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Found 10 results

  1. I feel that this is the appropriate time & season to bring up a topic both near & dear to my savage, fuzzy heart! The age old question of earth-shattering consequences! Who's better?!!? The forces of nature untamed & unrestrained, the mighty Werewolves or those piddly, weak, anemic, parasitic, weaselly, pale, I-don't-know-why-I-even-bothered-allowing-them-as-an-option vampires. CLEARLY we all know who the superior creature is here, eh?
  2. jeray2000


    Werwolf: A Game of Alliance and Deception Hello, I am jeray2000, and I am here to propose a game of Werewolf(also known as Mafia) to the denizens of this forum! For those of who don't know, Werewolf is a game where there are two sides: the werewolves and the villagers. The werewolves try to villagers at night, and the villagers try to lynch the werewolves during the day. But to make it tricky, the villagers do not know who among them are werewolves and most work together to find out! And to help, there is one player who is a Seer, and can scan players at night to find out if they are wolves or villagers. This is the basics of the game, and if this gathers enough interest I will post the full rules that deal with smaller mostly common sense issues like dead players and non-players being unable to offer advice to the village. Feel free to ask questions! Just type the word IN in a large font so I can see in the thread to join and I'll send you a PM with your role once I start the game!
  3. I find there is surprisingly few people who know of the World of Darkness, be it the original Classic/Old or the rebooted New. Which is a real pity because if you're into to dark and gothic modern fantasies, it really is a great choice. Well no more! This is the largest community I know and there are bound to be more of you ponies out there who enjoy this world. So let us congregate here to discuss it, and with luck perhaps even assemble a crew if there are such entrepreneuring ponies. And if you don't know of the franchise? Please ask! I'll gladly answer questions to the best of my abilities and I'm sure if others reply here, they might too. No but seriously, this thing needs more attention.
  4. “Princess Lavinia you need to get dress for school” Snowy my Owl Familiar whispers in her ear. Lavina swats at my familiar getting up her pony butt up and I help her get dress. “Why do I have to go to school? I am failing most of my magic classes, I still don’t have a cutie mark and I am just making as a ruler. Why can’t I just stay home and you teach me?” she said Whining to me. “Your mother was the strongest alicorn this land has seen and as her only child you’re going to the school that bears her name to show our every pony you’re just like them. Most ponies don’t remember how Equestria used to be for people that weren’t human or had powers. We have always lived peacefully with the indigenous peoples of this land but, when some humans calling themselves the Kwa came to this land all that change. They were Fascists and had biological racism and anti-Semitism ideals. They started a Holocaust to wipe out everyone that was not like them. Your mother with me by her side banded all us together and we fought back retaking back our land with the help of Kingdom of Sapin. After we won the war your mother had hard choices to make. The Kwa had killed over thirty million ponies and nine million humans and many people wanted to kill of them all, even the children. She made this continent of Over 4 billion into a peaceful, modernization gynarchy were citizens have a higher standard of living and are free to live their lives the way they want. You go to school the keep this going and so the past stays in the past. Now, is there anything else you have to say before we leave?” I said finishing up with her and checking myself in the mirror. “Mr. Wolf If you’re a werewolf why have I never seen you change?” I smile at her and start walking to the royal sky yacht. “I know you’re stalling, so we’re walking and talking. The Inuit people of the polar regions called us Amarok wolfs and we’re shape-shifters that change into wolfs by choice not because we have to. If you saw my wolf form it would scary you and I don’t want you to be afraid of me.” We both stop in front of my airship and I hand her my keys. “Today you can drive my airship to school today.” I said with a smile. Giddy with joy she jumps up and hugs me around the neck and looks at my sky ship. “You’re really going let me drive?” she said looking at the powerful black vehicle. “Your sixteen and have your driver’s license, I taught you how to drive, and I trust you. Just remember this is a royal guard airship and it’s more powerful than your sports airships. Just remember to use the lights and siren and stay with the formations and everything will be fine.” She hugs me again and we both get in and the formation starts moving out from the