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Found 11 results

  1. So, which day of the week makes you feel in the laziest mood possible and why? Mine is Sunday, mostly cause a good deal of stuff is already done and time seems to be running somewhat slower for me in those days, but that's just my perspective. My other choice is Wednesday, pretty sure many of you can easily tell why.
  2. Hey everypony! So what do you do on a weekend? These days, if im not at work, i just sit at home, chilling out on the computer, with a can of beer What do you do?
  3. Hello and welcome to What's Your Plans! The basis is simple if you got plans for the weekend and want to share it, then scream it to the world! And then tag one or more of your friends and see if they got something planned! I myself am having a relaxing weekend off from a long week of college classes, and I'm spending it with my good friends on discord! I tag @PathfinderCS @That Guy with the Fries @Deae Rising Shine~ @Jeric and @Twisted Cyclone
  4. That moment when........ your told your going to help your grandparents and mom clean out your great grandma's attic for her..... and it's going to take all weekend. Not that I'm not happy to help, I just don't want to lift those big heavy wardrobes and have to try to somehow get them down the super narrow staircase, and I'm not all that great at lifting heavy things. Last time I was in that old attic of hers, I think there were about four of five wardrobes and several dressers and old chests, more than likely full of a bunch of old junk clothes that no one wears anymore. Not to mention all the other random stuff up there that's gonna have to get hauled to the dumpster, maybe we can just throw the smaller stuff out the window and down into the dumpster. Anyways it's not the best way to spend your whole weekend, but at least once the attic is all cleaned up, it should stay that way, meaning the next "Big project" will be to clean out all the truck tires from her shed and tear the shed itself down because it's leaning at pretty precarious angle and is an eyesore to look at.
  5. Dear Princess Celestia Alright, Weekend is almost here! I just got done with a 7 day work week, and now I finally can relax after tomorrow for a single day before...YAY!, more work! All because my main job is making me work 6 days a week again, and I got my second job which is one day a week! But luckily, I am taking that day off to go to the dentist for mroe cavity fillings! So, get my teeth fixed, and then a whole day of sleeeeeep!
  6. Hey Guys! I decided to make a thread dedicated to announcing my streams on Twitch Every Friday at 8:00pm EST I stream games. On Saturdays at 8:00pm EST I stream art progress. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tonight, I'm streaming my progress on Beyond Oasis (Sega Genesis/Megadrive) and Random N64 Games. Tommorow I'm Streaming my progress on a fan animation for Joel from Vinesauce Hope to see you there!
  7. I trust everyone's played Monopoly, yes? Good 'cause you'll probably need to know what that's like for this story. So I've done a bit of thinking and, it's been two weeks! Congrats to me for sticking it out for this long. Seriously, content is running short after daily blogging. I feel like Flint Lockwood from the movie "Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs". Anyway, after a bit of thinking, I thought about extending my "memories" to "beyond bronyhood". Going where no man has gone before with "Reality Publishing's Tales of Unfortunate Tails +". It's special 'cause it has a plus at the end . So that would kinda be a Season 2? I don't know, I'll probably do one more week of this before thinking about a sequel. To keep it going for a full month, y'know? Let me know if I should divide the series in the comments. Either way, I'll probably try to keep going; these covers are fun to make. Anyway, today's story goes back about 3 weeks, before I started doing all this crazy blogging. I was in my room, minding my business when me mum calls me down to play a game of Monopoly with her. I shrug and, because I'm sick of playing MW3, I go right ahead. Now, my mom is one of those people who have to collect every version of the same thing. So we had about 20 versions of the game, Monopoly. Naturally, because of this, I ask her, "Which version do you want to play, then?" She thinks for a bit, before opening her mouth to say, "Let's play your My Little Ponies one." Now, I really didn't object to this and that wasn't too much of the problem. The real issue was that I'm an avid viewer of the show, thus, I'd be the MLP brainiac in front of my mom, who had only seen a single episode in all her life (Hearts and Hooves Day). I went through it anyway. We set up the game, got the money out and went about 2 times around the board before suddenly realizing just how twisted this whole thing was. We were playing as ponies, walking around, buying structures so we can monopolize Equestria. Therefore, we were buying Equestria and not letting anypony else reside within it because we owned it. I had to explain all the landmarks and pony personas like a wikipedia page and, in the end, I won as Applejack. Kinda makes her solo in "At the Gala" a bit more realistic, huh? Lesson of today is to be frugal. Don't spend your money all in one place unless you land on The Crystal Empire or Canterlot. Then build a few houses on there and you're good to go until your opponent milks you with the brown properties. -RealityPublishing (I would've explained the game a bit more, but you really don't want to read four hours of rolling dice and buying crap. Also, buy the Orange properties. If you want an explanation on that, go buy the Monopoly Companion. [it's a book])
  8. If you had a chance to rent an apartment with a pony, which would it be? Remember that this isn't just a matter of who your favorite is. Just because Rarity is your favorite in the show doesn't necessarily mean she'd be easy to live with, but then again she might make you free clothes. Keep in mind each pony's positive and negative traits. Really ask yourself which one would be best to live with, even if they're not necessarily your favorite in the show. And no alicorns. You can't have it all. Besides, they're royalty; they don't have to live in an apartment.
  9. The most comic-like comic to date. Yay.
  10. The newest in ponies being silly. Is here. Now at Walmart.
  11. The stupidest and worst drawn comic of them all. I don't care. It's funny to me.