years old or older, so I don't get why they have strong curse words banned from that website, since people at that age should be able to handle strong cursing. And also people are allowed to write questions on that website that involve sensitive and mature content. So I don't get the logic of banning strong curse words on that website.
  4. What is this about? It's for a few websites that I copy an image for.
  5. My personal favorites at the moment are and OMGPOP. How about you? What are your favorite websites besides the forums?
  6. Exactly what the title says. After you come home from a day at school, work or whatever you do during the day (That does not include being on the interwebz). Which websites do you check in first with? Mine are the following: Equestria Daily, Mlpforums, Youtube, Tumblr and Newgrounds (sometimes).
  7. I have no idea what this site was called, but I can clearly remember using it many years ago. It was an imageboard kind of like Derpibooru, but all the posts are gifs and you can search for these gifs specifically by character or mood. Does it sound familiar to anyone? I really need to find this site again!
  8. For the past seven years I went there for quick answers, but nowadays it seems to be ridden with trolls. They have become the reason why I continue to go there, to see how would they handle and apply their ridiculous ideologies (e.g. racism, genderism, religion/atheism, etc.) into different scenarios. As of February 2018 I still use this website, but then there is this troll that keeps reporting my questions (such as about asking liberals for advice for homeschooling kids, or whether is nationalism good or not). Trolls like this and some of the worst racists are why I hate this website, and why I have sometimes become influenced by their extremism. Is there anyone else who still uses Yahoo Answers? Also, were you affected by it in some way as I am?
  9. Hi folks, Since the Squares shut down, we've gained users on PonyCrush. We're in need of better moderation controls and mobile apps. The site's built on Laravel as a traditional multiple-page MVC application with a rudimentary frontend API. We're going to be expanding that API and moving business logic where it belongs. So with that, we're seeking devs up to the task who'd like to help revamp our little gem. PM me for more details. Thanks.
  10. Not long ago, I discovered a single-page site from 2011 called It had a timer set for the next episode and is in need of some updates. For example, Twi needs wings! No offense to the site creator.
  11. Post if you know any old websites that used to be famous but are no longer used. I'd like a bit of internet history.
  12. I got a homework today: Make an own website. I need to make two pages: one with pictures and one with text. And i don't have any ideas about what should i write and about where i can make it. Can anypony help me? Thanks
  13. Check it out! Generate fake antivirus names, and other random stuff. "A scary wooden indian chief ingested some black Uranium" lol
  14. Welcome and thanks for taking the time to read this, I am currently hiring for my indie company GameSmash Studios, remember this is an unpayed job but you will be credited! The following jobs are available in no particular order with there requirements bellow them --Artist-- •Must be able to draw in 2D and in pixels --Music-- •Must be able to make at least one type of music (ideally more) --Sound Effects-- •Must be able to make cartoony and realistic sound effects --Website Builder-- •Must have website domain •Must be able to code in html or have access to website builder --beta tester-- •Must be able to feed back bugs and other info --Advertiser-- •must be able to get more people to see our company
  15. So, on which forums you have an account are you most active? I usually spend a good deal of time here on MLPforums, Neoseeker forums, Graphic Design Forums and Toho Kingdom forums too, those are usually the ones I post and comment stuff the most. How about you? Are there any other forums where you have plenty of activity?
  16. Hello everyone some days ago I've started with my personal blog and a own theme written from scratch. It will be totally responsive using HTML5 and CSS3 currently it's on the first alpha version (that's why some parts aren't finished yet) but I would like to know your opinions about the current look and how i could improve it, also if somebody could give me some mlp related animation (a short video without audio) for the header, the current is just for testing purposes. Currently is deployed in OpenShift ( but soon i'll migrate it to Heroku and these are the tools that i used: NodeJS 0.10.35 Ghost 0.5.8 HTML5 and CSS3 Source code is on Gitlab but soon also i'll move it to Github anyway feel free to modify it or get involved sending some merge request
  17. Navigation Bars. Funny little things they are. You may remember last year we changed it up a bit; setting it free from the banner so it can follow you wherever you go. Status updates, searching, reading and acting upon notifications became a lot easier among many other things. That's all fine and dandy for user-focused features, but let me draw your attention to the left side of this bar containing the site's navigation. From here you have access to almost every corner of the site and beyond. Even heading out to other Poniverse sites and social media pages. However, the frequency of their use has been an unanswered question that will require some input from you guys! We have two very simple questions: Do you use the site's navigation? And if so, how useful is it to you? We're devoted to making the forums-browsing experience as clean and as enjoyable as we can, so providing us with an insight into how you use it will surely come in handy to shape the future of the forums' design and user experience. If you have any thoughts that can't be expressed with a poll or you have any in-depth suggestions, feel free to leave them below. Thanks!
