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Found 18 results

  1. So, there's been a lot of talk about weddings lately. Now I'm curious how many of you have been to a wedding, and/or had a wedding of your own? I've only been to one wedding, my cousin's about 7 years ago. So what about y'all?
  2. Hello Ponies! Its me Cadence! Ask me any Question you would like! Go ahead ask away!
  3. Simply put, are these two changelings actually the same character?
  4. OK, so I saw this picture of Rainbow Dash in her bridesmaid outfit from Cadence's wedding, standing next to Soarin' and thought... what if it were Dashie and Soarin's wedding? So I retouched Dashie's outfit to make it look more like a wedding dress, and Soarin's outfit to make it look more like a suit. Here's the result: And if you are interested, here is the original: I know, I know... who wouldda thunk she played for that team?!
  5. How do you feel about our new princess getting married? (It has been announced by Hasbro that Twilight is getting married in the Season 4 Ending)
  6. Hi ! Not sure if this is the right forum for this but it seemed maybe right Me and my special somepony are getting married in May and we're both big pony fans. We met on the forums here. So we decided (aka I convinced him ( It was either that or I would have liked a sailor moon themed one ) During while we were dating , I slowly got him to like/appreciate the Fluttermac shipping. We're both kind of like each of them, he's originally from Texas and lives in a rural area and Fluttershy I tend to indentify with the most, especially with loving animals. Long story short we're having a Fluttermac my little pony wedding. I figured it wouldn't hurt to see if my fellow bronies had any fun ideas for our wedding. (although we don't have a big budget). I'm trying to keep with the theme ,while at the same time not have it too in peoples faces since a very small majority of the people coming are into MLP. Some of the stuff we're doing * Wedding invites had our pony ocs on it and a Fluttermac symbol as a border ( also asked people to come dressed as a mlp pony or apple theme. ( called the reception a gala) * Our parents are wearing main six colors ( applejack, twilight , pinkie and rainbow dash) My gown ( is going (haven't made it yet ) is going to have a little bit of pink and yellow Probably butterfly necklace and earring too not sure yet I also saw a cute mlp garter belt on etsy, gotta measure myself to see if it fits though For decorations I got apple (since Apple family hence apple stuff) scent candles Food will hopefully have some apple items and cider Flower girls are going to be cmc colors (although scootaloos is the color of her mane/tail) ordered pony ear headbands for wedding party and some guests Bridesmaids are going to wear probably light yellow dresses and have a "cutie mark" type thing in their hair ( for Roseluck, Derpy and probably Bon Bon ) Groomsmen will be pony type colors too , kind of letting the fiance figure his groomsman out I also comissioned our wedding rings so they are big mac and fluttershy themed (their cutie marks) Cake is going to have a cake topper our ocs and have fluttermac and mane 6 in it. Depending on who makes it it will probably be red velvet and lemon cake to go with colors. Anypony got any other fun ideas for me to include? I was thinking of throwing a blind bag in each favor bag but I'm not sure if I will yet or not
  7. During the wedding episode. Shining armour said ''You want to know why my eyes went all [bells jangling]? Nuh! Because ever since I started having to perform my protection spell, I've been getting terrible migraines. Cadance hasn't been casting spells on me. She's been using her magic to heal me!'' And then he says ''And she decided to replace her bridesmaids because she found out the only reason they wanted to be in the wedding was so that they could meet Canterlot royalty! And if she hasn't been on her best behavior with your [stomps hoof] friends, it's because with me being so busy, she's had to make all the decisions about the wedding!'' and finally ''She's been completely stressed out because it's really important to her that our big day be perfect! Something that obviously wasn't important to you! [gasps] Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go and comfort my bride. And you can forget about being my best mare. In fact, if I were you, I wouldn't show up to the wedding at all''. That seems like he is focusing on minor details. Like James May from top gear. Is shining armor a pedant? Is he pedantic? Because it seems that way.