cloudsdale castle. When we arrive at the princess celestia University of magic I see the headmistress waiting out-front for us in the snow. “Princess Lavinia and Mr. Wolf late again and your dressing in western wear is a violation under the dress code. Ms. Lavina you look like some kind of a farm pony and Mr. Wolf as a professor of combat magic you should know better and set a set an example for your students.” The headmistress bleats at us. “A tasty and delicious talking goat like you should mind her own business.” I said licking my lips and checking out her body. “Pervert, Why I never! Just get to class you two!” the headmistress bleats at both of us backing up out of range of me as we walk by. I didn’t have any classes to teach today so, I escorted Princess Lavinia to all her classes and just watch her learn. I was sleeping in the back row of her astrophysics class (Surprisingly, normal academic’s she’s a genius at.) when I hear something outside. I look at Snowy and she flies off to see what it is and I see from her eyes a large heavily armed group of men wearing black hoods are moving into the building. I jump to my feet summoning two royal guards and grabbing l Princess Lavinia. “Professor West we have a code T happening in building. I’m taking my VIP to the fall back site and I trust you can control it here” I said pulling Princess Lavinia to the door and clearing the hallway. “Are you really sure it a code T, it might just be your people again” Professor West said to me crossing his arms and give me a “your paranoid” look. An explosion rocks the building cutting of the lights and the emergency lights come on. I pull Princess Lavinia half running down the hallway with one of the royal guards covering the rear when she yells at me to stop. “You’re just going to run away with me and leave everyone to die! What’s going on and where are you taking me?” she yells at me and pushes away from me. “I am not running away. Every professor here has very powerful magic or is armed and trained in urban combat, so they can take care of themselves. I don’t know what’s going on but we need to get to the back of the school were an E.U.P. team will meet us and escort us back to the palace. Now little girl stay behind me and be quiet.” I whisper and start to pull her again. We round a corner and a human gunman comes popping out of nowhere firing a shotgun into me. The gunman and I stare at each for a second and then I fire lighting form the palm of my hand burning a smoking hole through his chest. “I’m an Immortal fool! What were you thinking?” I said as I check the body for clues. I get the scent of who is involved and sent snowy to alert the strike team of the situation. “Looks like some terrorist Kwa pigs think the royal family has become soft and have forgotten their place! This was a big mistake attacking you because now I am fired up. Princess Lavinia, I will start teaching you combat magic because it seems like what we've got here is failure to communicate that they shouldn’t mess with us!” I said shaking and trying to control my urge to go kill all those responsible for the attack. We both look behind us as the sounds of a heavy battle erupted and I start pulling her behind me at a fast walk. As we near the back of the school I stop and smell the air. “Luna it! They mined the way ahead and booby trap all the windows and doors. There’s got to be a way out.” I said sniff around for explosives. I find an empty class room that clear of traps and I pull her in barricading the door. “Ok, I want you to stay here and I going to check the court yard too much sure it’s safe.” I said putting her in a corner of the room and moving to the rear court yard door. I look out the glass door and seeing nothing odd in the court yard, I open the door and a bullet rip pass my head. “I guess it not clear. Let’s see how they like some fire.” I said calmly aiming my finger at one of the snipers. I watch the sniper hide behind some cover but, no fire flies from my fingers. I try another spell with still nothing happening and then I read the sign on the door. “Warning: training room. Magic will not work in or around the room.” “Here is the situation baby girl, they ran us into a training room and I can’t use magic. It looks like they have been setting this trap for some time because there are also four snipers on the roof across the court yard. There’re scary and not very skill it seems and if we run fast we could get by them easily. So here what is going to do, I’m going to turn into my wolf form and you’re going to ride on my back to cross the yard. You don’t have to worry about getting hit because I can go from a dead stop to 45mph so; I know they can’t hit me.” I said to Princess Lavinia with my eyes down casted in shame at what has happen and going to happen. She nods understanding the pain I am feeling at putting her in danger and steps back to watch me change. “Lavinia don’t be afraid what you are about