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Found 8 results

  1. In the past, bronies used to joke about comparing themselves to the Borg, such as "We are the Herd, you will be assimilated into the Herd." I wonder, considering that the human(oid)s of Equestria Girls look like aliens, I wonder what will be their equivalent of that "assimilate into the Herd" phrase? And how about their counterparts for: "Join the herd!" "Welcome to the herd!" "Love and tolerance!" I am interested on whether would they make it very high-school or fashion themed or not.
  2. My brother in law showed me that Robert Downey Jr posted this on his fb page earlier today: Poster enlarged: Now, I like to be realistic IRL, so I can't say he's necessarily going to join the herd simply because somepony did a crossover-comparison chart matching Tony Stark to Pinkie Pie... But what I do know is that I like RDJ even more because he's willing to acknowledge all his fans and coverage, even if it is jokingly. Any thoughts on RDJ + ponies?
  3. What are the origins behind the ponies' instinct to break into song, and join in? Can it affect non-ponies? If so, how can you resist their song? It is said that looking at a pony's cute gaze can cause you to love him/her, or suffer some form of "diabetes". Is it true? Do ponies like to assimilate newcomers and visitors into "their Herd"? If so, then how? Are they strengthened by, or attracted, to friendship?
  4. Apparently, it was as though they want more people to join the Herd/Equestria. Is it true in their own behaviour, given the option?
  5. What do you think, if the Ponies kept on acting and behaving like this towards you?
  6. Sometimes I imagine the Ponies as if they are creatures whose main goal is to ponify as many people (and horses) as possible. If they did ponify you, how is the ponification process like? It is enjoyment? Comfortable? A "burning sensation", as fur takes place of clothes, hair, and skin? A horrific mutation that really hurts?
  7. I've not sure if this is just a trivial manner or if it actually abhors to people, but the welcoming plaza is a place to welcome newcomers, correct? This is just me pointing out, but why are there still posts all the way back to 2011 up? People responding to old welcome posts, whether that old or even just a week old, sort of have the potential to drown out actual newcomers to the site. Me? As a recommendation, I wouldn't mind seeing these posts either deleted or locked from posting after a minimum of around 3-5 days after post creation. This allows newcomers to the site an appropriate amount of time to post in the welcome post and to respond to any post's that are made afterwards. It would also get rid of the chance of old posts drowning newer ones. I'm not saying this is actually happening right now, but I do see some old posts from time to time just randomly popping up a week or so old. Plus it does get rid of the potential to do this from happening. What does everyone think of this?
  8. was watching G4 when somone named jake(or josh) asked if they watched MLP:FiM and they (Adam Sessler & Morgan Webb) said they were bronys. my jaw droped so i rushed to my comp to post this asap. i dono if this is new or not but I just found this out so..^^