  8. Is anybody about to get married? Do you know someone else who’s getting married? Are you otherwise involved in planning a wedding? What would you think about making it an MLP themed wedding? I’m certain Equestria Daily, Everfree Radio and other sources for everything Pony and Brony would love covering such a wedding. Here’s a page that has suggestions for an MLP themed wedding:
  9. After watching "A Canterlot Wedding" for the billionth time, I thought... Where are the rings put on a pony who isn't an alicorn of unicorn? Because in "A Canterlot Wedding" - the ring goes on the horn, and I couldn't possibly imagine where else a ring could go on an Earth pony of Pegasus. So yeah, any ideas?
  10. This video explains how Twilight, Fluttershy, Pinky Pie, Rainbow Dash, Rarity and Applejack could be removed from A Canterlot Wedding.
  11. This is something that perplexes me. During the wedding for Cadence and Shining Armor they do their vows and she says, "I now pronounce you stallion and mare." As opposed to...? Why didn't they just say husband and wife? It's clearly announced that it's a wedding, so why give them a 'title' of something that they already are?
  12. Here is an IRL pony photo while I was at this wedding. It just came to me when I first heard that I'm invited to it. :3 Is everypony ready for practing? The wedding starts in half an hour!
  13. During the rehearsal in the first part of the wedding, Celestia said the couple will get the rings from the best mare, namely Twilight but she wasn't there at the rehearsal. At the second part, during the actual wedding, it was Celestia that took the rings from Spike, who was ring bearer, and gave it to the couple directly. You will see that the aura that levitates the rings from the pillow were yellow. So what happened to Twilight?
  14. so i watched the season finale. and holy fucking god my goodness, it was good. so what to do with such momental amounts of gasps and awe? make a poem about it, of course! tis been a long time since i did any of this. thank you, creativity, for finally striking the lightning rod that is my brain, again! it's a bit back and forth of the evilness of this episode (Queen Chrysalis taking form and spreading terror across Canterlot, minions feasting on equine hearts love, taking form of fellow background ponies... wait what am i doing here?) to the all-is-well-wedding at the end (when Chrysalis and her minions are defeated, and the REAL wedding can take form). they're separated from each other by the "---" that's located throughout the different paragraphs, until it finally reaches a climax (change in paragraph structure, supposed to be sort of hummed to the tune of Art of the Dress, because AofD is best pony... song, that is. la dee dooooo daaaaa wasting paranthesis space OH NOES), which is pretty obvious to spot when it arrives. all in all, i had great fun with this. and if you read this, and get the LEAST kind of goosebumps out of it, i have succeeded with writing it. anyways, enough boring talk! lets just get this over with! (like any of you even writes all the technical stuff about art, anyway. who cares about that? just jump into thiiiiings and be done with already! OH HEY LOOK MORE PARANTHESIS SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE! SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE! GETTing bored of wasting space) --- The Royal Canterlot Wedding: Restoration of Harmony, by Viscra Maelstrom --- Assemble form, Chrysalian beings! Feast upon love, their equine hearts! Shrivel in fear, mares and gentlecolts! For the bride and broom has yet to kiss! --- Make room for marriage of highest court One Princess Cadence and General Armor Forever united, through wet and dry Their marriage is sure to make to cry --- Harvest the love! Crush the barrier! Make the royal kingdom fall! Not love, but lust, pollutes the air! The lust - oh lust! - for total dominion! --- As ye are gathered, in royal hall Make room for the bride, don't make her stall Oh crusaders of the mark, mark your positions For the royal princess, who makes her entrance --- Stall the ponies! Halt their path! Make sure not a single one trots through! Mirror their blows! Lend them down! Crush the loyal Spirits of Harmony! --- Slowly abiding, not to stress Royal princess hooves the carpet Eye to eye, and step by step Oh dreams of wonder, just almost there! --- Capsule the princess! Capture the spirits! Kingdom of Canter, you have been defeated! Accept your fate, and meet your doom! For the love of equine, has conquered all! Hoof by hoof! Horn to horn! Mare by colt! Love to love! Conquering! Magical! Powering! Enveloped! Love, for it shall conquer all! --- ... For by the powers of love To the strength of commitment Your magnetic enticement And restoration of harmony I hereby pronounce you... ... Mare and colt!