to see, just remember it’s me your devoted servant” I said pulling my shirt off and going down to all fours. I feel my bones popping and my skin start to rip and I look over to Lavinia. “When I change hold onto my dog collar and make sure you hold on tight. Use your spurs if you have toooo!!!” I howl as I explode from my skin into my wolf form. She looks at me for a few seconds and then explodes with laughter pointing at me. “You, you, you really think I would be afraid of you when you look like that? You look more husky doggy then wolf!” She said over sidesplitting laughter. I growl at her and she jumps into my back looping her hoofs through my collar like a bull rider and digging her spurs into my sides and we take off. I push the court yard door open with my head and we go flying arcos the court yard so fast the snipers can’t even get a shot off and I jump over a bombing team blocking the exit from the school. I keep running until I meet up with the EUP team and the human Sapin Counter-terrorism teams. The teams make a protective ring around us and I go into one of the APC to change back and get some clothes on. I come back out wearing a monks robe with my long bushy tail poking out the back and go to Princess Lavinia side. “Lieutenant Bill reporting Sir, my men are searching and securing the area and for her safety we should take the Princess to our headquarters” the lieutenant said and starts moving Princess Lavinia to a waiting sky yacht. I move in front of Princess Lavinia and three of the Sapin Counter-terrorism teams move to back me up. “Lieutenant Bill, why did I kill and spotted half of your team attacking the school? I know you Kwa people still hate our kind but, attacking the Princess was something you should have never done.” I said giving him a look like he is about to die. He tries to say something but, I hold my hand up stopping him. “You have nothing to worry about unless you are in involved. The intelligence agency will find out how deep this plot goes and I have both a Sapin team and my shadow wolf pack hunting down all those “terrorist” that attack us today. Now, the Princess and I are going to go for a walk and the Sapin teams Espada one and two will be out security.” I said and take Princess Lavinia by the hoof and walk away with Espada one covering our rear. I take her to her favorite outdoor restaurant and we take a seat at one of the outdoor tables. “I am going to tell you a story that I been putting off telling you. There are two packs of amarok wolfs, the southern pack that lives near the warm of Kingdom of Sapin in the south and the northern pack that live in the cold Arctic of equestria in the north. The southern pack lives with human as theirs companions – working, hunting, and living alongside them and the interdependent relationship between the people of Sapin and the wolfs fostered prosperity among both and enabled them to flourish. Because they live with humans and it warmer down south they look like husky. The northern pack lives like wolfs far away from humans and ponies in our own towns. My father was an alpha wolf from the northern pack and my mother was a beta wolf from the southern pack that came up to the Arctic looking for a mate. In the northern pack we have a rite of passage were you have to kill one of canterlot castle sheep flock without getting caught. After you make your first kill, gain your Immortality. Well, I got caught and the other ponies were going to kill me but, your mother princess celestia spared my life and so I owned her a boon or a favor. I had to become her devoted servant and bodyguard and I was made an omega wolf by the pack because of my failure. Your mother was a very compassionate pony and she let me kill one of her sick sheep so I would have my Immortality, so I liked her from the get-go. Over the years she taught me magic and we became very close and after everything we went through in Kwa war, we became lovers. Ten years after the war ended, princess celestia became pregnant with you. Lavinia, I am your father” I said sweating buckets and tucking my tail between my legs. She jumps out of her chair like it’s on fire pointing a hoof at me. “You want me to believe my mother liked a man that turns freaky, fast and furry when the moon is full? I know who my father was; he ran out on us when I was little! You’re nothing like him” She yells at me crying. She was about to go on a tirade, when I embrace her just like when she was little and look into her amber and purple colored eyes. “Baby girl, I never ran out on you or your mother. Your mother and I wanted you to have a normal childhood and not have to deal with this till you were eighteen so, it was a secret about your father and you were told I was your servant. You should know all amarok wolfs from the same pack and families are telepathic link to each other so, if you don’t believe me just look into my mind and find the truth.” I said weeping and holding her