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Found 11 results

  1. Walt Disney Studios debuted their first animated feature film “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” in 1937. Through the years they have produced a total of 55 feature films including the most recent, "Zootopia." Which decade had the best Disney animated films? NOTE: The films listed are purely by the Walt Disney Animation Studios. PIXAR FILMS WILL NOT BE INCLUDED. I personally like the 1990s very very much. 3 Of my top 10 Disney movies are in that decade and The Lion King is one of my all time favorite movies. Eventhough Pocahontas is the only really weak movie from that decade, the quality of the other movies makes up for it. What are your favorite decades?
  2. So after 20 years since the original aired we're getting a new incarnation of a show that many of us grew up with. I was a big fan of the original as a kid, I'm looking forward to this reboot. Unfortunately, not all news is good. We still have a year to go before it comes out and it's already causing drama. Members of the original cast and crew (Like Lauren Faust, Tara Strong, Craig McCraken) aren't happy with the fact that Cartoon Network hired new voice actors and have been going on twitter posting angry and passive tweets. (Some of these tweets I'll link below) Now, I have to say this. Seriously? This is a reboot, yes? What the hell were you expecting?! This kind of stuff happens all the time whenever there's another entry in a franchise. I mean, yes, It would have been nice if they had asked the original VAs but I'm not expecting them to go around asking every single VA from the original show. This is a new generation, it's a fresh slate. This happens all the time whenever a franchise gets another entry. It's been nearly 20 years since the original aired, this isn't a shock. Allow me to throw in a comparison guys. As you all you all know, I'm a fan of multiple franchises. The ones I bring up mostly are Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Transformers, Spider-Man and Batman. Look at how many incarnations of those four there have been. You might get one VA back, maybe a couple more if you're lucky but you're not going to get the whole cast back. This is really nothing new. I know I bring up TMNT a lot but the comparison is fitting. When the next generation of TMNT comes out I'm not going to expect Rob Paulson, Seth Green, Sean Aston and Greg Cipes to voice the Turtles nor do I think that the original voice actors from the '87 series (Rob Paulson, Townsend Colemen, Cam Clarke and Barry Gordon) should be the only one to voice the turtles. It's the same here. You can't expect the same voice actors to voice the same characters all the time. I think this was really immature of the original cast and crew. I expected better behavior from Tara, Lauren, Craig and everyone else partaking in this tantrum. EDIT: My apologies to the original cast. If it was just Tom Kenny coming back, I'd still think they'd be over-reacting but since they brought back more VAs for the supporting cast and even the VA of one the main villains, now I see the issue. I still take issue with Lauren Faust and Craig McCraken's tweets though.
  3. Now before anyone says anything, I'd just like to say that I love MLP! LOVE IT! It's a great show, I'm look forward to season 5! and 6! and Equestria Girls 3 and the 2017 Movie and anymore comics Yeah, I think you get the picture. Anyway as much as I love MLP that doesn't mean there aren't any shows past or present that I personally have found better. For those of you who have gotten to know me, you'll know that I am a big fan of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Transformers and Spider-Man and yes there are shows in each of those franchises that I find better than MLP. To get into specifics: Beast Wars - The very show that introduced me to the transformers fandom and has made me a fan of the franchise to this very day. Even upon re-visitation I find that story-wise it has aged very well (Animation-wise not so much but it was the second CGI show ever made so that's to be existed) and for a while I thought this show could never be topped by any successor in the franchise. I was proven wrong a decade and a half later. Transformers: Prime - This one I actually watched some time after becoming a fan of MLP back in 2012. I remember reading on TV tropes that a lot of people the MLP fandom actually threw a bit of a fit when this show got nominated for 6 Emmy awards while MLP got none (ex, here), and while I was disappointed to hear that MLP didn't get nominated for any, it was at