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Found 20 results

  1. @Unicorncob An Unexpected Greeting and Welcome OOC Mythos Gray had finally arrived by train to Ponyville, his smile and presence making him as one with much confidence. He was a tall grey coated unicorn with white mane and tail, with combed and styled mane that yet had a certain wildness about it if from nothing else but wind or travel. With violet eyes which were sharp to even catch small details, he had actually spent his time on the train telling a story to a mare and her young colt of some of the adventures and places he had been as well of the legends that he went seeking to see if they were true. More then this though, he was using hsi magic to actually show them much of what he was talking about with his illusions leading to the story actually catching the attention of other passengers. Yet when the train has stopped Mythos had to wrap up the story, saying goodbye to the mare and her colt. He was thanked not only by them but other passengers for keeping the train ride entertaining. With a smile and a bow, the grey unicorn says, "Thank you for such generous words. I should be in Ponyville for the foreseeable future, so if you wish to see more I should be setting up performances there. Just remember the name Mythos Gray and look for any posters or notices with my cutiemark." He was looking forward to how fun it will be to offer his performances while here in Ponyville, confident it could be well received and appreciated by those living in the town. With such, he steps out and uses his magic to gather all his luggage, quite a bit actually with perhaps about thirty in total though Mythos had considered bringing more if a house for rent could be found and he got settled. The grey unicorn had already contacted a place for him to be staying temporarily, of which he would have all the luggage delivered, but the plan was for it to only be for a couple of days. Having this taken care of, with only his saddle bags and violin case, Mythos will decide to begin heading to Town Hall and perhaps even the market for something to eat with the soft words, "Now then, I wonder how long it might take to actually find one of the mare I seek."
  2. @Unicorncob This is the OOC thread for the roleplay between myself and Unicorncob, currently closed, between my character Mythos Gray and Pinkie Pie. Technically many years late in a sense, especially with the other roleplays I have had him in with my character moving to Ponyville, but for the sake of the roleplay I will be treating this as the first day the charming grey unicorn sets hoof in Ponyville. What is his purpose? Well the Canterlot born and raised unicorn wishes to meet and interview in a sense the Mane Six, to learn their stories so that be can tell the tales and adventures of the six mares who have saved Equestria countless times... Mythos just wont realize how quickly he will meet a Bearer of the Elements of Harmony in meeting Pinkie. Always one to tell when somepony new is in Ponyville and in need of a welcome. Chuckles I will get started and post a link to the IC thread in just a moment... or not, as I seem to have run into an error trying to create the thread. [Ponyville] An Unexpected Greeting and Welcome (IC, Closed)
  3. Vainamoinen

    Welcome Friends!

    Hello all! I have finally reached ability to post blog! Now I can talk about boring things in life! Yay For those who don't know me, look at my profile for about me XD Also, please help if I mess up word or stuff. I don't speak English as primary. NOW TO THE THINGS! I recently started talking to girl who goes to school with me, and is year older. She is cute, and nice, and likes me. We first spoke in sauna wich was awkward for me, as she was very close to me and flirting if you must know why it is awkward, look here at first post So.... yes, we both in sauna alone.... and she get close 0/////0 not something people normaly do..... MORE THINGS! I am consider buying one of these shirt Or maybe I do both XD Korpiklaani is favorite band after all Hyvästi minun ystäväni!
  4. Hello again! It's not too much of a problem, so please don't go out of the way just for me, but when I joined, the welcome message seemed to have some code in it. is what I mean) So yeah, don't mean to be a bother; just wanted to let you know!
  5. We have partnered with MLP Forums to provide a medium of discussion for our fellow community members. Here, you can chat about anything and everything related to FillyCon! There are four categories for discussions: FillyCon - general discussion regarding the event, including guests, vendors, volunteers, and more FillyCon/Lodging - discussion of things like room shares and nearby hotels FillyCon/Transportation - discussion of things like ride shares and travel plans FillyCon/Philadelphia - our resident staff members will answer your questions about the city Any discussions unrelated to FillyCon should be posted to the other categories on MLP Forums. There are sections dedicated to show discussions, role-play, serious life questions and more! By posting to this section of the forums, you agree to abide to both MLP Forums’s Terms and FillyCon’s Code of Conduct.
  6. Oono Akira