to my chest. I feel her enter my mind and relax once she sees the truth. “You’re really are my daddy! I always wonder why I never felt alone and it felt like you were my dad. Why don’t we look the same? I am a pony with a white coat and rainbow mane and your long dark hair with brown skin.” She said with tears still running down her face. “Well, it because you take after your mother and we wolfs are part indigenous peoples. You’re coming of age and once you make your first kill and your predatory instincts kick in your coat will get darker. Now, let go home and we can talk some more” I said letting go of her and nodding to the stunned Espada teams and the crowd that had gather around us. Before anyone says anything, my daughter takes my hand and we both walk away together smiling
  5. Life in Ponyville, outside of the usual events like a parasprite invasion or a revenge-seeking, all powerful megalomaniac kicking out the librarian, tends to be laid back and typical. Which Applejack doesn't mind. However, after the CMC cause more problems due to influence from a newcomer in town, Applejack gathers the girls to fix what the CMC did. But then a mysterious creature ends up attacking Applejack, and while she survives and seems fine, it isn't long before she starts acting strangely. It's up to the usual group of ponies to figure out what's going on before it's too late. Hello everyone! I am making of an animation based on the Applejack fan fiction, "A Hairy Problem". I'm going to start with the first two or three chapters of the fan fic once everything is settled. Every episode will have 18 - 22 minutes in length. EDIT: This is an audio series now. Voice actors are still needed! Mane Six Applejack - LittleMissBloo Twilight Sparkle - A.K. Yearling Rarity - Pink Mist Rainbow Dash - Neon Fire Pinkie Pie - A.K. Yearling Fluttershy - Pink Mist Apple Family Granny Smith - Pandora/Bloo Big Mclntosh - StormwingThePony Apple Bloom - Pandora/Bloo Other Nurse Redheart - Lyrafinish Lyra Heartstrings - Lyrafinish Bon Bon - Little Lizards Sandalwood - Star Burst Princess Celestia [open] Princess Luna - Little Lizards Sound Designer/Editor/Special FX Christmas Doge Musicians/Music Flakers Christmas Doge
  6. This is my first time doing a mafia or anything like that, but here's my attempt at it. Rules Innocents (Royal Guard, party animal, citizens): Win by banishing every agent of chaos. Agents of chaos Win by discording every innocent. Status: Each player has 3 types of status- Alive, banished, and discorded. An alive player participates normally. A banished player is completely out of the game. A discorded player cannot participate in voting, but can be returned to normal by a party animal. Day A discording is announced if necessary. All players will vote for someone to banish during the day period. The day period lasts until all players have voted. Then the player with the most votes will be taken out of the game. Night: The Agents of Chaos will vote to choose one person to turn discorded. A discorded player is essentially incapable of participating in the game, but may be cured by a party animal. Roles Citizen: During day, you vote and chat. During night, you do nothing. Royal Guard: You are the best of the best. You have been trained in the defense of others and are willing to defend the innocent to your last breath! During the day, you vote normally. You also have the option to choose one pony to protect. If the pony they choose is the target of the Agents of Chaos, the Royal Guard member is discorded instead, and the Agent doing the discording is instantly banished. Party animal: You love to party. You've practically spent half your life at Sugarcube Corner, and can cheer just about anyone up! During daytime, you vote normally. Also, once per game and during the day, the party animal can choose one discorded player to return to normal. The chance of success is 50%, and if the attempt fails the first time it cannot be tried again. Agents of Chaos: You have been trained in the art of discording by none other than Discord himself! You are violently loyal to Discord and love to spread chaos. During the day, you vote normally. At night, the Agents of Chaos vote for one player to discord. Roster Shift, with #1 OC EVER. Commander Eureka, with Eureka. stainesbrony, with Rick. So yeah, this is my first mafia, and if anyone has any feedback or corrections for me, they would be appreciated!
  7. Yeah, sorry about the cheesy title and description, I couldn't think of anything else to say. but If you feel like it, go on a read it, then tell me what you think. Not to mention it seams to have 57 likes and one dislike right now. I am now looking for an editor, so if you are good or you know a good one, please do post here or message me. I do have another editor but he has told me he is rather busy, and can't get much more done right now. So if somone would like to start off from chapter 3 I would appreciate it.