this point where I decided to see just how good this show was. Needless to say I was blown away by how good this show was, it definitely deserved those nominations! In fact, this became my favorite Transformers show, topping even Beast Wars, something I thought could never be done! I was a bit disappointed to see it end after the Predicons: Rising movie but hey I thought it ended on a high note and besides we got a sequel series out of it anyway (Robots in Disguise). Now Robots in Disguise is not as good as Prime but hey I still like it and for the love of Primus I hope CN doesn't cancel it! Hasbro should have put it on Discovery Family, I really don't trust CN with Transformers after what happened with Animated. Spider-Man The Animated Series - I was introduced to this show back when I was a toddler and have been a fan of Spider-Man ever since. Thanks to this show I grew up on the franchise and I still to this day love the show to bits (even though I'll admit it's dated by today's standards with the censorship and all). This also used to be my favorite Spider-Man show for a while but eventually it got topped. Spectacular Spider-Man - Now I was thrown off by the art-style of this show at first but eventually it won me over with its fantastic story-telling and is my current favorite show in the Spider-Man franchise. The fact that it was axed before its time is an absolute crime in my eyes and it really doesn't help that the current Spider-Man show isn't very good. Oh well at least there are other parts of the franchise I can turn to like the comics. Specifically the Ultimate Spider-Man Comics and Spider-Man 2099 (I am so glad the latter's back). Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2003 and 2012 - This franchise is unique as it gets better and better with entry to the franchise. (Ignoring Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation but hey that's not an animated show and it really should not have been live action in the first place.) I still like the 1987 show but let's face it, it's REALLY showing its age, while its successor, TMNT 2003, has aged pretty well with the exception of the last two seasons. TMNT 2012 I find even better managing to balance both the goofy humor of the '87 show with the seriousness of the '03 show. If you haven't watched TMNT 2012, go do so! It's the best show Nickelodeon has currently! I just wish it didn't have such a horrendous airing schedule. It goes on hiatus every 4 episodes! They don't take breaks in-between seasons! I'll give MLP this, while the Hiatuses they take in between seasons feel long and torturous AT LEAST when the season comes out it's worth it as it has a consistent airing schedule and we don't have to deal with this type of bullshit! Also I'll list these ones without description or else I'll be here all day Gargoyles Avatar The Last Airbender Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes Teen Titans Batman: The Animated Series Star Wars: The Clone Wars
  4. Recently I found out that both My Little Pony Friendship is Magic and Transformers Robots in Disguise have been getting showing signs of getting screwed over by both Discovery Family and Cartoon Network respectively so I thought I'd pitch in my two cents on the matter. It looks like the recent change from the Hub to Discovery Family has not been to kind to My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. While it hasn't been completely screwed over yet, it's been showing warning signs that the network has been messing with it since the fifth season aired. First off the show has very rarely been getting any advertisement on the channel and as I've been noticing that when a new episode airs it doesn't get any advertisement. Instead we've been getting advertisements of the season premier which aired weeks ago and it has been getting passed off as a new episode. This has been happening during every break of the new episode and fans haven't been very amused. Luckily though, the show's ratings have been very healthy so I don't think we have to worry about it getting cancelled. After all, Equestria Girls 3, Season 6 and the big 2017 movie has been announced so I think the show is safe for a while. Meanwhile my biggest concern is with Transformers: Robots in Disguise. Now, as a lot of you know I am a big Transformers fan so when this show aired I, of course, gave it a watch and of course I enjoyed it. I loved the new ideas the show brought us. Instead of a the usual war between Autobots and Decepticons being led by Optimus Prime and Megatron respectively, (of course as this is a sequel to Transformers Prime we're going to get something