    New members

    I been looking here and there and somewhere and I seen that many members who register here on the forums, never post anything and be here maybe on couple hours or few weeks and after that leave. I been collecting some data from this site and I seen that average about 40% of the people who create account here post the topic in the welcoming area, about 60% of the members don't post the topic and it will be unlikely that anyone will notice them unless they themselves start engaging a conversation, or maybe they can't figure out the site and how it works. What worries me is that there are over 10 000 accounts in the blank flank group if I recall correctly, maybe this site just wasnt for those people, maybe they didn't have a reason to come back here. What is the reason people come back here? What is the reason you come back here? For me it is the community here, but for these people who never embraced the community here and didn't feel welcome here, didn't get the help they needed figuring out the layout and other issues that they maybe had. They didn't have any reason to come back here again. I think our job as a members of this community is to make the pony who is new here feel welcomed and part of the group here. My suggestion here is that to somehow grow the possibility of the new members coming more active in this community. DO you think it would be good if making post in the welcoming plaza would be necessary to be able to be a member here. I mean because they wouldn't make an account here if they wouldn't want to be part of the community because you can view most of the pages that have the discussion without registration, so if they wouldn't want to be a part of this site and the community here why would they create an account at all. i see that many people have created the account but maybe were too shy or didnt know where to post the ir post and because of that never engaged with the community and that can be the reason why they didn't feel they should come back here. I think it would be great if we could somehow make the members who join feel more comfortable and included in the community and that way the site could grow bigger. Just my thoughts thanks =)
  7. Welcome, fellow Matorans, to MLP Forum's official Bionicle fanpage, The Temple of Worship. As you may have guessed, any and all fans of Bionicle are welcome to commune here and share their stories. If you owned any Bionicle/still own any Bionicle, be they Gen 1 or Gen 2, feel free to tell us about them. Allow me to write the temple's first manuscript. A long time ago, I owned two Bionicle. They were Tahu and Gali. Both were Toa Nuva, although at the time I thought they were Toa Mata due to the similarities of their Kanohi. That and I was a boy who was madly in love with them both. Anyway, after freeing them from their cryoshells and building them, I set them atop my shelf. They spent their time watching over me, as well as occasionally sparring with each other to alleviate boredom. Alas, both Tahu and Gali ended up lost in the winds of time. I don't remember if they got thrown out or if they were donated to the local charity shop, but what matters is that I miss them both. Since then, I have made it my mission to reclaim Tahu and Gali, as well as gathering all the Toa I failed to collect in my youth, including the Turaga, Takanuva, maybe Mata Nui, and the Gen 2 Toa. Once that is done, I will then construct an altar made of Lego, displaying all six Kanohi of the original Toa as a tribute to my love of Bionicle.
  8. Metallic Strings

    This is my blog. Hi everybody

    Hi guys, metallic guitar here. Well, this is a blog that I want to try out. Hi everypony, welcome to my blog, tell me something I should do in the comments. If I suck at this blog, I'm sorry because it's the first blog I've ever done.
  9. Yozer247

    Welcome to

    Welcome to the subforum! Here is where you will get a little explanation on what is and what you can expect from this subforum. To start off, is pony-video sharing site that allows users to create their own ‘channels’ where they can embed videos onto and host a chat for users in that channel to talk in. In our main ‘channel’ for official site events is called the CMC Clubhouse, this is where the classic Friday movie night event is held, and of course our Saturday event called Unscripted Saturday. Friday movie night has been going on for years now so the event itself has gone through quite a journey. The event is fairly self-explanatory from it’s name. On a certain time (usually 6pm ET) at least 2 movies are shown for the enjoyment of those in the channel. Of course, watching is only half the fun since there are always hilarious interactions going on in the chat. On Unscripted Saturdays, the event usually involves some sort of game or extra movie being played with the EqTV staff. We even do live comic readings and try to feature special guests from other parts of poniverse too! One of our threads in this sub-forum is our movie poll and suggestion thread where all users of MLP Forums can suggest the movies they want to see. There are rules of course to what kind of movies you can suggest and you can read them all in the thread itself. A poll will go up where users can then vote for the movies they want to see. There is no limit to how many movies you can vote for, just make sure you only vote for movies you want to see! Movies can be suggested at any time but the poll has a rough schedule of being opened on early Monday and then being closed on early Thursday. Another thing we use this sub-forum for is our announcement threads for each individual movie night or set of events. For every movie night an announcement thread will be put up on the day which features information such as the movies being played, the times and any other events that may come between. Information about certain plans for Unscripted are also sometimes displayed there. There are of course rules, but most of it is pretty basic stuff that you should already be following in the forum itself. Keep in mind that in addition to the main channel, there are also rules for creating channels as well. To create your own room on EqTV is pretty simple! Go to our main page on and you should find a ‘My Channel’ button which takes you to a place where it lists all of your channels, there you can enter in a name and voila! From there you can do whatever you want with it, you can go through and look at options to see all the kind of things you can change to your liking. You can create your own emotes, chat filters, playlists, MOTD and a whole range of other options. If you need any help in making a channel you can contact @Yozer247 We hope you enjoy and all it has to offer!
  10. Pink Brook

    Welcome to the Hotspot!

    Hello Everypony and welcome to the Hotspot! I talk about what's hot at the moment and your are free to comment postive or constructing comments! So follow my blog and I guarantee at least 3 posts a week. Bye-bye!
  11. Alright, fellow Bronies. Lately, I've become a bit of a fan of ambient music-problem is, I don't know much. So, I made this thread so that all of you fellow ambient fans can share some amazing music! Anything that can be considered "ambient" is acceptable. Also, for those of you who are unaware of what ambient music is, Ambient music is a musical genre that focuses largely on the timbrel characteristics of sounds, often organized or performed to evoke an "atmospheric , "visual" or "unobtrusive" quality. I'll start.
  12. noodlepup3

    Hi and Welcome to My Blog!