  8. Sorry if this thread already exists, a quick search didnt yield any results. So, here is the question, would you rather be a vampire or a werewolf and what veriation would you be? Would you change anyone else? Info- You would be the first vampire/werewolf, you will wake up as whatever you decided to be, you can change others if you wish but only in the normal way for your variation (commonly a bite, but there are variations e.g having to drain nearly all the human blood out) Vampires - A few examples of vampire variations would be: The standard living dead vampire, can't go outside, silver and garlic kill you, must consume human blood to live, provided you don't starve or get killed, you live forever. The twilight 'glitter-fairy' vampire, can't touch silver or galic, can survive on animal blood alone, can go outside but skin shines like a glitter fairy, lives forever provided you don't get killed. The trueblood vampire, exactly the same as the standard but with the addition of a form of mind control when looking into a humans eyes and super fast speed, can drink synthetic blood provided someone invents it for you. Werewolfs- A few examples of werewolfs would be: The standard werewolf - normal human untill full moon, during full moon takes on a wolf like form, standing on two legs, driven to hunt and kill, has no recollection of what happened the next morning, lives a normal human lifespan, can only be killed with silver bullets. The wolf - Normal human form, chooses to shift into a wolf whenever they want, appear to be a normal wolf when shifted, great self healing capabity, above average strength, can be killed by normal means but self healing means that they enjoy a slightly higher than average lifespan. The big wolf - same as the wolf, but turns into a large wolf, near enough as big as a car, can telepathically talk to members of their pack while shifted. I personally would choose to be a twilight glitter fairy vampire, purely because they can live off animal blood so I wouldn't have to kill humans to survive. I would turn friends and family if they really wanted to be a vampire but would advise them against it as newborn twilight vampires are very aggressive. (yes I have read the books, they're not as bad as everyone makes them out to be, the movies on the other and are shockingly bad)
  9. Hey, I'm new to this website, this isn't an introductory thing, don't worry. There are a couple of fanfics I've been aching to work on, but this one I've been absolutely dying to do. Unfortunately, there are a number of roadblocks I keep running into, most common of which being everywhere else I turned to, no one responded back to be or even outright ignored the plea I sent out. So now I'm just going to go ahead and explain my idea, instead of wasting more of your time. I want to do a massive My Little Pony World of Darkness crossover, and I do mean massive. Incorporating the cosmology of the WoD so that it flows more seemlesssly with already stated facts from the show. So far I've got: Vampire: the Requiem - Rarity - Daeva Werewolf: the Forsaken - Applejack - Rahu Mage: the Awakening - Twilight - Obrimos Promethean: the Created - Fluttershy Changeling: the Lost - Pinkie - Fairest/Playmate Hunter: the Vigil - Spike - Night Watch, maybe Cainite Heresy later on Geist: the Sin-Eaters - Rainbow - Forgotten Now the roadblocks. For starters, Fluttershy. I can't decide whether to make her a Frankenstein, or an Unfleshed. I have good ideas for both, but my problems lie with the kind of stereotypes that both WoD and MLP can play into, but ultimately subvert. The books (from what little I've read) say that Frankensteins are usually quite vindictive, aggressive, another word I can't quite think of right now that, quite frankly, doesn't describe Fluttershy in the least. Does she have to be like that, or can I have her keep her generally quiet behavior and keep her as a Frankenstein? On the other hand, I also have a good idea for Unfleshed, since I know that I can keep her as her general attitude as Unfleshed can choose their Disquiet, Wasteland, etc. but my issue comes with her creator. If anyone is familiar with the fangame Genius: the Transgression, can Geniuses call upon the Divine Spark and create a Promethean, or will it have to be a regular Donut Joe? Now, by virtue of hunting those that bump in the night, and some even possessing powers of their own, can Hunters see Magic without aggravating Paradox or invoking Disbelief, or does that happen for them regardless of whatever they can or cannot do? Since I don't know much abou Disciplines or Gifts, same question applies. Also, do Hunters know what Ghouls are (specifically or general idea) and how to deal with them, or are they just completely in the dark? Thank you so much for taking the time to read this, I appreciate any help I can get. I have a general idea of how I want my story to go, but if anyone has any ideas on what the characters could possibly do or go up against, please bounce them off of me and if I like it a lot I'll try to incorporate it into the story.
  10. MetalGearP0n3 again with artwork that doesn't have to do with ponies. (see that here: ) is my main dA account. (to anyone interested, I take point commissions. Three slots are open.)