different) we get Bumblebee leading his own squad of Autobots hunting down Decepticon fugitives with one of them, Steeljaw, wanting to change Earth into a paradise for rogue Decepticons. Unfortunately it's getting screwed over by Cartoon Network by getting no advertisement and getting put into what's known as the Saturday Morning Death Slot which would be 6:30 AM EST or 5:30 for those suckers who live in the CST time zone, a time where nobody that isn't an insomniac would be awake to watch it. And the real kicker in all this is that I saw this coming, months before the show even aired. As soon as I read in an article that Robots in Disguise was going to air on Cartoon Network I quite disappointed because I know how Cartoon Network treats its action-based shows. As soon as I read it I knew that the show would be cancelled somewhere down the road because I knew how Cartoon Network treated one of its predecessors Transformers Animated, which was pretty much screwed over in the same fashion. Other than its premier episodes Transformers Animated barely ever saw any advertising on the network and was also shoved onto the Saturday Morning Death Slot. Fortunately the show did get three seasons but any hopes for the planned fourth season was crushed as it cancelled during a conflict between Hasbro and Walmart over the toylines, which is one of the reasons why I detest how Western Animation is handled in North America. Luckily afterwards it did seem that Hasbro smartened up as after Animated we got Transformers: Prime, one of the best entries in the franchise, and it along with several of Hasbro's other IPs were put on the Hub, where it enjoyed three full seasons and a movie that ended the show on a high note. So, when after the treatment of Animated and the success of Prime, when I saw that Hasbro once again let Cartoon Network handle Transformers I couldn't help but say to myself "What the hell are they thinking?" because I knew that the show was going to get this type of treatment. As much as I enjoy the show, I'll be surprised if it gets past its second season. I despise Cartoon Network not just because of its treatment of Transformers, but its treatment of its action shows as a whole. This is the same network that cancelled Young Justice because women were watching it. It cancelled Sym-bionic Titan for not selling enough toys, never mind the fact that there weren't any toys made for the show to begin with. Green Lantern along with Young Justice were dealt with frequent hiatuses, had their entire block pulled on the very same day their new episodes were supposed to air and then got cancelled after they finally got back on the air. The worst example I have seen by far was their treatment of Beware the Batman. Not even halfway through its first season, it was pulled and replaced to give the abysmal Teen Titans Go another time slot. The show-runner had to go through hoops in order to get it to finish airing, eventually having to resort to putting the episodes on Amazon's UK streaming service in order to do so. This opened my eyes to something, unless your cartoon is a silly comedy, Cartoon Network will treat it like crap and will come up with the most insane excuses in order to cancel it. I think it's safe to say at this point Cartoon Network is comparable to Fox. Yes, the same Fox that's infamous for cancelling shows that aren't an immediate hit. The same network that screwed over Firefly, Doctor Who and The Crow under bullshit circumstances. The same network that won't give shows the time of the day unless they're either, the Simpsons or a Seth MacFarlane animated show, a sports program, a presidential speech or even their far right-wing corporatist propaganda station thinly veiled as "news". Yes, Cartoon Network has gotten that bad. Now according to Paul Dini and Kevin Smith in this article here: the reason for some of these cancellations as I mentioned earlier with Young Justice is that this network holds on to this primitive belief that girls should not enjoy action shows, only boys can. Their excuse is that women don't buy toys, never mind that they could sell them something else. They have also insulted the intelligence of both genders by saying that "women should never portrayed as smarter than the guys, they should always be a step behind" and that they should always have that "goofy boy humor" once again proving Gene Roddenberry right, as he has been before during his struggles with the Network over Star Trek, that network executives are complete idiots who are out of touch with their audience, have no clue what the audience likes and think themselves superior.