  18. This is going to be a bit of an unusual thread. But I know some of MLPForums are very tech savvy, even more so than I am. So here is the scenario: I have an opportunity to be a site administrator for a website that is part of a YouTube Network's brand. Specifically If I got the role I would be recruiting YouTube partners to make content around a particular niche' I was thinking technology. In order to do this I need to come up with a business strategy that will help the partners on the site grow, what I do to support them, what my business plan would be, goal, work strategy etc etc, and of course I would need to recruit partners to make content on the site. I'm currently in my second year of college doing my degree in IT Software. Currently I know HTLM5, CSS3, some JavaScript and JQuery, barely just started on the CMS side of things such as php and MySQL and I have a reasonable understanding of SEO. I would be given a wordpress based site to run so most of my technical knowledge is unlikely to come into play. Naturally I will be doing a lot of independent research but I also need a starting point, and of course I need to be able to come up with a strategy that is worth the network having me run the site. I have college 2 days a week so I have up to 5 days a week I could work on the site. Below is a more specific look at the types of things I need to look into to create a business plan. Any feedback is helpful, however specific or general. I have been developing content for the web for some time and I regularly look into ways to build my presence but this is the first time I have attempted something on this scale. How will you provide support to your partners: What methods/tools will you be using to help your partners grow? Mission Statement: Business Plan: Marketing Knowledge: Management Skills: Network Description: Team: Work Strategy: Competitor: Goals: Financial: (Optional)
  19. If I had to vote the meanest places on the web I have ever been to, it has to be Youtube. Facedrama (lol), and Reddit. xD Enjoy their content, but not the people. What about you?
  20. I'm a big fan of Tabletop RPGs but do you know how many game sessions I've actually played? NOT ENOUGH! So I'm reaching out to all of you here on my favorite forums. Does anypony here know of a site that talks about and hosts tabletop rpgs?
  21. I was searching what is the reactions of other people about adblock. I expected a positive one. But.... It ended up the opposite No, it's not about the technical errors but how it results to other websites. I saw reactions like... "It ruins the free internet!" Or websites saying... "Please whitelist us from adblock!" "Please turn off your adblock to access this page" So I asked myself why? Why do they hate it. It's like they are forcing us to be annoyed even if we don't want to be annoyed. Tell me
  22. Hello Everypony, Recently I have gotten into website building. So I thought to myself ... Gee why not build a My Little Pony Website? And that's just what I'm going to do I have came up with the domain name , the website will be all about the many wonderful Brony conventions happening worldwide. The website is still in production but I would like everyponies input on the website. Any input helps -King Kurtis
  23. What is your fimfiction account username? What is your favorite type of fanfic on Fimfiction? Do you think fimfiction is good or bad for bronies? Should mature fanfics be allowed on Fimfiction? (Conversation starters) -Ly
  24. As some of you may or may not know, I'm a graphic designer for Poniverse. And out of curiosity, I was wondering what peoples favourite part of this site are in terms of design. What gives it its cheerful spirit beyond just the friendly users? Do you like the use of user generated content e.g. the banners? Can the design be improved perhaps? This isn't like a setup for a website redesign or anything, its just out of curiosity. But anything you do say could be noted for future reference if it seems plausible. Thanks~
  25. In this day and age were we take photos like maniacs and uploaded to websites and what not, we forgot that now some photos have a gps data encoded in them specially if you are taking pics whit a cellphone, and even tho some websites take that info away when you upload a picture most of other websites dont, here is a video explaining that and what can you do to prevent someone from knowing were you uploaded the photo: As you can see in the video the programs is free, and while im not in to selfies or a photo maniac it does show what some people are willing to go thru to find out your personal info so be careful when uploading photos to certain websites specially personal ones about you and/or family.