    Hi! I have just become a muffin today! I have just started this blog and this is my first post! I hope to know what you lot think both now and in the future!
  13. So I just got the automated welcome PM after signing in. I have had this account for at least 4-6 months now, is it because I haven't signed in for a while? I forgot about these forums for about a month or two, haven't posted here since June or July I think.
  14. Hello and welcome to the mind of a Zygen! What is a Zygen you ask? Well frankly I don't know xD. But its my user name so roll with it ok? I just felt like making a blog, because i've been here almost a year, and have yet to do so, and i figured, why not? So yeah here I am. This blog will just be, whatever the heck i feel like putting in it frankly, if I end up doing something I feel warrants its own blog or something then i'll probaly make another for it, but if i just feel its general enough and doesn't warrant its own blog, then i guess i'll post it here. I have no actual ideas at the moment, but i figured maybe they'll come to me after making this, who knows. Anyways, um, enjoy your stay, in my mind, well actually get out! I don't want you people in my mind constantly! Only momentarily . Uh, bye .
  15. Princess Periwinkle

    Welcome to "Good Fan Art"

    So here's a new blog. If you're ever looking for good fan art, stop by and take a gander. I'll make semi-regular blog posts, each one themed different. Main categories will be "cute," "epic," and "wallpaper". Each post will have only around 5-10 images for ease of navigating. Sources will always be linked for convenience. Yay! [source] - Run While You Still Can...
  16. FROM OTHER THREAD Some of you may (or may not) know that I started a project/game called Life in Ponyville 1.1. You can probably find the thread on my old account, Saint. Red, there is a release of the game there so yay, check it out. Sadly my laptop is broken so I cannot work on the game, but I decided once I get my new laptop I will start over. The game will be called Welcome to Equestria (WTE) and will feature 2 playable ponies, one male, one female. I decided to let ya'll design the playable characters. So that's the contest, now onto the ideas. You can post Ideas for the first 12 "Canon" Ponies to appear, and the first features to be in the game. That's it everypony , Post your entries and ideas soon!! MUSIC COMPOSERS I will need at least 2 Brony/Pegasister Music composers for the project. I need someone to make songs for Ponyville Sweet Apple Acres Vinyl's House (Dubstep Music) Canterlot Appleloosa Cloudsdale Royal Castle Evergreen Forest Crystal Empire OC Like the Old Game I will be accepting OCs, but now they can be... BACKROUND Ponies (Choose where they Appear, like Ponyville, Canterlot, etc) SPEAKING Ponies (Choose where they Appear, like Ponyville, Canterlot, etc) (Choose what they say also) QUEST Ponies (Choose where they Appear, like Ponyville, Canterlot, etc) (Choose what there quest is..)
  17. wheeblebumps

    First post

    Welcome! this is my blog here.. ill post things that i feel might be good to post, whatever i feel really. so heres a bit about me; I live in oregon, shoot guns, and have two tulpa (if people care, ill make a post explaining what this is.) im currently trying to get to everfree northwest, and i work two jobs, along with taking business courses at the local community college. ill make posts semi-regularly depending on my schedule and how i feel. thanks to everyone who reads this. have a picture in return!
  18. DO YOU KNOW WHERE YOU ARE, EVERYPONY!? YOU'RE IN THE JUNGLE BABY!!! YOU'RE GONNA DIIIIIIIEEE!!!! Anyway, here is my newest PMV. This song was WAAAAAY overdue for one.
  19. Hazardus_Havard.

    Welcoming Plaza Drown Outs?

    I've not sure if this is just a trivial manner or if it actually abhors to people, but the welcoming plaza is a place to welcome newcomers, correct? This is just me pointing out, but why are there still posts all the way back to 2011 up? People responding to old welcome posts, whether that old or even just a week old, sort of have the potential to drown out actual newcomers to the site. Me? As a recommendation, I wouldn't mind seeing these posts either deleted or locked from posting after a minimum of around 3-5 days after post creation. This allows newcomers to the site an appropriate amount of time to post in the welcome post and to respond to any post's that are made afterwards. It would also get rid of the chance of old posts drowning newer ones. I'm not saying this is actually happening right now, but I do see some old posts from time to time just randomly popping up a week or so old. Plus it does get rid of the potential to do this from happening. What does everyone think of this?
  20. Ezynell

    The Corner

    This is where I will sit and cry until mailmare goes away. Anyone who wants to join me is welcome. It's also where I'll keep tabs on all the chaos it's been brewing. List of Horrer: -Feld0's been banished -All mods are now admins -Site is tilted -Avatars are upside down -Lady Rarity Pony has been banished -Flare has taken LRP's spot -Tom the Diamond clones have been sighted here and here. Nopony knows which is the real one, although Tom Teh Diamond seems to despise Trixie and acts fairly aggressive. -Spinning Avatars -Flipped Signatures