  5. All right so I watched a video by someone named cartoon hero called top 10 bad episodes of good cartoons as well as me enters animated atrocities series, which inspired me to make this thread. So was there ever a cartoon you like that had that one episode that you didn't want to watch again or never want to talk about. All right here's mine. Ed Edd n Eddy- If it smells like an Ed- In this mystery themed episode, the eds get framed for ruining friendship day and they try to get their names clear. This seems like an interesting premise that was horribly executed. The culprit turned out to be Jimmy, who wanted revenge for a wedgie that Eddy gave him at the beginning of the episode. The problem is that only Eddy did that and double d and Ed did nothing, yet they were framed. Also they don't even clear their names. The episode ends with the eds getting dragged off by the Kankers. The only sort of pay back jimmy got was slipping on a banana peel. Not quite enough. South Park- Stanley's cup- Stan coaches a hockey team of preschoolers in order ticket money for a new bike. Also there I a kid with cancer on the team who would die if they lost. The main problem is the ending, where they have to face a pro hockey team who beats them up with every bloody detail and the team loses and the kid dies. I get it was supposed to be a parody but to me it came of as extremely mean spirited ad cruel. Foster's Hone for imaginary friends- everyone knows it's bendy- a new friend comes to the house and starts doing bad stuff and blames the main characters on them and no matter what they do, they can't expose him. Also Frankie and herinan don't believe them even though they trust some of them. The biggest problem was it ended with bendy winning. To add insult to injury, the episode was written by Lauren Faust. She even regretted writing it. Seriously I heard she apologized for it. All right discuss away!
  6. So cartoons or pretty much anything from the 2000s is pretty much not very liked. I might be exaggerating a bit since many stuff from the 2000s is liked but I know this from reading on a site called retro junk. Ps most of the articles on that site cannot give any show good criticism at all trust me. Anyway going back on topic, what is your favorite cartoon from the 2000s? Mine are Ed Edd n Eddy Spongebob (early seasons and yes it's more 2000s since it came out in 1999 same with previous show) Fairly odd parents (early seasons) Teen Titans Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy Codename: KND Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends Dave the Barbarian Danny Phantom Jimmy Neutron So discuss away!
  7. (Hopefully I can get out of this review without getting too much flack and...) Oh hi there guys, it's me Chikorita, back for another review. Today, I'm gonna be delving into some of your childhoods, not my childhood in particular, but some of you older folks' childhood. That's right, I'm tackling some Nicktoons of the 90s. Now, before we start, I'm just gonna say 2 things. One, yes, I do find some of these shows overrated mainly due to how over glorified the 90s is on the internet (Seriously I can't click on an old CN or Nick commercial without seeing the comments section filled with "BRING BACK THE OLD SHOWS!"). But just because I find something overrated, doesn't mean I hate it (Frozen is an example of this). Two, I'm not covering every Nicktoon from the 90s, just ones that I really wanna talk about. I've wanted to talk about some of these shows for a while now so I decided to lump them all into a review. So without further ado, let's do this! What better way to start this out then with the first Nicktoon that aired, Doug. All right, the premise is a middle school kid named Doug is basically living life in middle school with his friend, his crush, and the bully (Good job with the voicing Billy West!). That's pretty much the premise. Now, I will say this, my opinions on this show are pretty much the same as the Nostalgia Critic which is not good*holds up flame shield*. All right, I'm not saying it's a bad show but it's just a bit generic. If you've seen those shows that star teens in school, you get this show just more tolerable. The problem is like I said before, the show is generic. The characters are pretty basic and kind of bland. The only character I liked was the dog Porkchop since he did some funny gags. but other than that, I found the show generic and kind of boring. I've seen people praise this show for kind of the same reasons as FIM (relatable characters and great morals), but I feel another show I'll talk about in a bit pulled this off a lot better. So, 6/10. The next show I'll talk about is Rugrats. I find this show overrated but better than Doug. The only reason I find it overrated is because I