  15. Hey, if you guys wanna check out me and my pals singing B.B.B.F.F, I'd really appreciate it! Equestria Daily won't have anything to do with it. Probably because I'm not Mandopony. :/ Thought I'd have better luck here. Tell me what you think! Thanks
  16. Not sure if this should have a *spoiler* tag considering the episodes have been out for a few days now, but I noticed something after watching the final episodes again. Around the end of the first half, we're told that the strain of having to maintain the protecting spell surrounding Canterlot is causing Shining Armor to experience cronic headaches, something hinted at when he touches up the spell in the beginning and notibly suffers. This pops up two more times in the first part, yet neither time does it involve anything to do with the shield, and I have a crazy idea as to why. That's because these headaches...they're not caused by keeping up the shield spell. No, they're infact caused by Shining Armor resisting the fake Cadances' brainwashing spell, a spell we can believe he has been under since before the beginning of the episode. Think I'm crazy? Hear me out for a sec... As I said, the first instance we see of these headaches is when he touches up the protecting spell in the beginning of the episode, leading the viewer to believe that maintaining such a huge field has some noticable side-effects. This could infact be a subtle red-herring, as the next time we see it is when Cadance confronts him about wearing a particular article of clothing to the wedding and he argues with her. Yes, despite the fact that she quite possibly has a strong hold over his mind, he resists her orders and at the same time causes the spell over him to crack/weaken. The fake Cadance realises this as well, as she quickly re-administers her spell over Shining to put him under her control once more. The third and final time this comes into play is after Twilight accuses Cadance and causes her to run off in tears. He tries to give reason and explanation to all her claims, ending with him showing outright rage towards his sister and saying she clearly doesn't care about him. This attitude in in direct difiance of what we've been led to believe about Shining up until this point: that he truly cares about his little sister and has never so much as gotten into a fight between them. At that point, the spell slips once more and he immediately tries to put distance between him and Twilight by going off to "comfort his bride". However, when he does so, it can be believed that he was then hit full-on by a more powerful version of the spell, as the next time he's seen he's nothing more than a mindless zombie, displaying no emotion of personality to anything occuring around him. So...thoughts on this? Was this perhaps intentional? Did anyone else notice this, and I'm just late to the party? Or am I just crazy and looking way, way too hard into the show?
  17. Final Mare-A-Thon of Season 2 Begins 4:30 PM EST Friday Ends 2:00 PM EST Saturday Hello My Little Ponies, and welcome to the final Mare-A-Thon of Season Two in the Synchtube Room. First, some history. The Synchtube Room was created in August by Kurtiss, back when the forums were merely a concept. It was originally created to show the MLP Episodes to a neighsayer. However, it grew into something much bigger then that. Ponies slowly began going there to watch pony clips, and laugh with each other. The instant chat room made it easy to communicate with one another, and the polls provided a massive amount of 'Lulz'. Eventually, when the Forums were about to launch, ponies crowded the Synchtube Room, waiting eagerly for the forums to finally enter into existence. All you ponies that were there know how that went. : P Since then, having a Synchtube Party every friday night has been tradition of the forums. Eventually we began getting a bit more structured, and also began airing the New Episodes live there. However, all good things must come to an end, so more good things can rise from their ashes. Tonight will be the last Mare-A-Thon of Season 2, as we begin Friday Movie Nights Till Season 3. To end with a bang, and to celebrate the Royal Wedding, we shall be doing our largest one yet. We shall be watching every single episode of MLP; FiM, along with pony-related videos in between to spice things up a bit. It shall start at 4:30 PM EST, and should end just in time for when the New Episodes will air. We do hope you will join us for what is bound to be a historical synchtube Night, that shall go throughout the night, into the morning, and begin with the Royal Wedding. After all, isn't sleep overrated these days? You do not need a Synchtube Account to join us, watch videos, vote in polls and chat. However, the Webcam and voice chat feature do require an Account, so if you wish to use these features, make sure you create an account. Anyway, we hope you will join us for this grand Synchtube as well as tell your friends about it. It begins at 4:30 PM EST and ends at 2:00 PM EST. ~*~ ~*~
  18. So for the Season Finale, I got a big bag of Doritos, a tub of Haagen Das Ice cream, and a bottle of Root Beer. Plus I guaranteed that my parents will be out of the house and two of my brony-friends will be in. So what are the rest of you doing in preparation for the season Finale?