don't find it the best Nicktoon (The best imo would be like Avatar, Danny Phantom, Rocko, early Fairly Oddparents, or early Spongebob). Rugrats is one of those that went through what usually happens to long running shows, seasonal rot. Basically, I found the first like 3 seasons pretty decent. They had some interesting ideas for episodes, some unexpected jokes that were surprisingly funny and some nice references. But then they started adding more characters. There was Dil, who was just a plot device and was annoying (Seriously, it was an easy job for Tara Strong. She just had to fake cry.) And then there was Kimi, who was basically just a female version of Tommy and that's it. And don't even get me started on the spin-off All Grown Up *shudders* 7/10 Next it's time for one that I like quite a bit, Rocko's Modern Life. And before you ask, I find Ren and Stimpy overrated, not bad, just not what I'd watch. Anyways, this show's plot is about a wallaby who lives in O Town and basically follows his live there. This show I really like. It's got an interesting, define set of characters, some adult jokes that are even more cleverly hidden than Rugrats to the point where they are Animaniacs level. How I'd describe this show is like early Spongebob if it took more risks. Huh, probably because the Spongebob creator, Stephen Hillenburg was a writer on this show. Anyways, this show gets a 9/10. Next show I should mention is another show I really like, Hey Arnold! This show basically just follows the premise of a boy named Arnold who lives in the broncs, and that's about it. Well the premise is simple, it actually manages to be interesting. Seriously, when this episode has a good episode, it's like, Pinkie Pride level good. Arnold's Christmas is an example of this. Not much to say but this is the show that I feel does the relatable characters and morals better than Doug at since these characters were more interesting and it has delved into some deep stuff. Just see Arnold's Christmas and Helga on the Couch if you don't know what I mean. Overall, this gets a 10/10. Now, I'm gonna group these two together, The Wild Thornberries and Rocket Power. Wanna know why I grouped them together, because, both shows I feel suffer from the same problems. They're not premises, but just not really that interesting. Rocket Power I find worse since it's held back by outdated skater slang. Both are actually pretty boring to watch. Not to mention, I found the pacing in these shows to go very slow. Like each episode feels like 2 hours to watch. Adding the fact that characters are pretty uninteresting in both and you get a basic show that can be used as background well you're surfing the web. Overall, I'll give both these shows a 5/10, directly down the middle. Now, we get into the 90s Nicktoon that I actually hate with a burning passion. Catdog! *Pulls out flame shield again*. Don't worry, I can explain why I loathe this show. The premise is simple, a cat and a dog are morphed together. Now like most kids probably did, my question was as a kid, "How do they go to the bathroom?" But nitpicking nostalgia aside, the only things I like about the show is the voice acting (which is done pretty well by Jim Cummings and Tom Kenny respectively) and the catchy theme song that's hard to get out of your head. Everything else is downhill from there. First off, let's start with the characters. Most of the characters on this show are unlikable jerks. We've got Cat, who can range from being sympathetic to a total jerk, Winslow, who is just an annoying roomante who acts like an a**hole to them. There's Rancid Rabbit, who is basically the Red Guy from Cow and Chicken if you make him even more unlikable. And of coarse, there are the Greaser dogs, who's whole purpose in the show is to beat up Cat and Dog, usually for no apparent reason. You see the problem here? Not only is the only decent character Dog (who he even can get annoying sometimes) but the whole show feels mean spirited by giving characters in the right unnecessary punishments. Like in one episode, Cat wants to throw a party but it ends up boring. Winslow throws a more fun party. The rest of the episode is Cat being tortured by this party. That's not funny that's just cruel. At least Ed Edd, n Eddy knew how to properly punish characters. Also the fact that just like with the two shows mentioned before, the show is just full of slow pacing. an 11 minute episode feels like 11 hours to me. If you like the show, that's fine, but I'm not one of those people who likes it. This show gets a 3/10. So yeah, here's my thoughts on some of them. I didn't go into all of them since I feel some of them are basically what others think like early Spongebob. So not much else to say but, hopefully I won't get too harsh of hate mail.
  8. All right you might have seen my thread of the worst episodes of good cartoons found here. So now, lets talk about the best episodes of cartoons. Here's mine. Mlp- Pinkie Pride- Not much to say that hasn't already been said especially in my blog here where I already gushed over the episode. I will say that it has gone up to being my favorite episode in the whole show. Courage the Cowardly Dog- The Mask- This episode deals with domestic abuse in the best way possible. This cartoon always seemed to be the best at tackling serious subjects along with Hey Arnold and this episode really shows. Everything was presented realistically and you really do get invested in the story. Ed Edd n Eddy- One+One=Ed- This episode is defiantly weird for this show but in a good way. The Eds literally try to learn everything to the point where they are picking apart the logic in their own show from taking off outlines to taking off mouths to eating part of the sun. Everything is really funny and it's one of those episodes you want to watch over and over. Powerpuff Girls- best rainy day adventure ever- There is not much conflict to the episode, it's just 11 minutes of fun. It really reminds you of when you were a kid stuck in a rainstorm. They also play a lot of humor with it. It's got both relatability and humor to make it great. Fairly Oddparents- Pipe Down- This one people probably don't care about. But when I was re watching this show, I re watched this one and found it hilarious. Basically, Timmy wishes the whole world was silent right as a meteor is about to hit. The episode feels like a silent cartoon. All jokes hit perfectly and it's great to see the characters reactions to being silent. Spongebob- Band Geeks- All right I like how everyone in town is working together and actually show sympathy for Squidward unlike in later episodes. Also the song at the end makes this episode worth it. All right discuss away!
  9. Well it's been a while since I reviewed a cartoon so I guess I'll review one again. Now this is a show I hear people rave about all the time but had never seen. So lets look into Megas XLR. Now let me just start by saying the reason I've never seen this show prior to recently was because it aired on Toonami when I was a kid, which I didn't watch because the only action cartoons I ever got into as a kid were Teen Titans and the original Ben 10.It's a good thing I have the internet because this show doesn't air anymore, nor does it have a DVD release. So lets just get into the actual show. The basic premise is a robot from the future is used in a war against aliens. The humans steal the robot and re name it the megas where they were originally gonna go back in time and win the war in it, but ended up going back to the present where we meet our protagonists, Coop and Jamie who are just normal guys. Coop found Megas in a junkyard and fixed it up and attached his car to it. The lady from the future name Kiva comes to take back the robot but the time thing *forgot the name of it* was destroyed and she's stuck in there and now all three of them have to fend off the aliens from taking the robot back. Now this show manages to have a great mixture of comedy and action. Much like Teen Titans, it will have a serious story line but there will be little jokes and running gags in there. One of the running gags involves destroying MTV. Guess they knew that MTV would eventually just turn into shows about teenage moms. Also I like how the robot was re built with stuff out of a junkyard. Like how it's driven by using a game controller (say I wonder since my cutie mark is a game controller, I could drive the Megas.) Also the show has some pretty fluid animation especially when there is a fight scene. Like how in the episode I just wanted a slushie how there were all those quick camera shots of the robot destroying that one monster. Our protagonists have pretty laid back personalities. I love the way Coop and Jamie play off Kiva with her focus and save the world like personality. So overall pretty solid show. Too bad it only lasted 2 seasons with 26 episodes. Guess it will join Cartoon Network's obscure cartoons vault along with Mike Lu and Og, Time Squad, Sheep in the Big City, Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi, THe Life in times of Juniper Lee, Squirrel Boy, Class of 3000, Evil Con Carne and Whatever Happened to Robot Jones (ironic title huh?) Final Score: 10/10
  10. Was there ever a character that you just couldn't stand as a kid. Like it partially ruins an episode of a show for you? well here's the thread for you to vent about that character. here's mine. This first one might seem odd but Jeff the spider from Billy and Mandy. I don't know I just found him annoying. Next is Murtle from Lilo and Stitch Not the worst bully character but for some reason, she ticked me off more. Maybe because she bullied people for being weird which I am weird. So vent away!
  11. Was there ever a cartoon you liked that no one remembers? Or one that didn't last that long? Well here is the thread to post it. Pick the most obscured, forgotten cartoon you can think of. Here's mine. This has an ironic title. I remember finding this show funny as a kid. Ignore the annotation this is the only one I could find So discuss away!